I Screwed Up and Lost PhD Assistantship

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Very serious about this, I need an opinion.

So I was in the US for PhD at a midfield university, screwed things up since my background was quite poor compared to US standards, so I lost my assistant ship and destroyed a flawless record. (from a GPA of 9.5/10 to 2.3/4 in the US, although this went from 1.5 to 2.6 during the three terms there)

Would starting a PhD in my home country help a new application in the US for Fall 2012? especially since applications are soon and don’t think I’ll have an article going so soon. (I have articles whatsoever) Or maybe I should just apply to top 90-130 and hope for the best?

Another thing I can do to sweeten things is take the subject GRE, and retake the General as well.

Really looking forward for outside ideas, I’m tired of my own.

Screwing Things UP

You screwed up and lost assistantship. I assume it’s because of low GPA.

I have seen other instances where students screwed up big time.

  1. Lost assistantship for downloading English movies (FBI tracked the IP address to campus computer)
  2. Lost 4.0 GPA (for entire Masters) for allowing  friend to use his project for different course
  3. Copied computer programming assignment and received F grade + Re-take course ( had to pay the fees again)

Second chance

There’s always second chance.

Consider applying again using your Bachelors credentials and be up front about your los GPA in PhD.

Give reasons to why you screwed up things and how have learned from that experience.

Universities will give consideration for genuine students.

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  1. “I have seen other instances where students screwed up big time.

    Lost assistantship for downloading English movies (FBI tracked the IP address to campus computer)”

    Er, some more information please, reg this? Was that in the library or a laptop on campus wifi? (if it is, then it’s a problem). What are the rules regarding torrents and downloads over there??

  2. Good Day,
    I would want to know if there are any universities in the US or Canada that doesn’t require a GMATs or GRE score to apply for an Msc in Finance or any other related field.

    1. Hello,

      There are many schools which do not require GMAT or GRE,but going to those schools are not recommended as the degree they offer may not be “valid” and may not get you the dream job you so desire.

      My suggestion would be take up GRE or GMAT and get into a recognized school instead of wasting precious time and money on schools which get you nowhere.

      All the best!

  3. In my View before you pursue you must have minimum Eligibility criteria like you have done your Master’s earlier tht could have helped you even though Universities are providing some pre- requisites courses for completing PHD course.

    But you have to contact University DSO and explain your situation, If its a Good University then they will definitely re-consider but you have to explain them clearly & properly.

  4. Yeah, I have to agree. People have done worse. I think redoing the GRE is a good idea. Taking a few courses to bridge up the gap between the US education and the one you got, is a great idea too. You can talk about what you learnt from your first experience and how this had made you a strong persevering candidate. Remember, everybody makes mistakes, but a mistake is not necassarily a failiure, a failiure is a mistake you failed to learn from. Don’t be a failiure. Good luck 🙂

  5. Sometimes it happens when people go directly to PhD after their B.SC. To me the courses in MS are designed to prepare you for the PhD. When you go directly to PhD, may be you don’t have the opportunity to take those courses. And that creates a problem.

    1. No they are not. If u enroll for a PhD, u have to take up a minimum of 24credits for subjects related to your PhD work, so there are no issues about that. In fact, most univs clearly state that if one’s ultimate goal is PhD, s/he should go for “Direct PhD” in the application.

      1. Hey,
        Is it good idea to pursue Ph.D directly after B.E?? I ve completed my 3rd year B.E Biotech, ve done 2 internships, Cgpa is 9.3/10 (6 sems). I ll be givin my gre n toefl in a month. Is M.S a must before PhD? or can i apply for PhD with this background?? Pls help me out asap 🙂

  6. you are not perfectly clear in stating ur problem. “articles” as in publications? if u have any previous work, you should consider asking other univs’ professors personally for working on their project as well as ur PhD degree in their univ. if u gave GRE less than 5years back, u might not need to retake it again. but coming back to India and applying again should be your last option. try getting into a PhD in some other univ, it shouldn’t be tough
    Goodluck n dont lose heart!

  7. i wonder..why u went from 9.5 to a meagre 2.3/4.
    i am assuming its the GPA on normal masters courses and not for ur research?

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