F1 Visa Approved for Spring 2012 with 11 Backlogs

First of all I wanted to make a request that my original name does not appear anywhere you use this.

A little bit about my Background :

My BE mechanical was completed in bangalore. I lost a year after my third year due to too many back Logs. But I was always actively involved in lots of extra curricular activities and had worked professionally in the Music industry.

Also in college level had won lots of state and national level Music competitions and awards. By the time i started my final year I had already lost a year and my percentage was very low at around 51-52%

On deciding to pursue my MS abroad my first task was to clear all my arrears and this I did in the 7th semester. My target was to clear all the subjects and my 7th sem percentage was only around 61. I worked hard on my 8th semester and scored a 805 in my final semester.

In the mean time I had also taken my GRE and TOEFL and scored 1400 and 115 in them.

Here is how my VISA interview in Chennai went :

Me : Good Morning Sir
VO : Good Morning ( I passed all my Documents to him)

VO : So why do you want to study in the US?
ME: Sir I believe that in order to be competitive today international exposure is very important in education and hence I would like to continue my education in the US.

VO : So why FIT?
ME: FIT offered me the exact courses which i wanted. ( Named the specialization I wanted to do ) and also offered me a 4000$ scholarship a year. So I have decided to study at FIT.

VO: So why this particular specialization?
ME: Among all the subjects i studied in my under graduation this was the one which interested me the most and also my Seminar and project in my final year were chosen to further understand the same topic.

He looks through my documents until he sees my Degree certificate which shows my Second Class marks.

VO: So what happened? Why second Class?
Me: Sir during the first three years of my BE , I did not concentrate enough on my studies and was heavily involved in other activities like Music. But on having decided to pursue my MS , I worked hard and scored good marks in my final year and also my GRE and TOEFL.

VO: What do your Parents do?
ME : Told him.

VO : Since you are interested in music will you continue to work in music in the US?
ME: No sir, It is not something which I want to make a profession out of but is my passion and it will always continue to be so.

VO: Your VISA has been approved and will be sent to you in 3 days.
ME: Thank you sir. I smiled at him and walked out happily.


Things which I noticed from my interview,

  1. The way I spoke indicated that I was not overly desperate about the US visa. ( his was because I also had admits from universities in other countries.
  2.  Spoke the truth confidently and without any remorse. ( about my low marks)
  3. There is a certain amount of luck as he did not ask me about my Backlogs at all. ( only about the second class)

Please post it in anyway you want but without indicating my name or email ID.
Hope I was helpful.
Thank you