H1B Visa

H-1B Visa Sponsoring Consultants for Biotechnology Graduates


  • I have witnessed first-hand about the challenges of finding a job in the field of Biotechnology. You have a far greater option to find a job with a professor as Research Associate in a university setting than a company. start applying for jobs for Cap-Exempt H1B category and through corporate companies.
  • Try major in Clinical Trial (or other fields in Biotechnology). Don’t restrict yourself to Molecular Biology research lab.

I’m trying to find a list of consulting companies who can sponsor H-1B visa for biotechnology major students. It’s time for students to start planning for their H-1B visa petitions.

I know many students who are trying to get jobs before April and are filing their H-1B. There are also many students who are trying to join consulting firms to file the H-1B visa petitions for them. If they have a master’s degree from U.S. universities, then a visa can be filed under the advanced degree quota.

Consultants for Biotechnology

During the last 2 weeks, many students had been asking about consulting firms who can sponsor them and apply for their H-1B visa. Also, they are looking for projects with biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms in the U.S.

I searched around a bit to see if I can find any firms that will take in students in OPT, or do H-1B transfer or apply for H-1B for those outside the U.S. I was able to find many firms, but most of them had very few biotechnology-based clients. I found around one or 2 companies.

So if you are graduating with a master’s degree in biotechnology and are looking for a firm, write a comment to this article below.

If I find someone who has good projects and has many biotech, pharma or clinical based clients, I will let you know. In the meantime, try to find a full-time job.

I know it’s hard to find a job in this market, but search for specific keywords like cell biology, research associate, DNA, RNA, tissue culture, DNA sequencing, etc., or based on a specific virus you had worked on or something related.

This suggestion might give you very narrow results, but it will help you apply for jobs that you have related experience.

H1B Visa – Biotechnology

If you are in OPT and looking for a job, you could try to volunteer for any firms, so that your 90 days will not be counted in OPT period.

Most of the consulting firms are IT based and very few are out there that have contacts with biotech firms. In 45 days, you got to find a way to get a job or a consulting firm to file your H-1B Visa.

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  1. Hi,
     My name is Sapna .I have currently re-located to Houston with my husband,from India. I
    am on a H4 visa here.


    am a post graduate in Biotechnology from the University of Abertay
    Dundee (UK).I moved on to Paris to pursue my PhD with Marie Curie
    fellowship, in Bone tissue engineering (Stem cells based) which had to
    be stopped in between due to funding issues.

    This made me move back to India ,where i studied Advance Diploma in
    Clinical Research,and further worked for a year and a half in this field
    as a Clinical Research Coordinator.
    I have hands on experience in the field of Clinical Research and Biotechnology especially Stem cells and Molecular biology.

  2. Hi, My name is Hema.I’m working as Molecular Biology scientist, specializing in DNA sequencing  in UK.I’m looking to move to US and hence looking for H1B sponsor.Please help me.

  3. Hi my name is Michela, I’m doing a master in Italy (Milan) about “Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine” with specialization in Oncology. I really would like to find a job in the USA because is the best country for biotechnology…looking for a H1B sponsorship.
    Best Regards

  4. Hi I have a Master’s Degree in BioTechnology from India. And I completed a Certificate Program in Clinical Research Conduct and Management from UC Berkeley.
    I am looking for work in Clinical Research and H1B Sponsorship.

  5. Hi,

    I am looking for H1B sponsorship too. Please help.

    Qualification – Masters in Microbiology
    Current Employer – BTNRH

    I will really appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Hi
    I have a Masters in Biotechnology from Madras University,INDIA. Can you please give me the contact details of Consutalts who process H1B for Biotechnology graduates from INDIA.


  7. Hi,
    I have completed masters in biotechnology in US and looking for an opportunity in a biotech or pharmaceutical firm. Please contact me if u have information for any position available.


  8. Hi
    I have a Ph.D in Micro Biology from INDIA. Can you please give me the contact details of Consutalts who process H1B for Microboilogy graduates from INDIA.


  9. Hi i am in search of consulting frim who can sponsor h1b vissa, I am in final stage of my phd in Biochemistry in Ireland. Can u help in this thanks

  10. hi m also in search of the Consulting firms who can sponsor and apply for H1B Visa and also they shave projects with Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical firms. m here on h4 visa and done my masters degree in biotechnology and bachelors degree in microbiology. how can i proceed further in my career. your guidance would help me in initail steps.

  11. Hii I was trying to find a full time job in pharma industry

    cud u give me the names of the consultants


  12. I needed info on cdm as well. I would appreciate it if u were to write to in gmail to btanoop at gmail dot com

  13. I am almost done with my masters in molecular biology and looking for H1-B sponsors

      1. Hi Hari,

        I am surely interested in drug safety and CDM and also have a little experience working in the area.
        Please let me know how I can contact you.

        1. email links or phone links r not getting posted here, let me know your mail id, I will contact u.

          U need to post ur mail id in this format for example ( hari xyz and is in gmail)..so I can touch base with you immediately

          1. We don’t allow emails or contact address to be posted here in any form in message contents. Read the link on how to post your comments.

          2. It wont let me post email id in any format.
            What can be done here?

            Nandita Niranjan

          3. Just above the comment box, it clearly shows how to write comments, so others can contact you. If you leave email here, scrapers will use it for spamming.

          4. I could get ur linkedin profile, but ur privacy options are not allowing me to message you…..:(

          5. Hari ..at present i am on h4 and looking for a carrer in CDM ..could u please share me the details …

      2. Hi i am Samantha, i have masters degree in Environmental Science. I am on OPT and looking for some consultancies. Please let me know

  14. Hi,
    I am doing MS Biotechnology. I am going to graduate this December (2011). I have 6 months experience in the lab and I am going to do internship for 3 months in USDA. Could you please send me the list of consultants too. I would really appreciate your help.


  15. I am currently under STEM extension with BS in microbiology. I am looking for consultants for training on any bio field.

    I would really appreciate with any info.
    Thank you.

  16. Hi..I am a foreign pharmacist, and I took the CRA course.
    I am looking for an H1B visa too, and I would appreciate it if you could help me find one.

    Thanks and Regards..

  17. Hello, this is chitrang. passed ms in industrial pharmacy. looking for the consulatants for h1b.

  18. hi
    I am doing ms from Environmental science i want to work in pharma/biotech please let me know any consultancy offering H1 for environmental sc graduates

    1. Hi
      Do u get anyone who sponsor H1B? I did my phd in environmental science and presently on H4.

  19. Hi,
    Im an Industrial Microbiologist with a master degree in pharmaceutical sciences. I would like to do research on biotechnology field related with drug development and screeening of bioactive compunds from endyphityc microorganisms. I hope you can help me to find an sponsor to request the H1B visa since I have been applying everywhere and has been imposible to find opportunities as reseracher, student, or even to do an internship. Thanks in advance.

  20. HELLO



  21. Hey ,
    Me a post graduate in Biotechnology from the university of Abertay Dundee (UK).I moved to Paris to pursue my PhD for 2 years,but had to stop due to funding issues.I then moved back to India and pursued,advance diploma in Clinical Research,i there-after worked for a year.Now me planning to relocate with my husband to US (Los Angeles).I would like to file for H1b through a sponsor biotechnology or pharmaceutical company.

    It would be great to hear from you.

    Kind regards,

  22. Hi,

    I am Sunitha,

    I have done my MSC. biochemistry in 2003. I have 7 yrs expereience in quality assurance in diagnostic laboratory.

    I am looking for the names of consultancies who sponsor H1 in biochem field. I will really appreciate if you could provide me the list.

  23. Hi,

    I completed my Master's in US

    have 2 years of experience in US

    looking for H1 sponsorship for 2011.

    could you help me to find out the consultancies…

    thank you

  24. Hi,
    I have done my master in Biotechnology from India and entered US in march 2008, ever since i have volunteered for 6 months in a research lab and had 2+ years of experience in Research in India. could you please let me know what are my potential chances of getting a H1B sponser? in Biotechnology.


      1. Hari ..at present i am on h4 and looking for a career in CDM ..could u please share me the details …

  25. I m masters in pharmaceutical chemistry and have 2 yr of experience. Recently I m US. Please help me finding consultant who can apply H1 visa.

    Could you please email me the list of consultants.


  26. I m masters in pharmaceutical chemistry and have 2 yr of experience. Recently I m US. Please help me finding consultant who can apply H1 visa.

    Could you please email me the list of consultants.



  27. hello,

    i'm a biotech grad, that has pursued masters in different countries other than USA.

    how do i look to apply for H1B in USA?

    can you pls notify me of any H1B sponsorers? if not atleast other ways to gain an entry to the country?

    thank you.

  28. I am graduate in masters in biotechnology . I am in India for vacation on OPT. Can you please help me in looking up jobs and applying

  29. Hi,

    I have done my bachelor's in pharmacy from india and doing certification in biotechnology and bioinformatics in USA and iam about to complete my certification program within a month and looking for internship.Can u pls share information regarding how to get internship and what kind of jobs do i get and h1b sponsorship.

    Any help is appreciated.


  30. Hi,

    I know this was written a few months ago, but I would like to know how can I obtain a soponsorship for working on a pharmaceutical company in the USA.


  31. Hi,

    Can you please let me know of a company that sponsors H1B? I'm doing my masters in biotech management and my undergraduate degree was in biotechnology. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  32. Hi,

    I am graduating in May with a Masters in Biotechnology and am looking for consultants who have biotech/ management related projects.

    Pl. help me out.

    Thank you.

  33. Hi,

    Myself a post graduate in medical genetics, working as medical writer (clinical research), I am looking for consultancies who sponsor h1b, could you please let me know the details.


  34. Hi, This is Mitali. I am also doing my masters in biotechnology. I am looking to find the consultants who offers H1B visa in biotech field.

    1. hi…am prathyusha completed my b.tech in biotechnology n planning for ms..

      can u please tell me some universities in california offering ms in biotechnology and the minimum score for those univs..

      thanks in advance

  35. Hi,

    I have done my Masters in MicroBiology from India & have experience in the same field. Presently I am in US & looking for a job. Can you please share information regarding H1B Sponsorship.


  36. Nice post, thanks for it. I have an MSc & MTech in Bio technology and have 2 yrs teaching experience. Could you please give me some information which can guide me to get a career start?

  37. Ciao,

    I am Italian, currently living in the United States (NYC) on a F-1 visa. I have a degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechology and I worked as a Clinical Research Associate for Sanofi-Aventis (Milan, Italy), one of the major multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, for over two and a half years.

    I am higly motiveted to get a job in the tri-state area in the Clinical Operations.

    I am highly motivated, dedicated and ambitious in narrowing down and deepening my knowledge in this specific field, which makes me open for an INTERNSHIP position as well.

    I would be glad to afford the expense for the visa process. Could someone send me the list of consultants who can sponsor my H1-b visa?

    Thanks a lot!


  38. hi, happy to see this web page after a long search in H1B sponsors for biomedical science jobs. I have completed MSc Cell and Tissue Engineering(September '2010) from a prestigious university in UK and I tried a lot to find employers details in US for H1B visa but I didn't find. Now after seeing here that few openings for bio-technology graduates in New York am little relaxed. So is that possible for you to send me some details regarding the field professional jobs? Many thanks in advance.

  39. Hello,

    I’m a currently pursuing Mtech (equivalent to MS in Biotechnology) from India. I am interested in working in the US where the Biotech industry is mature and has lot more opportunitoes as opposed to the challenges in India.

    I’m looking for firms which will sponsor my H1. Please suggest.



  40. Hi,

    I have experience of working as chemical engineer in US for 4 years. I am currently looking for opportunity with potential h1b sponsorship.

    I have over all work experience of more than 5 years..

    Waiting for your response

  41. Hi.I am B.E.Chemical.I am presently working in Essar Oil Limited as an assistant manager since last 4 months.I would appreciate if someone could send me a list of consultancy firms who sponsor H1B visas.

    Thank You.

  42. hello I have a MBS – masters in business and science degree. I am currently on H4 visa. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can send me a list of the companies. Thank you.

  43. Hi,

    I have a MSc in Biology. Currently, on my F-1 OPT. Can you please send me the list of consultants?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  44. Hi,

    I am looking for the names of consultancies who sponsor H1 in biotech field. I will really appreciate if you could provide me the list.

    Thanks and Regards,


  45. Hi,

    I would appreciate it if you could help me with the list or names of consultants for jobs in field relating to Biotechnology and or Molecular n Cell biology.

  46. Hi,

    I graduated with a Masters degree in Industrial Pharmacy and I have been working on OPT in a Biotech company as a Quality control associate. Now they are not willing to file for H1-B as law firm mentioned that my qualifications are over qualified for this position.

    What are my options now?

    a) can you share list of any companies (consultants) that do H1 for me in boston area



  47. hi..

    I had done masters in Biotechnology & had 2.5 yrs of experience in the same field.Presently I am in US & looking for a job.can someone send me the list of consultants who can sponsor my H1-b visa.



  48. I have a Master in Biochemistry and Mphill. I am in H4 visa now and I am looking for company who can sponsor h1B visa. Can you please mail me the list of biotechnology consultants?

  49. Hey

    I'm a clinical biotechnology graduate from UK with a Bachelors (hons) in biomedical science. I have just moved to Jersey City and am looking for work as a Research Associate mostly in universities, hospitals and biotech firms. If you could help me find consultants to get my H1 it'll be really helpful.


  50. hi,

    i am graduating in dec 2010 in pharmaceutical sc. I have been searchin for consultancy since a very long time and had o luck and even i have been applyin for jobs since long time and havnt got anything till now. Please help me in this regard. Please tell me those conultancies so that i can contct thm.



  51. hi,
    I have done my under graduation in Pharmacy from India. Right now, i am 1st year M.S. student in biotechnology at NYU. I am looking for the biotech consultants any where in USA who can help me out to get CPT in Biotech/pharmaceutical field. If you can send me the list of the consultants, it will be very helpful to me. Looking forward for good and helpful reply.

  52. I have done bachelors in pharmacy from pune university.Current;y studying in louisiana tech university for MS in molecular science.I am about to graduate and looking for relevant information about consultancies or jobs as research associate or pharma-biotech industry.

    thank you.

  53. I have done my bachelors in pharmacy in pune university.Doing my masters in molecular science in louisiana tech university.I am about to graduate and searching relevant jobs as research associate or pharma-biotech companies.Can you please notify me if any relevant information is obtained?i am also looking for consultancies in pharma-biotech.

    thank you.

  54. Can someone please send me a list of recruiting / consulting firms in biomedical engineering / medical physics?

  55. Hi,

    I am a Senior process development engineer with, 4 years experience working for a large MNC. Key strengths are R&D in process discovery, development and deployment to manufacturing sites globally. Gained significant knowledge in statistical analysis of planned and random data collection.

    I am looking for a job in the Biochemical industry. Can you please let me know how to go about this.


  56. I am bachelor in Electronic Engineering and I have a Post Graduate Operation Management, I have 18 years of experience and I will need to find a Sponsoring consultant for this area, I have this core competences :Manufacturing Leadership Functional management experience in all discipline of manufacturing operations for a newspaper – Developing and managing operating budgets – Spearheading restructuring and rationalization of newspaper plants – Initiating lean manufacturing processes, utilizing SMED principles – Establishing performance metrics and supply chain management teams.

    In Inventory Management / Planning Inventory Management/ Forecasting –

    Materials Replenishment Ordering – Cost Analysis/Cost Reduction – Specification Compliance – Supplier Consolidation/Standardization.

    Ana I have experience in Maintenance Management Scheduled / Appropriated – Executed/Motivated – Certified/Prevent Maintenance – Reduced /Corrective Maintenance – Optimize parts inventory.

    Please I would appreciate all information, but the way in this moment I am living in NYC.

  57. Hi, i have a BS in Biochemistry and MBA. I am looking for company who can sponsor h1B visa. Can you please mail me the list of biotechnology consultants?


  58. Hi,

    I have completed my Masters in Biological Engineering in May 2010 from Utah State University. I have opted for my OPT, which I will be getting in 1 month. I am actively looking for jobs, so if you provide me with some biotech consultants, that would be great.

    Thanks a lot.


  59. Hi,
    I have completed Masters in Clinical Biotechnology from University of Central Lancashire, UK and Bachelors in Biomedical Science also from UK. I have 2 years work experience. I live in UTah, USA now and am looking for sponsors for H1.PLease help…please.

  60. I am on H4 visa now and looking for H1B Sponsor in Pharma QA/RA. I am a B.Tech (Chemical Engg) graduate passed out in 2004, have had 4+ years of experience in Pharma QA/RA.

  61. Hi,

    I have a BSc. degree in Science, field of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan. I was graduated in 2004. I have a good experience in molecular biology. I am willing to work on good institute. Can you help me by telling me the best way for looking a job?


  62. Hi i shall be graduating this May with a Masters in biochemistry from the University of Maryland, College Park. If anyone can help me with job searching i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks and have a nice day,


  63. Can you please furnish me with some details on which jobs sponsor work visas? I have a biochemistry degree from UCLA. Bachelors.

  64. Can you please send me list of Biotech consultants who can sponsor H1-B visa?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  65. Hi,

    I just visited this post while I was searching for oppurtunities in Biotech. Iam a MSC Biotechnology post gradute. It would be helpful if you can share the consultant list with me. It would be of great help if you can share any information you would have on job oppurtunities for people who have completed ahm 250 in the health care field. Thanks a bunch !

  66. Hi, I graduated last December (2009) from the program of Applied Cognition and Neruoscience at Univeristy of Texas at Dallas and is on OPT status now. I am willing to relocate. Can you give me the lists of who can sponsor H1B for me?

  67. Hi, I have my nasters degree in Biotechnology and I have been working as research associate in the field of stem cell biology for 2 years now. I am moving to US after my marriage in the month of June. Could you please let me know the H1B sponsors for biotechnology.

    1. Hi.

      Me too were in same postion when i came to US.But as you have some experience in stem cell, the doors are half opened to you..As the other person told, volunteering.. a better option for you and try to do this in University labs.If you are going to be around california, all the UCs,USC,caltech,city of hope, these are some places where u can approach.Of course you will find some positions within 3-6 months.

    2. hello usha,

      i have the very same situation as yours and i have mastered in biotechnology and pharma. have you got a sponsorer yet?? if yes, can you please let me know of some.

      thank you very much in advance

  68. please send me the list of H1b sposers for biotechnology,now iam in H4 .I completed B.Sc(microbiology,biochemistry,medical lab tcchnology),M.Sc,M.phil in Biotechnology.All these degree i done in India now i want work here with same qualification.

    1. From my experience getting A Job in Life sciences with a degree from India is not so easy as in CS, Also with Biotechnology "God knows". If I would Suggest you try to get some certifications in Microbiology/Clinical Trails The fee hardly costs you less than 1000$ But Its really worth having the certifications on your resume. Also You can start your Job search as follows:

      1. Try to approach some research laboratory and Volunteer and get some good recommendation letter(it is very imp. To have a reco. In Job search).

      2. Approach some start up companies run by NIH or some other funding (private)

      3. Apply to some Lab positions in Universities (Best option easy to success ed).

      It may sound foolish But our Degrees from India In Biotechnology are Not ………… Let me leave the gap because I don't want to comment.

  69. Hi,
    i'm graduating in May 2010 with Master in Biotechnology engineering in Israel. i intend to find a job in the US, since biotechnology engineering is very develop in the US and not in Israel. Can you please e-mail me the list of biotech consultants as i am planning to file H1B for this June.
    Thank you.

  70. Hello

    I have a masters degree in Biotechnology from NYU. I have graduated in January 2010. My current Visa status is OPT. can some one help me with my job search

      1. "there are few openings for Biotechnology Graduates in New York. If you are interested send an email using contact page or write a comment to this article."

        Can you send me the list through Email, I am from NY

        1. I am a Biotechnology Master's Graduate and looking for a Full Time Job. Please suggest me, if you know some openings as you said.

  71. I have Masters degree in Clinical Biotechnology from UK. I have shifted to US after marriage and I am currently on H4 Visa. I am looking for consultants who can sponsor me H1. Please help mee. Would be great if i get the list of consultants who sponsor H1.

    1. hello kalavathy,

      i just happened to go through the list of queries and came across yours which is very similar to mine. have you got a consultant yet?

      if yes, can you please help me with it.

      thank you very much in advance.


  72. Can you please send me list of Biotech consultants who can sponsor H1-B visa?

    Thanks for your help.

  73. i have my masters in organic chemistry n 4 year work experience.
    plz let me know the list of consultants around NY/NJ it would be really helpful. I was searching for past 4 months could find nothing.i am desperately looking for H1B Visa consultancy.
    i am here(USA) on H4.

  74. i have my masters in organic chemistry n 4 year work experience.

    plz let me know the list of consultants around NY/NJ it would be really helpful. I was searching for past 4 months could find nothing.

    i am here on H4.

  75. Hi

    My friend did masters in biotech from australia and he want to come US with a H1b, are there anyconsulting firms that can sponsor a h1b for him
    Please reply

  76. Hi, I graduated in june 2008 from US university and currently working in USA on H1b as a research assistant, but looking for better job. my major is Biotech and have 1.5 yr work experience.


  77. Hi

    I have completed MS in Biotech in US and looking for a H1B sponsors (Biotech firms). please e mail me the list of consultants ASAP

  78. I am a pharmacologist . I have done bachelors of pharmacy in india and master in pharmacology in uk. Presently i am living in USA on H4 visa status. I would like to know anyone can sponsor h1b visa. Please email to my mail id [email protected]

  79. Hi Sir,

    I am pursuing Masters in Industrial Pharmacy . I will be graduating in May 2011. Let me know if there are any Pharmaceutical companies or consultants for Pharmacy students.

    thanks a lot


  80. hi Sir,

    i am a biotechnologist with more than 5 yrs of experience in Biotech R&D and i am looking for a job in US in biotech/pharma sector.So pls let me know about the concerned consultants and other related useful information regarding the job opportunities.

    Mustafa Syed

  81. Hi,

    I am a Masters student in Biology. I am looking for a job in Clinical Research and looking for H1 visa sponsorship. Can someone please share the list of consulting companies with me.



    1. Hi Kalyani,

      This is Ishaan. Even I am doing Masters in Biotechnology. Have you done anything in clinical research? I mean you are looking for a job in this field so anything relevant?


  82. Can anyone give me suggestions for my future.I completed my BS in chemical engineering & I would like to apply for H1.I just want the sponsers for H1B.Can u plz send me the list of sponsers.

  83. Hi, I am done Bachelors degree in MBC(Microbiology, Biochemistry and chemistry) and I have Masters degree in Biotechnology. I did these in India. Now I am doing MS Environmental and Biological science in the US. One of friend suggested me that I can get a job with my M.Sc degree(India)in the US. is this true? Is my M.Sc Biotechnology enough to get a job in the US? If it is true can anyone one give me contacts for consultants who can sponsor H1b VISA. Please reply me.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I completed my graduation in M.B.MLT(microbiology,biochemistry,medical lab technology).I completed by M.Sc and M.phil in Biotechnology. All these degree i done in India and iam in H4 visa in U.S.I want to work here,is it possible to work with India qualification? and I want to know H1b sponsers for life sciences.please help me

  84. hi

    i am also in search for someone who can sponsor an h1 b in biotechnology. I have my masters degree in Biotechnology & am on H 4 status. No one is even ready to give a volunteering opportunity which is the hardest part.I have been here for more than two years & its really sad as i was working in India.I dont understand why most h1bs get assigned to engineering degree and not biotech

  85. Reena – Consultants are not ready to apply for H1b this year. thats one of the reasons so many are unable to find any consultants. We know few consultants, but suggesting them here in the blog will lead to lot of problems to us. Did you happen to see how many in the forum have applied for Visa and still not hearing from the employer ( consulting company). Many have not received the receipt numbers.
    If we suggest them and you don;t have good experience, then we end up taking responsibility.

  86. Hiiii,

    can you please forward me H1b visa sponsers' list for health care……………thanks

  87. Hi,

    Also pls let us know the list of sponsors for healthcare/IT/BPO industry. Applying h4 to h1 from India or USA? Posted my comment many times but have not received a single reply till date. Wud appreciate if any of you guys can help me with an advice


    1. hi deepthi

      i am not sure whether you will get the answer you need. check this link which lists 10000 companies sponsoring h1.. check specifically biotech/it.. i hope you find your answer..

      all the best


    1. @rrs – Why do you want Top 20 Universities and consultants for Biotech? You can only one thing at a time.

  88. Can you please send me list of Biotech consultants who can sponsor H1-B visa?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  89. Hi,

    I will be graduating in MS cell and molecular biology this December. Can someone help me to find a consultant who can help me for sponsering my H1.

  90. I'm still looking for sponsorship in Mechanical Engineering as well. Is there any help out there?

  91. Hello all,

    please help me by giving information which company or consultants sponsors H1 visa for pharmaceutical industry back ground,i did my masters in Industrial chemistry and has 4 yrs work experience in pharma industry in india here i am on H4 visa

    it would be great help for me


  92. Can you please send me list of Biotech consultants who can sponsor H1-B visa for indians who right now working in india.

  93. Hi,

    My wife is on H4 and is MS in Biotech. Have two+ years of research in biotech field. it would be great If I get some company who can sponser h1B for her.



  94. Hi,

    I would like to file H1b in the Bio Technology area. could you please provide me the sponcer in India or abroad.



  95. Hi,

    Can you please send me the list of biomedical consulting firms or biomedical firms providing H1Bs?

    Thank you


  96. I am a biotechnologist. I am here in the US on H4 and am looking for H1 sponsors/consultants. It would be great if anyone could share some information regarding biotech H1 consultants.

  97. Can you please send me a list of biotech consulting companies who do H1s. It is extremely urgent since I am trying to file my H1. Thanks for your help.

  98. There is no response coming…Do you really have such a list of biotech consultants or you trying to fool everyone here

  99. Hey thanks so much for the info. I have a MBA in Biotechnology from a reputed university. Please let me know if there are any oppurtunities.

  100. Hi,
    I am also looking for consultants who can sponsor H1 b visa.I too have a post graduation in biotechnology.Please lemme know if someone comes across any biotech consultants.

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Soumia,

      Do u have any information about biotech consultancy firms in USA, please let me know.



  101. Thanks for sharing the information. Can you please mail me the list of biotech consultants as i am planning to file H1B for this april.

    It would be a great help. [Removed email]

  102. Can you also email me the list of companies sponsoring h1-b for biotechnology.I have ~ 2 yrs of biopharma exp in India

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    i will appriciate if u can call me back on 9316265986

    Thank You Very Much

    Have a great day

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    Appreciate it



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    surya kappagantula

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  109. I am a biotechnologist and a novice bioinformatician with 4 years of hard core, wet lab research experience. I am here in the US on H4 and am looking for H1 sponsors/consultants. Yeah, its very sad that there are hardly any biotech consultants here in the US. It would be great if anyone could share some information regarding biotech H1 consultants.

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    [email removed]



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