H-1B Visa Sponsoring Consultants for Biotechnology Graduates

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa

Update: September 2015

  • I have witnessed first-hand about the challenges of finding a job in the field of Biotechnology. You have a far greater option to find a job with a professor as Research Associate in a university setting than a company. start applying for jobs for Cap-Exempt H1B category and through corporate companies.
  • Try major in Clinical Trial (or other fields in Biotechnology). Don’t restrict yourself to Molecular Biology research lab.

I’m trying to find a list of consulting companies who can sponsor H-1B visa for biotechnology major students. It’s time for students to start planning for their H-1B visa petitions.

I know many students who are trying to get jobs before April and are filing their H-1B. There are also many students who are trying to join consulting firms to file the H-1B visa petitions for them. If they have a master’s degree from U.S. universities, then a visa can be filed under the advanced degree quota.

Consultants for Biotechnology

During the last 2 weeks, many students had been asking about consulting firms who can sponsor them and apply for their H-1B visa. Also, they are looking for projects with biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms in the U.S.

I searched around a bit to see if I can find any firms that will take in students in OPT, or do H-1B transfer or apply for H-1B for those outside the U.S. I was able to find many firms, but most of them had very few biotechnology-based clients. I found around one or 2 companies.

So if you are graduating with a master’s degree in biotechnology and are looking for a firm, write a comment to this article below.

If I find someone who has good projects and has many biotech, pharma or clinical based clients, I will let you know. In the meantime, try to find a full time job.

I know it’s hard to find a job in this market, but search for specific keywords like cell biology, research associate, DNA, RNA, tissue culture, DNA sequencing, etc., or based on specific virus you had worked on or something related.

This suggestion might give you very narrow results, but it will help you apply for jobs that you have related experience.

H-1B Visa – Biotechnology

If you are in OPT and looking for a job, you could try to volunteer for any firms, so that your 90 days will not be counted in OPT period.

Most of the consulting firms are IT based and very few are out there that have contacts with biotech firms. In 45 days, you got to find a way to get a job or a consulting firm to file your H-1B Visa.

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