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Ask for VRN Number for Returned H1B Application Package. Sad Experience.

Some H-1B Visa applicants are Happy (received approval)

Some H-1B Visa applicants are Tensed (waiting for approval).

Some H-1B Visa applicants are Unhappy ( not selected in the lottery).

Some H-1B Visa applicants are Freaking Mad (not selected in the lottery and time is running out).

This is real story shared by a HSB reader. This person is Freakishly Mad about H1B Visa application and Lottery process.


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This person was mad at U.S. Immigration Law that selected their talented High Skilled Professional via Random Lottery during April, May and June.

Then after several days of sleepless nights and unproductive days, just like several other H-1B applicants, this person was waiting for the H-1B rejection package.

As you may know that,  if you haven’t received Receipt Number by First Week of May, you were less likely to you would receive H-1B Receipt Number.

Receiving Receipt Number means, you are selected in the lottery.

Refer to the H1B Visa 2015 Updates and 4500+ comments from H-1B visa applicants – Happy, Tensed, Frustrated and Freakish;y Mad applicants.

This person, was was waiting to hear about the return package.

Once Attorney receives the return package, then you can be certain that H-1B Visa application was not selected in the Random Lottery Selection process.


No Return H1B Package After 3 Months

There was no H-1B Return Package from USCIS even after 3 months.

USCIS is issuing VRN number for H-1B applications that were returned back to employer‘s

So, this person didn’t receive VRN number from USCIS.

Till this point, here’s the what happened


  • HSB Readers submits required documentation
  • Not counting the struggles one has to go through to come to USA for attend graduate school.
  • Then Immigration Attorney should prepare the paper work.
  • Apply for LCA for the H-1B Visa applicant.
  • Wait for LCA Approval from Department of Labor (DOL)
  • Then submit attorney would submit the H-1B visa application package to be delivered to VSC or CSC.
  • VSC refers to Vermont Service Center.
  • CSC  refers to California Service Center.


Are you with me till now?


But, the problem with this reader was not random lottery selection. But, the immigration attorney.

H-1B petition was filed to incorrect USCIS service center address by the law firm.

So, this person asked for the return H-1B receipt, which will have VRN number. When this reader asked for the receipt, law firm had to tell the truth.


How can the law firm have the receipt, when H-1B application was not sent to CSC or VSC?


In the  email  conversation, I had with the reader, law firm’s name was not revealed and reader wanted to stay anonymous, but wanted to spread this message to other H-1B Visa applicants.


Here’s the actual words from the reader

I hope this never happens to anyone. In reality, my H-1B petition was never filed and so wasn’t even considered for the lottery.

I was shocked and am still in denial, been unable to believe that this happened.

I hope people ask for their rejection receipts just for their records.

If I hadn’t asked, I would keep believing that my petition was not selected in the lottery.

My situation is worse than those unlucky folks who were not selected. 3 months of stress when my petition was not even filed. Definitely not worth it. I’m suffering because of someone else mistakes.

I don’t think I deserve it.


In between the random H-1B lottery selection, waiting period, etc, who would have expected their immigration attorney to mess-up their client’s H-1B Visa petition package?


So, here’s question to you : Why do bad things Happen to good people?


Summary : Ask for Return Receipt or VRN Number

I’m not sure if there is a way to track what that VRN Number from USCIS on Returned H-1B application.

But, atleast you will have a peace of mind that your H-1B package was submitted to USCIS, and not selected in the lottery.

Several people asked, if there is a way to find out if my employer applied for my H-1B Visa.

With this VRN number and receipt in the return package, you can be sure, you employer applied for H-1B Lottery. You were just unlucky this time around.


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  1. Is there any way to check status of this VRN just to cross check, as if it has been not submitted they may also give us someone else number or edited VRN number. Can we check with VRN number online ?

  2. Hi Raghu,

    I think I have the same case with the person in this article. I am in New York right now, got an offer in California, and the agency my employer hired filed my application to Vermont Center. I didn’t realize it until today and found your article.

    What actions would you suggest take against that agency to pursue damages incurred?

    Thank you. I would really appreciate your help.


  3. Hi Raghu, I got the receipt number as VRN150700XXXX. Is this a valid receipt number for not selected applications.? Does the VRN number always contains 13 digits in it? Is there anyway to check this receipt number officially whether the employer/consultancy actually filled the application or they have given some fake number to satisfy me? Kindly help me on this.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        This is specific to this. I have my reject case # as VMP_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and not VRN_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
        Can you tell me, if the reject case # can start with different set of alphabets other than VRN.. And, can we decode what exactly does each set of alphabets mean?

  4. Hi! I asked for the same to my consultant and he straight away rejected any possibility of sharing it saying it is company policy that they are not supposed to share it! Could it be a hint that he has not filed it? should I pressurize him to share it?

  5. Could there be some sort of legal action against the law firm itself. The person is liable for damages.

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