Truth About US Admission Consultancy – 2

Lets start this second part about Truth About US Admission Consultancy (agents) with couple of comments posted in the blog

Comment 1: Though this kinda seems like an anti-consultant blog, here is some info about us – (site removed) Recruiting students as an overseas consultants for the last 20 years.

Regarding your original question, deadlines depends on schools and schools depends on your profile. So, let me know if you might be interested and we would be more than happy to help you with your selection of schools. Contact me at <email id removed> if you would like to.

Comment 2: dear this industry has been existing even before you were born and believe me you too in a way are a consultant. You may not be promoting X but you do enforce your views and perception and make your articles interesting so that people log in and get addicted. I am currently working with an NGO but for past ten years I have assisted close to 3000 students and each one of them has thanked me and till day remember me and love me and they repeatedly approach me for guidance. Just because you want to sound like GOD dont show the others down try and prove you are the best. I am a fan of your but you disappoint me this time. for details kindly contact me because I have been a consultant for 10 long years and I am proud of it.

Response to Comment 1

Above the comment form we have the following line –

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Comments that contain email id, phone numbers or message used to advertise products and service will get deleted.  For Companies – If you want to advertise your product/services, proper way is to use the contact form and request about advertising options available.

HSB is not anti-consultant blog, but it encourages students to apply for admission on their own. You can read why HSB encourages students to apply for admission without going through consultancy in this  post why international students are unique.

In reality its simply not possible for every student to apply for admission without going through consultants. Why can’t everyone score 1600 out of 1600 in GRE or everyone can get admission in MIT or Stanford or Harvard. Likewise everyone doesn’t have same capacity, maturity and knowledge. Students fear the unknown, in this case applying for college admission in USA.

So there will be students who will apply for admission through consultancy. There is difference between anti-consultant vs encouraging students to apply on their own. Comment 1 was posted to the article Tri Valley University – Contract with Consultancy in Hyderabad.

If we post the true facts (with link to actual document about the contact), then consulting companies will label HSB as anti-consultant blog.

Response to Comment 2

  1. No one is trying to be GOD here. That’s something you have assumed. Everyone has right to give their opinion, just like your comment and I have posted mine about Agents here.
  2. I have just posted 2 TRUE Facts about agents. Can you deny deny any of the 2 facts?
  3. Nothing controversial is discussed in the above post about agents.
  4. As with any business there are companies/people who try to cheat and game the system. Which can be seen from TriValley and other comments below. If students thank you for the service you have provided, then its good for you.

Comment 2 was posted at Truth About US Admission Agents – Part 1.

There are companies that try to cheat students and there are good agents too. Just be careful when deciding to work with agents. Stay away from companies that want to milk as much as money from students without providing proper guidance and service.

  • Go with consultancies that have big brand name
  • Ask for references from your friends
  • Understand their package and fee structure
  • read all term and conditions.
  • If admission is guaranteed, ask how can they guarantee that, when admission committee is the one that decides.

Do you have any questions or share your experience below about dealing with consulting companies.