ETS announced record breaking number of GRE Test takers in 2011.

Following several consecutive record-breaking years, the GRE program reported that 2011 total number of GRE Test takers reached an all-time high at more than 800,000 (13% increase over last year).

Why Increase in Number GRE Test Takers?

ETS officials believe the added momentum is due to the New GRE revised General Test combined with increase in acceptance of er of schools accepting GRE scores worldwide by thousands of graduate institutions, including business schools.

“We are excited to see such a sharp rise in interest in the GRE revised General Test because it ultimately leads to more people pursuing higher education. In addition, the growing use of GRE scores by business schools is great news for prospective students who now have more opportunities for success — applicants can take one test to pursue either graduate school or an MBA,”says David Payne, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ETS’s Higher Education Division.

In 2011, the GRE Program recorded growth in all major markets around the world. U.S. volumes increased nearly 10% from 2010, and ETS saw solid increases in important segments such as underrepresented groups, the variety of undergraduate degrees and individuals planning to pursue an MBA. Internationally, number of GRE test takers increased nearly 25% over 2010.

  • China – 28% increase 
  • India – 43% increase

GRE and Business Schools

More schools than ever, including business schools around the world and international institutions, are accepting GRE scores for admission.

In 2011, the number of business schools accepting GRE scores for their MBA programs climbed to nearly 800, up dramatically from 450 in 2010.

International institutions accepting GRE scores also grew by nearly 10% in 2011.

“GRE test takers now have access to more institutions than ever before with substantial growth in acceptance by business and international schools,”adds Payne.

Leading schools who accept GRE scores for their MBA program reported to ETS that they are now seeing a growing applicant pool of GRE test takers. In addition, GRE score reports sent to international schools rose more than 17% in 2011 compared to the prior year.

2011 marked exceptional growth for the GRE Program, providing an even better test and a better testing experience, which is good news for potential students.

Xie Fang, a GRE test taker in Beijing, China comments, “The GRE revised test is more convenient and user friendly than the old GRE test. I can move back and forth in one section and flag questions, this is really helpful.”


  1. ashwin on February 9, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    hey hi this is ashwin here , i have registered for gre in march …. i bearly have 1 month in my hand and i studied for 4 -5 months but still loosing confidence ….. can u suggest me what to do …. my verbal is good and quant is so so so so …… not much to that high level ….. please prompt me if you have any suggestion so that it will help me to score a peak marks ……

    • Atokpas on February 9, 2012 at 12:22 PM

      if your verbal is good.. that’s great news! try to focus on small bits of quantitative analysis!! and give as much as practice test you can… that’s the best way for now given the time limitation you have!! cheers..

    • sneha on February 9, 2012 at 9:46 PM

      Well!! math is not a big deal compared to verbal, if your are from math background i.e., +2.
      You’ll find innumerable sites for math to practice. Get your basic formula book, learn all the fundamentals and practice the questions.
      check this out for math.

      Have a succeeding preparation..

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