H1B Visa FY 2016 premium processing count

About 20,400 Premium Processing Applications in H1B Visa 2016

I feel your pain. I know what it means to wait for H1B Visa lottery results. Hang in there and good luck to every H1B Visa applicant for FY 2016 lottery.

  • Fact: USCIS would return about 148,000 Applications.
  • Fact: You have about 30% chances of selection in the lottery in General Cap category.
  • Fact: Regular processing applicants have to wait longer than Premium processing applicants to hear the lottery results.
    But how long?

Check this infographic that compares H1B Visa 2016 season timeline with 2015.

That’s the best indicator of what you can expect from USCIS in this FY 2016.

  • Bad News: It can take up to first week of June for Regular Processing applicants to know the results.

Did I say June 2015? Yes, you read it right.

  • Fact: About 50% of Advanced Degree Applications have applied via Premium processing.
  • Fact: About 16% of General Category H1B applications are via Premium Processing.

Source : H1B Visa Tracker.


Key Term : Historic premium processing receipt levels.

h1b premium processing high volume

If the above trend continues, then estimated total number of Premium Processing Applications would be ( Advanced Degree : 10,000 and General Category: 10,400)

H1B Visa FY 2016 premium processing count

Can you now understand the what USCIS is dealing now?

Can you imagine the resources USCIS requires to process about 20,400 H1B Visa applications in 15 business days?

On top of that, they have to adjudicate H1B applications under Premium Processing for Transfer, Extension H1B visa applications.

USCIS have limited resources. As the result, regular processing applications are taking the hit.

If your situation requires travel outside U.S.A. while H1B visa petition is pending, then consider upgrading to Premium Processing.

So, hang in there. It maybe the your first time or second time dealing with H1B Visa lottery. I have seen all the 5 lottery seasons.

What did I learn from all the previous all random lottery selections?

  • Same Emotions for applicants.
  • Same Questions from the applicants.
  • But, different year and different set of applicants.

I completely understand your emotions, pain, suffering and sleepless nights you go through till June to know lottery results.

Last year, USCIS returned the package till end of May. When your attorney receives the package back, it’s the ultimate confirmation that your application is not selected by USCIS in this year’s cap.