H-1B Visa 2016 Receipt Numbers: Premium is Done. Regular is Ongoing.

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Here’s the latest H1B Visa 2016 news on Receipt Numbers  and updates for Premium Processing, Regular Processing,  expected Approval H1B visa processing times from Immigration Attorney Murali Bashyam from BashyamSpiro.com

H1B Visa 2016 season came down crashing for several folks due to high volume of petitions received for mandated 85,000 available cap per year.

We spoke about the latest H-1B Visa News as of May 1, 2015 to bring you the latest updates for applicants who are hooked to internet searching for receipt numbers and waiting for news from your employer.

Latest H1B Visa News 2016

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Topics Covered in This Interview

  • Advanced Degree – Premium Processing Receipt Numbers and Approval Status
  • General Category – Premium Processing Receipt Numbers and Approvals
  • Regular Processing for Advanced and General H1B Visa category
  • When H1B Visa package not selected in the lottery will be returned by USCIS
  • How long it would take for Regular Processing Applications to be Approved
  • How to find if your H1B Visa Application is selected in the lottery.
  • Why some employer don’t give any updates
  • When is the  lats date to receive all the updates from USCIS
  • Is there any deadline for receipt numbers

Many Regular processing applicants are waiting for receipt numbers. Odds are only 31% of applicants would be getting the receipt numbers this year. As USCIS started premium processing on April 27, 2015 all the receipt numbers should have been sent out.

Emotions are high. For some H-1B Visa applicants who completed advanced degree from U.S. Universities, this might be the last chance to apply for H1B Visa. Their OPT period run out before next year H1B Season.

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Vast majority of applicants will not be selected in this year’s H1B Visa lottery. As one applicate put it “I just want to get this over with. Selected or Not?”.


  1. I have applied for H1B transfer (due to employer change) in premium processing .It was showing my case was received on 30th November 2016.Now I can see case received for premium processing on 12th dec 2016.My lawyer said they applied for premium from first day then how this is possible.I have my India trip planned on 24th dec 2016.Should I travel to India or not? Need some pointers…

  2. Hi,
    My Case no is EAC161445XXXX and I got a RFE on 10/18/2016, it was upgraded to premium on 11/08/2016.
    My Petitioner replied for RFE on 11/10/2016, before changing status to response received I got another RFE on 11/16/2016,
    Still my case was in RFE status, Can anyone explain how much USICS will take to change the status to Response for RFE received once they receive the mail/post.


    1. Hi, last year i have applied for H1B from one consultancy. Unfortunately my case was not picked. I got return receipt with Reject Case# CRN1700040XXX. I just want to is this a valid case number? i read some where that a case number will start with LIN, WAC, SRC. The normal case number and reject case number are different or same? Please let me know. This time also i want to apply again. But based on your reply, i will apply from the same consultancy or different one.

  3. My H1 visa was picked in lottery in April 2016. But the status hasn’t changed after that. Its November now but my petition is still in status ‘My case was received’. Is it normal? by when can I expect to get it approved.

  4. Background: H1 Approved in 2012. Could not go due to parents critical health condition. Applied (Regular Processing) for extension, time capture in Jun 2015 (Cap Exempt). Moved to Premium Processing. Received RFE. Responded to RFE after 60 odd days. USCIS states Received RFE Response on Feb 16th. Does this still come under Premium bracket and if Yes, I should be expecting a response within 15 days. Missing anything?

  5. Guys My H1B was applied under Advanced Masters, degree quota. under regular processing.
    My Time Line:
    I was informed by USCIS that my application was picked in the lottery but I got the documentation RFE on September first week of 2015. (5 months since my application was sent)

    My employer replied to my RFE (the due date was dec 13th) on September 19th 2015.

    USCIC Updated their system that they had received my RFE on October 26th. (7 months gone now)

    H1B approved done on Feb 15th 2016 (11 months later) haven’t received paper work from USCIS yet This is just h1b status check updated.

    My two cents for all:

    1) for those who are waiting for RFE results: a little more patience my friends, ” USCIS KE ghar ANDHER bhi hai aur DER bhi”. hopefully you will get result soon.

    2)For those who are going to apply for H1B in the year 2016 (H1B 2017 LOT) – IF YOU APPLY FOR H1B PLEASE APPLY UNDER PREMIUM. (It wont grant you any privileges in the lottery process) but if it gets picked up …. Boy…..you are going to thank me later.


    3) Lastly guys please thank Raghu for his initiative to build this blog. He often has some paid things like h1b videos– explaining h1b process in detail and other ways to get a work permits…Register and buy these sessions/classes /tutorials even if you don’t need them… this way we can help Raghu keep this site alive and running.

    Thanks Raghu.!!! if I ever see u in person I will surely buy you a drink.

  6. My status was rfe received on 27th nov 2015. On Feb 1 it got changed to “Name is changed”.
    Though noone can predict but still how much time it wud take for any update in normal processing

  7. Hi Guys,

    My case pending from a long time…. Any idea when we would get any information on this?

    Case Was Received
    On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WACxxxxxxxx,

    1. Is it first H1B or extension? You can ask your lawyer to do follow up with USCIS. Mine is extension and filed on June 16, still pending.

    2. Hi,
      My case was also similar to you, they have received my RFE on september 11th 2015, but till now i have not received any updates, when i checked with USCIS with my petition number(on Jan 10th 2016) they responded back saying that, result will be published within 45 day, so im expecting it be by end of FEB 2016, lets all wait for it 🙂

  8. My case is Pending from long time (May 2015 to till date, really frustrated to wait for this time to check the status everyday), Am I eligible to apply in new quota again in 2017 ? Is this comes under cap exempt ?

  9. Hi,

    Its last week of november , and my petition status still in “Case was Received” , got sick of seeing same status from past 8 months. Have any one faced same kind of situation!

        1. From india. No information from the employer. Whats ur status ? Anything went wrong while filing ?

          1. No, Nothing wrong while filling , but i have f1 visa earlier which i haven’t used it i.e. i didn’t gone to US for masters.

          2. Wait patiently. We will get to know before jan end. Is ur processing center is vermont ?

      1. Hello Jer,

        Same case, My petition say “My case was received” its Jan 27 2016 and still there is no change in the status.

        I have applied from US through my friend and my state from which I have applied is California.

        Is there a SLA for every state, if yes what is the time line to expect approvals from California.

        1. Hi Raghu,

          I have applied through US for first time and my case was picked up and got the receipt number WAC******** and since then the status is “My case was received”, I know there is no time limit but atleast before next FY H1B start will I get update from USCIS.
          My employer legal team has already request for status update but still the same.

          Kindly throw some light here.

          Best regards,

          1. Author

            Hey Suraj, Here’s the link with answer to your question – http://bit.ly/1WZL0hY

            To sum-up: You need to file a law suit against the government or contact your State Senator.

    1. Hi, I have the same case as you. I am getting the below message from Jun 18, 2015.
      Receipt Notice Was Changed
      On June 18, 2015, we made a change to your receipt notice for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACxxxxxxxxxxx. We mailed you a notice describing how we are processing your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

          1. Nope. Still hasn’t go thru the initial stage. Is ur case the same ? Is there any waiting limit to this whole process to get over?

          2. I switched mine to PP processing. That is the only way to expedite this. I switched mine in Dec got RFE and today got the approved decision.

        1. Hi
          I have applied for h1b visa and it gots picked but the status is showing rejected due to insufficient funds.But my employer is saying it will update the status itseems.Is there any chance of updating after rejected?

  10. My H1b petition status saying REF received on 25th Sep and Vermont office will start working.. till now no response from them.. normally how many days/months it will take? whats the next procedure in the line..

    1. Hi Venky,

      You said your petition was received on September 25th in USCICS side.. Is it approved now?

  11. I got my H1B -PP approval confirmation on 10/19 to my attorney by e-mail . i heard these days USCIS is not sending approval notice in e-mail . any idea what is the time line to get the hard copies .
    also , can you suggest the process and time line to get the approval notice by FAX or e-mail .

    1. Author

      You need hard copy Approval notice. It takes about 7 days to 10 days.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Since July 16th 2015, my case I -129 is n RFE status , till now I have been waiting for the update but all of my colleague and other friends received they H1B visa and for few ofthem even RFE got approved who’s case was submitted after my case.

        Please suggest whether I need to wait or any other alternative process to check the reason for the delay. Usually I heard they take 3 months to process the case (update).

        But in my case it is getting delayed. Please suggest

        Thanks in advance

        1. Author

          1. Don’t compare your case with friends or co-workers.
          2. If you like the results fasters, then convert to Premium Processing.

          There’s nothing else you can do at this time.

  12. Hi Raghu,
    My Form I-129 is in RFE for the 2nd time! As far as I the info I got from attorney the query was on Position that was offered to me Sr. Software Engineer.
    Im a Database Administartor from Non-Engineering background. But, have Bachelors’s Degree in Computers (BCA) and MBA. The query was related to position offered and the attorney responded to USCIS with Educational Evalauation and in the past they have offered similar positions for the candidates.

    1. is 2nf RFE a rare case?
    2. what are the chances of getting it through?
    3. Will my apllication get denied?
    4. What could be the reason for 2nd RFE?

    Please do share your thoughts


    1. Author

      Be prepared for any outcome. If you have good lawyers they can handle this good. Every case is unique and can’t be compared. For faster results convert to Premium.

      1. Raghu,

        Do you think this is rare case and what could be the reason? Are there possibilities of negative outcome?


        1. @Sree: What was your final otcome..I too gor RFE twice but got approved during my extension

  13. I am waiting almost 6 weeks since USCIS received my RFE response (first weeks of September, Vermont Center). Should I change to PP? Is it worth it at this point? Everyday is a torture, waiting is killing me. Is it normal to wait this long? More than 6 months total?
    Thank you for any suggestions

    1. Author

      Only you can decide if you want to wait longer or spend the money for PP.

  14. Hi Raghu,

    Mu case is in received status from last 3 months, People are saying if you upgrade from regular to premium or call USCIS to ask status your case goes to RFE, is that true ?

    1. My case status showing as “Receipt Notice Was Changed” from June 8th 2015) [initially check got returned due to insufficient balance]

      On June 8, 2015, we made a change to your receipt notice for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXX. We mailed you a notice describing how we are processing your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

      “I checked this with my employer they told that check was cleared and there is no pending things from there side”

      I am bit worried that since its has same status from 4 months . Is this common status?

      thanks for your help!!

      1. My case is very similar to yours. Did you get any updates or in anyway you proceeded further ? When I ask my imigration team they replied me that everything is normal.

        1. @Jer : Mine is still same status, no further update, may i know your employer/consultancy name. I applied through consultancy.

          1. I’m sorry. I cannot give any information in open forum. If we could speak in private then I’m happy to share details with you. My case is very similar to urs. My form was returned and accepted later due to insuficient funds from then on I have been waiting for almost 4 months i.e till now to see any change in the uscis website but nothing. I hope its same for your case. I enquired my imigration team and they said that uscis haven’t updated anything on my case so they told me to wait. If you have any different details regarding this kindly share.

          2. @JER: please share here: joyful6056 (at) gmail (dot) com , I email my experience as well.

  15. I truly love your website.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my own personal website and would like to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Thank you!|

  16. Hi Raghu,

    I haven’t received a single update since last 4 moths. It’s still showing ‘Case Recived’ status. Is it normal to have Case received status at this time (Sept. month)? Shall I upgrate it to Premium or can I wait for next 2-3 weeks?

    Case Was Received

    On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC**********, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 13, 2015, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

      1. Hi Raghu,
        I am in USA on H$ visa and applied for H1B though a consultant.
        I received my receipt number on 5th may 2015. Since then till now my status in USCIS website has not changed. No updates from my consultants as well.
        Without visa being approved, iam not able to proceed with any job interviews individually/via consultant as everyone demands some form of approval notice to interview me.
        Its the 14th of Sep already. With just 2 weeks to go for Oct 1st when we can legally start working, is there any update on the same?
        Are there any alternative ways through which we could actually find out where my H1B processing stands??

        Thanks in advance

          1. Hi Raghu,

            I haven’t received a single update since last 4 moths. It’s still showing ‘Case Recived’ status. Is it normal to have Case received status at this time (Sept. month)? My series is EAC151489. Can you please let me know that why my case is taking so long , in my series all the case status are changed except mine , mine case status is showing the same , CASE IS RECEIVED . Please advice what must i do ?

            Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Raghu,

      I haven’t received a single update since last 4 moths. It’s still showing ‘Case Recived’ status. Is it normal to have Case received status at this time (Sept. month)? My series is EAC151489. Can you please let me know that why my case is taking so long , in my series all the case status are changed except mine , mine case status is showing the same , CASE IS RECEIVED . Please advice what must i do ?

      Thanks in advance

  17. My status says
    On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number [email protected]@@@@
    Any guess when approvals start
    Can’t wait:(
    Any one from this series got approval for regular processing

    1. WAC center has updated the case numbers in portal. Please go to USCIS site and check the current status of your receipt number.

    2. Hi Raghu,
      My petition EAC15147**** is not yet approved neither in EvA.May I expect that at least by month end it will move to new status.

      1. Author

        There’s no set time for USCIS to approve them. If you want it fater, then do Premium Processing.

    3. Hi,

      Even my receipt number has the same series and awaiting for the petition approval. Is there any mandatory rule to approve petitions by Sep End?

      1. Author

        There’s no rule to approve before Sep end. Last year, some petitions got approval in Feburary.

        1. My employer told me when they called uscis for my and two other cases they told them that they will send one letter to them and when I personally called them they told they will only tell this to my employer ,that how much more time is required for my case approval

  18. I have got this status
    we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
    i have read in google that this could lead to denial, is that true, But without RFE can there will be denial

    1. Hi Raghu,

      Thank you for the confirmation. Were those cases related to first time approval or approval after RFE Status?

  19. Hi Raghu

    My petition got picked in lottery and is in rfe status now. And I also randomly checked the statuses of many other receipt numbers and most of them were rfe. Is recieving an rfe very common or this time is it high ? Will this affect the number of applicants getting thru ?

    1. Hi ,

      till now I did not received any status about my H1b either selected in lottery or not…still they are saying wait for some more time..please let me know how do I know reality ….

  20. Hi
    My H1b was applied by my company . and they say that they have not yet got a accepted letter or the Rejection Package.
    Can you please tell me what could be the reason ? I heard from a few people that the USCIS holds back some applications to process in case there are improper filings of the the selected petitions.
    or Are the Rejections still being sent out and that will go on till oct 1st ?

    Thank you

    1. Srinivas,

      We have same situation….very hard to trust people.
      Just wait and watch.

    2. Swetha,

      We have the same situation….hard to trust people/
      Just wait and watch now.

  21. Hi Raghu,

    My petition got selected and got the receipt number by May 13th 2015 from Vermont service center. It’s with the same status ” CASE WAS RECEIVED” for more than 2 months now.

    Please let me know, if there are any possibility of rejection from this status. Please advise.

  22. My petition get approved as I am checking online on USCIS site.

    my question is can we transfer the H1 B from company X to Y before 1 st OCT.

  23. AD/RP/VT- I got a status update form USCIS that my petition is approved and approval notice is sent in mail. I guess the Regular Processing approvals are in swing right now. Good luck to all those waiting for approvals.

    1. Congrats!!! Can you please tell us the date of approval as it appears on your receipt? Thanks.

      1. Thank you. I haven’t got the receipt yet. But my case status on USCIS website says my petition was approved on July 12th.

        1. Thanks for your response. Mine is also AD/RP/VT. I have not received any update so far. Did not have any hope until saw your post 🙂

        2. Sorry, one quick question: what information did you use to check your case status on USCIS website?

          1. I checked with the receipt number I got long back on April 27th (Lottery selection one). I didn’t get the approval notice yet. Sorry for any confusion.

        3. Hello AD/RP/VT,
          One question, If you didn’t received your receipt then how did you checked your petition was approved on USCIS website.

          1. My apologies for confusion. When I said I didn’t get the receipt, I meant the approval notice not the lottery selection receipt notice. I got the lottery selection receipt notice long back on April 27th.

          2. Hello AD/RP/VT,
            Sorry to ask, but i am still confused looking at the post. Are you saying that, using a reference number available that your application is selected in “Lottery”, you managed to check your approval status in USCIS website?
            My employer informed me that, my application is selected in Lottery. This happend sometime in April. There after no communication from him about any other receipt number. Can you please add few more details.

          3. Yes, the official way of knowing that your petition is selected in lottery is, USCIS sends you receipt notice with reference number. Using this reference number, you can track the status of your H1B processing on USCIS Case Status check website. I am not sure why your attorney didn’t forward you the receipt number. Go ahead and ask him for proof of the lottery pickup, if he has the receipt number, he will send you one. If not he is bluffing.

  24. Hi,

    I still have not received any information from my employee. Is there any chance of getting selected in the lottery.

    1. Hi raghu, I received an rfe regarding my petition. I asked my lawyer if there’s something wrong with my documents and she told me that it’s not about it. But she didn’t elaborate what the rfe is all about. She just told me that she will reply about it after an strategic plan. How long will it take before my petition be approve?. Will it take 3-4 months again??.

      1. Author

        60 days for employers to respond to RFE and another 2 to 5 months.

      2. HI Annee ,

        It is totally depends what is the query , few cases it takes 7-15 days .some time it takes more than 3-4 months .you should ask your attorney about the query once . in my first case RFE took 3-4 months , did not get approve ,Second time RFE it took 7 days and it got approved .
        And RFE is very normal so dont worry ,keep hope

  25. Hello Raghu-
    I did apply for H1B 2016 through an US based employer and yet waiting for rejection package (assuming petition approval already done and communicated to correspondents). Employer is saying that sometimes Vermont office take time and that is why they did not receive any communication (even on approved receipts) yet. all results will be known by 15 July 2015. How much I should trust these people on this info? can it be true? can any rejection notice yet to be reached to employer back?

    1. Author

      There’s no deadline posted for any service centers.

      1. Thanks for reply Raghu.
        can you please tell me the last date (what you know) of received return packages in past two years, so that I can have an idea, how much I should wait on this? till July, august, September or October?
        Thanks~ Deepak

        1. Author

          That’s doesn’t work either with USCIS. They can take all the time in the world to return.

  26. Hi Raghu,
    First of all thanks for making this blog very active and live by answering most of our queries.
    My H1B got selected for FY2016, the case got received on Apr13,2015 in WAC but after that no updates. How much time is required for USCIS to change the status as some of my colleagues has got approved status some 15 days back even though they don’t have premium processing. However the ticket number for them was WAC15140 and WAC 15141 series while mine is WAC15145 but I checked for some in this series also got approved. Could you please help me as what is the process time?

  27. Hi Raghu,

    Could you please provide inputs on the below status

    On June 8th, 2015, We updated your name for your I-129 form, petition of non-immigrant worker.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Several people are reporting that and its should be some procedural status update.

    2. I have the same status, currently. As per my knowledge, for I129 category it would take 2 months to process and you would listen to the approval/rfe soon in Aug 1st or 2nd week, hopefully.

      good luck

  28. Hi Raghu ,
    Did anyone got their returned package ( RP/Not selected in the lottery)?


    1. No yet! No receipt number under non advanced regular cap which is filed on Vermont center.

  29. Hello Raghu,

    Candidates received the Receipt Notice under Regular Processing Applied from USA will get the Approval Status by September 30 ? Or will it go beyond September 30th ?

    This is for New Application and not an Extension or Cap Exempt.

    Thank You
    Maddy Boy…

    1. Author

      I have seen petitions go beyond Sep 30th. But, that’s very small percentage.

  30. Hi,

    I haven’t received anything about my H1B lottery status from my employer, He keep on saying that they are still waiting for the results. Is there any chance for success? I almost lost hopes on it. Can any one tell that you guys still receiving receipts…….

    1. Hi,

      I haven’t received my EAC number yet. I had filed under premium processing too.
      I talked to my employer and he doesn’t have any proper answer.
      Is there a time frame within which all premium processing candidates should get their EAC number?
      What should I be doing next?

  31. I received H1B RFE on May 14th 2015 with regards to CPT employment. Since i didn’t submit any of the documents supporting maintenance of status while engaging in full time CPT, USCIS is requesting a list of documents. My current CPT is valid till September 15th. I have applied for change of status. If I get my H1 approved for Consular Processing (Lets say around June 25th) due to not maintaining status, do I have to leave the United States immediately ?. Can I continue to work on CPT until September 15th and then leave the country to get stamped for H1.

  32. Dear raghu,
    I am still waiting for the lottery result..should we stil have hope to receive the receipt number for regular processing.. or can i consider as mine is not picked up in the lottery

  33. Ragu,

    I am currently on my CAP gap i20 without work authorization, my employer’s attorneys made a mistake in my application saying i was not in the United states at the time of filing, i received a form I797B instead of a form I797A. Please advice on what my next steps should be to fix this problem.


    1. Author

      Your attorney should have given a solution right?

  34. Hi All,
    I would like to know if people are still receiving receipt numbers? Can anyone please throw some light on this? Should we still have any hopes to get the visa selected in lottery?

  35. Dear Raghu / Blog Followers,

    I have a question to ask. In the Receipt Notice there is a Fee of Amount Received – $1500 and all has been charged is that the fees for the overall processing including Petition getting Approved or would there be another fees when the Petition gets Approved ?

    Thank You

    1. Author

      USCIS will not process application unless all the fees are received.

  36. Anyone recieved receipt in the recent week? No update on my application yet :s

  37. Hi Raghu,

    I used to follow HSB since I started to do my masters in U.S. I’m not a frequent visitor to the page , I search HSB when I need some doubts to be clarified . Right now I need some suggestions from you people . My regular OPT started from April 04,2014 – April 03,2015 , applied for OPT EXTN in the month of January 2015 and got approved till Sep 03,2016 . I joined an consultancy once I completed my MS and got job in the field I wanted and going good till date . My employer applied for H1B this year (2016). Lucky it got picked and approved for 3 years . The problem comes here : the project which I’m currently working may end soon (before July 2016) . Will this cause any problem for my H1 ??? I need your people’s suggestions . Give me your comments on this situation.

    1. Author

      You should ask your employers immigration attorney. I appreciate you came back here but this is beyond my expertise.

  38. Dear Raghu / Blog Followers,

    I have a question to ask. In the Receipt Notice there is a Fee of Amount Received – $1500 and all has been charged is that the fees for the overall processing including Petition getting Approved or would there be another fees when the Petition gets Approved ?

    Thank You

    1. Dear Raghu and Colleagues,

      I have applied for H1B through one of the consultancy – healthcare/clinicla research, form New Jersy. They told last Friday (29May2015), that they did not got any news/letters still from USCIS on H1B. They are waiting till this 1st week of Jun-15. Is this info is correct? Still some sponsor’s are yet to receive the picked once news? What is the cut off date for Regular quote -general?

      Waiting for your answer.

      Thank you,

      1. Hi Manoj,
        I have almost same case as yours and I am still waiting for my H1B package, I have also applied from Healthcare/clinical research consultancy from NJ and they are saying to wait till 15th of July because they did not get package from USCIS on H1B. Are you still waiting? or you got your petition result? please share the details .


        1. Hi Deepak,

          Not yet for me. We will wait till mid of July. Please confirm if you applied through Veritas?

          1. Hi Manoj,

            Yes I have applied through Veritas healthcare and they told me to wait till 15th of July.
            Let’s be in touch for this.

          2. Hi Manoj-
            Any updates from theVeritas? I called them today, they didn’t pickup the call.
            IN USCIS website , I see- “USCIS announced on July 14, 2015, that it completed processing the return of fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected in our computer-generated random selection process.”
            Let me know if hear back something from them.

          3. Hi Deepak,

            No news yet. I believe they should get them by this weekend. Today I will also try to call Veritas manager Pratap Sing. I hope they should return our security amount without making noises and troubles. We were in lots of hope for USA, what is your next plan?

          4. Hi Manoj, Nothing yet. Linda told me to wait for another week as it might take some time rejection reaching Atorney and then to them.

            Did you talk someone in theVeritas recently??

          5. Yes same here. I spoke to Linda. She replied to wait till Wednesday. How about your next plan?

          6. Hi Manoj- can you please share your email-Id, so that we can talk about this Employer separately?

          7. Hi Deepak,

            I contacted Linda, she told to wait till this Friday. Not sure whether they are bluffing. Keeping lot of hope for security amount to return back.

          8. Hi Deepak,

            Did you received any email from Veritas?

            Just waiting for your answer.

          9. Hi Manoj-
            No I did not receive any email. I just called Linda and she did not pick up the phone.
            did you get chance to talk to her or any email?


          10. Hi Deepak,

            They told me that we have to wait till this Friday. I will again contact them this Friday. They should show transparency and hoping we should get our security amount back on time.

          11. Linda said it got dispatched from attorney, call tomorrow. What about you?

          12. Ya same thing she told to me also. What about your security deposit? Will they return?

          13. Hi Dipak n manoj, m in d same boat as urs….can u plz share ur mail ids so can discuss further more particularly on veritas policies???

          14. Hi
            Called to Harwinder… He said vl got my papers within 2-3 days ..n for money, he vl call after reviewing d contract..

          15. Hi Darshi, Hi Manoj- If you guys staying near NJ , we should plan to visit their office together? I think, There is no reason that the rejection package should not be delivered to them by now.

          16. Hi both,

            The problem is I applied from India – Hyderabad. I am following up with my friends staying there to go and visit Veritas.

            Hopefully should get resolution.

          17. Hi Manoj- Did you get any information on the rejection notice from theVeritas? Did your friend recently visited their NJ/NY office?
            Please reply today.

          18. Hi Deepak,

            Veritas again told to wait till mid of this week. Not sure why their process is very slow. My friend will follow up with them by this month ending. Are you expecting your security deposit return from Veritas?

            Please email me at below address about this Vertias which you want to tell me.

          19. Hi Manoj, I did not find the email address u mentioned. It would be great if you can also share ur friend’ s email id or contact no, wen we talk directly through emails.

        2. Hi DeepaK & Manoj ,

          I have not applied through same consultant but I am in the same situation ,did you guys get any update yet ,selection or rejection/any update .please reply ,
          I am still waiting for any response from USCIS as my consultants says he does not get anything yet .


          1. Hi,

            Nothing yet.

            Will try to chase them today.

            Me worried about my security deposit.

          2. I m in same boat.my check was cashed n as per my employer, for 7chek cashed he did nt receive receipt nbr for 2petitions till date including mine…m nt sure if encashed chek means sure shot selection or waiting or may be rejected……if rejected, I dnt think il b getting my hard earned money bk from uscis :/

        3. Hi, yup I called to Harwinder…he said vl got my papers within 2-3 days…n for money he told to call me after getting package n after reviewing contract with veritas….share ur mail ids guys..

        4. Hi deepak n manoj,

          Read your latest comments and got to know that you are waiting for rejection package.Though i m not from veritas but Can you please confirm if the cheques for your petitions were cashed or not….or u r just assuming that the cheque might not be cashed and hence waiting for rejection package. Actually the cheque for my petition was cashed bt did not receive the receipt till now.

          1. Hi RD- Cheques information might be with Employer and attorney. I do not have that info at least if it got cashed or not.
            How did you get to know that ur petition request check got cashed? Did your employer gave any proof to you?

          2. DeepakM,
            My employer confirmed long time back in mid may that cheque was cashed n he is waiting for receipt and status still remains the same. 🙁

      2. Hi manoj, contact me on google mail or gtalk,my user name of this blog is d same as my Google mail username…keep in touch for further discussion on this matter..thnks

      3. Hi manoj, have u got ur package?? Or any update from veritas? Pls do reply if u know anything about….thanks

          1. Hi Manoj- did you hear back something from Veritas. did you got ur rejection package and amount?
            can you plz share your friends contact in US, so I can call and follow-up together. I am in US.

  39. I’m in the process of changing from L1 to H1 and my joining date is in the 3rd week of Oct.
    Can I resign and still stay in the US before Oct?
    I am trying to understand when is the best time to leave my current company since I have 15days notice period..

  40. Hi Rebecca,
    The attoreny called me. They got in touch with USCIS and my papers were received, but lost in their big building (my petition was mailed together with my husband’s H1B petition. My husband’s H1B has already been processed). Now, the employer has to decide if they want to wait a little bit longer to see if the USCIS finds my papers or refile. Pretty stressful, let me tell you…I will keep you posted.

    1. Oh wow yeah thats very stressful. Do you think if it didn’t get lost you would have already had an answer?!?

          1. Nope…I sent an email to the employer today to see what the plan is…

          2. My lawyer just called and was told that he now has to send it to the california office because the vermont one isnt accepting anymore from universities or something like that.

          3. Request for Information…USCIS sends an RFI letter in case they need more information to make a decision about the petition. When your attorney sends in all the documentation, the USCIS makes the decision without sending an RFI.

          4. Oh ok well hopefully thats not my case!!

          5. Hey Rebecca,
            Any news? None for me, unfortunately…

          6. Im hoping that today it gets sent out to California!

          7. I wanted to let you know that I have just received the receipt number. Fingers crossed for you!!!

          8. The lawyer received an email notification that included the case number.

          9. Nice I just emailed my lawyer seeing if he has received it

          10. So are you starting your fifteen day count today?!?

      1. Hey Rebecca,
        I just found out that the employer will send in another Cap Exempt application for me on Monday. What a relief!!!
        Have a great weekend!

        1. That’s great news!!! We will be receiving news around the same time!! Cheers

        2. Fedex has said its been delivered so let the countdown begin!!!

          1. Great! Same here!!! Did you receive the receipt number?
            Good luck! Please let m know when you get the approval.

      2. Hey,
        Yes, I checked, but my petition was just registered yesterday.
        This is the RFI I mentioned once. I am not sure how it works, but I think your lawyer received an email in which it is mentioned what kind of evidence you have to submit. Your lawyer is the only one that knows what kind of evidence you need.

      3. Hey,
        My husband went through the same process a couple of months ago and he received RFI. Yes, it does delay the process. It all depends on the type of evidence required and how fast the lawyer replies. In our case, the 15 day count started again from the moment USCIS received the information requested. I hope this helps. Sorry for the delay in replying. Crazy day at work.

        1. Yeah this is very helpful. Oh so he got an answer exactly 15 days after once they received the information requested?

      4. He received the approval after 9 working days from the time the USCIS received the reply to the RFI, but it can take up to 15 working days (at least that’s what our lawyer told us). I hope that for you the RFI is something easy to comply with and that everything works out smoothly.

        1. Yes I hope so too. Im not just waiting on the lawyer to receive the notice which I hope doesn’t take long.

      5. I am sorry the process is being relayed for you. I hope the lawyer can tell you what the next step is and how long you have to wait.

        1. My lawyer only ended up sending it on friday so they only received it mon

      1. I will you too!! Im glad you told me you got your number or I would not have asked my lawyer

      1. have you checked your status with your receipt number?!? Mine says :Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed Do you know what exactly this can entail?

    2. Hey,
      I also received RFE. My employer has already sent the requested document to the lawyer and the lawyer is now working on preparing the RFE. I hope the RFE is sent to USCIS today. How about you?

      1. I believe my lawyer is sending it in tonight as well. So we are back on the same track ahah

    3. Yes, we are. I can’t stand it anymore. I want it to be over.

      1. Me too this is awful. My job said if I don’t find out by aug 1st they are going to find someone else.

  41. Any one from CTS got receipt recently… I’m still waiting…

  42. Dear Raghu & The Blog Followers,

    I am curious to ask a question. I am aware of the fact that the New Regular Process for H1B Application would take up to 4 Months to know the Status of the Petition is Approved or Not after receiving the receipt notice

    However for Premium Processing the date for SLA Count was stated to start from 27th April with a 15 Day SLA Period. Does this mean that within the 15 Day period we will know the status of the lottery picked up receipts ?


      1. Hello Raghu,

        Does this mean that all the Candidates received the Receipt Notice under Regular Processing Applied from USA will get the results by September 30 ?

        Thank You
        Maddy Boy…

  43. Guys, Anyone received receipt recently? I didnt receive any update yet (Non-AD, RP)

  44. Hi,
    My employer filed an H1B cap-exempt petition premium processing on April 29. USCIS received my petition on April 30. My employer says that they have not received a receipt number yet. I am concerned. What do you think happened? Could I still get a receipt number?
    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hey Maria,

      Looks like we are both in the exact same situation. Have you heard anything else yet?

      1. Hi Rebecca,
        Thank you for your reply.
        Nothing yet. On Thursday, I wrote a short email to both the employer and attorney asking about an update on the situation, but they have not replied yet. I also read a lot about this process, but I could not find any specific information about the interval between mailing the petition and receipt notice. I will keep you posted if I receive anything.
        Lets keep in touch.

        1. Ok well let me know if you hear anything, and i will do the same!

          1. I will. The most frustrating part for me is that the employer/attorney are not more transparent and do not communicate more with me…Keep in touch!

          2. Yeah my employer is good, but my lawyer has been awful!!!

          3. Hi Rebecca,
            Any news? None on my end. I wrote an email to the attorneys, but they did not bother to reply…

          4. Hey maria,

            Have you received any news?!?

          5. Hi again,
            For sure I would have received an answer. My emplyer filed cap-exempt, premium processing. Papers were received on April 30th, which means that my petition should have been processed by May 22nd.
            We will see what happens…
            Any news on your end?

          6. Nope today would be day fifteen so hoping something comes in!

          7. From what I know, the attorney can send it overnight through FedEx. They usually register it on the same day they receive it and they email the receipt number to the attorney immediately. Then, the clock starts ticking and they have to give an answer in 15 working days. However, if they send RFI, the clock starts from 0 from the moment they receive the answer to the RFI. This is all I know about the process. I hope it helps.

          8. Excellent! I’m happy for you! Good luck with it!

          9. Thank you i hope it goes well! Let me know when you hear about yours!
            Sending my positive thoughts.

          10. I thought the lawyer would receive the request for additional evidence instantly through email…At least, this was my husband’s case.

          11. Oh really I read that the notice gets mailed… hmmm

          12. Maybe I didn’t read that it gets mailed, now I am confused. I asked my lawyer if he got the notice yet.

      2. Excellent! If you refile now, you would get the answer in three weeks.
        That’s great news that they are willing to refile so soon.

        1. three weeks from once they receive it? or do they have to send me a number and then three weeks?

  45. Hi Raghu,

    My file got picked in the lottery. Mine is a regular processing, Could you please let me know by when i can expect the file to be approved?.

    I am eagerly checkign USCIS website every day. Your suggestion will be higly appreciated.

    Shyam Pamukuntla.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        My case got received on April 13 th 2015 in RP but still the status remains the same as case was received. It is California and the receipt number is 151455xxxx. What things made delay in changing the status ? Could you please brief it on as I know like my there are many anxiously waiting for the status changes ??

      2. Hi,

        April 13 th 2015 receipt date for California centre are still waiting for change of status to approve States as I have observed after selecting the random receipt number on account of anxiety. Could anyone please brief me on why it is taking so much time for status to change ?

  46. @ Raghu

    Still my employer saying waiting for the result.. what is the meaning behind this… Any valid reason for wating..

    Please let me know what is the end date of publishing the result.

    * do we have any chance to get the positive result? what is the Expected end date of the result?
    * why I need to wait to get the return petition? If not selected in the lottery it means rejected… please clarify my doubt.

  47. Hi Raghu,

    My Employer has not received case status for more than 50% employees. Should I still wait for the results or Is it No GO for me?

  48. Hey Raghu,

    So my lawyer sent in my application under PP on May 5th, they received it May 7th.
    I still have not received a receipt number is that normal? when can i expect one?

    1. I am in a similar situation. My employer filled my H1B cap-exempt Premium Processing on April 29, and it was received by the USCIS on Aril 30. A week ago, I received the last email from my employer in which I was told that they had not received a receipt notice yet. I am concerned. What should I do? Thank you.

  49. Hello Thank you for your time,

    I have a question, I applied for H1B in premium process and got approved, my attorney is going the send the approval notice next week to me. I am in India right now, once I receive the approval notice can I got for stamping Immediately or should I wait till October month.

    1. Author

      You can go for stamping anytime after getting the notice and all other documents.

  50. hi Raghu,
    My case status is as accepted and PP/Non-Adv,i could see in portal ,apr-16 converted to premium as case history. Till today there is no change in the status.i asked my employer,they said it takes may end to get change in the status.

  51. RK

    Hi Raghu please help me

    I am currently on Stem OPT ( Opt expires June 21th, 2015 ) working for Employer A. Employer A filed my H1b but no updates yet regarding lottery . I got another offer from Employer B and their H1 petition is selected in Lottery and it is currently processing. My wife is currently in F2 and another Employer filled her petition and it also got selected and processing.

    My Questions:

    1. I would like to continue with Employer A, will I be able to continue working for Employer A using Employer B’s OPT cap gap till september 30th?

    2. Can I apply H1 again through employer A after employer B’s petition is approved before october 1st?

    3. If My petition is approved and I continue working after October 1st while my wife’s F2 to H1b is still pending, what will be my Wife’s status after October 1st ( since I will be on H1b after October 1st) ?



    1. Author

      Questions impacting your LEGAL status should be addressed to an Immigration Attorney. Sorry, I can’t help you here since your questions are beyond what I can provide suggestions.

      1. My employer submitted the formi on April 1 premium process, and I haven for anything yet. I just called uscis offices. It was a long wait, but they finally talked to me. I was with my employer to get permission to talk with them. They ask me for my name and what type of form I submitted, but they could not find any form submitted under that name. What could that mean?

  52. my employer said: “your case is not picked up in the lottery and we are waiting for the return package from USCIS”.

    I am confused how did my employer come to know that mine is not picked in the lottery ? I am confused, as my understanding is you get return package if it is not picked in the lottery and only then you get to know the status!

    I am RP and working in India

  53. Hi raghu , my visa applied in premium processing and recived recipy no while checking found following msg ,what it means
    April 27, 2015, we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker

  54. @Raghu

    Need your Views Raghu

    My employer has received receipt numbers for few folks till last Week ,however they got none this week…when I called up today,they said they have no update for me…is it game over for me now..Mine is regular processing /non -masters

  55. what Is max date we can expect the lottery result for H1B general category . when I am trying to contact my employer they said that, they don’t have any update on my petition whether it’s picked in the lottery .

    1. HI RAGU
      I have applied h1b via external consultancy for that I have a paid 2.5 L
      Under regular process ( non-AD) but I did get any update from the consultancy till now so bit worried. I suspecting wheither they applied for visa. So is there any way track the information?. Bcuz they will different answers

      1. Author

        This is something you should have thought about before applying not after lottery.

        1. When is last date for regular announcement.will they send post or email?

  56. Hi Raghu

    I am currently on Stem OPT ( Opt expires June 21th, 2015 ) working for Employer A. Employer A filed my H1b but no updates yet regarding lottery . I got another offer from Employer B and their H1 petition is selected in Lottery and it is currently processing. My wife is currently in F2 and another Employer filled her petition and it also got selected and processing.

    My Questions:

    1. I would like to continue with Employer A, will I be able to continue working for Employer A using Employer B’s OPT cap gap till september 30th?

    2. Can I apply H1 again through employer A after employer B’s petition is approved before october 1st?

    3. If My petition is approved and I continue working after October 1st while my wife’s F2 to H1b is still pending, what will be my Wife’s status after October 1st ( since I will be on H1b after October 1st) ?



  57. My employer has received receipt numbers for few folks till last Week ,however they got none this week…when I called up today,they said they have no update for me…is it game over for me now..Mine is regular processing /non -masters

    1. What do you think is the last day they will give answer to premium H1 visas?

  58. Hi,

    I have my i140 approved but my h4 is getting expire in September.
    Although extension is in process.
    My question is if I apply for EAD now do I get my EAD upto September only and then again I have to go for EAD extension?or the better option is to apply it after h4 extension comes.please suggest me on that.Thanks

    1. Author

      USCIS gives option for concurrent filing of extension and H4 EAD, but thats only after May 26, 2015. I think you may have to wait till you get the H1B extension and then apply for H4 EAD.

  59. Hello friend. This all waiting is very frustrating. My lawyer applied on april 1st bachelor for premium process. I have not received any information, either if they got it or the receipt number. What does this mean? How do I know the have the package at least. How long more do I need to wait to get a clue of information. I would appreciate your answer. thank you very much

    1. Author

      Packages are being returned now. We don’t have an ETA from USCIS on when all the packages will be returned.

  60. Dear Raghu & Friends,

    I have a question to ask… The Regular Process Application was picked up in the Lottery and we did receive a Receipt Number from the Employer. However when we use the WAC12345678 number to obtain a Status we see the following message… ” Case Was Received ” On DATE, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC12345678, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice.

    I was in the Impression that we will be able to see the case stage by stage like Initial Review, RFE, Decision.

    Just curious when will we be able to see the status. This is a Regular Process.

    Thank You and God Bless!

    1. Author

      That’s what you are seeing as text message. USICS removed old case status page and design.

        1. Author

          Nope. Process is the same but format has changed.

  61. USCIS announced May 4, 2015, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected. Due to the high volume of filings, the time frame for returning these petitions is uncertain. USCIS asks petitioners to not inquire about the status of submitted cap-subject petitions until they receive a receipt notice or an unselected petition is returned. USCIS will issue an announcement once all the petitions have been returned

  62. Dependent H4 receipt number received to home address on Apr-23 which means H1b picked in the lotter? because my employer not yet disclosed my receipt number. Its regular processing.

  63. I have got the receipt on 22nd April but am not sure whether it would be processed as regular or premium (my employer has applied for it). Is there anyway to distinguish based on the receipt number or so..

  64. I have applied under regular non AD , are receipt number for regular cases still coming? My employer says no news yet on my case.

  65. I’m RP applicant, I think it is game over for me. I’m going to stop waiting for receipts. All the best for all those who has received and going to get.

  66. @Raghu,

    Whether USCIS started sending Approved notice for Regular Processing? My receipt date is 13th April 2016.

    1. Author

      Approval notice will come after 3 to 44 months.

      1. 44 months??? i guess its a typo error.. can i assume 4 months?

          1. Raghu your photo is alteast 10 years old (maybe taken during undergrad) change it to a recent pic.

            You look like a songiiii 😛

  67. Hi everybody!!!
    I’m not premium and bachelor cap. Haven’t receive a receipt yet.. Till when are they sending them??

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Can you please let us know out of 65,000 general cap how many have got their receipts till date ? so that we can have a picture on how many are still yet to receive. At least the percentage of receipts received out of 65,000 will be helpful if not the exact count. Thank you for the great blog, definitely an useful stuff.


        1. LOL. Your question should probably be addressed to the Director of USCIS and not to Raghu. Come on. Use some common sense before posting such questions!

  68. Hello Raghu,
    I applied for H1B FY 2016, Bachelor Degree / Regular Process / Vermont.
    on 6’th may I have received a mail from my company stating that Lawyer Received my returned H1B Package.
    is it possible to receive the packages this early??
    is there any way to check whether my employer really applied my H1B or not ?

    1. you can ask for the USCIS rejection notice..Last year my attorney sent to me

    2. Author

      You are the first person here on HSB to report the return package. Yes, USCIS started returning H1B Packages.

  69. Hi All,

    USCIS website is showing that my EAC number is approved and emailed an approval notice.but my employer is not recived any mail about the same.any idea,when my employer will get the approval mail.iam waiting sice april 28th.its General degree with PP.

    is anyone facing the same ?

    thanks and best regards,

    1. Siva,

      i am facing it now, one 23 rd of april , i have applied my h1b extention, on 5/5 it is approved , but employer/lawyer did n’t get any thing
      after few days if we don’t we will do raise a request

    2. Hi,

      I applied H1B extension in Premium process and it was approved on April 21st per the status on USCIS website. The message states that my petition was approved and they have emailed an approval. Its been 20 days now and the attorney still have not received the physical approval notice.

      What is your case status now?

  70. My employer has received receipt numbers for few folks till last Friday ,however they got none this week…when I called up today,they said they have no update for me…is it game over for me now..Mine is regular processing /non -masters…

  71. Hi,

    My case is my employer has received the receipt with a number more than one week ago, while the lawyer hasn’t. My school says my OPT has been automatically extended to September 30. I am wondering if I am selected? why didn’t they send the receipt to the lawyer? I thought they should send two? Mine is Regular processing.

    1. Author

      Lawyer probably listed employer as main contact.

  72. Hi
    My case is regular processing/masters/VT. Till yesterday neither my check was encashed nor my sevis record was updated….Does it mean i should start looking for other options as data entry has stopped and they generate Receipt when they enter data and deposit check same time …Whats your opinion about this Raghu..Thanks in advance..

    1. Author

      Will your OPT period run out before next year H1B season?

        1. Author

          This course will help you – premium.happyschools.com/h1b-visa-2016-planb ( read the full page description). Initial video is bit old.

          1. Do you mean its complete no for H1?

  73. Hi all,

    I said I received my approal for NON-AD/PP on 4th May. I got the receipt number on 20th April so PP receipt notice is done for both AD and NON AD. Please check for other options. Good luck for the RP applicants.

  74. Hi Raghu,

    First of all thanks for putting together a great platform and the pod casts to get insights on this H1B process.

    I’m currently on L1A visa and came to US in 2014. I’ve applied H1B with a different employer this year and both me and my lawyers didn’t hear anything from USCIS.

    While everyone was talking about the EAC number, I remember the receipt number from my old I-797 approved petition and decided to use this number to verify my status in the H1B tracker. When I searched using my EAC number, I got a message that

    Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It

    On April 29, 2015, we received your correspondence for Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXX. We are reviewing your correspondence, and will mail you a notice if we need something from you.

    Does this mean, my application is picked up in the lottery and waiting to be approved or we cannot say that lottery selection is still not true. I was bit surprised to see the 2015 date against a 2014 receipt number.

    Thanks for your reply in advance.


    1. Author

      Your Old EAC has got nothing to do with new H1B.

      1. Ok Raghu, but any reason why the date will reflect as April 29, 2015.

  75. Advanced degree/Non-Premium/California

    selected (HR sent an email that they got the receipt)

    All the best guys

  76. Hi Raghu,

    My lawyer got the receipt number on April 20, 2015. It is a regular quota PP application. When can I expect to hear back from USCIS about the decision on my application.

  77. My Employer filled H1 regular on behalf of me ,but they did not diclosed whether I am selected or not in Lottery.

    Please suggest me is there any to know lottery results.


  78. As per cruiser Non AD/PP is still going. So no need to loose the hope. All the very best to everyone

    1. Hi monica,

      Game already over for all AD and General PP..

      Now regular reciepts are coming in.

      No hopes for PP.


    2. Hi Monica,

      How can you say that PP is still have a chance of selection in lottery. But according the interview above video.Its a game over for PP (Both AD & GC), is that true??

  79. Upto which date we will wait whether my h1 got picked in lotterey or not.

  80. Hi Raghu,

    Would you be discussing the options to look out for if one’s application didn’t get picked ? Since this is my last chance I was looking for the options to continue staying in the US until my next try or go back to India and come again.


  81. My employer filed under NON-AD/PP. I got the approval today. Good luck to all RP applicants.

    1. Author

      Congrats. Could you update your profile in ImmigrationTrackers.com

  82. Hi Raghuram,
    When I contacted my employer about My H1B they said
    “We have been receiving receipts for applications filed without Premium Processing since last week. Receipts for cases filed with PP service on 4/1 are also still trickling in. We will just have to continue to wait”

    And when I contacted school for sevis status they say it’s still active

    Does this imply my application was not picked in the lottery?

    My H1B was filed under Regular Processing and Advanced Degree category filed in California Center

    and when you said probability for regular applications is 31% is for non Advanced degree or even Advanced degree? assuming receipts for advanced degrees are over

    1. Author

      Regular Processing – refer to the interview in the latest blog post.

  83. Hi Raghu,

    Mine is AD/PP/VT..

    Do i still have chances?

    Is there any chance for people who don’t get selected in PP would get selected in RP?

    1. Author

      I think Premium Processing is all done. Start looking for other options.

  84. Hi Raghu,

    I am a Advanced Degree regular H1B applicant.
    I received my Receipt Number last week. Are there higher chances of my application being selected in the Lottery.
    I was confused between Receipt number and Receipt Notice so I thought of asking you for help.

    Thank you,

    1. Author

      Receipt Notice contains the receipt number. Next comes the approval process which takes about 3 to 5 months for regular processing.

      1. Thank you for clarifications Raghu.
        Also, is getting a Receipt notice related to getting picked in Lottery? or everyone gets a receipt notice?

        Thanks Again

        1. Hi ankit,

          for everybody they will first generate reciept numbers and then lottery will be done..


          1. Author

            No, that’s incorrect. Receipt will be generated only for applications selected in the lottery.

          2. Thank you for all your help guys! I really appreciate it.

  85. Scenario: I have applied for a H1B VISA 2016 Regular Processing and I got a news few days ago from my employer saying my H1 got picked as the cheque got deposited. I haven’t got my receipt number yet. When I ask my employer he tells me to be patient and wait until I get my receipt number. Don’t know how far it is true, but he was damn sure that my application got picked up in the lottery.

    Q1. Could you please give more information on this? Is it true that if our cheque gets deposited, we can consider that our H1B application got picked up or selected in the lottery?

    Q2: I am an OPT student working on an F1 VISA. Say my H1B application got picked and approved. Will I be able to change my job/client staying with the same employer before my H1B kicks off from October? Do we need to have any paperwork get done if we change the client before October? If yes, what are all the steps or paperwork needed to be done?

    1. Author

      @Abhi – 1. Listen to the interview. It has answers. 2. You need to consult your attorney.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        USCIS website is showing that my EAC number is approved and emailed an approval notice.but my employer is not recived any mail about the same.any idea,when my employer will get the approval mail.iam waiting sice april 28th.its actually normal and PP.

        thanks and best regards,

  86. but raghu there are lot of people filing multiple applications. That is the reason we get this inflated 233000 applications. Does uscis know about that? Will they not select buffer applications in lottery day 100,000 instead of exact 85,000 and check and eliminate the duplicate petitions?

    1. Author

      They will select some buffer but we don’t know for sure.

  87. Thanks raghu for all information. I received my i797c / receipt number today. Good luck to all with the remainder of the H1B process.

  88. What is the ratio of approved applications among those who were picked in the lottery so far in premium processing?

    What is the expected number?

    Finally I did check multiple random ticket numbers, and realized that many PP i129 are already approved! This is a bit worrying for me…

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Btw my application is still under the status “case was reveived and a receipt notice was emailed”

      I’m NA/PP/CA.

    2. Author

      You can do all the math you like, but its comes down to your employer, your application package. Ratio is not gonna help you.

      1. Sounds like there is nothing to read from the sequence of receipt numbers, IE WAC15xxxxx01 will not necessarily be processed before WAC15xxxxx02.

        Thanks for thr blog Raghu!

        1. Author

          You. you are correct. Receipt number is mix of all H1B and other petitions submitted. Each petitions goes to different adjudicator in USCIS. If there are 500 folks working on H1B, then applications are process based on their work schedule, work load, etc. Go it?

          1. Perfectly clear as always. Lower petition numbers will not necessarily be processed before higher numbers. After all, no one exactly knows how applications are processed and in which order! Thanks Raghu.

  89. Thaks for the info…..
    Just another week for RP/non-AD..
    If I donot get reciept .. game over for 2016….

  90. Thanks a lot for your efforts ..really appreciated … Most of us are desperately waiting for the news..

  91. Thanks Raghu for putting those hard work which helped us to get up to date on all H1B related information


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