F1 Visa Interview Experiences

I’m Not Academic Superstar, but Got F1 Visa to USA

Thanks HSB for everything! (Vijay)

A little briefing:

To start with, I am no academic superstar. I even had backlogs.

Everybody around me use to tell me that it is literally impossible for me to get Visa, so try any other country as backup but my plans were only US.

I was not been serious also till I realized I have spent a lakh rupees for applications and 9 months of my life without a job; and also realizing that my parents had been built enough faith in me.

I indeed chose universities by their rankings and specialties, but had not contacted any professors as I thought they won’t even reply. I am an usual Indian next door boy who use to study all day ONLY at the time of exams and used to worship ONLY at the time of any hurdles in life.

Although my academics were good, I did not plan my life as HSB has posted recently. I chose chances by circumstances and not by will.

>>>> I am pacing from now due to limited time>>>

My Visa was scheduled on Oct 12 0745.

Although I look cool and strong on the outside, I was really freezing in the inside. Chances for me are less.

My parents had invested faith and money. It is 2-3 min that decide my future. If yes, I ll get a chance to make it up to my life and my parents for what they have done for me. and if no, I will lose all my parents faith, money and 9 months of my life.

I used to be an atheist and an occasional believer but let me tell you the fear of god is very important. My life is the example. Only after a considerable amount of time, I realize that my chances are thin. I had already left my job and started a new turn in my life.

There is no one except the good lord himself can guide me to future. I prayed, prayed, and prayed daily.

At the Chennai Visa Consulate:

(details about the consulate and procedure for F1 aspirants also included)

I am a genuine student who aspire for American Education? Why do I have to worry? But I worried a lot.

I entered the consulate after showing my Visa appointment + HDFC slip and also a brief security check up.

They gave me a token. I waited at the lobby till the token number was shown at the TV.

I went to the called counter, the Indian employees will take your CEAC barcode, I-20, passport, HDFC Slip and put it in a folder. Then I was again asked to wait at the lobby.

Finally they directed me to another building and hence its first floor.

There were like a 20 counters with all the curtains raised down. It has not begun.

Everybody was waiting (around like hundred). Most were B1 visas and dependent Visas. Everybody were confident and chatting, except me (only on the inside). Then one VO opened and called the token.

He was a jovial guy. He greeted more personally. Good soul indeed. He granted Visa to one person and his wife (I don’t know what category). Then more counters go opened.

The counter next to this jovial VO was opened and he called for the first token. The applicant was for B1. He is a CEO of some company going for a meeting or agenda. His dressing was good but not his explanation (Power dressing was important as it gives you confidence). He was rejected.

This VO was like a Jim Carrey, but a lot reserved and serious. he was not even looking at the applicants most time and typing. Damn serious. I

n the mean time our jovial VO was giving Visas to most applicants. Sometimes the jovial VO used to come near the window and stare at the applicants :). His eyes are squinted, I don’t know whether he is intentionally making it squinted.

Then my token was called! It was the Jim Carrey himself! Whooh! I was more strong on the outside and more nervous on the inside.

The applicant before mine was issued visa as he was going on a B1 related visit to Microsoft and his presentation was damn good. This relieved me to some bit! Then my turn came:

F1 Visa Interview

Me: Good Morning Sir and Namaste (I tried something new. of course my mom is the brain behind it)
VO: Namaste

VO: Why Wichita State?
Me: I intend to specialize in communication technologies which is one of major research in WSU, also Prof. XXX and Prof. YYY has some exciting projects that interest me.

VO: What are all the universities you applied?
Me: UTA, U of Arkansas, USF, U of Akron, WSU, Wright State (I did not tell U of Wyo, I forgot)

VO: You got admission where?
Me Pardon Sir?

VO: Repeated.
Me. WSU and Wright admits; UTA and U of Arkansas reject; rest waited.

VO: When did you graduate?
Me: 2008

VO: What did you do then?
Me I had been working in a Software firm namely XXXX as Senior Operations Executive.
VO: hmmm???
Me: I had my projects related to India BPO operations. I worked on SQL and related to Visual Basic.

VO: Can I look at your Mark Sheets?
Me: Can I pass it whole?

VO: Ok, any backlogs?
Me: I had some backlogs because of ***************. but I cleared all of them within my third year. My final year aggregate is 77% and overall is 69%. My project was done at BSNL, states owned top communication company -(had my legs shaking voice trembling and I could noyt complete the BSNL part)>> [I don’t intent to share my reason as that will harm the backloggers more only. My reason was very specific and was having proof at all grounds except my confidence was little less. I suggest everybody to come with their own reason rather than following others]
Me: Can I show you the proof?

VO: Had a good look at me and then said ‘No’

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents

VO: What are they doing?
Me Said and also I got loan sanctioned for my Second year for 40000 dollars.

VO: Plans after MS
Me: Intend to work one year OPT and to come back India for a good profile job in a high profile company like Nokia Siemens and Sony Ericsson. Sorry Ericsson!

VO: You said your father is ***, Explain
Me: Told (but did not tel the annual Income)

VO: Ok your Visa has been approved, you will get it in a week. Namaste! (Smiled at me! at last it is like I saw the Jim Carrey!)

Me: Thank you so much, Namste again and have a great day!
VO: You too!! Smiled.


For the god, as he can turn the table and your future in a fraction of second! I am no ardent believer or the all time good Samaritan, but I believed in him.

And he just blinked his eyes towards all the odds against me and nodded to my wish!

I came back running in the same way I went in. Initially, before getting inside I asked my parents to come with me, but they could not make it. Now, I was expecting them. I exited the consulate. There was a long queue.

I searched my parents face near the bus stop as all the parents were used to wait there. I saw them. I could guess their anxiety from their face and eyes about the result of my interview.

I am a reserved kind of guy, who is more reserved when there are people around but at that instant every people around me just faded and I replied to my parents by giving thumbs up.

They ran towards me and gave me a hug. Me and my parents were happy and our tears showed it all.

I could pass the happiness wave there around among the people in the queue. Everybody were smiling!

I hope every genuine applicant got his/her visa that day. This was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I posted this because of the help and confidence HSB has given me. There is nothing more I can provide. I hate giving advices but you can consider my experience as an example.


Congrats Vijay. I’m happy for you. I can certainly feel your joy and experience. Enjoy your stay till you are in India.

Learn to cook. You had asked set of questions about booking flight tickets to USA. I will post another article with answers.

To others who are going to attend visa interview with backlogs, this interview is perfect example of how confidence will get you visa.

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  2. congrats Vijay finally u did ur job bro by receiving smile on ur parents faces!!!!!!!!! alll d best and gud luck with ur life

  3. hi, what is your GRE and TOEFL score………..actually I am also going for interview next month at Dehli consulate for MSEE in WSU…

  4. wow! dis waz really inspirational…… m also goin 2 face de visa interview n et scares me de most…
    me too not an academic superstar….. ur post motivated me the most… hope god will shower all its charms upon me n give the positive result as urs… 🙂

  5. In fact i iam highly motivated by the hand work of God.HE IS AN AWESOME GOD.BELIEVE IN HIM AN U WIll GET THERE

  6. Waoooo that was so positive. I was feeling so nice after reading this article. Good luck to you and yes, God can do anything !! We should just have faith in him 🙂

  7. Congrats to u!! i do identify myself in those lines u described your months without job and money spent on applications. I wish you all the best, and keep faith in god. Thanks you for the post…it has really given a boost to my confidence as well.

  8. Congratulations Vijay. I have been following all articles and comments on this blog for a while now, and I must say its highly informative and entertaining. I am a Nigerian student at the University of Sheffield Uk, studying for my MSc in Finance and Accounting. I do believe in God as well and He always come through for us. I wish you all the best in your academics

  9. Fine experience…both the study and praying activities of yours match with mine completely..me too an avg student ;)…tnx for sharing d experience…truly motivational 🙂 😀

  10. @vijay: awesome post! but content apart, i liked the way u wrote it….damned entertaining and expressive….my favs: “academic superstar” & “Jim carrie” thingy!! *awesome* 😀 😀
    GL for wichita 🙂

  11. Congrats my friend….your visa experience makes us to move more confidently…thanks for sharing…all the best…..

  12. Hi Vijay,

    Congratulations and All the very best to you… HSB success rate is improving day by day 🙂 I wish to be one among them!!!

  13. that just reminded me my visa interview….

    it was posted on HSB i had 14 backlogs and i lied i got visa.

    Confidence is the key to crack visa interview. and also faith in god also plays a vital role

    1. you had 14 backlogs??
      and yet you got the visa??
      i just need to know as it is important to me…not to offend you man!

  14. I agree with you. I was also an average student and just applied USA without contacting any professor and got Visa right away. I think I20 from state Unis, honesty and confidence helps a lot in getting visa for US.

  15. first of all congrats dude and great work hsb ,really this post is inspiring…
    not doubt will increase the confidence levels of avg students like me..

  16. Congratulations and all the best. But again too much emphasis on God and way too much credit attributed to him/her. Believe in yourself and nothing else because there is no one watching from above.

  17. Great Job buddy 🙂 m really happy for you………… Even my case is the same as yours…………. n ya Best of luck for the rest……….

  18. Thanks all.

    I have got all help from many seniors in US and many distant relatives who were successful in US. I would like to thank them all for spending their precious time. Especially>> Sriram, Sriganesh, Mahesh and Rajesh.

  19. Congrats buddy.

    Truly Inspiring ..many of us are in the same state as you were.. reading such articles motivates us..thanks for sharing your experience.

    Wish you all the best for your future! 🙂

  20. Hey congrats on your visa…:) I am going to Wichita as well for aerospace. I got my visa in Chennai consulate too but my VO was dam strict, most of the people who went him got rejected. As for as my case goes he questioned me for almost 10 min, I was not expecting any of the questions he asked. I agree with you, its never about your answers its always about how we present ourself in front of the VO. Visa totally depends on a persons attitude and smile which shows your confidence. All the best to you. Hope to meet you at Wichita.

        1. Yes I am to WSU and planning to go on Jan 08. I contacted the ISA’s but no response yet. Can I get your email.

          1. hey im leavn on jan 5..il b dr on jan 6 around 9.30 am…did u get ur accomodation..were ru frm in India..?

          2. Unfortunately, I did not get any accomodation. I cantacted some ISA seniors. Awaiting reply! What about you?

            I am from Kerala. When you click my photo you can get my email ID. Keep in touch. I really need some help booking tickets. What airline are you in?

  21. Great job man !

    your example will definitely help me
    I am 99% similar to you

    hope God will help me too !!

    thx again for increasing my confidence !

  22. Congrats to you Vijay!!
    I too am in similar shoes, hopefully it will all turn good in the end. Good luck for your future.

  23. A wonderful write-up. Really inspiring and totally the story of an average Indian student. I can really relate to this story a lot, and thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck for your future endeavors.

    1. I am Mohammed from Ethiopia.I have got my I-20 from Wichita State university before two weeks for Spring semester.Which date is best advantage me for my visa interview? please help me by responding.

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