H1B Visa Sponsors and Consultants for PhD

I have got my Ph.D. In Molecular Biology in 2011 from India.

I am currently looking for consultants willing to sponsor H1B visa.

Presently I live in America with my husband who is on H1B visa.

I don’t understand why someone with PhD is looking for H1B Visa sponsors.  You have to be looking for a full time job.

There are a lot of people looking for H1B Visa sponsors. But, looks like very few of them have good understanding about H1B Visa process.

Gone are the days where consulting companies will sponsor H1B visa 6 months in advance.

Please learn about  measures taken by USCIS and Department of Homeland Security to prevent H1B fraud.

Instead looking for consulting companies to sponsor H1B visa. Try to find a full-time employment.

H1B Visa Sponsors for PhD

With PhD, you should look for jobs in Universities.

H1B Visa from Non-Profit companies will not count under quota. They are available year round, one doesn’t have to wait for October quota to open.

Non-Profit H1B are Cap Exempt.

For instance, you can get job as research associate, and get H1B through an university.

Also, you can apply for for Post-doc positions.

When you have PhD in Molecular Biology, then you start looking for jobs within Colleges and Universities near your place. Several professors hire full-time research associates with Biotechnology, Molecular Biology background.

Salary will not be high as similar role from a private company, but alteast you will have a job.