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H1B Visa Holders Gender Gap : 70% Men, 28% Women

Here is an interesting data analysis – H1B Visa Holders Gender Gap from Mercury News.


h1b visa gender gap//

As Congress negotiates its biggest immigration overhaul in decades, new numbers obtained by this newspaper reveal a stunning imbalance in a program that admits highly skilled immigrants to the United States, often for Silicon Valley jobs: More than 70 percent of those special visa holders who entered the country in 2011 were men.

The long-overlooked disparity is beginning to attract attention on Capitol Hill, where activists demanded Monday that the federal government take a closer look at whether U.S. visa policy discriminates against women.

The numbers are especially striking because women now outnumber men in America’s professional workforce, although they continue to lag in the engineering professions.


Then the article goes on to quote Professor Karen Panetta from Recent Senate Hearing

More men are coming simply because companies prefer to hire the men over the women.

After reading this, I started thinking – What could be the reason.

I looked at Happy Schools Blog Facebook Fanpage Demographics for Gender Gap.

happy schools facebok gender

HSB Fans includes (Majority)

  • Students who are in USA
  • Prospective students who are planning to come to USA

Gender Gap from Happy Schools Blog Facebook Fan Page (over 43,000 fans) is almost same as H1B Visa Gender Gap.

Now, professor Panetta said

More men are coming simply because companies prefer to hire the men over the women.

Unlike companies, decision to study in USA is completely personal.

My guess –  Interest level among woman is less compared to men who want to study in USA.  Do you think same reasoning can be applied to H1B Visa Workers?

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  1. I’m still wonder about the 2%. They have no sex identity? The total must be 100%, not 98%. The data must be clear because it’s come from the office that releases the Visa or cross-check with that office.

  2. I don’t even understand how this is surprising. With Indian culture where girls would rarely go as far as USA for studies or work. I think the numbers make perfect sense.

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