H1B Visa FY 2016 premium processing count
H1B Visa

About 20,400 Premium Processing Applications in H1B Visa 2016

I feel your pain. I know what it means to wait for H1B Visa lottery results. Hang in there and good luck to every H1B Visa applicant for FY 2016 lottery.

  • Fact: USCIS would return about 148,000 Applications.
  • Fact: You have about 30% chances of selection in the lottery in General Cap category.
  • Fact: Regular processing applicants have to wait longer than Premium processing applicants to hear the lottery results.
    But how long?

Check this infographic that compares H1B Visa 2016 season timeline with 2015.

That’s the best indicator of what you can expect from USCIS in this FY 2016.

  • Bad News: It can take up to first week of June for Regular Processing applicants to know the results.

Did I say June 2015? Yes, you read it right.

  • Fact: About 50% of Advanced Degree Applications have applied via Premium processing.
  • Fact: About 16% of General Category H1B applications are via Premium Processing.

Source : H1B Visa Tracker.


Key Term : Historic premium processing receipt levels.

h1b premium processing high volume

If the above trend continues, then estimated total number of Premium Processing Applications would be ( Advanced Degree : 10,000 and General Category: 10,400)

H1B Visa FY 2016 premium processing count

Can you now understand the what USCIS is dealing now?

Can you imagine the resources USCIS requires to process about 20,400 H1B Visa applications in 15 business days?

On top of that, they have to adjudicate H1B applications under Premium Processing for Transfer, Extension H1B visa applications.

USCIS have limited resources. As the result, regular processing applications are taking the hit.

If your situation requires travel outside U.S.A. while H1B visa petition is pending, then consider upgrading to Premium Processing.

So, hang in there. It maybe the your first time or second time dealing with H1B Visa lottery. I have seen all the 5 lottery seasons.

What did I learn from all the previous all random lottery selections?

  • Same Emotions for applicants.
  • Same Questions from the applicants.
  • But, different year and different set of applicants.

I completely understand your emotions, pain, suffering and sleepless nights you go through till June to know lottery results.

Last year, USCIS returned the package till end of May. When your attorney receives the package back, it’s the ultimate confirmation that your application is not selected by USCIS in this year’s cap.

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  1. HI Raghu

    Need information from you,

    Actually I am traveling to India on my 17 OPT-stem extension next year jan20 2017, actually my H1-B visa got rejected this year , what are the necessary precautions are need to take care.


  2. Hi, I got picked up in h1b 2016 and got a query in July 2015 for which reply was submitted in Oct. but still the status shows the same that our vermouth office will soon start working on u r case. what shall I say? employer is saying if we apply premium it may get rejected in hurry. Please guide me.

  3. Hi Raghu

    My H1B was applied in regular processing and it got picked in the lottery. I have the receipt number which I use to track the status. But so far the status still says “Case was received”. As we are almost in the last week of August, how many more days/ weeks could this possibly take to get approved? Most of my colleagues and friends have got some update on their application (Approved/ RFE). So I am little concerned about why it is taking so long on my application.

    Please provide me with some insight on this.


    1. Hi Team,

      You quick advice is really appreciated on below doubt.

      I have valid H1b stamped visa, valid till Sept 2017. I got this visa from one of the Consultant last year but could not travel on this visa as employer had some issues with company so asked me to get it transfer, please do not come on this visa, it can be an issue in port of entry because my company is in problem.

      I got an offer from one of the US based consulting firm and they are ready for visa transfer but from US. What they are saying is:-
      I need to come on current petition and current visa. And they will provide supporting document from that I will not face any issue in Port of Entry.

      1. They are saying:- They will file my new LCA and will give client letter and NOC ( first time I heard this)

      My question is:-

      1. What is NOC:- I know, there is no need to take permission from current employer for visa transfer.
      2. As per them- then will file NOC to USCIS that they will transfer this visa once consultant comes US. They said they follow this process and that is LEGAL.
      3. Main question is:-
      Can I fly with my Current Petition and current visa with New LCA(which employer B is going to file), New Client letter, New Offer letter and As they said NOC which they are going to file??

      Please suggest if this is LEGAL and in Rules of USCIS. First time I heard about this type of NOC. Can it be work. Will there any chances to reject in POE.

      Please help!!

      Thanks for guiding.

  4. Hi Raghu,

    I’m a Masters grad, currently working on OPT. My H1B got picked this year, but is still pending approval (filed under regular processing). Also I applied for STEM OPT extension, which is pending approval as of today. Now let’s say I have an offer from some other company and they want me to join ASAP.

    Is it possible to switch over to the new company in the current scenario? I have notice of action receipt for STEM and will be able to work without any problem.

    If I make a move, do you think I should get my H1B upgraded to premium, and get it approved first?
    If my H1B is approved, is it a good idea to apply for a transfer H1B from the new company before Oct 1, 2015? Or is it safer to wait until Oct 1, before I move to any other company?

    Please advice! I’m counting on your opinion.

  5. Hi Raghu

    USCIS is giving result of lottery under regular processing still?
    I am under regular processing.
    Employer is saying that your result is pending from USCIS.

    Is it possible?Still I have hope?


    1. Hi,
      Any one got today reply from “Virinchi Technologies Limited” regarding the selection or Rejection notice? Please reply guys

  6. Hi Raghu

    USCIS is giving result of lottery under regular processing still?
    I am under regular processing.
    Employer is saying that your result is pending from USCIS.

    Is it possible?Still have hope?


    1. Hi Rani,

      I am in the same boat as u r. My employer says results pending from USCIS, I am on CPT. My question is if any one knows if the SEVIS is updated even for for students on CPT. I checked with my DSO and got a reply that my status still shows F1

  7. Hello,
    My employer filed a premium processing for my petition in the end of May after the results were out. I am wondering is it valid to do and how long will it take to get to know the result.

    Look forward to your reply …

  8. My employer filed I-129 petition (H1B Renewal – normal processing) on April 14th, 2015 by Fed Ex and till today we have not received the receipt number. The application sent to California Service Center. Can you please tell what could be wrong? Why my employer did not get the receipt number yet?

  9. Hello Raghu,

    we have filed H1 in March last week through some consultancy. they are telling to wait for results till June end as they ahve not yet got any updates from DHS.
    please let us, still we have hope to wait for results or check for alternate ways to get VISA.
    pleaes clarify us.

    Thanks in Advance,

  10. Hi Raghu,

    My employer said, ‘your application picked in lottery”, but didn’t supplied receipt number. And also said wait for September. I am not sure why did he said like to wait till Sep. Please respond to my queries.

    1. Is is true, my application got picked in lottery?
    2. Why did he said to wait till Sep?
    3. how should i approach him for receipt number?


      1. Hi Raghu,

        I got my receipt on April 21st.And its under Premium processing.
        I am regularly checking on Uscis site.The status is showing the same for almost 45 days.
        My employer also not responding..
        Status is like this
        ” On April 20, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACxxxxxxxxx, and emailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our Vermont Service Center location. The notice describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address”.

        I am too worried.

        Could you please help me on this matter?

  11. Hello I have applied for vermont/regular and I have not got any confirmation whether my petition was picked or not.My consultancy is saying wait till end of june 1st week.Is there any hope now to receive the receipt number or should i assume mine was not picked because i believe that if it is picked i would receive the receipt number?.Please help

    1. Hi friends,

      My employer applied for my H1b Visa and I paid the extra premium processing filing fee.
      I paid the fee via check and the check was cashed early in April.

      I don’t know if my employer’s check for visa was cashed. I haven’t heard anything from our lawyer regarding lottery status.

      What does this mean? Could someone please help? I am very stressed.

      1. No one can an answer to any questions about H1B and receipts. Only 2 entities can give an answer – Your employer/attorney and USCIS.

    1. Hi.
      While I have been selected in the lottery the letter says it is only for one year. This is the first time I am applying and have never heard from anyone like this. I am really worried. Can someone throw some light on this.

        1. Raghu,
          It is not extension. This is my first time applying for visa. None of my friends have got like me. Why me:(
          Did I do anything wrong while applying.

  12. Hi Raghu,

    I received a receipt number from my employer.Is it a good idea to ask for a scanned copy of I797-C, for my records? I will look forward to hear from you.


  13. Raghu

    Help me as my Consultant says that my check has been encashed but EAC number has not yet received. HOw shoud I consider this scenario. Does this mean that I have been lottery selected ? if yes then how should I wait to get the EAC number. Is there any way to enquire about it ?

    1. Same Situation Anurag. My employer notified me that my cheque was cashed on April 22nd. But still he did not get any Receipt Number. Can anyone tell what does it mean?

  14. Anyone applied through Agreeya Solutions received receipt number or selected/rejected result yet?

    1. Hi Splendidsite,

      Even I am also waiting for the same like you. But one of my friend has got the confirmation for selection though I am not sure if he has got the receipt also by now.


  15. Hi Raghu,

    I have received Receipt number(EAC*) on 11th,and status in USCIS portal is “Case was received does that mean i got selcted in the lottery for sure ?? If yes “for RP how many days it will take to get the approval status.

    kindly provide the answer.
    Thanks in advance.

  16. mine is selected in lottery. i want to withdraw it. what is the procedure.and waht about fees that
    has been paid to uscis.

  17. Hi Raghu,

    My application is in PP. Haven’t received any updates. Really i should wait for another one week or shall i submit my resignation as my notice period is one month & my I-94 expires. Is it really worth in waiting. My attorney says i have hope until i get return package. Can you please suggest something on my case.

  18. Hi Raghu,

    Mine is RP/VT, is there any hope? Still my employer didn’t receive any update on my application.


  19. Hi Raghu, i received RFE. USCIS needs more evidences on petitioner i.e. work contracts, service agreements, tax returns etc. what are the chances of approval if RFE is responded with satisfactory answers? the company applied for my visa is in business for last 35 years and works with clients directly. what do you think?

    1. RFEs started coming. I’m not sure how I can answer the question specific to uour petition and employer.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Can you please help by answering my question.

        I applied through a prospective employer (Regular Processing, Non AD). Haven’t heard anything yet, checked with employer today also, they said haven’t gotten anything on my case.

        I am totally clueless, as I don’t have any proof if my application was even filed.

        Can someone please guide me about what kind of proof can i ask my employer to share with me, so that I can check it online about the status of my application.

        If my H1 gets picked in lottery, then is my employer going to share some details like receipt number, I-94 details with me (mine was CoS case) or can he still not share these details with me.


        1. Raghu,

          Same case here. Mine was applied in Premium. I am not sure whether my attorney submitted. I am in L2 EAD with working status and i submitted all my pay proofs. My attorney says she haven’t received any updates on my H1B also she claims that she cant check my check (whether cashed or not) status. How can i verify that she submitted my case on time and too in premium.

          1. No you can’t verify unless you want to ask fedex delivery receipt.

  20. Still i didnt get any updates on my PP application. Do i still have hope. Have they started returning the packages.

  21. Hi ragu,
    Today I got a visa status that is pending with USCIS..what does it mean?please help me..

  22. Hi,

    Today my employer informed me that they started getting i129 receipt notices in mail,Once they have information about my visa they will inform me.Is there any chance to get selected in H1B visa lottery?

  23. On May 1st 2015, got message from Employer, saying that my USCIS, en-cashed the cheque with my petition but did not receive receipt till date . I am almost waiting since 8 days.

    Please let me know after cheque is enchased, how many days will it take to get receipt number from USCIS.

    1. Hi RK,
      Have you got any information?
      I am still waiting for receipt notice.
      Thanks in Advance

  24. Is there any update on RP? Did anyone received receipt number yesterday?? Or today pls let me know

    1. My consultant told me or over even for RP and my case is not selected so far:-( anyways good luck for all.
      Next time is always there..

  25. Hi, Received receipt number on 15th april till now no news, mine is premium process WAC.
    Do I have chance of rejection or is this normal for everyone ? Please reply

      1. even i have received the receipt no on 20th April and still waiting for the verdict. Status on USCIS website says ” Case was received and receipt notice was e-mailed”. i assume the absolute last day for premium processing case will be 11th May considering the start date of 27th April. can it get delayed further?

        1. Premium Processing is 15 business days ( not 15 days). So, it will be May 15th. If they can’t finish processing in 15 days. I think will refund the money. Sometimes if RFE is issues, then 15 days clock starts after RFE is received.

  26. H1B approved 🙂 . 3rd time lucky. AD/PP OPT was up in august. Received receipt number on 15th april. Got approval today!

  27. I’m posting new podcast episode on this topic. Listen tot that.

    Raghu, can you pls point me to this if already posted

  28. hi Raghu,

    USCIS announced May 4, 2015, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process.

    – Does it mean the cheques were also encashed by the time of data entry?
    – Or it will be done after data entry and send in post/mail

    1. USCIS announced May 4, 2015, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected.

          1. Hi Raghu,

            Is the USCIS informs attorney about receipt numbers on the same day. I mean suppose 5 people got picked in lottery and got processing location as EAC. So All EAC receipts reaches the attorney same day or diff

          2. ​I doubt that happens. Postal delivery and time of mailing varies. ​

          3. Hi Raghu,

            Data entry is complete. Does this means

            1) Cheques are encashed and receipt numbers are generated and sent in post
            2) Or only data entry followed by cheque encashment and post

            Please clarify.

          4. I’m posting new podcast episode on this topic. Listen tot that.

  29. Hi Raghu,

    I come under AD/RP category. I have heard from some friends that they have received receipt numbers (they were also on AD/RP). Could you please let me know until when the regular processing receipts keep coming in from USCIS?


    1. USCIS announced May 4, 2015, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected.

  30. My status indicates this. i got this on April 27 from my employer. As status inductees that theyhave emailed me receipt notice , can i assume my case was filed under premium processing. “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed”

  31. Hi,

    In some sites I saw that we have a chance to get receipt till June 1st week for non adv/Regular processing.Is it true?

    1. No— USCIS announced May 4, 2015, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected.

  32. Hello ALL
    Today I got message from my consultancy, saying my petition got picked today and found it as USCIS cashed the check with my petition but have not got the receipt yet. Sharing the receipt num in 10 days.

    Can I believe that my H1b lottery picked or not?


  33. Have approvals started coming in for PP? i see some entries in H1b trackers but do not see even a single comment here. perhaps mistaken for selection in lottery?

    1. Premium cases have started getting approvals or RFE. Their clock started on April 27th a week of processing already completed. Premium cases work on strict SLA.

  34. I filed under general category with regular processing with California Service Center till now no update and my friend got receipt number on 29 th Apr from same CSC . Is there any chance for me to get update from my consultancy.

      1. Hi VJ,
        My employer just tell me single statement that they will update me in Mid Of May so that’s means my application in premium processing or regular processing?

    1. Yeah,this is first week of started getting regular receipts. Considering they send 3 thousand daily it would last till next week end (May 9).

  35. Hi Raghu

    During the processing time of premium can we still receive premium receipt nos? Or they first issue the receipts in all and then start processing?

    1. they must have sent by April 27th. But, on rarest of rare cases it s possible. Any way result for premium must come in 15 days from April 27th.

  36. I have applied under regular process, my petition was filed in CA service center. I havent received any update on my petition yet. How long the regular processing for selected petitions continue?


    1. Chethan,

      The process takes time for non-premium applications. Depending on the volume and considering the fact that it was filed in CA center, it might take 2-3 months at least.

    2. if you have not received lottery result. this is first week where people started getting regular receipts. Considering they send 3 thousand daily it would last till next week end (May 9).

  37. Hi,

    I got receipt number, but till now I didn’t get the receipt notice, I am in little bit tension.
    Kindly clarify, when I will get the receipt notice, the premium process already started.


  38. Hi Raghu,

    This is my second time of going through this lottery. non-AD/RP processing from CA.
    I was doing a certificate course full time[1 year] and currently on OPT. My DSO just mailed me saying she sees a pending H1b application in my record. Her exact words: “Just wanted to let you know that your SEVIS record shows that you have a pending H1B application.”
    I had mailed the lawyer from my company and she still does not have any receipt yet. What should i expect? fingers crossed.

    1. Let Raghu respond on this..

      Even i am waiting for his response. Brother based on your experience kindly guide us.
      Is game over for NON-AD/PP/VT guys ???/

      1. Game almost over for Premium processing applicants. Start looking for Plan B ( and I have a detailed course for the same). Final confirmation is when you receive the package back and that will not happen until end May or into June.

        1. Hi Raghu,
          ‘After all the effort, I wish there were an easy way’. First, spend your time, money, energy to get an advanced degree from a US university. Second, find an employer who will sponsor you for a full time job. Finally, crazy H1B lottery. Many employer are not interested in hiring the international students for lottery. Think about an international student who convinced a super talented hiring team [mostly from MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley] to get into companies like Apple, Google, Amazon for a full time regular position. Again full time position, not a contract position. The interview process is also crazy for a full time job in a top company. Now, finally you have to leave job as well as US because you are picked in lottery. Is it funny? May be for some people or some companies.

          1. Well, this is funny. Advance degree have 20K quota. They should limit it to Top universities. This will help your scenario. Any useless university should not get 20K quota. This will be good for talented universities.

          2. they are already doing that for For-Profit universities. So, these low quality universities are now not for profit 🙂

        2. I applied for the H1B under the regular processing category.

          Would my SEVIS status be updated by now, had I made it in the lottery?


        3. How can you say that game over?
          As per official site they mention premium processing up to 11th May so do you have any proof or links on your statement?

          Just my doubt is if you know better then official site then why official site not announcing the same.


          1. May 11th is the last date to give final result of your application after validating all the documents. Receipt must have been sent by 27th by email. or by this week by mail. Receipt is just to confirm they picked your package in lottery.

  39. Hi,

    Currently, I am on L2 dependent visa. This time we applied for H1B visa. I have received receipt number for H4 conversion visa But we have not yet received receipt number for H1B visa.
    What does it mean? Is H1B visa selected in lottery system?


    1. This week means what last date?
      From where you got this process information?
      Share a link in which this process information written in USCIS site, like to understand the process & confirm how you ppl are exposing information before USCIS news.


      1. You should understand the process.

        Premium processing – has extra fees,only to get faster response.
        Premium processing gets correspondence before regular processing.
        You know this is the time when Regular processing folks are getting receipts. Which means premium processing already passed that phase of getting receipts.
        Premium processing has gone to next level where their applications are now actually being validated to grant the approval. Some have already got approval or RFE.
        1 step. Receipt 2 step. Processing
        for premium we are now in step 2. step 1 is passed.
        Sometimes attorney/ employer do not reveal that they got receipt right away but they do it all together at later time, or they could be on vacation etc. those are the only situations when you could have missed receipt, otherwise by now premium case should have an EMAIL receipt at least. If system failure happened and emails could not be sent even then mail must have reached, which usually takes 5 days from source to destination. Considering mails are running slow even then by this week end you must have some thing. else delay is un-explainable, meaning lost lottery.

  40. Got the Receipt Number today from my Attorney. AD/ RP. Receipt Date: 21st April. I guess the Advance Degree- Regular Processing results are in swing right now. Good Luck to all those waiting for the results.

  41. Hi Raghuram,

    I have got an email from my employer’s visa team about the receipt number.Does it mean that my case picked in lottery ?

  42. Got my receipt Regular Quota(NON-AD)/Regular processing / WAC (CA service center). number WAC15141XXXXX. Receipts entered in system on April 22 are reaching today April 27th.

        1. Great !!! Congratulations !!! Mine also Non-AD / RP…waiting to hear that..praying God. …this is my last chance..

          1. its never last chance, chances keep coming its up to us to pick it in future or not. I had bad 2013 and 2014 years. But I never considered it as Last chance.

  43. My petition has been filed under Gen category/Reg proc … when will the lottery results start coming in… and beyond which date should lose hope of getting selected … ???

  44. Does any one who filed H1 (Regular and Masters) at California center got their checks cleared/case number receipts? I see lot of friends getting checks cleared/case number receipts whose applications processed at Vermont center.

    1. My employer told me that check is en cashed and it is most likely check is en cashed for my application. But he will confirm me once he has got the check copy. Why he has the doubt?
      When I will get the receipt number assuming check is en cashed last week?

    2. Hi,

      Mine was filed under Regular Processing and Non AD with California Service Center. I got my receipt number on Friday. They started to flow on slowly..so just wait. Good Luck 🙂

  45. Hi Raghu

    I applied in Premium Processing and yet not received anything.

    Still can i hope for positive? If it is not picked up in lottery, How long will it take to know it?


  46. I was filed under AD/RP quota. I have not got the recipt no yet. However I asked my school today if they see any change in SEVIS. They said they did see a Notification of Cap-gap extension in my SEVIS but I think did not see the recipt no yet. Does this change of status imply a H1B loterry selection.

      1. What is the process of sending the confirmation for premium processing? Do USCIS send the receipts first to the applicants who had selected in lottery? Then the premium applicants who were not selected in lottery.
        Any ideas Raghu?

        1. @US guy

          Who told you this info bro. Thats not true i guess. Till April 27th all PP should complete. If any remaining receipts to be delivered, this will be done till this weekend. Even i am in same category.. Lets hope for the best

  47. Hello,
    Does anyone know if everyone selected under premium processing has received a receipt number yet? I am under General Quota and PP but haven’t received any number yet. Is 27th the last day to receive anything? And does no receipt number mean I’m not in the lottery or can I not know for sure till I get my entire package and cheque back?
    Is 27th also the last date to get everything back in case you’re not in the lottery? I am so confused and nervous!!! I just want to go back home if this hasn’t happened, and not waste any more time 🙁

    Thank you to whoever replies

  48. Hello Everybody,

    I am a real novice, and for various reasons I had to prepare my H1B application on my own. Non Premium Processing, Master’s Cap.

    I was looking for confirmation of what I seem to have understood from so many comments: I have a confirmation number and all the checks attached to my petition have been checked; does this mean that my case made it through the lottery?

    Case Number+Checks Cashed=passing the lottery?

    Thank you for your help,

    All best!

  49. Hi Raghu
    I applied in Premium Processing and yet not received anything.
    Still can i hope for positive?

  50. I heard that people who filed for general processing started getting their receipt numbers. Can it be inferred that we cannot expect any more receipt numbers for premium processing?

    1. Hi Lalitha,

      Even I heard people from general category and non-premium started receiving their receipt numbers.
      But I am not sure if that stops the luck of Premium members. Stay tuned and all the best everyone.

    2. Yes, mine was filed under general category with regular processing with California Service Center and I got my receipt number on Friday. Thanks!

  51. Hi raghu,

    I appreciate the efforts you put in for Restless Applicants,I am one of those!

    My visa got filed this year through IBM India under General Category.When can General Applicants actually start expecting receipts?Thanks in advance

    1. Man! IBMs wipro TCS n ifys have like 150k applicants out of 233k. when direct employers out here don’t get it. WTH!!

  52. I have one query, i heard that some people are received h1b EAC numbers through mail for h1b 2015- 16. i applied for h1b under premium process but i want to know whether the applicants who received these mails are from USA who did their masters (20000 cap) or all the 65000 cap quota. i am bit confused can any one give clear answer for my query.

    1. Most Premium cases got emails or mails so far and they continue to get it. Premium cases would get their notifications till later this week or probably till early next week. These notifications goes to Attorney and which are then passed to employer and then finally to you. So, considering all these factors I would say by next week end all premium cases should get notified. If not then chances stand slim.

  53. Does 27th of April count as the final day of receiving the confirmation for premium processing? To my understanding if I do not receive something until that date (27th of April) there are minimum chances to get a positive response right? (I am applying under General Category)

    1. That’s correct but Since notifications sent to Attorney and then they come to employer to employee, some times it delays things.

  54. if you received EAC receipt number and the status online says received form I-129 an it is being processed at Vermont Service center, so does this mean that my application got picked in the lottery or not???

  55. hi,Just want to clear things out, does it mean you are selected if you recieve a receipt from Uscis? Thanks

  56. hi raghu,

    very informative site
    I applied for premium processing regular, I still don’t have any info regarding my selection in lottery
    still there are chances for me, whats your opinion

    1. Guys, today I was informed by my school (This is my third masters) … the school was requested a change of status from my F1 ….. and the school forwarded me my receipt number as well. So pretty much I can assume that my petition got picked up in the lottery. On checking my case status from using the receipt number that my school provided me it shows USCIS will deliver my receipt around May 13th.

      I was under Advanced non premium processing.


      Crime Master Gogo

        1. Yes I did Raghu.

          2 Other friends of mine got the non premium advanced notifications of change of status as well….. So I really fear that For those who had applied under premium… the window has closed. I dont want it to sound bad but It happened to me last year. Last year I applied under premium and advanced and the rejection(or notification of non selection in lottery) letter was sent to me in the end of June…..

          I wish all of the applicants good luck for thier future.

          Crime Master Gogo

          1. My 8 other friends got it today:

            all of them AD/NON PP.

            I truly beilve that anyone who filed in Premium with advanced …. the window has been shut.

  57. Can any one share the dial in detail to check if devised number has changed.i have not received any confirmation from uscis.i applied AD/PP but no news yet.can you ease share the dial in number so that I can check if sevis got changed

  58. I received EAC receipt number today. Premium Processing/ Advanced Degree. Good luck to who all are waiting.

  59. Raghu,

    Is it true that the SEVIS status will change when you are picked in the lottery? People have posted some numbers to dial and check the SEVIS status, is it worth trying?

    Thank you again for your great posts

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Can you please let me know what’s the SEVIS status change? Is it used to check H1B status?
      Also, please share the numbers to dial to check SEVIS status change.


  60. Already few of my friends who applied in premium processing got the EAC receipt number s for H!B cap 2015-16. But the clock would start from MAy 11, 2015 I guess. Please through some light on this, if some one would have received the receipt number

      1. Hi raghu

        Do you mean that all these 20k applications picked in lottery? Did USCIS publish any news on these 20k?

        I applied in AD/PP quota. Still didn’t receive any result.

        How many days still I need to wait?

        Please help me in this

  61. Raghu, exteremly well put lines :):

    “What did I learn from all the previous all random lottery selections?

    Same Emotions for applicants.
    Same Questions from the applicants.
    But, different year and different set of applicants.

    Good Luck to all the aspirants indeed 🙂
    I remember following your blog day-in and day-out last year to keep my sanity alive and finally got the lottery.
    This time, I keep following your blog daily for my friends who are in the lottery this year.

    1. 🙂 Awesome. When you get few mins, could you answers some question here for H1B for next couple of months?

      1. Your blog helps keep me sane and I have been checking it everyday to see updates for fellow H1-B applicants. First time applying and keeping my fingers crossed so that everyone who really needs it (I mean, they cannot get OPT STEM Extension, like myself) gets the H1-B. Thanks for doing this, Raghu!

        1. 🙂 You are welcome Rashi. There’s talk of extending OPT at end of this year. Lets see what’s in store from Executive Action.

    2. Hey Bharath,

      Based on your previous experience, how much can we put an hope on NON-AD/PP/VT receipts.
      Is it done or still yet to receive any receipts. VT Service center is bit slow i heard this from many people is it true??
      Please guide us bharath

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