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F1 Visa Interview: Husband – Approved; Wife – Rejected on the Same Day

It’s pretty rare for both husband and wife to be attending the F1 Visa interview at the same time for the same university.

And that’s what you are doing to read today.

Are you planning to attend the F1 Visa interview as a couple?

Then keep reading. I have news for you.

Unfortunately, Wife’s F1 Visa was Rejected.

F1 Visa Interview – Husband and Wife

I had applied for San Jose State University for MBA and my husband applied for the same university. My husband’s token number was 308 and mine was 310. I had got a different VO. But his got accepted and mine rejected.


Me: MBA and other reasons.

VO: Ok, you married?
Me: yes

VO: What does your husband do?
me: Working in Tech Company.

VO: What are his future plans?
Me: Pursue MS in SE

VO: From which university?

VO: Your GMAT score?
Me: 640

VO: I’m sorry

This time she caught hold of me that my husband and I are going to the same university.

Also, she felt that I had a competitive GMAT score and compromised on the university.

So, I have changed my university to Syracuse for MS in IM since it is ranked in top 3.

I have also taken leave without pay letter from my company. Please tell me whether this strategy will work?

But from her words, I feel she felt I wanted to stay with my husband and was not interested in pursuing my career.

So I have changed my university to show that I am interested in career and not in settling with my husband.


Are you planning to apply for F1 Visa interview for the same university?

Then, please don’t the same mistake as the above applicant.

I don’t know who advised them not to attend the interview at the same time. I think it was a huge mistake.

Both husband and wife should have scheduled for a group F1 Visa interview.

They should have attended F1 Visa interview with one Visa Officer.

Don’t try to outsmart the Visa Officers.

This time she caught hold of me that my husband and I are going to the same university.

Why did you try to game the system?

What would have gone wrong if you attended as a group interview?

As per your statement, the word “caught” tells that you were trying to hide those facts!


I think you both would have a better show at getting visa approval by appearing for the F1 visa interview as husband and wife.


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  1. Hi Raghu
    I’m applying for f 1 visa from United Kingdom and I got my wife with me now and she is pregnant (f 2). So should we attend the interview at the same time or should I apply for her after I enter into USA.plz guide me.

  2. Hi, my husband is in cal poly pomona University, he went last year and I got the admission in the same University. I appeared for f1 visa interview and it got rejected. Is there any chance of getting accepted in second attempt. As VO is thinking that I am going to settle there that’s why going in same University.

    1. Did you tell the VO about your husband in the same school? Rejection, Maybe due to sponsorship?

  3. My husband stays in USA- Salt Lake city- USA. And I have got admission in MSIS in university of UTAH – same place as my husband’s
    IELTS – 7
    BTECH – 84%, No backlogs
    7 years work experience.

    Will it be a problem in getting approved F1 visa?

  4. Both Husband and Wife got admins to the same university, but for different courses. During Visa interview, if they ask about spouse, is it safe to answer that spouse is also planning to pursue MS in the same university? Any strong way to justify our decision to study MS together?

  5. Hi , me and my husband are preparing documents to apply for F1 visa for different university in USA. Please suggest , should v need to take visa appointments on different dates.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Hi,

    My husband is on F1 visa doing his Phd at Cornell University for last one and a half year. Now even I have got M.Eng in Cornell University. Will my F1 visa be accepted ?

    1. You shouldn’t have any issues just because of your husband, but you have to satisfy the f1 visa requirements.

  7. Right now i am set to appear for my visa, paid my fee but yet to book slot…My query is about your comment here and also i hav come across it once b4 here :

    “I don’t know who advised you not to attend the interview at the same time. It was a huge mistake.”

    I wl b seeking F1 visa and my wife wl be on F2 visa.
    Y is dat u insist on Husband & wife to attend the visa 2gether? I thought of settling everything and den let my wife join me after 2-3 months…

  8. What you can do now is apply for Syracuse university….try to get your VISA and after coming to US get a transfer to SJSU as soon as possible…..that is the best choice….Transfers are really easy if you have an admit of the other university.

      1. Hi Aparna,

        This is Renuka, me and my spouse we are applying for F1 for Santa Clara University, should we interview on same day? or different days?

        2. If once spouse visa gets rejected, do they( VO) reconsider as other spouse is going on F1?

        Please respond.

          1. Hi Raghuram – My wife and me are planning for MS in the same university for FALL’16. Should we attend the interview together? I have a fear that VO might reject if both are appearing for F1 same time and same university. Please help

          2. Hi Raghuram – My wife and me are planning to attend F1 visa interview together – same university(masters)
            My Profile – GRE 303, 61%-10 backlogs (cleared) – 8 yrs work experience – currently working in PwC
            Her Profile – GRE 308 , 82% – no backlogs – 2 yrs work experience – TCS
            Kindly let us know the chances of getting VISA

          3. Refer to F1 Visa Mastery Course. Plus, I provide consulting with mock interview and Q&A.

          4. Hi Raghu,

            if couples have got same university and applying for F1 , we should go together at one window or separate.

  9. Hi HSB ,

    I have a similar query.
    My sister’s H1b petition was filed from her organization , it is approved and she has to go for stamping soon, even I have to go for my F1 interview,
    will I face the same problem if my sister and I go for interview on the same day? I mean I obviously wont tell them that my sister has also come for the interview , but still is it possible for them to find out using the passport info ( Parent’s name ) after the interview??
    But the address in the passport is different.

    please do reply

    1. It may depend on situation…if without fear just tell the truth, you should get visa…in my case i applied F1 and my wife & daughter applied F2 at same time…we all got though my brother is at USA with green card and in same California where i got admitted

        1. hi Suresh Lakhani can you please guide me…..my brother is in usa on h1visa should i disclose in ds 160 from about my bro???? do they have all the information regarding me …..n did you mentioned about your brother in ds160 from.please tell me it would be a great favor ……….

      1. hi Suresh Lakhani can you please guide me…..my brother is in usa on h1visa should i disclose in ds 160 from about my bro???? do they have all the information regarding me …..n did you mentioned about your brother in ds160 from.please tell me it would be a great favor ……….

    2. you have prove your intent to return home after studies. VO will definitely have most details about you even before you are interviewed, so i would say when asked about siblings and relatives, if you are caught lying then u will never get F1 visa once rejected lying especially when siblings are in USA. So prepare well to prove that you will return back to India, strong ties to india. all the best

      1. @SAM

        I have no siblings or relatives in US. I have spoken the truth the first tym that my husband is going to univ *****. If asked now what abt husband, I m still going to answer the truth. I have changed my univ. S o I am not gonna lie. SATYAMEVA JAYATE 🙂

        1. @ aparna. that reply i posted was for Luther’s question.
          All the best for your interview. speak confident and be prepared to say why you have changed the university. ie(research and say ur interests and professors, etc.) Do share regarding your interview update.

        2. My fiance and I are joining same university in US. Is it better to apply for F1 visa before getting married or after getting married?

          1. Please schedule a consulting session to talk and figure out the “best strategy” for F1 visa.

      2. Thanks Sam ,

        My sister does not live in USA , her H1b visa petition is approved. She is planning to give her interview the same day as mine.
        my question was , whether they wil find out if siblings have come for the interview the same day??

        P.S : I have applied for sabbatical leave from my organization , I am planning to show that as a proof that I will return to india after 2 years. I hope thats a good enough reason 🙂

        1. If I am right definitely Visa Officers do check your background and will have all information before in hand. because i have seen some articles here in this blog regarding visa rejections either based on financial motives or false documentation or a TOEFL test taken in a banned centre, etc. so they will have information about you. but all this does not mean rejection based on fact that sister is approved to work in USA in h1b.
          i am not sure about sabbatical leave for 1-2year will help, but if u can show proof from your current company that they are allowing for you take break from work to study and return after graduation will DEFINITELY help you case. it is almost like employer sponsoring for education. all the best

  10. HSB, i wanna know that in case of couple, how can I contact with professors if me and my husband intend to pursue our phd degree under same professor and in same topics? Isn’t it quite tough to get funding at least in the same university?what should I do? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

    1. You can always write SOP mentioning that you and your husband are applying to same university and intent to pursue PhD ( might be in different department, or field or same field and department but under different professor or even same professor) but it would be highly likely to get admit if planning to do under same prof. best bet would be apply same univ and same dept(if both are from same dept) but to different professor or interest in topics. I would be more worried about getting an admit first at univ then coming over here completing first year and qualifying exam and then you both can choose PI based on interest after lab rotation.

      1. @Sam, how could I know that the university/department have funding for spring’13?As there is too little time for conducting professor now?
        And,little chance of getting RA because no publication yet,but have teaching experience of 1year.
        That’s why I am confused about choosing university.
        Please help me.

        1. As far as i know once you get admit for PhD program in any univ, you will be spending first 3-4 semesters taking classes and rotating labs sometimes in different department (in my case Biotech hence Anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology) then once you decide under whom you got to PhD and if that PI accepts then submit your proposal (all this after clearing qualifying exam) and assign a committee to guide you. The acceptance to univ is upto admission committee , only sometimes exceptional students will be able to clearly say this is where i want to do , this is whom i will do PhD. but most of times, even though people like some PI’s research they dont always end up doing under them due to many reasons. so once u get admit in university then u can decide and up to PI and his funding at that situation(almost after 1-2yrs which cant be predicted) so prepare to get into same university and hope for best later.

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