GRE in January, Can I Apply for Fall Semester?

"What is the deadline for applying for Fall Semester classes?" These are among the few related questions I typically answer almost on a daily basis.

This is because majority of students plan to take their GRE exams either on January or February.

Nihal had asked several questions that would also help answer some of frequently asked questions from our blog readers.

I stumbled across this website and found that it has a plethora of information. I was interested in doing my MS in the U.S. My queries are:

1) Will i be able/eligible for fall 09 considering the fact that i am yet to start preparation for both gre/toefl.

If you take GRE and TOEFL by the end of January, you can still apply for Fall 2009.

2) what are the chances of getting a scholarship?

The chances of getting scholarship depends on your profile. But let’s start by acknowledging the reality that it is usually hard to get admission with scholarship.

Typically, a student who comes to the U.S. to study must work for a professor (internship or assistantship, etc.) to get some form of aid for 1 or 2 semesters.

3) How much time will i need to prepare for GRE/TOEFL?

A minimum of 3 months are needed. Again, it depends on your current skill level in the Verbal and Maths sections.

Three months of full time preparation will help you get score above 1,100 based on my personal experience and from what I learned from other students.

4) Can i write my gre in mid jan and still get into a coll?

Yes, you can certainly. May schools have deadline in March/April 2009.

5) Also, give me a picture of the bank statements to be shown, etc.

I have posted/uploaded a good number of sample bank statements in this blog. What’s important is that you must be able to show that you have enough cash that can cover at least 1 year of expenses to get an I-20.

Please take note that bank statements for student visa stamping is different, but you can find sample bank statements in this blog to guide you.

6) Do backlogs matter? i had 4 but cleared em in the subsequent semesters.

If you have already cleared those backlogs, then you are fine. Having a good GRE score will overcome that drawback.

I am completely naive in this whole thing and decided only 2 days ago to write my GRE.
Please help me sort out my problem / suggest the plan, course work if u think i can squeeze in for this term. otherwise too plz suggest me the overall plan.
I have downloaded ur ebook and have to tell i did get a pretty good picture.
I am eagerly awaiting for your reply. as i feel i am a little late in this whole procedure.
i would be very grateful if you could guide me in this matter.

You are not late. Many students are asking me the same questions you have asked. So jot down the upcoming GRE exam dates and start preparing.

Please take not that these advice were made with the assumption that you already have your passport with you. Good luck!

You can find some GRE preparation materials and lots of other useful articles in this blog that will surely help in your university selection.

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  1. I am taking my GRE in January 2011, Can I Apply for Fall 2011?

    Please do reply as soon as possible…and whats the procedure??

  2. hii…i got some doubts regarding fall 2011, is it gonna be possible for me to get the admission in universities for fall sem 2011 considering the fact that i'l b appearing for exam in d mid feb or staring of march of 2011. is there any possibilities of getting any admission??

  3. I am presently studying B.E(7th sem). I will be completing my engineering in the month of June 2011. I had taken up the GRE test a month back and got a less score. So, I am planning to appear again in the month of January 2011. Is it possible to get admission for Spring 2011? I have heard many people saying that its very difficult for Indian students to get admission during that period. When will I be able to go to the US to start the course? Will it take one year from June 2011?

  4. I want to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering from USA since i am in my final year of ECE from SRM University having CGPA 6.4. I Want to give GRE and TOEFL in JAN/FEB. My questions are:

    1. would i be able to apply for fall 2011 with scholarship?

    2. If not, then would i be able to just apply for fall 2011?

    3. If i get around more than 1100+ in GRE; what r my chances to get the same in USA university.

    I'll wait for your very kind reply.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  5. Hi Sir,

    I have been working in Infosys for the past 3 years. My highest qualification is Btech in mechanical engineering. Now I am thinking of doing masters in US in computer science, I have 70.1% in btech without any backlogs and Im thinking to take gre and toefl by July ending. Can I apply for spring 2011? what are the chances of me getting funding? Will it be difficult to get visa if I apply for computer science as I did by mechanical engineering? could you please advice me.

  6. I am graduate i am willing to go in spring 2011 so can u suggest me wen to take GRE and TOEFL.
    Please help me out

  7. Sir, I am taking my GRE and TOEFL in mid January,2010. But due to some problems I have only one month time for preparation. So how much score can i expect.

  8. hi, i have to take the GRE which i might do by end of this month. Can i stil apply for scholarship. My CGPA is 2.85 , I have to take TOEFL as well. which website will show me the authenticated MS university rankings?

  9. Sir,

    You have often said that to apply to a PhD program, one has to write to professors. I wrote to two professors of biology of two varsities; both said that professors can only take a decision on students after the first semester — that is, if they get admitted. Websites of some universities specifically ask students to desist from approaching profs. What's your view?

    And on another issue, there are some universities which ask for credentials evaluation by a specialized agency, like the World Education Service. This is an expensive exercise ($160 for a course-by-course evaluation, besides the cost of sending them to the designated universities.) Is it better to keep away from universities that ask for such evaluation?

    Thank you,

    V. Mukherjee

  10. hey..i gave my gre few days bak..not satisfied.wanna giv it again december along woth toefl.i wanna apply for fall 2010.will i be late if i submt it by dec end or jan 1st week..??or is it better to send ma transcripts now..?? and can update my scores later…??or hav to send when i give it agan? pls help me…

  11. Hi i hav completed mine b pharm vid 63% and i am preparing 4 Gre..I wil take d exam in dec..I want 2 pursue Ms in pharmacy..If i score more than 1300 can i get scholarship..Do i can apply for UK?

  12. hello sir

    I am a student of 4th year doing b-tech in computer sciences from Rajasthan technical university (kota) i am intersted in doing MS in computer science From united states But there is a problem that i have a gap of three years after 12th ,Actually i was preparing for IIT-JEE but i didn't clear it .I did my 12th in year 2003 with 61% marks and i joined b-tech in year 2006 and my b-tech will complete in the year 2010 besides this i got 74% marks till sixth semester no backlogs and i am in 7th semester .Actually I have done so many projects also and training in various languages. so please tell me that can i get Admissions to good colleges in USA if i will get good GRE andTOEFL score or they will reject me because I HAVE A GAP OF THREE YEARS.DO TELL ME I WILL WAIT IF NOT GETTING ADMISSIONS THEN I WILL NOT PREPARE FOR GRE .please tell me i am in a great trouble i have a deep interest in research in computer science especially networks

    do tell me

  13. hi,

    i had finished taking gre and scored 1100 and i yet to take toefel by may 2nd can apply for fall 2009 or i have to try for spring 2010.. i was totally confused so plz help me by giving some suggestions bcoz i am helpless….

  14. Hi…

    I wanna do my MS in fall 09 … can i still apply ? I wanna know which universities i can apply to… ? wanna do MS in electrical

    Mt GRE score is 1040 verbal 280 quant 760 … TOEFL 88 …

    B.E 73%…. 12th 89% …. 10th 78 %

  15. Hi…

    I wanna do my MS in fall 09 … can i still apply ? I wanna which universities i can apply to… ? wanna do MS in electrical

    Mt GRE score is 1040 verbal 280 quant 760 … TOEFL 88 …

    B.E 73%…. 12th 89% …. 10th 78 %

  16. im plannin 2 tak GRE in FEB end after tat i wil tak TOEFL..can i apply for FALL 2009..can u tel me deadlines for colleges please

  17. i have done my bacheolars in physiotherapy and have 2yrs of experience and want to pursue my masters in physiotherapy in the fall semester but till date i have not given my GRE and TOEFL .Is it possiblr to give in Mid Feb 2009 for fall semester

  18. I'm doing my final year B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, I've planned to do M.S Computer Science in US/Australia/Singapore. It is possible to write GRE and TOEFL on April 2009 and apply for fall 2009. In addition to this i need to know in detail about GRE and TOEFL. I request you to provide me some suggestions at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance!


  19. hi My GRE is on 15th Dec,08… I hav given TOEFL 26Oct,08 and score is 60… Is it necc to repeat it… I hav cmplted my BE COMPUTER frm Pune Univ with agg 69 perc…

    My 12th Score 78%

    10the Score 83%

    Plz reply me…

    I want to admit in FALL 2009

  20. I want to pursue my PhD in Biological Sciences in the US and I wanted to know which schools take in scholars with assistant ship for fall 2009 if i take the GRE and the TOEFL in Dec 2008.I wanted to know what will be my chances to get through.It will be nice if you could give me the information as to who take in late entiries with low scores.

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