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Delay in Issuance of H1B Visa Receipt Notice for FY 2014

Here are couple of updates about H1B Visa 2014 Regular Processing Receipt Number.

USCIS has started the data entry process for H-1B petitions selected in the lottery. Data entry for non-premium processing cases will begin after the premium processing cases are entered, and rejection notices will follow after that.

Source – AILA Doc. No. 13041600.

Data entry of non-premium processing petitions will not be complete until at least May and perhaps June.  Rejection notices for petitions not selected in the lottery will be sent out after the data entry for winning petitions has been completed.  AILA points out that when the cap was reached on the first day in 2008, USCIS did not complete data entry and issue receipt notices until late in May 2008. Source

You can see from the comments posted at H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Results about folks getting receipt notice even for Regular Processing.

April 18 –

Comment 1: lawyer received tracking number for my application today by mail. Masters – Regular processing. California service center

Comment 2:

My employer got the mail of h1b receipt notice today. I’m master quota, regular processing, in California Service Center.

On the receipt notice, the received date is April 8th, and the notice date is April 12th.

Good luck with those who haven’t receive the receipt notice.

If you haven’t received receipt notice, then don’t panic. Stay put. It can take upto June, 2013 5o get receipt notices.

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  1. This is for H1 transfer on Premium process, where my H1 transfer packet sent on June 1st week. [ Till now no news on my H1 transfer petition ]
    Already 5 weeks completed and Iam in to 6th week without receipt notice, please let me know is there any delay in H1 transfer process.

  2. Hi , i have applied through premium processing and till date no update.Fingers crossed ….Usually what is the trend timeline for information to candidates rejected or selected?

  3. i got my application back stating that it is not selected in lottery…It was returned with FED Ex receipt and a letter stating that that application is not picked in lottery…Is this what we receive??Will we able to see our name from the returned letter from USCIS??

  4. My case was delivered to VSC April 2nd. It’s May 9th and my company hasn’t received a receipt notice for my case and they say they haven’t gotten receipt notices for ANY of the H1s they filed. I’m definitely panicking. Has anyone else not received a receipt yet?

  5. From what I read and hear, more and more CSC applicants started receiving results out than VSC as I think VSC has received more number of applicaitons than CSC.

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