Average GRE Scores – North Carolina State University

Previously, we have posted the average GRE scores for a few universities in the U.S. in 2 parts:

In today’s edition, you will see the average GRE scores for North Carolina State University (NCSU). NC State offers one of top ranked engineering programs in the entire U.S.

It’s located near the Research Triangle Park. Duke University, UNC, Chapel Hill and NCSU form that triangle.

Average GRE Scores UNC

The scores below are listed in the following order (GRE Verbal + GRE Quantitative + Analytical) for North Carolina State University.

  • Computer Science: 469 + 704 +  4.2
  • Chemical Engineering: 485 + 727 + 4.3
  • Electrical Engineering: 461 + 728 + 4.1
  • Biological Sciences: 491 + 632 + 4.4
  • Civil Engineering: 457 + 702 + 4.2
  • Mechanical Engineering: 467 + 723 + 4.2
  • English Language: 589 + 552 + 4.9

An interesting thing one can notice in the above average GRE scores is how the English language graduate students score in the GRE Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical writing tests.

It’s very clear that someone with an English background can out-score non-English native speaking engineering students in the GRE Verbal by over 100 to 120 points.

But scores in Math sections reflect their lack of good mathematical skills, which some international students are known to excel in.

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  1. Hi I have done BE in Mechanical and wish to pursue a MS in Renewable and Clean Energy. I have a GRE score of 1160 , a GPA of 2.64 (57%) and a job ex of one and a half years as Planning engineer at Alstom. I am expecting my TOEFL score to be out in a week (expecting between 85-100). I have considered the following universities for my applications
    1)University of Dayton
    2)Oregon Institute of Technology

    Can you suggest me any other universities offering a MS in Renewable Energy?

    My low GPA is a constant source of worry. All the above unis require at least 3.0 . Will my application be considered for admission? Does my job ex as a planning engineer give me an advantage over other applicants?

    Thank You


  2. my gre score.. 313
    couple of projects
    10th :89%
    12th :96.4%
    one internship in shris infotech as a java developer.
    organized few events at college level
    computer science…
    i need suggestions for universities…
    1.University of Texas – Austin,
    2. USC,
    4.Rutgers – State University of New Jersey,
    5.Sunny Buffalo,
    6.north carolina state university
    7. pennsylvania state university
    8. UCIrvine..
    can some one help me out with these univ selection? are they higly ambitious?

  3. my scors
    Q: 162
    V: 145
    want to pursue MS in power electronics.
    pls suggest the best schools i can get into

  4. hi my revised GRE scores are Verbal -148 Quant -153

    Any chances of getting into any good universities.Please help me.Your opinions also PLEASE

  5. hi, my gre score is 1330 verbal is 540 and quant is 790.

    i am doing my B E in Electronics and Communication. I have cgpa of 9.37 over a scale of ten. I am pursuing a ug diploma in analog vlsi.

    i want to do my MS in VLSI or EMBEDDED SYSTEMS pls suggest me some good universities.

    I have done good projects.

  6. hi, my GRE score is 1210. can i get the seat in GA tech, computer science or what are the universitiies i can get the seat

  7. hey hi,

    I have my GRE score 470+670+3, i want to pursue my MS from US. Can u suggest some universities where there is some chance of getting admission.


  8. Hi,

    My GRE score is 1200 ( Quants – 730 , verbal – 470 ) TOEFL yet to take.

    My academics are as follows :- 10th – 89%, 12th – 70% and (IT) – 8.06/10

    Presently I am working as an SAP consultant in TCS since 2 years.

    What are my chances in NCSU comp science?? Should I retake GRE?? Please suggest..I look up to ur website.


  9. hi. I have little complicated profile with which i am struggling to select university.

    acad:BE. ECE. 67% with 7 baclogs (cleared everything in 6th sem).

    GRE :yet to take expecting a score of 1200

    Toefl: 95

    international publication : 8 (field of nano tech, image processing and electronics).

    NAtional presentation : 40 ,won 32 best paper award inclusive of IIT*3.

    projects: 5 , fingerprint ignition system, virtual mouse with face recognisation, refrigrator alarm, poultry application to separate sick chicken using image processing, bluetooth application to prevent accident in cars.

    I am planning to apply for MS in aerospace engineering in GEorgia tech, arizona state , Colorodo university , NCSU. Pl suggest me some more univ and chances of getting admits in above.

    Thank u,


  10. Hey can i have a gre score of700 and i am interested to pursue ms in pharmacy in US so can u help me to say are they any universities where i can get admission

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