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Truth About US Admission Consultancy – 2

Lets start this second part about Truth About US Admission Consultancy (agents) with couple of comments posted in the blog

Comment 1: Though this kinda seems like an anti-consultant blog, here is some info about us – www.123.com (site removed) Recruiting students as an overseas consultants for the last 20 years.

Regarding your original question, deadlines depends on schools and schools depends on your profile. So, let me know if you might be interested and we would be more than happy to help you with your selection of schools. Contact me at <email id removed> if you would like to.

Comment 2: dear this industry has been existing even before you were born and believe me you too in a way are a consultant. You may not be promoting X but you do enforce your views and perception and make your articles interesting so that people log in and get addicted. I am currently working with an NGO but for past ten years I have assisted close to 3000 students and each one of them has thanked me and till day remember me and love me and they repeatedly approach me for guidance. Just because you want to sound like GOD dont show the others down try and prove you are the best. I am a fan of your but you disappoint me this time. for details kindly contact me because I have been a consultant for 10 long years and I am proud of it.

Response to Comment 1

Above the comment form we have the following line –

  • How to write awesome comments. No Email Id, Phone #, Ads in Comments Message below. Keep it clean.

Comments that contain email id, phone numbers or message used to advertise products and service will get deleted.  For Companies – If you want to advertise your product/services, proper way is to use the contact form and request about advertising options available.

HSB is not anti-consultant blog, but it encourages students to apply for admission on their own. You can read why HSB encourages students to apply for admission without going through consultancy in this  post why international students are unique.

In reality its simply not possible for every student to apply for admission without going through consultants. Why can’t everyone score 1600 out of 1600 in GRE or everyone can get admission in MIT or Stanford or Harvard. Likewise everyone doesn’t have same capacity, maturity and knowledge. Students fear the unknown, in this case applying for college admission in USA.

So there will be students who will apply for admission through consultancy. There is difference between anti-consultant vs encouraging students to apply on their own. Comment 1 was posted to the article Tri Valley University – Contract with Consultancy in Hyderabad.

If we post the true facts (with link to actual document about the contact), then consulting companies will label HSB as anti-consultant blog.

Response to Comment 2

  1. No one is trying to be GOD here. That’s something you have assumed. Everyone has right to give their opinion, just like your comment and I have posted mine about Agents here.
  2. I have just posted 2 TRUE Facts about agents. Can you deny deny any of the 2 facts?
  3. Nothing controversial is discussed in the above post about agents.
  4. As with any business there are companies/people who try to cheat and game the system. Which can be seen from TriValley and other comments below. If students thank you for the service you have provided, then its good for you.

Comment 2 was posted at Truth About US Admission Agents – Part 1.

There are companies that try to cheat students and there are good agents too. Just be careful when deciding to work with agents. Stay away from companies that want to milk as much as money from students without providing proper guidance and service.

  • Go with consultancies that have big brand name
  • Ask for references from your friends
  • Understand their package and fee structure
  • read all term and conditions.
  • If admission is guaranteed, ask how can they guarantee that, when admission committee is the one that decides.

Do you have any questions or share your experience below about dealing with consulting companies.

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  1. I really anger with people who are going Visa with fake document ,low profile university . If you don't have proper document ,Please do not try to go USA

    Only India visa failure rate is high specially in Hydrabad,Chennaia and culcutta

    Please Do not take fake bank statement ,Visa officers in India already fed up with Indian bank statements because they find lot of fake statements . ( If you don't have money for studies but if you have real talent lot of universities ready to offer free scholarship . I have seen last time students who go from Sri Lanka to USA ,They never show any Bank statements , almost 70% Students get 100% Scholarship ,I wonder and ask one of student he said he has been contacting a Professor from that university last 2 years by mail and he impressed his idea and interest and he offered 100% scholarship ) Trust me It will work for you .

    Best of luck


    1. Well Ron, U seem to have a lot experience with Fake documents 🙂 ,Do u know how people are- crazy and dream to get into United States of America . And btw Hyderabad Visa Consulate is the Cleanest by far until now 🙂

      1. Did u try contacting your Professor ?

        If u do get the scholarship dude,Do suggest people to contact the professor.And in SL not everyone who completes his graduation shoot his dreams into US just like how Indians do, So there might be chance that they might be considered to be given a Scholarship.

        More often i never found people getting 100 % scholarship with average or below academic profile.

        So we will feel very much pleased to hear from you,when u get scholarship from ur professor

        All the Best Dude 🙂

        1. Hi

          I would not want to do argument with you. I know lot of people got scholrship with average marks . It may depends your resume ,SOP ,working experience etc . I do respect your comments .


          1. LOL :),I do agree for the above statement that people with average marks get scholarships but not 100 %.

  2. HSB is 100% correct . I have an experience that how consultancy cheated me as well as lot of people. When you enter their office ,They welcome you as US President Obama : P . They talk nicely , They treat you as a King etc. that time you must mesmerized & you will pay what ever they asked . ( That time your brain won't work) .They will give university name list ( New haven , Lawrance tech ,Long island ,National university ,Brigeport , NYIT , . etc ) what ever if you have good profile also .Then they will choose four to six university and asked you pay all process nearly 60K . (Some time they won't send official mark from ETS ) . after finally you will get i20 from New haven ,Lawrance tech ,NYIT ;p etc .such kind of low profile university . When you go visa officer ,If he sees those name really he goes mad and reject you . So trust me . Do not even think to go Agents . US admission process so easy (You can spend just 10K to apply five university )

    read articles from HSB , search google etc you get all information. ( One more advice there are more than 4000 university in USA so its so easy to get admission & try to go public universities ) Best wishes

    Ron .Jonarthan

    1. Hi Ron,

      I have a doubt. There are hardly any magazines that rank US university. Also the ones that do ran, their ranking is very controversial. Say US News had ranked bridgport university in teh earlier publications however in lately they have not published the rank for them. How will students find if the university is genuine or not. I have also been asked to apply to long island university. Please explain me why do you say that long island is not a "good" university and can you help me find some refernces for them over the web. I am confused as I was suspicious about this university but now I really want proof. If my paretnts spend a fortune on my education I atleast want the university to be accredited and the degree I recieve to be acceptable every where.

      Please help!!!

    2. I apologize to use word "low profile university " .Those are still good university .but i m just confused because all agent use those university to every one . Once again i apologize using name of university .

  3. Dear all,This is a good and very informative blog.No doubt about it.And the way students express their thoughts in a democractic way is highly commendable.But,shouldn't the post be more balanced instead of hurting consultants.Although HSB calls it as encouragement,the topic really nails down consultants.We should not forget consulants do help us in preparing visa documents AOS,CA evaluation etc..can you do it on your own?How many students know all the formalities.A small mistake will ruin their entire life.right?

    So,I guess HSB should walk a thin line when writing such articles

  4. Please HSB dont delete the comments of others let them freely express their ideas ………………………………

    1. Deep vadhera (aka Kanwar from Sundlass) when you post comment using your original name, it will be approved. Any number of comments you post under Ismail, Jack, Simran.. will not be approved.

  5. hi friends.. i am from biotechnology. So i am struck in selecting my subject for MS. So which field in Biotechnology should i select to get better job over there..?

  6. Well If we all think that its better to trust a consultant than ourselves, then we should be ready to face the consequences they would create for us. Like if they get us into a university, we have done nothing but paid them a huge amount, and if they fail to do so even then its their fault. We have no role in it.

    HSB is like "an opensource free" consultancy as compared to "paid moneymaking" consultants. In fact it is much better as we get to read first hand experiences by real people, people who are not looking for money, have no vested interests therefore can be trusted. Although in any case its our own gut and brain that will tell us not to follow anyone's advice blindly.

    People who decide to leave the comfort of their home, go get settled in an unknown land, study in an environment alien to them SHOULD BE capable enough to at least apply to the universities of their choice themselves instead of being spoon-fed by some agent.

    What do you need except information? Its all over the universities' website.

    First hand experiences of students? Ask your seniors and visit blogs like HSB!

    If you still want to trust an agent more than yourself, then go ahead and risk it…and bear the consequences whatsoever (good or bad).

    ALL agents may not be fraud, but if there is a 50% chance of them being fake, you still have to risk it to find out…why not risk your own caliber instead?

    No rewards without risks…but you will be a much more confident person if you achieve something TOTALLY on your own.

  7. Hi All,

    No doubt about the fact that HSB is doing a great job, it has helped students grow their confidence and stand on their own feet. I need to know if HSB can help me in writing or editing my SOP. Infact one of my frnd is applying for NOVA and Stevens for PhD in conflict management. He came to me with his SOP, I am clueless, he needs a very strong SOP to prove his ability, can you help me with this. I talked to one consulting company, they are charging $ 1000 for writing the SOPs and is ready to refund up to 70% of the fee in case he doesn't get the offer, what to do?

    1. Hi Aniket,
      IMHO, any student who wishes to study/work in a western country, say the US, should work on his/her own SOP etc. If one has gotten an undergraduate degree in India and wishes to pursue advanced degree, be it in India or elsewhere, one has to have a certain confidence in him/herself. Having said that, a little discussion with someone, especially somebody who has been through it all already, will most certainly be helpful.
      I don’t think you/your friend need to spend any money putting together an SOP leave alone a US$1000. I am at present between school and job, so feel free to contact me directly via my email address: aigoyal at gmail dot com – i’d be glad to be able to guide you/help you. All the very best.
      – aman

  8. Yes HSB is discouraging students from entering the U.S.

    He is exaggerating that a huge amount of money is to be spent in U.S cities like California and hence, is demotivating the students who have dreams to study in the U.S.

  9. I am the Director of International Students and Scholar Services at a U. S. college. NO U. S. COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY REQUIRES YOU TO USE AN AGENT. The reason we employ agents ia that they can help students to understand the programs and resources we offer, and prepare then necessary information to apply to our school. But if a student thinking of our college reads our website carefully, all the critical information is there. And we get many emails each week from students seeking more details. NO college or university fits every student. So we try to help agents to understand which students are likely to be successful at our school (We do not pay agents for unsuccessful students!!) A good agent will tell you whether your interests and background make you likely to succeed at a particular college or university. They will also look at accreditation and try to tell you which colleges are worth going to. The questions about Tri-Valley University shoulcd have been obvious to any agent who took the time to look at the colleges they represent. My advice is to select an agent carefully based on how much help they will give you — and how much help you need — to apply. Ask them how they know this is a good college FOR YOU. RARELY they will also be able to offer you a small scholarship — the colleges sometimes (we do NOT) give this ability to the agent to help the agent to recruit students for the school. But most scholarships are based on YOU, and a quick email to the school can often tell you if you are eligible for anything.


    Dr. Ward Deutschman

    Dowling College

  10. A BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG NOOOOOOOO……………..Just today only I got a confirmation from one of the universities and I am sooooooo happy…………..ALL just becoz of HSB………I am from the enviournment where nobody ever applied to universities in US……..And I got all the help from HSB only from the way of stamping the envelopes to everything without spending a single penny……….THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH…………Today i m really happy…………

  11. Well since most of the strong opinions have already been expressed by HSB followers over here i can just wish the best for HSB. As they say u can't please everyone.So we better ignore them. This blog is definitely a hit and will be a bigger one in future. Thanks for helping us once more. Often the biggest contribution goes unacknowdged.

  12. Hi All,

    Well, as everybody has already said about HSB, I would like to repeat it one more time..

    HSB is really very helpful.I've been following HSB for a past some time and yes it helped me alooooooooottttt…..

    Keep the good work up HSB…

    You rock…

  13. well this is ridculous!!! totally ridiculous….. to all my dearest dearest consultancy people who r against HSB, just touch ur heart n tell me how many u have sent students to Tri valley uni? if ur answer is zero then u might hav not understood my question… if ur answer is anything more than zero just accept that u r NOT AT ALL fit for posting the dumbest comments on this blog. I am a regular follower of HSB n i luv HSB. Many of the posts mentioned here r very very helpful. If u consultancy people agree to the fact that u r better then HSB i'll post my email id n plz assist me in guiding me fr my higher education in USA (not for a cost my dear, for free). I know u consultancy people will not do it because u need MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY. But HSB guides everything for free of cost n also their advice more than helpful n is reliable. I can understand that the consultancy people r sooooooooooo jealous that a good blog like HSB ruins their business. And the consultancy people out here please note that HSB is a just a blog n the administrator can publish any article of his choice. He has his right to mention anything. If u do not like this blog, simply close this website n concentrate on ur MONEY MAKING business. I really appreciate the HSB administrator for posting this very sensitive topic because all the comments related to this post reflect the image of his blog.

    Well if anyone wants to take the help of a consultancy be wise enough to choose one n plz read the artcile posted by HSB on choosing consultancies. If all the conditions mentioned in that are satisfied ONLY IN THAT CASE choose that particular consultancy because they r comparetively concerned abt the students career n the others r for EARNING MONEY!! Kudos to you HSB!!

  14. you are just awesome…..keep up the good work….let a few people criticize HSB,after all even god has critics..

  15. Keep it going HSB! you guys have been doing an awesome job in opening many eyes!

    I prepared for my GRE/TOEFL on my own (just Barron books, and reading a lot of novels). Got a decent enough score.

    Did my own research of schools, applied to 12 different universities. Honestly, I was an idiot to have applied to 6 out of the top 20 schools, 4 in the top 20 -top 50 schools, and 1 that wasn't in the top 100 for the program I applied for.

    Throughout the application process, be it for the SOP/Essays, LORs or choice of schools, I did it on my own. And, luckily I got into that lowest ranked school of my choice (that was the only one that responded positively).

    Next came the visa interview, again, I went through it on my own, without any consultants!

    After my MS, I am happy for all the effort I have put in, without relying on the unreliable or extremely expensive consultants. I also realized that, even though I came up with the crappiest SOP/Essay, not so good/realistic chance list of schools, etc, I know what my mistakes were! I didn't put my life into someone else's hands (consultant) who'd just be bothered about the money than my career!

    Here's what I learnt from this experience:

    1) A person who hasn't gone through this experience (decide to do MS to finish MS) in his life on his own (without the help of any consultant) is not fit to guide others. Which means, "most" consultants are out there to make money out of scared pussy cats (I'm happy I wasn't their bakra)

    2) Guilt affects you more for mistakes you do, when you can't blame yourself, but the consultant.

    If you did everything on your own, you can take responsibility for that mistake, probably curse yourself a 100 times, cry and react in the most animated way possible. BUT, once you are done with all that drama, you'll know how to not repeat the same mistake, and believe me, you'll never repeat such mistakes ever in your life. (Mistake = applying to the worst university possible, without realizing it before its too late)

    3) Though I was an idiot to apply to most of the top schools, I realized that the one school I got into wasn't all that bad! I at least didn't apply to the "guaranteed schools" usually touted by the consultants.

    4) I didn't spend a single rupee to anyone to become an idiot. Believe me, this point makes me feel much better when I sit back and think "What if I had gone to a consultant" paid a good amount of money and ended up in a university like Tri-Valley!

    If you read all this and still think its safer to be guided by a consultant, think of it like this: If you want to get married, and start looking for a suitable partner, would you go to a consultant who takes 15 to 30K and gives you 5 different options (2 highly impossible, 2 quite possible and 1 safe bet )? If Yes, then go to a consultant and let that consultant decide your fate. If No, do everything on your own. I think HSB has enough info on it.

    I am not sure if HSB was up and running around 2005/2006, but if it were, I wish I had known about the site. It probably would have helped me make better decisions!

    PS: When I say I did it on my own, it means, I pestered everyone I knew, about the process for each step, then took my own decisions based on what I learned from them, which included the then current MS students, friends who went to consultants etc.

    1. Well said and interesting analogy –

      If you read all this and still think its safer to be guided by a consultant, think of it like this: If you want to get married, and start looking for a suitable partner, would you go to a consultant who takes 15 to 30K and gives you 5 different options (2 highly impossible, 2 quite possible and 1 safe bet )? If Yes, then go to a consultant and let that consultant decide your fate. If No, do everything on your own.

      HSB started on July 2007.

      1. Thanks!

        Although HSB didnt exist when I was going through the process of applying for MS, it was useful (F1 visa and OPT related stuff, H1 quotas, etc) ever since I came across this blog!

    2. Nitin,

      Nice post. A very well written post, honest; and the message is absolutely spot on. I hope more US/West bound students pay heed to your advice in there.

      I second Nitin in everything he has said in his post. Do as much of the process of 'getting to the US to study' on your own as you can – it is quite an experience, and you certainly won't regret doing it either. In fact, you'll save yourself some moolah – use that money to buy an air-ticket to where ever you are going to go study instead.

      – aman

  16. It’s hard for some to take in ,as most of the real facts of consultancy were brought to the knowledge of 1000′s of HSB followers which will reach further more people in course of time.I am sure this particular blog would have ruined and brought down the consultancy business, besides it saved 100′s and 1000′s of aspiring students.It won’t be true to say all consultancies are chores, but its rare to identify a trustworthy and moreover the survey can be only done considering group as a whole.

    In my perception, if one say’ HSB has bungled his/her carrier & future its because of one’s misinterpretation of thoughts and ideas posted in HSB. I hope most of them will agree to this.

    I hope the person who sprung up this anti-HSB blog finds alternative business to eke out a living, if he/she runs or employed in a consultancy,(only if he/she is not truly affected by HSB)

    Don’t wanna hurt others, but cannot buy if someone misconstrues something that really serves its purpose.

    Continue the good work HSB, Fame and glory will follow you as always…….

  17. I think HSB is an useful blog to learn from others experience. It is true that there is a lot of information in the university websites, but it is not comparable with what a person can tell you about how he/she lived during all the process of aplication. I have found this place very interesting.

  18. It's hard for some to take in ,as most of the real facts of consultancy were brought to the knowledge of 1000's of HSB followers which will reach further more people in course of time.I am sure this particular blog would have ruined and brought down the consultancy business, besides it saved 100's and 1000's of aspiring students.It won't be true to say all consultancies are chores, but its rare to identify a trustworthy and moreover the survey can be only done considering group as a whole.

    In my perception, if one say' HSB has bungled his/her carrier & future its because of one's misinterpretation of thoughts and ideas posted in HSB. I hope most of them will agree to this.

    I hope the person who sprung up this anti-HSB blog finds alternative business to eke out a living, if he/she runs or employed in a consultancy,(only if he/she is not truly affected by HSB)

    Don't wanna hurt others, but cannot buy if someone misconstrues something that really serves its purpose.

    Continue you good work HSB, Fame and glory will follow you as always…….

  19. First of all I dont understand why do we need consulting company, there are simple rules of applying for F1 or any other visa. How can consultant help you? you can find all of the information about universities, score, gre etc, online. I dont know what do they provide other than this? Maybe fake bank statements and if you got caught with it you may not be able to enter in US for rest of your life. On the other hand HSB is doing a great job, they are giving free and honest advice to us. It seems from consultancy's comment that they are insecure and Jealoused.

    1. About 100 comments (+/- 5) where posted by Kanwar and we let those comments visible because its was actually answering queries. Even though we know they will get business from their link. Its unfortunate all those comments are taken down.

  20. Thanks to overwhelming support for HSB. There is something you have to know when posting comments.

    When you post your comments, IP address also gets recorded (built-in wordpress functionality) I know exactly who is commenting using different name under same IP address.

  21. If you don't know how to use a knife just keep it away.Instead of cutting the fruits or vegetables childish fellow can cut his fingers or a hand then he will cry. If HSB is not useful to you why are you wasting your time?

  22. Hi all,

    I totally disagree with the comment that has been made saying that HSB is spoiling students' lives. I read (i would not say all) but most of the HSB blog posts that interest me. I have always benefited from the HSB blog posts, be it regarding GRE preparation, university selection, sending application materials etc etc. Moreover, HSB has also provided a clear picture of how the life of the students transforms after going to US and what challenges one should be ready to face if he/she decides to go abroad for higher studies. I don't think any student who reads HSB blogs would deny that the readers are benefited from it. As far as it is regarding going to consultants, obviously there are good consultants but it can not be denied that there are frauds as well, who just want to grab money and do not care about any other thing above that. So, if one finds only this option feasible, he/she should be extra cautious while approaching consultants. HSB makes its readers aware of all the facts and possibilities which are real, eventually its up to students what they wish to do.

    Way to go HSB !! you are doing a great job !

    cheers 🙂

    1. I agree with Nidhi's comment. I have also been following HSB for nearly a year ( GRE prep to application submission) and I have only benefited from it. A blog is a place where one writes his/her own views. HSB does not enforce its views on anybody. This blog has the support of a lot of students and it doesn't need any fraudulent consultants commenting about it.

      Hats off to HSB

  23. what a shit here i thought it is a happening place but visiting hsb has spoiled my time n the stuff here is disgusting who created this rubbish website


    1. Hi Deep,

      I don't know how you experienced it, because every people hardly experience the same in life with what they get. May be you are right in your perspective that the blog didn't help you.

      But in a general perspective, I can say that HSB is not a site for spoon-fed students, who want someone to select an university according to the mentioned credentials. Anyways, I didn't mean you as a spoon-fed.




    2. Support! No denial, but you are wrong! COMPLETELY!!!! As the way you quoted "rubbish"… its not you to decide whether it is rubbish or not.. If it were to be rubbish, there wouldn't have existed so many active bloggers.. Next time you speak something be careful mate 🙂 Happy Blogging! 😀

  24. Dear HSB Admin,

    The Natural Language Processing Tool that we use at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore states that Mr. Kanwar Naunihal Singh and Mr. Jatinder Singh might be the same person, because the text processing algorithm compilation shows that the match is almost 99%, even though the efficiency of the algorithm is around 96%. But the match with Mr. Vijay Narayanan and these two is around 79%. I think that they might be the same person, though we just can't exactly aver a statement basing on the results of a robot tool.

    But if all these three people are the same person, then I should definitely conclude that he is a loser, because he doesn't even have the courage to speak out his statements boldly with a single name.




    1. Great work Deep- he was asking HSB for proof on how HSB helped people. Now we give Mr.Singh a proof that he is a looser and has noting to do in life but keep commenting with different names.

      1. @Vijay: Hey! It's OK. I used the tool long before. So thanks to HSB forum, that i got a practice on it too. But that algorithm has 96% efficiency. Might be for that, the last name is shown with a match of 79%. But that can somehow provide a rough estimate.

        I didn't prove anything, that NLP tool proved it. 😀 😀

        THANK YOU



        1. Natural Language Processing Tool from IISc-B?? I smell something here… can you please post a link to that tool so that everyone else can see?? Or explain how a language processing tool can find out if the two people are the same??

          1. Dear Havok,

            I am really happy to know that you smelt something here. We don't have a link, as it was an extension of a prototype, which we created long before in SERC, IISC-B to interface in an Home Automation project. We have the application with the central compilation code having 4 % discrepancy. I would have shared the same with you, had I known you (no offense), where the similarity of text is seen by minimizing the errors using regression, so that we get a linear curve.

            Anyways, I can say you about the application, where you type two texts separately in two different textboxes. Then the application pops up the match percentage. This is a very common application in Text Processing.

            Quoting your text — "Or explain how a language processing tool can find out if the two people are the same??" — Two people are not found the same. Rather, the texts of two people are matched and the result is shown in percentage.

            Sorry for the delayed reply.

            THANK YOU



          2. I understand that part, I just don't see how your tool can show a 99% match between the text of those two people. I've see quite a number of text matching tools, you can find many online. Some sophisticated ones are used to find plagiarism in conference journals, even they can never find the match between those 2 texts and show a 99% match.. and I dont believe your algorithm can be 96% efficient if it does show a 99% match for that piece of text.. there just isnt enough data !

          3. Dear Havok,

            Look at these two texts — "aaaaa" and "aabaa". These two shows a similarity of 99% only in our software. So it all depends on how the text is processed, and the size of the text. The texts which we sent are quite short, hereby the space increases.

            Quoting your words — "I dont believe your algorithm can be 96% efficient if it does show a 99% match for that piece of text" — I am extremely sorry in this regard to make you believe. But it happens, according to the way a text is processed, with certain discrepancies. That's the only reason why I mentioned about a rough estimate.

            Sorry for the delayed reply.

            THANK YOU



          4. What you've said below is absolute crap.. Am sorry to say this being a big follower of HSB

            By your logic my BULL SHIT PROCESSING TOOL from blah blah university suggests that u and HSB admin are the same…

            I can tell this with some certainty cas u've blocked me from sending any more replies to that post !!

            To ans to your below post, by NO logic can aaaaa and aabaa show 99% match even if "a" and "b" are the only elements of your grammar not to mention 2 huge paragraphs that contain less than 20% (to say a number) of similar text. You cannot use a undisclosed tool to suggest that two people are "similar" (conveniently) in a public forum. I just have to say bullshit busted !

          5. Dear Mr. Havok,

            I haven't blocked you, but I don't find the reply button below my final post too. So I am replying from the posts above.

            Anyways, I don't want to argue with you, because I don't have enough space here to argue. Quoting your words — "By your logic my BULL SHIT PROCESSING TOOL from blah blah university suggests that u and HSB admin are the same…" — This is not my logic, so I presume that you don't get it.

            THANK YOU



          6. Havok – there is such tool. Infact universities in USA use that tool to identify copied programming assignments.

            Couple of my close friends got caught copying because they thought changing variables in the code will not be detected. Unfortunately Artificial Intelligence and Language processing algorithms will detect them based on code flow. Of there is another logic behind the code.

            According to Google which hates copied contents, 50%+ match is considered to original contents.

            Here is one tool that we use here in HSB to identify those who copy our contents – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MggxboD44aM

          7. Do mail me the link, you can find my e-mail id from my site, linked over here. You can contact Bigyan bhar or Prithayan at IISc-B for my reference. BTW, is the application matching text or the style of writting/writter. You can even send a link the publication. I have used NLP for my AI-chat bot would like to know about this 🙂

  25. what butler English! well i personally think HSB isnt spoiling anyones lives.its a useful blog and its totally true that consultants are in it only to mint money,i have personally experienced this.

  26. I think if someone has to be blamed here, blame the agent who has there shop opened to misguide and loot innocent applicants and their families. Remember they are the people who are polluting and destroying the market. Always encourage ethical practice then no one has to blame the media.

  27. I am back from my job & am going for sleep, wish you all the best in mud slinging at others, but friend when we point one finger at others three points towards me too, right bye see you tomorrow. Definitely !!!

      1. hahahahahaha :D. Thats the reason we are not pointing fingers, we are showing with our full hand towards you.. Just want to make a point here! Why are you so much against HSB? Choose your options dude! 😛

        1. Jealousy

        2. Jealousy

        3. Jealousy

        4. All of the above!

        Ha! You can't choose anyone of them because all of them are same! LOL 😛 I just guessed the right reason!

  28. ha ha thats great to see every one indulging in war & mud slinging at each other, ha ha ha ha. HSB your people have done a great job in protecting your image, hats off to them.

    You never print the name of any company or individual as per your policy on your blogs, here you have done clearly, which makes it very clear of your intentions.

    By the way do you know Mr. Singh ?

    For your information,

    He is with me here in New York & I took the services of their company to come to States with 75% scholarships. If you ever have one student with you I will definitely salute you .

    He He first rise to the level & than talk, becuse when you spit at Sun, it falls on your mouth, so who is sun & whose mouth is htere you know it very well.

    In case you need his personal mobile no. take it from me,

    1. You used "he he", again the way you used earlier…..now it's confirmed that it's you Mr.Singh with different name.

      Jatinder if Mr.Singh is with you, than am too with Obama- watching Australia vs NZ cricket match. Want to Join us??

      1. Mr.Jatinder Singh, you really are jealous of HSB… I see it in your post.. One can clearly read with what attitude you wrote. You are a total jerk. Go get a life somewhere.. Not here, and yes there are not only one who benefited of HSB but many… Just go through the blog posts you will get to know what HSB did and HELL YES we support HSB… Why do I even care to write here with such hurting words.. Because of you.. You top the list for "ABUSING" you heard it right, and "DISCOURAGING" people… 😐

    2. Dear Mr. Jatinder Singh,

      I have one note for you. Don't assume that the students here to graze in open field. May be you are accustomed to that way by making your students graze, but not we students who post our comments here. We don't even care the slightest about who the hell Mr. Singh is. If you need to get a help from an external agency to get admitted to a university, that too "with 75% scholarship", then that essentially signifies the rubbish you are stating here or you might be ending up in one of the scam universities or you might be a spoon-feeder who lived a life being spoon-fed. It is too absurd to credit your agent/consultant for the scholarship you got, in case if you received it with your own efforts. I don't know what the hell you mean by all these statements, but seriously don't assume us as fools to believe the scraps you spit out.

      And please don't state your definition of level and Sun to us. Quoting your words — "when you spit at Sun, it falls on your mouth, so who is sun & whose mouth is htere you know it very well." — Hope you ended up in doing that in NY after getting "75% SCHOLARSHIP" as evident from your texts here, so you might be more experienced. But we don't need the proof of your experience.

      And come on, who the hell cares about Mr. Singh's personal contact number?




      @HSB Admin: I am extremely sorry if I had been rude to Mr. J. Singh in the previous message, but I couldn't help it out.

      1. Good work Mr.Deep. Now when he talks about proofs, let him prove that he has got 75% fee waiver or scholarship from the university from which he has graduated. Mr.Singh, you are not a Happy Schools Blog aficionado. So, now prove to all of us that you have got "75% WAIVER".. 🙂

        1. Hi Hari,

          Let us not bother about scams. We really should never bother about the proof from scams. Who the hell cares how much scholarship he got? A statement from a scam always appears gibberish. The only stuff which I really cared is that these scams misguide a lot, assuming rest of the world as fools.

          THANK YOU



          1. I am annoyed with what he keeps on writing. Not only does he fear to maintain his original identity but also is not worth going to the US. He didn't even read this blog completely and quotes "great to see every one indulging in war & mud slinging at each other"… But yes you are right chuck! Maybe he is from a scammed university which is not out yet till date but may be in the future.

  29. I hope that I am a fool who is using such a language, this shows the culture of my parents who brought me up. This is how my parents look like who teach me assssssss'…….., Do my parents look like assssssssss oh may be they do!

  30. Hi Firends,

    Who the hell is fighting the Mahabharata in this blog. If HSB writes anything for others its true, HSB tells its people to oppose any one who is speaking truth is perfect, what the hell it is?

    I know all these comments are posted by none other than employees of HSB against some consultant. But if the person has given his consent/comments on what HSB says that is a crime !

    I have gone through the website of this company, not even a single student is recruited for a small university, lost of them are on scholarships assistant ships & many on fellowships too, so how can we doubt anyone without knowing the facts?

    So who's insane, you OR he?

    Of course its you !!!

    Also, I never find any one being answered on any of the typical questions at HSB for American admissions, this is a fact.

    Now you see to it, only those one OR two who are genuine, not those with fake names or employees of HSB.

    I can understand their defiance when some one will open the realities which may spoil the reputation of HSB who is throwing stones here & there.

    OK guys Good Luck & Happy Career at Happy Schools Blog !!!

      1. yup.. the same rubbish English it is ..

        @Vijay Narayanan: I have put my site's link, where you can see my whole CV and confirm that I'm not a HSB employee.. The only influence HSB have on me is it makes me more prepared for the future with appropriate information and that in no way is going to ruin my future ..

    1. Dear Mr. Vijay Narayanan,

      Quoting your words — "I have gone through the website of this company, not even a single student is recruited for a small university, lost of them are on scholarships assistant ships & many on fellowships too, so how can we doubt anyone without knowing the facts?" Your students got assistantships/scholarships/fellowships with the credentials they have and you are the person who is taking the credit out of it. Great!

      Quoting your words — "Also, I never find any one being answered on any of the typical questions at HSB for American admissions, this is a fact." — This essentially enlightens how much you read the blogs. The difference is that HSB is not spoon-feeding the prospective students with any information, which most people do.

      Quoting your words — "I know all these comments are posted by none other than employees of HSB against some consultant" — Kindly don't assume something unless you have a proof.

      I wish my words reach to the right person.




      1. Deep excellent chuck! He is a complete jerk… Good work in defending us students against him :D.. He is insane! We are employers of HSB??? Whoa! i didn't know that till this date.. Lol bechara, jealousy ka maara 😀

  31. Hi,

    I am regularly following the HSB blog from past 5 months. I have always benefited from the blogs posted in HSB. It is a very helpful channel for students seeking for education abroad. I wish HSB, to continue the way they are going now and help students who need the help.

    My message to those who said " HSB is spoiling student lives"- Dear friend, road to achievement is never a cake walk. Facts are always bitter. From my experience, HSB has always given the true info. Those info, have helped me, which i never knew before.

    Best of Luck HSB. Keep Going!!!!!!!!

  32. Hi,

    The so called consultants' services are required for Students and their Parents without any knowledge about the availability of Websites in the present days. These websites run by the colleges and some institutions gives a clear picture as to which Universities will entertain the students scores along with cut off marks for the previous semesters. If the Students aspirations are genuine then they can directly apply and get into some reputed schools. Students bent upon going abroad for higher studies with low marks in GRE/GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS can approach the consultants who have connections with some reputed and a lot of not so reputed/dubious schools for admissions. There again the success rate is based on the students academic and financial ability.

  33. Haha..

    The credit of HSB is way above average among students.. No matter what these worst consultancies think..

    It is clearly evident from the comments of these consultancies.. They just envy HSB for spoiling their business.. The more the comments, more the consultancies are accepting the fact that HSB is best and attacking their worst business on students… I have never come across HSB asking a sponsor. If your consultancies are so best reveal your consultancy names and ask the students to comment. You can see your reputation. You will feel ashame..

  34. DISAGREE!!! 😐 You heard it right I completely disagree with comment no. 2! How can he/she be so mean? HSB is a consultant and so is everyone? Let me explain to you what a consultancy is to he/she who posted comment no. 2 on the post so called "Truth about US educational consultants Part 2"!!! 😐

    A consultant IN TECHNICAL TERMS is one who guides a person in a right path… "CONSULT" is the word I want to stress here! I don't know how people can be so dumb(I am sorry, I had to say this)..

    Now lets talk about a consultant in our view, IN COMMON TERMS… The one whom we pay to place he/she in a certain university whether it be Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom…. etc… etc…

    Now, getting to the point, is HSB making money by all these blog posts? Who the hell on this holy earth does think of it? That person is INSANE. He/She doesn't know what we students think about this blog(EXCEPT SOME!) who are purely in favor of you like Mr.Kanwar Naunihal Singh.

    He says Happy Schools Blog is spoiling students lives?

    Finally I want to conclude on one point that-

    Hey Readers out there if you really think Happy Schools Blog is "SPOILING" students live then it is up to you to decide whether it is good or bad and to raise your voice against those who say it is making money through this blog. I pity those who think in this way and would never understand what we students feel about this blog.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

  35. HSB, don't get distracted by this type of FAKE comments from any consulate who is attacking you for his inability to attract student to send US with fraudulence. Students who have their own caliber they do not need the help of any so called Consulate. We need friends, philosopher and guide and here in this Blog we are getting all of these 3 to overcome our confusion (starting from the preparation of GRE till the final packing list before leaving to US).

    3 cheers to HSB and I think that we don't have enough time to give behind those baseless comments.

    Best of luck 2 all who R going to US in this coming Fall of 2011 also to those who R preparing for GRE.

  36. I have been with HSB since 2008 since it's just a blog. Every piece I found here is helpful from things to do, costs, things to bring here, h1B cap everything. I do appreciate the author being a student, in US working on his job and doing all the stuff. U people like i20 fever, raj consultants etc etc ask people to apply to UNiv likes northern Virginia etc because u get money out from there, even Bridgeport people come here do some freaking f*** partimes in stores living out there chances for GA TA n scholarships…. Leave the chances of getting visa it's all ur fate. I hgot mine in 3rd attempt, my friend tried for 5 times but couldn't make it…. Ofcourse u need to prepare but why spend 1000's of hard earned money on you. Guys one thing u have to note! US is different from other countries… Universities won't come to u, you need to apply for them. Bridgeport Poly Univ of northern Virginia they all do workshops in Hyd… I too used to receive SMS abt those… That's all bullshit… Trust the work… Think before u act.

  37. Obviously someone is trying to mar the image of this website. I have been following Happy Schools Blog for sometime now and haven't come across anything which was put to con anyone. Also this is one of the least commercialized sites, focusing on useful content for students wanting to study abroad.

    We can easily make out the person's(who has written these comments) business motives behind these statements. If he thinks he can help people in a better way he should have mentioned that, then these comments would have made some sense. These comments were totally uncalled for.


  38. Hi Hsb,

    The way the guy has commented on this with words like "Quarries" shows how well qualified with his work.:)

    1. Sorry.. My bad

      Hi Hsb,

      The way the guy has commented on this with words like “Quarries” shows how well he is qualified with his work.:)

  39. Hi HSB, This is a very much true experience of mine. I have taken my GRE & TOEFL recently and then approached a consultancy earlier this year for applying for FALL 2011. Initially i had done a lot of research and gathered some great amount of information through internet, friends, etc..

    finally i had shortlisted a set of universities according to my choice of field. And then when i had been contacting consultancies(almost 10-15 in & around hyd), i had given them my wishlist of univ. & the one particular consultancy that i have zeroed on happened to lure me by praising my selection. BUT that's turned out to be a great blunder!!! It was only than i could recognize after paying my amount of Rs. 5000 to the consultancy they actually began to divert me slowly towards applying only for the univ's that were present in their lists. The consultants wud constantly present some stupid reason & discourage me of zeroing on the univ's i desired. Fearing of rejection & also difficulty to understand the admission requirements in the US univ's websites i had ended up applying to 4 univ's which were none of my choice initially…

    I wud also like to share the list of 'this elite univ's' that are the consultants favourites according to my experience which i observed by contacting many consultancies:

    1. University of Bridgeport

    2. University of New Haven

    3 Long Island university

    4. fairleigh dickinson university

    5. national university

    6. Northwestern polytechnic univ

    7. lawrence tech univ

    8. Gannon univ

    9. Univ of illinois springfield

    10. southern newhampshire univ etc.

    1. hi kiran, seems the consultancy people have some tie-ups with many of these univs. this is the reason they provoke students to apply to those, I too approached a consultancy and paid 5000 as registration fee as I don't have much time then to gather info about univs(later I did much work on selecting univs)

      first my consultant gave me a list of 10 univs,I chose only 2 of them,I went to another one, he gave a list of 6 univ and I selected 2 of them. I asked many of my relatives,seniors and brothers and got to know about 8-10 more univs.again i chose around 4 of them. totally, out of the chosen 8-10 univs, i applied to 5 univs, which I feel are appropriate for me.

      my sincere suggestion to all others is,even if u approach a consultancy, do some own research and cross find out if those univs are good for you or not.approaching a consultancy isn't a bad thing but believing them blindly shouldn't be there.

      1. Farleigh Dickinson University!!! 😐 Do not ever go for it… It is not such a good university chuck! That's why your consultant has a tie up with that university! 😀

      1. Hi guys,

        All students who want to study in USA wouldn't have a good percentage and not even so good projects and how will they know about universities all around USA no such websites or books (ex:FISKE) provide information about all universities in USA, And if they are the first one's in their family who is planning to go to USA (consider they do not know any one who had been there to study). Then how do you say those students to get to know about all universities in USA.

    2. Consultants having tie-ups is absolutely fine and education is business too. But, forcing students to apply only to those schools is not good. Also, there are ethical standards in higher ed recruiting, but universities don't get to see the dark side of consulting.

  40. Personal experience: Consultant have very few knowledge abt the admission process and visa process. They all ways want you to create a fake bank statement so that they can make money from you, this is lead to visa rejection. Dnt believe them completely

  41. http://www.ripoffreport.cc/education/sundlass-con

    sundlass consultants is one of the major fraud consultant in chandigarh situated in sector 44-c.the owner of this company naunihal singh is very fraud and make fraud ideas about going to u.s. or Canada.he takes 20000 in advance and does nothing afterward just telling a bundle of lies that univ doesn’t accept you.he gives articles in newspapers regarding best universities to go inu.s. or Canada but he is a big liar.anyone who will go there will waste both time and money.so my keen request is never visit Sundlass Consultanty.

  42. I am with HSB on it. HSB has worked with the sole motive of helping students apply themselves. Admission consultancies are nothing but hocum.

    They work with the motive for earning money and not guiding people. Whereas HSb has no such motive. That 2nd comment is that of a frustated admission consultant. HSB has the guts to post even negative comments about them on his website, I dare do you have the guts to publish this article about what people think of admission consultancy in your office or your website.

    So go away and do your dirty work in silence and dont disrespect people like HSB.

  43. Your Mr. Consultant,

    HSB has been giving good guidance to large number of students and there should be no 'quarries' about this! 😀

  44. I think HSB exposed the truth behind the consultancies and their motive of making money, thats why the consultancy has its *ss burning. I think HSB shouldn`t delete or reply that post. We`ll reply coz we support HSB and we are humbled by its noble cause of providing information which money can never buy.

    I request all the readers to post their view in support of HSB so that we suitably give a reply to "X" Consultancy which has provoked doubts in our minds. Come on guys, its time to give back and support HSB !!

    1. Completely agreed! And I would like to make a rectification. These consultants have not provoked the doubts yet. They never can. Because we blindly trust HSB! We love the way they help and guide every student. They have tried to provoke a doubt but will never succeed. That is for sure. Since HSB and its work is open for all to see and make a judgment whether they are on the right path or not. Its just that the big dark secrets of the consultants got revealed and that is the only reason why they are so agitated. Lets join our hand together to give apt responses to these consultants who have tried to rip off the money from many and will continue to do if such noble blogs never existed.

  45. HSB is a very well focussed for creating confusions & generating issues to gossip, ha ha. I found that the answers to the quarries of students are never properly answered by any of their so called consultants hired by the blog. Even in many cases they dont know where to focus the student for,

    If you answer their quarries, HSB will approach you to become the sponsors & than to generate mint money from you. Clever enough on the name of charity making business is noblest of all the causes.

    This is the reason why HSB promotes to the students apply direct, in turn spoiling their lives & putting the onus on them for not doing the things in right manner.

    They asways advocate to go to big banners, as only they are the one to sponsor them, he he !!!

    Good Luck HSB, to do business in successful manner is not a crime, I personally wish you lots of business the way you are doing.

    1. 1) Do you really know who runs this blog?
      2) Do you know for sure HSB hires consultants to write in this blog?
      3) How can you say big banners sponsor this blog?
      4) Can you prove that student applying on their own have spoiled life?

      Exact Email Sent to you – Thanks for helping out several students by answering their questions. I was wondering if you would be interested in sponsoring our daily newsletter? We will include link to your company website in the emails that is sent to 65,000 readers daily. If you are interested, please reply to email.

      There is nothing called free lunch. If we really wanted to block your comments, then almost all your 40+ comments could have been deleted. Were you posting comments just because you want to help or to get business by answering questions?

      Your website offers MARKETING FOR FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES and wonder how many universities you should have approached, asking them to work with you. Your comment sound like you never approached anyone about advertising.

      1. Nice…nice ! You've put forward an excellent point by asking that person if he really wants to help, or generate business for himself..his malicious intents of putting down HSB are clear from his way of writing (with all those 'he he..' s and poor spellings and without any proofs)

        HSB rules, and consultants would obviously not like that. Keep up HSB.

    2. I totally disagree with this fact. The way HSB guides is selfless and the cause is noble which is crystal clear if you read all of their posts carefully. They do guide us and try to revert to maximum comments. Though so far none of my querries were solved but you can still find some or the other solution by reading their previous blog posts. Don't blame HSB since it has much more fame then the consultants. They are doing pretty well in guiding the students and I have not gone through any consultants just because of the hefty charges which I have to pay for no guarantee of admissions and apt results. Consultant can assure us only for the college and universities which pay them the maximum commission otherwise if you apply on your own and have enough credibility and take some guidance through HSB or any such noble free guidance provider or seniors then you can definitely reach and eachieve whatever you want. Just by following HSB I have been aditted to 3 universities for Fall 2011!

    3. Mr Singh, When I click your name- it directs me to your website. Buddy stop marketing yourself. I guess HSB has hit your business hard — I smell something burning 🙂

      Feedback we get here is honest and unbiased as people who contribute via comments are not money-oriented and are genuinely interested in helping people.

      Next time you comment better understand the motive behind this blog, collect facts, not only read but also understand the content and yes don't use "he, he", it really looks stupid as if you are a villain of late 80's Hindi movies.

    4. I clearly cannot afford to get a consultant. So all the free advice and information is always helpful than being completely alone. We are truly grateful to HSB, Edulix and loo forward to be contributors in the near future. For all those who can't do it themselves and can afford to hire a consultant, then a good consultant may be a source of great help. Like USIEF reviewed my SOP, you can't expect HSB to do it but similar personal help may only be available from Consultants. But you need to be very carefully in choosing one as there are many many frauds out there to lure you with US education.

      @Kanwar Naunihal Singh: Try to do a good job with the ones who need you and not blame HSB.. we simply cannot stand it.

    5. Dear Mr. Singh,

      I really don't get what you mean to highlight here. Neither do I presume that you have the ability to market yourself, because you can't even write a single paragraph in a professional way without any grammatical errors, and the article you wrote above proves that. When someone is performing a noble work in helping people, you may find it against your way. So, of course, you can express your opinion, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can misguide people with your opinions, which is quite evident from your statement "This is the reason why HSB promotes to the students apply direct, in turn spoiling their lives & putting the onus on them for not doing the things in right manner."

      Sad to express, but it is people and consultants like you who are, in real terms, selling the students to certain fraud/ scam US universities, hereby providing them with loads of false hopes. In one way, your company make loads of cash, and in other way, you destroy the career of the prospective students there, which, of course, doesn't really matter to you. In other words, you people are carrying out exploitation.

      I should never suggest you people to stop your business, because you can never stop exploitation, as you all are adapted to it. But I definitely request you to stop misguiding people with your opinions, which, in no ways, can help you from this blog. Marketing yourself can never really help you here (that too the way you write an article), though it can help you outside a lot. Anyways, I really pity on students who follow your consultancy.




  46. Every one is on the right side according to their perception & its the generalization that is being mistaken, misinterpreted & mis-conceptualized here I feel . .

    1. to those consultants who speak low about HSB, here are my questions, pls try to answer these sincerely.

      1)how much applying for a university costs ?

      for example,application fee around 70$=Rs.3500 approx,courier Rs.800 and if the student has enough funds in bank, he doesn't need to try for a fake bank statement, so all together, it costs no more than 4000(6000 in case of additional score reports)

      all the consultancies charge the same? no!!! once I approached many consultants in and they said it would cost 25000 for applying to 4 univs through them. if i apply on my own, it would cost me just 16000-18000.

      aren't they charging high?

      2)consultants suggest a list of univs based on students' profile.how they know whether a suggested university can give admit or not, scope of funding, research and job scene? did they visit the univ?had they been to the US?they stay here in India and explain the situations at those univs…

      isn't it ridiculous???

      3)how can a consultant who is not related to a particular field of masters study judge various conditions of univs like the standard of education,opportunities for a particular course etc. even if they provide some useful information and guide a student towards joining a univ, can they guarantee all the benefits they said before applying?

      on the other hand, HSB has created a common platform where students of various regions and fields of study gather to discuss and clarify their doubts…one could easily make up a decision based on his own inquiry and information, opinions and suggestions made by fellow students.

      at this point, whose suggestion would be the right choice? a single consultant whose integrity is not assured or a number of students who wish to help others like them?

      you say HSB is doing business,but we don't pay anything to read and gain valuable information from these blog…how would you justify your false allegations???

      1. The comments by the consultancies are absurd. They are obviously just scared and angry at the attempts of HSB (and similar forums) to educate the public, as that results in loss of business for them.

        I have been reading this blog for a while now along with Edulix. Everything I needed to know about studying in the US / how to apply / tips for SOP and LOR / how to prepare application package / etc. etc. was available on these forums. It helped me immensely in my preparation.

        Running a site of this magnitude and popularity obviously requires a lot of money and time and effort – and the HSB owners have the right to look at avenues for earning money. If they need advertisers to sponsor their newsletter or want to put up ads on the site, they can go ahead and do that. No harm in it.

        Anyway the problem in India is not the consultants – but the students as well. Yes, the students are also to blame!

        Some students are either not competent enough or probably just lazy to get online and browse through forums and the many university sites and figure out what they specialize in, how to apply, what documents need to be submitted, etc. It is these students who go running to consultants and get conned. These students also probably think applying to US university is similar to applying to one of the 1000s of engineering colleges in India, where one can get an admission with money.

        The easy availability and smooth talking consultants also assure everything and promise the world to these students. Some of these students aim is to just get to USA (or any country abroad) – they are also probably not bothered about which college or university reputation or any such thing. Consultants also have figured this out and send them to some low rated university in some corner, that they have a tie up with. The low rated university would gladly accept these students, as it means extra income!

        Also a higher education in the US requires students to put in great effort into understanding new things and finishing assignments – and if these students can't even figure out how to apply to a university – then they will struggle a lot in the future.

        I didn't have to pay any money for any of the help I received. HSB is doing a great service to the students and should be encouraged.

        Power to the people!

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