uscis completes second h1b lottery
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Reports – USCIS Completes Second H1B Visa Lottery

Update August 14, 2020 – Reports Indicate that USCIS completed H1B Visa Second Lottery.

Did you get Registration Selection Notification from the Second H1B Visa Lottery?

Please post an update in the comment (or in this Facebook group thread).

h1b second lottery notification confirmed

Here is the screenshot of the second round of H1B Visa Lottery Selection.

second round h1b lottery selection

Is your H1B Visa Registration in Submitted State?

I’m sure you are excited about the prospect of a possible Second H1B Visa Lottery. Right?

There is a reason for your excitement because there is another shot for you to get the H1B Visa Registration Selection (if you missed out on the Round 1 of H1B Visa Lottery Registration Selection).


  • Is USCIS going to conduct a second H1B Visa lottery?
  • If Yes, what will be the process?

The H1B Visa 2020 Cap Season Background:

Since July 1, 2020, plenty of you been asking about the chances of the Second H1B Visa Lottery.

So, is USCIS going to really do the second round of H1B Visa lottery selection?

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Second H1B Visa Lottery Chances?

Back in July 2020, I had the conversation with Immigration Attorney Greg Siskind about F1 Visa Students Online classes proposed rule.

As part of that conversation, I asked the following question to Attorney Greg Siskind about Second H1B Visa Lottery.

Fast Forward to August 11 2020

Attorney Greg Siskind is Reporting that there may be a second H1B Visa Lottery.

second h1b visa lottery h1b visa

If you have submitted your H1B Visa Initial Registration between March 1 – 20, 2020, you should be excited to hear this news.

There is Hope. Hope is always a good thing.

Let’s rephrase that sentence.

USCIS may reopen the H-1B lottery as early as this week thanks to an unexpected decline in filings.

I believe Greg and his access to information. So, I’m hoping to see “may” change to “will” and official news from USCIS.


  • Will USCIS post a News Alert?
  • Would USCIS send Lottery Registration Selection without News Alert?

H1B Visa Second Lottery – August 14 2020

Attorney Greg Siskind reporting that USCIS completed the Second H1B Visa lottery. No official confirmation from USCIS yet, but you can belive in Attorney Siskind’s access to information 🙂

USCIS second lottery completed h1b visa applicants

The Proces of Second H1B Visa Lottery

So, I was pondering how USCIS will conduct the second lottery?

  • Will there be another random lottery selection from the pool of applications in “Submitted” State.
  • What will be the order of the second lottery? General Cap and then followed by Masters Quota?

As I was writing the above sentence, another thought came to my mind.

What if USCIS already selected the applicants in the first round of H1B Lottery selection but notified only 65,000 Regular Cap Applicants and 20,000 Masters Cap Applicants?

Don’t you think USCIS can have done just one round of lottery, and selected an internal waiting list if H1B Visa applicants?

Is there any way to prove this?

Let’s go back a few years.

h1b visa lottery selection 2013 2017 waiting list second lottery


Look at the Column – Number of Forms I-129 Petitions Selected Randomly for FY 2013 to FY 2017.

On average, 15% Additional Petitions were selected as part of the Random Lottery Selection.

By the same logic:

  • USCIS could have already selected additional H1B Visa petitions in March 2020
  • Notified Only 65,000 General Cap and 20,000 Masters Degree Cap

For the Second Round of Notifications

  • USCIS could notify applicants from the internal waiting list
  • It’s easy for us to call the second round of notification as Second Round of Lottery selection.

While we are discussing logic, let me also throw-in one more analysis.

What is more than 15% of H1B Visa petitions were not filed?

We all know the available Cap number for H1B Visa.

  • General Cap – 65,000
  • Masters Cap – 20,000

What if USCIS had selected additional 10,000 petitions, but due to Pandemic, if USCIS has received only 65,000 total petitions (not 85,000).

Then, there would be another 10,000 petitions that required to be selected.

Then what would USCIS do?

What would you do?

There has to the second round of random lottery selection. Right?

If your H1B Visa 2021 application is in the “Submitted” state, you have a ton of questions, but with a ton of hope.

Stay Positive and Good Luck.

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So, Is Second H1B Visa Lottery Really Happening This Week?

  • As per Aug 14 – Second Lottery is Complete (Reported by Greg)
  • We have this information from just one person – and I trust that source.
  • But, in the tweet, there’s a word “May” Not “Will”
  • As of today, even “may” is good news for applicants in Submitted State. Agree?
  • I’m keeping my ears and eyes open for any itsy-bitsy news about H1B Lottery that could help you (be make you happy).
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