Revised GRE Experience – Reading Comprehension Questions Was Really Challenging

Revised GRE Experience shared by Prakash.

I took GRE today at the early morning session, went to Prometric GRE center in time, done with the initial cursive writing job, kept all my belongings in the locker provided and started Revised GRE Exam.

Revised GRE Experience

Initially had an easy essay and an argument topic which was one of the published one, in ETS GRE Website.
And my first section was verbal which had the same format with 6 sentence completion, RC’s, it was horrible.
It had a comprehensive part which comes directly from the esteemed papers which is difficult to understand and interpret. After interpreting it takes very long time to analyze the given options and select the one which is correct.
I had never seen such questions in Revised GRE prep materials (I had studied for about a month using Official GRE prep book, Princeton Review, Barrons all are the latest edition prepared for new GRE type).
The math had similar questions, one which ETS had published in the web (a PDF file)and was easy ones.
To my surprise, I had got 3 verbal section and 2 math sections. Which i think ly 2 verbal section will be scored.
Finally completed all sections, selected the colleges (though was mentally exhausted) and finally came OUT!!

Revised GRE Score Range

  • 360-460 in verbal
  • 660-760 in Quant

That’s my Revised GRE Experience. Hope it would helps others GRE Test takers.

New GRE Experience

Now we have seen Revised GRE experience from 2 Test Takers and one things is clear. Reading Comprehension section is tough.

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  1. i want to know about the experimental sectionof gre.Does everyone gets an experimental section or any random person gets that?

  2. Even i feel the same as Prakash. I wrote GRE today and got 3 verbal sections. These sections were too lengthy when it comes to the matter of comprehension. A 60 lines comprehension (passage with 40% of the screen) with 4 questions in each of the 3 verbal section was the worst nightmare. Takes a time of 5 to 7 minutes to read passage perfectly. But the problem is those questions will not be direct ones. One asks to select a choice which weakens the summary of passage while other questions asks to select author’s review or criticism about the topic. Still have to think to answer, this kills time.

    So, guys be prepared to handle the comprehension task. Practice at least 1000 questions with time limit. Best Luck 🙂

    Can you please tell me what should i refer for verbal,and quants because i have my exam on 30 august and i just wanna know which are the universities for which we can appy free of cost…?
    please help me out brother….1

  4. hey man the RC section i s always difficult for esp. non-natives. I just appeared the old gre even though I have secured good score but it was quite difficult for me t0 answer it. I responded correct 4/8 questions. So, i guess we should focus on other section than on RC

    1. Don’t just think in such a manner. You will be facing lengthy passages and indirect questions. So practice atleast 1000 questions. It will surely help you.

  5. “The math had similar questions , one which ETS had published in web (a PDF file)and was easy ones”

    plz can anyone tell me the exact site of ets pdf file for maths which prakash specified ……

  6. Folks,
    I had posted to this forum a few months back with a few suggestions to preparing for and tackling the new GRE exam, especially the changed verbal section. You can find that post here:

    Please understand that if the GRE pattern has changed, then there must be a method behind this madness. You see international students and workers are competing for education as well as employment with Americans. One of the criticisms of the education system here in the US is that not enough attention is being paid to kids’ reading comprehension and writing. Now I don’t know how much we can/should read into that, and what sort of a connection we can draw between that and the fact that GRE has changed, and from what I’ve read so far, making it more difficult. But, one thing is for certain – there is definitely a concerted effort to get students with high aptitudes. Which is understandable.

    So, don’t take the changes in GRE lightly, and prepare well for your GREs. All the best. If you wish to discuss something, feel free to email me at aigoyal at gmail dot com.

  7. Hey,
    Do we have to select colleges instantly there. If yes, then how to do this?(I mean with an undefined ranging score). Is this selection is that one we get to apply in some universities at free of cost.
    Please, help me out of this…thanks in advance.

  8. hi everyone !!
    can you please suggest me how to deal with RCs? I’m really struggling in that part? As i’m seeing the RCs are coming hard, its terrifying me. please suggest a way and also tell me from which book should I practice? Thanks

  9. hiiii guys. My name is Karan. I hav completed my BE recently. Actually, the problem is that, i cant understand how to prepare for GRE. I hav joined class but it would not give me dat much of things to learn. M confused about study n scaring about exam. The main reason behind this is my English is not so good. Please guys help me about this, so i can be succeed in GRE.

    1. Good books/mags and editorials of good newspapers like Hindu. Better if u access online editions if wall street journal, economic times & the likes.

  10. Hi HSB,

    i have downloaded ets powerprep-2 and i could not find preparation stuff inside software, i could just see only practise test.

    hw to find tatics and study material in powerprep-2??

  11. hey prakash can u tell me is preperation of 3000 words necessary for revised gre? and how to get rid of reading comprehensions, what should we do to overcome it? u would have got an about it plz tell me ….?

    1. hard work always get paid , there is no shortcut to success, u need not to mug up if u a frequent reader of novels or certain stuff,
      for comprehension try reading some good newspapers , articles these will increase u’r focusing capability. thanx

    2. No. since synonyms n antonyms r scarce. But still u need the vocab power for in-context usage and understandng in RC

  12. The ETS sent me d power prepII but I hav difficulty uploading it. Also, I am goin 2morw 2 pick my date am looking at September n I wnt 2 make flash cards. Jst got cardboards. God help us. Hope u r fine. Ttyl.

    1. dont waste time making flashcards if ur exam is so near. they are time-killers. took me more than a month. and dont go for the printed ones released for CAT purpose….u will end up with tons of useless words

  13. What do you mean ‘score range’.(for example verbal 320-410 and quant 360-420).
    Is there is no exact score as before.

    1. new gre gives score range. u will get exact score in the final score card. this protocol shall be followd till Nov on this year

  14. According to ETS,there will be one unidentified unscored section that will not count towards our score and may appear in any order.3rd Verbal section might be the unscored section.

    1. 1 additional experimental section will appear in the test either for verbal or quant but its won’t get scored.
      Trick is you won’t know which one is experimental section and which one will get scored. So attempt every section to the best!

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