F1 Visa Interview: Husband – Approved; Wife – Rejected on the Same Day

It’s pretty rare for both husband and wife to be attending the F1 Visa interview at the same time for the same university.

And that’s what you are doing to read today.

Are you planning to attend the F1 Visa interview as a couple?

Then keep reading. I have news for you.

Unfortunately, Wife’s F1 Visa was Rejected.

F1 Visa Interview – Husband and Wife

I had applied for San Jose State University for MBA and my husband applied for the same university. My husband’s token number was 308 and mine was 310. I had got a different VO. But his got accepted and mine rejected.


Me: MBA and other reasons.

VO: Ok, you married?
Me: yes

VO: What does your husband do?
me: Working in Tech Company.

VO: What are his future plans?
Me: Pursue MS in SE

VO: From which university?

VO: Your GMAT score?
Me: 640

VO: I’m sorry

This time she caught hold of me that my husband and I are going to the same university.

Also, she felt that I had a competitive GMAT score and compromised on the university.

So, I have changed my university to Syracuse for MS in IM since it is ranked in top 3.

I have also taken leave without pay letter from my company. Please tell me whether this strategy will work?

But from her words, I feel she felt I wanted to stay with my husband and was not interested in pursuing my career.

So I have changed my university to show that I am interested in career and not in settling with my husband.


Are you planning to apply for F1 Visa interview for the same university?

Then, please don’t the same mistake as the above applicant.

I don’t know who advised them not to attend the interview at the same time. I think it was a huge mistake.

Both husband and wife should have scheduled for a group F1 Visa interview.

They should have attended F1 Visa interview with one Visa Officer.

Don’t try to outsmart the Visa Officers.

This time she caught hold of me that my husband and I are going to the same university.

Why did you try to game the system?

What would have gone wrong if you attended as a group interview?

As per your statement, the word “caught” tells that you were trying to hide those facts!


I think you both would have a better show at getting visa approval by appearing for the F1 visa interview as husband and wife.