h1b visa 2020 receipt numbers lottery results
H1B Visa

H1B Visa 2020 – Lottery Results, Receipt Number Tracker

Have you applied for H1B Visa in April 2019 and waiting for the Lottery Results?

Please update your current H1B Visa Application and Status by submitting the form below.

If there’s any change in your petition, you can submit a new entry.

The results of the data submitted will be sent to you via email with daily statistics.


Generic data will be displayed on this page once we have a few data points. If you want insights, then provide valid email id.

Here’s the H1B Visa 2020 – Lottery Results Data

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  1. Till today (24th July 2019) my employer says, no information received regarding my H1b petition for FY-2020 after lottery,can I keep some hope for the positive result or there is no hope at all.

    1. Same in my case I asked my employer they said still they haven’t received any information picked up or not.

  2. Hello Raghuram! Is it possible receive some positive notification after June/July? The consular didnĀ“t receive any information about our process. Thank you.

  3. Is there any chance I was selected for the Lottery at least? Today is June 26 and my attorney says he hasn’t received any update.

    1. Same in my case too. Today is 22 July even my attorney told me that no information was received.

  4. Hi Raghu,
    My employer filed H1B under regular processing and picked in the lottery. My STEM OPT ends in Jun 27th. There is no CAP-GAP extension applied to my status. Also submitted a copy of the receipt to my DSO. My DSO said there is no such change for CAP-GAP extension. I believe my employer filed for consular processing. So if they requested for consular processing I am not eligible for CAP-GAP. On the other hand, I got admission into Executive Ph.D. with CPT. So, can I switch to CPT and work after my OPT expires?

    1. CPT comes with its own set of challenges. Talk to your employer’s attorney if they allow that option.

  5. Yes, seems like they have started notifying Regular processing.
    Mine was notified yesterday (05/07/2019)

    Can I apply/change to Premium by paying $1500 after May 20?

  6. Have gone way past the 15day premium processing clock. Is there still hope to get the results in next few weeks or do you think it is going to take months like we have seen for the past few years?

    1. 15 Days premium clock is not started yet. As per USCIS it should start before May 20, 2019.

  7. Hi Raghuram,

    Are Regular, non-masters cases getting notified?

    I wanted to know if any of non-masters are being notified of their selection in lottery or USCIS is still working on masters cases?

  8. Raghuram, do you have any metrics about the numbers you have received with this year’s H1B cases? Or shall we wait for some more time for you to crunch the numbers for us.

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