How to Select 4 Free Universities to Forward GRE Scores

4 free universities to forward score through ETS – How should I select them.? On what basis i will select them.? Do i need to give the name of the universities on the day of the GRE exam…?
I have selected the following universities based on tough/moderate/easy..Please help me.

  1. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  2. Louisiana State University
  3. University of Texas, Dallas
  4. llinois Institute of Technology
  5. Southern Methodist University, Texas

I will apply to 4 from these. Please let me know if u suggest any other university.

Report GRE Scores upto 4 Universities

After completing GRE test, tesk takers have an option to report scores upto 4 Universities/Colleges.

To save money on score reporting, prepare list of universities in advance based on your expected score.

Befor eIapprove your list, you need to answer the folowing questions.

If you answered No to any of the above 3 questions, then go back to the drawing board. Carefully browse the  list of universities in USA.

Spend lot of time understanding admission requirements, courses and your interests. If you are finding it tough to select a major, then understand what majors are offered. SO, it will not be a surprise when you come to the university.