My Fault – Submitted Application to Just One University

Firstly, I would like to thank you for starting this blog. It has been of immense help!(More than the counselor I have paid)

My blessings and good wishes will always be with you.

Secondly,if possible, I would like your advice in the following matter.

I had applied in some university for the spring 2011 intake. My online application was submitted in September and official papers reached in October.
Till December I kept my cool and did not write to the department to know regarding their decision on my candidature for the seat in their masters program.

First time I mailed I got no reply. After mustering a lot of courage I wrote to the secretary again.
Thankfully(?) I got a reply which said that THERE IS NO SPRING INTAKE for the masters program and that they will consider my application for the FALL intake. Needless to say I was shell shocked.

My question is now should I write to the head of the department or to the secretary telling them that I have wasted almost an year on this whole cumbersome process. I know it is my fault that I applied only in 1 university, but even then because of their mistake I have to suffer. Please do guide me.


Dear reader – Its a huge mistake to spend more than 1 year of preparation and submit application to just one university. I doubt you will be considered for Spring 2011 intake just for the reasons mentioned above. But, there is nothing wrong is asking the head of the department to consider your application for Spring 2012 semester.

Looks like you paid some counselor and did they advise you to apply to one university or it was your decision? Why did you go for counseling, if you were planning to apply to just 1 university?

How many Universities to Apply

I used to recommend 7 universities, but after observing large number of students applying to universities in recent semesters, its better to apply to 10 universities.

  • Dream – 2
  • Target – 4
  • Safe – 4

Depending on your profile you can adjust Target and Safe lists. I’m against applying to more than 2 Dream schools, just because admissions doesn’t work in terms of luck and there is money involved in application process.

DO add a comment to this post after you get response from the department chair person.