15 Tips to Pack a Cabin Luggage for Air Travel

Students attending university studies in the U.S. for Spring 2009 are now busy preparing for their air travel.

Here are some tips when packing your cabin baggage (carry-on bag), the one you take with you in the flight.

There are some students traveling for the first time who don’t know the difference between a check-in baggage and a carry-on luggage.

You must have read how to pack the suitcase for Air Travel.  Here’s some tips to pack your carry-on bag ( also called cabin bag).

How to Pack  the Cabin Bag

Airlines allow passengers 8 to 10 kg carry-on cabin baggage for international travel.

Care should be made when packing cabin bags. There are a few reason for that, such as:

  1. An airline could misplace your checked luggage.
  2. Checked baggage will be available to you only after you have cleared immigration.

Things to Pack Cabin Luggage

  1. Original important immigration documents (I-20, admission letter,  air tickets, passport, etc.)
  2. Travelers checks, demand draft, cash, and the like
  3. Prescription medications in original, labeled containers to avoid security questions.
  4. One or two pairs of clothing
  5. Small sizes of toiletry items.
  6. Extra eye glasses
  7. A change of underclothes
  8. A sweater or a jacket in case you encounter inclement weather on landing
  9. Light weight towel
  10. Your valuables, such as jewelry and electronics, are safer in your carry-on.
  11. Copies of your photo (passport size)
  12. Enlisted steps to be followed in case of emergency
  13. Address and phone numbers of people whom you can contact in the US in case you need any help upon landing
  14. Address and phone number of the place where you will stay. If address is not known, you must have the university’s international office address and contact details.
  15. A pen to write

Bonus Tips

  1. Stow the bag in over head bin inside the flight in front of where you sit ( not right above)
  2. Don’t buy  over-sized cabin bag
  3. Carry extra small bag within the cabin bag

If you are travelling via an airplane for the first time, it will be a very good experience.

Also, the fact that you are travelling for first time in flight going to the U.S. makes the event more special.

Stay safe and enjoy your trip. If you have any thoughts and comments, write a comment below.

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