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My Eyes Were Full of Tears. Last Time I Cried was 7 Years Back

Reaction to the post Student Life is Difficult; I’m Returning to India from current and prospective students showed the courage and you guys have.

Following true experience was posted by Student X  is much different than the previous post. It will take you for an emotional ride. Student X gave permission to post here in the blog without revealing any of the personal details. Following message was sent to a group of friends  few years back.

Don’t feel discouraged after reading through the post. This experience is posted here to create an awareness among you that life is beautiful and not easy. But, after you overcome certain though phase, you will be brave enough to face bigger challenges.

Student X Writes

Everybody will now think that this fellow is gonna irritate us by sending wonderful things about US. On Sunday I thought of sending something similar.

But four days at XXXX, man everything sucks here. The Americans are friendly but the Indians here are damn irritating. I don’t mean that every Indian here
is bad, but itz hard to handle frustrated people here.

I was imagining some great car ride but everybody here  takes me for a ride whether it be apartments, on campus job or food whatever it is.

Itz hard to find an apartment here and Iam walking some 10 Kms. everyday on the hot sun looking for one.
Itz too hot here. Hotter than chennai. Though few people here are friendly they are not ready to help everyone. They say a lot of hellloow,haiii & byyeeee and thatz all.

All the food I had yesterday was dinner and nothing  else. I have never starved like that in my life. Last night I was feeling like why the hell did I come
to US. I almost cried and my eyes were full of tears.  I could remember that the last time I cried ; it was some 7 years ago.

There are a lot of Indians here and I thought I will never be homesick but these people are sick and make me feel sick.

Oh man, people at chennai are planning for a get together at besant nagar beach. I was there a week ago.. man I cant forget that. I feel like I want that day back. Friendship day and all you people will be enjoying. I know that I will be sitting like a dumbo here and imagining weirdest things in the world.

I would like to have a Monday at our room. A day when we all 5 will get up at around 8, start hearing to some songs in the computer and at
8.15 decide that why do we want to goto college. We would order tea from bakery and meanwhile ottify someone around. Go early to CS meals home and sit
there eat for an hour such that itz tough to come back.

Go play a lot of games and watch some movies, freak out to xxxxx in the evening and boomerang in the night. My god that was heaven. I want at least one another day like that.

You know what, after coming to US I have never spoken to my parents. Itz not that I dont want to, itz because I will cry when I talk to them and I don’t want  them to be crying.

Iam not discouraging you people to come to US but in my case I feel homesick and I feel like life would not be easy forever.

Bye bye.

Student X Now

What do you think Student X is doing now? Did he give-up and go back to India or did he face the challenges with courage and find the way out?

Take your guess and do add your reaction to this experience. StudentX  will be following this post and you can expect to see his comments.

About Student X

After reading many comments 30+ it was rather interesting to see how people differ in the idea without complete facts about Student X. Some of you criticized Student X for not taking responsibility and he don’t deserve to be in US. While, some of you had sympathy for him.  Thanks to everyone who spent time to post your thoughts and opinions.

  • One of kind who can come to exam unprepared and score 90%+
  • Scored 800 in both Quants and Analytical (old pattern) without much preparation
  • Hardcore programmer ( He can write code at the speed of thinking)
  • He did complete his Masters
  • Currently working for company that makes OS in Redmond, Washigton.

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  1. hey guys one thing more I will like to add in my experiences that some homestays I have been involved in disputes. My first homestay family was very nice in beginning but their elder son, 12 years age was typically bossy and rude type american boy. He abused me so much. Once threw me in swimming pool and once dropped a lizard on my head. So, one day I just tried to catch him while he was throwing water on me and he in an effort to move back fell down himself. He went to his father and blamed that I threw him. His father came and said so insulting words to me referring to my nationality and everything, he even threatened me to hit. I was so much angry but I just went to my room without saying anything. Next day went to my International advisor and told her everything. She took me to the college Sheriff and I told him that am not comfortable. The college Sheriff told me that if I feel anything unsafe just give him a call. So, I came back home and thank God nothing worse happened. After some days I changed my host family. So, guys I wanna suggest you that IN AMERICA NEVER EVER INDULGE IN ANY DISPUTE, IF SOMETHING HAPPENS JUST WALK AWAY WITHOUT RESPONDING IN SOME OFFENDING WAY. TALK TO THE NEAREST AVAILABLE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITY AND DON'T HESITATE TO TAKE HELP OF POLICE. Never have the revenge feeling in you because we come here to study and we are all alone. So, anything you do just think 6 times.

    1. Hey Varun Kumar.. Nice work.. Are you by chance Student X or what? Anyways nice info out there about the Sheriff and housing thingy…

      I would like to hear more from you.

      You are awesome dude(This applies only if you are student X hehehehe :P)

    1. Guys,
      Wake up.
      Indians in the US have been known to bring down the names of India by all their misbehavior. Every day you hear of some body shop investigated by DOL and H1b Fraud. Don't blame the country if you don't want to be a responsible person. If you want to work hard and interact with intelligent people and be appreciated as a person then this is the right place for you. If you miss the dancing on the streets and population explosion then think twice before you come here. Don't ruin your lives if you can't handle it.

  2. Hey

    m sorry to hear about the problems you have to deal with dude, but lets just face it…u went in for it on your own free will and no one forced you too. And i am assuming that you did actually put in some efforts to find out what all to expect once you get there…you knew what you were getting into…

    And if by chance you did not even care to research about the lifestyle in the US then i am sorry to say it is not anyone else's fault as much as it is yours.

    Though the fact that you are not willing to give up is commendable, i think you are delving a little too much into self pity here….those days in chennai are matter how much you hate you are gonna have to grow up one of these days and learn to take responsibility for your actions.

    Somehow i get the vibe that you havn't ever stayed far from home and were a particularly pampered child. I am not saying it's wrong, all i am saying is not everyone is gonna pamper you like your parents, family and friends did. No one is gonna feed you with a silver spoon 3 meals a day.

    The world is a cruel place to live and the sooner you accept it the better it is for you. No one thinks about anyone else, all they think about is self!

    And trust me if you are regretting the decision of going off to US then i dont think u deserve the decision at all…you are supposed to be there for an aim, a goal, a dream…and these things demand sacrifices..what is a little comfort when your dreams and life is at stake…dont worry before long you might actually get used to just one meal a day 🙂

    Yes living in India is fun and comfortable but if you have decided to step outside your country your home it is understood that you are also required to step outside your comfort zone…take this as a challenge, a task you have to complete..involve yourself in so much that you loose track of the meals you have or not have had.

    I am planning to do my masters from there and i know life isnt actually a cake walk outside home. but i know my dreams nd i know wat i want nd wat dey are worth, u gotta do the same


    all d very best for ur lyf

  3. Lots of interesting comments on this post !! Shows us how different people look at a tough situation…

    Student X has really expressed the feelings from his heart….. it may be easy to label his situation as 'Homesickness'… but it was real for him and would have been mind-numbing pain for him.. just imagine yourself to be in his shoes at that time of suffering.. it may be easy to criticize someone,but only if the criticizer experiences that situation will he realize the true pain…

    I really hope Student X overcame his difficulties and excelled in his life!! Cause 'The road to success is always bumpy'…..

    1. Karthikeyan,

      that's very empathetic of you to give Student X the benefit of the doubt but I can safely say I experienced every single hardship Student X mentioned and many more (and they still keep coming). So, when I criticize him/her for being irresponsible and a complainer, I think I have some authority on grounds of experience. I hope for his/her sake, that Student X reads some of the excellent advice people on this blog have to offer and turns his/her life around.

  4. It's all about how you see things coming from various perspectives.For obvious reasons people there are not gonna be pursuing you to be friends with you.It's only you who's supposed to go ahead and make bonds there.Peace of mind would come from knowing that you did what you wanted do.So give it a chill…..

  5. Don't expect other Indians here to welcome you with a big hug or courtesy. All are living a frustrated life style here. People here dont waste their hard earned money in party or golden time in entertainment. Of course, they too have entertainment. But the time is different here. You can't expect a family man to take you to shopping or other stuff frequently. So look for bachelors (with car)like you around. You should treat them like a senior in college:) so don't expect them to be friendly at first. Dont waste their time by your long tales on parents / friends / your achievements. People never like to hear others heroism , so let them talk first. They are also frustrated like you. They also want to have good friends. So dont bore them with your childish stuff. A good listener gets lots of friends.

    I know a few people who always complaint / compare their newer US life with Indian life style. Both are different. Now you are a individual man, not grandma's boy. Dont show your surprise on seeing the price tags while with others. Never try to impress others by telling your family's wealth or heritage. Most importantly dont try to borrow .. Never expect free things from anyone. Our people generally try to borrow grocery or stationery. Many won't like that habit.That is the first mistake our people do here. So act more mature and you can get many friends here. So prepare a list of things you need and buy them in one shot whenever you get a ride. Then every one will start loving you.

    Try to share taxi fares and seek friends like that also. New comers can easily become friends for you now.Look for legal part time jobs too, that is the only way to get some pocket-money as well as a great time-pass:) Best wishes.

  6. This sort of reaction is very common among common folks. People who never really look around to observe the details and just spend the days getting wasted with 'yaar's usually feel like the sky is falling when the usual elements of 'masti' are gone. A bunch of no-brainer dudes don't show up 5 times a day saying 'chall yaar pizza khane chale hain' or 'chall yaar picture chalte hain'. I know a friend who quit his job in UK and came home because all restaurants close by cooked terrible fish cuisines and he cannot imagine life without good fish.

    I always read and move on, never care to comment. Typical desis would not like to read my comments anyway, so I understand it's pointless. But a post like this compels me to share my view. If you are (and always have been) your own person, not a part of a stupid group, or if you were an observer who did stop to smell the roses, then you already know what sort of a nightmare Indians can be. Americans don't try to be your brothers from other mothers, but they do not bite your ass at every possible chance either. If you have not grown up with typical desi mentality and actually wanted to understand the history and sentiments of that country instead of just treating it like a vessel that had the responsibility to carry you through MS/PhD, you would have made a lot of great american friends. I met a lot of Americans who helped me unconditionally without even asking my name. And it wasn't insignificant help like giving me street direction. It was serious contribution to my work.

    That post is just hopeless. Probably the X guy did stay and toughen up and even did well in university, but he will never make an interesting character; no confusion there.

  7. I love this post, The guy actually had the courage to post everything he felt bout life in US. Even in India, You move to another city and chances are you'd feel this way. Am not sure of wat he'd done after publishing this post but i do know that,had he made any friends there he'd have his priorities set by now.

    Hope this helps


  8. @manu-typical indian mentalitity. for god sake t X guy is cryin out there and u r worried bout urself surviving t weather ,rot in hell dude
    @Easwaran-really thoughtful and inspiring.hope X takes ur words as encouragement and slug it out there.

  9. Well…. I wanna tell about me too.
    I came to US all alone. I have no relative here and I did not know even a single person.
    The first day I got lost. Imagine your first day you get lost in a country that is totally different than yours and where you know no one. My flight was Thai Airways which took off at 11:30 from Indra Gandhi International Airport and after a connecting flight from Bangkok I landed at 9:45 at the Los Angeles International Terminal. When I cleared the immigration and came out of the airport. Oh God, I was like so nervous but I was not showing anyone that am nervous because someone had told me that if you show nervousness then people try to take advantage of you. So, I saw a traffic man and I asked him about the SUPER SHUTTLE. Thats the public transport like our Taxis but it is big and many people can sit in it. Anyhow, it took half an hour for me to take the shuttle. Its was so funny that one black guy starting arguing with the shuttle driver that he wanted to sit in front. While the driver was not in favor of this, he had to call customer service and on their instruction he had to allow that person sit in front though the driver was so irritated.
    I was dropped at the host address where I was supposed to be. They greeted me well and showed me room and offered dinner. When I went to my room to sleep. I don’t know that why I cried so much that night. I was crying like forever that night and I was speaking to myself “Oh God, how far have I come from home.”
    I didn’t sleep that night because I had been viewing night for 23 hours continuously. When I reached Bangkok it was 4:30 and when my flight took off it was 6 and almost dark. The 16 hour flight was in night because it was via Japan and against the time zone. So, when I reached Los Angeles it was 9:30, night again!
    Anyhow, the next day the host family went somewhere and I was alone. I was curious to see outside. I went outside to see how the roads and everything looks like in USA. I was walking on pavement and looking here around. The roads so beautiful and the scenery etc so eye catching but no one walks on roads especially in Los Angeles. Everyone travels in cars because the distances are so long. I was so new to US that it was even difficult for me to cross roads. I was not aware that US roads have signals to cross road. I learnt it shortly as soon as I saw the signal and a white light signal to cross road. I think I was lucky that as soon as I went to road there was a signal. Otherwise, I would have crossed the road without any signal and might had been hit by some car.
    Pondering and looking I went to a store called 7 eleven. I went inside and saw the store. Nice store…. there was an Indian guy working there as cashier. I was so happy to see him. I asked him “You Indian?” He said “Yeah!”
    I replied “Wow, you Indian, me Indian. Am so happy to see you.”
    The guy smiled and asked “Are you new here?”
    I told him that it was my first day. The guy was nice and he talked with me for sometime. I was so happy to see some Indian. I don’t know why but when we come far from our country first time. We miss it and its people so much that whenever we see something resembling to it or some Indian we just cheer up so much. Same happened to me.
    So, after a chit chat I left the store to came back. But I was so confused. I forgot my way. All roads so same that I got confused.
    I kept in walking and walking. After 2 hours, I found the place. I learned some weeks later that on first day when I got lost, I was roaming around the same place again and again without realizing that I was on same road.
    About food, it was so difficult for me to be in US and looking for some vegetarian food. Mostly all foods in US have meat.

    After some days I got adapted to the place and roads. Going to college in bus for the first time was also a very exciting experience of mine. The buses have no conductors or any ticket person like India. We have to put 1.25 dollars in the machine next to the driver. I was so confused when I got into the bus first time. I did not know how to put money in and the thing which made me confused the most was that what if I had to go some far destination. The driver told me that for any destination on the route, it takes 1.25 dollars.

    My class experience on the first day was also very unique. After the Orientation when I attended the class first day, I used to address “Sir” or “Madam” to my professors. My other classmates were nice but they give me a different look for sure whenever I addressed the instructors. I was so surprised to see that the students were drinking coffee or cold drink in front of the professor in the class. Later on, I came to know that its normal in US.
    I also suffered great problems while searching for homestays. I always preferred homestays instead of apartments. Firstly, I didn’t know anyone then how could I have shared any apartment with anyone. Secondly, I could not afford own apartment. So, homestays turned to be a better option. I have lived with american families. I am still living with a family. Its a nice option.
    About Indians, yeah some are really irritating but not all. Some Indians are irritating because they know that we new here in this country. So, they try to get advantage of you. But I think that such people are everywhere and in every society no matter of what nationality.
    My college experience has been very thrilling. Here in US though we have to suffer hardships but still we get so much new to learn which we cannot learn while in homeland.
    So, that was one of experiences and also my first day experience in US.
    I will like to conclude that to get something, we have to pay something. Its law of nature. So, we should not be sad when we suffer hardships because hardships are like the shocks that keep us in motion. Don’t you think that if life would have been all so easy and nothing challenging, then how BORING life be?

    Regards to HSB and all readers,

    Varun Kumar

    1. Hey,

      wow, dats wat i xpect my tym in US to be…:)

      i mean i know there are hardships but i am ready to face them…

      though you mention something about a vegetarian diet…can you please let me know the options you took and how you worked things out…cos the only thing m a little worried bout is my diet. not that i am too choosy or something but i am a vegetarian…and i am aware that it is a challenge there

      I would appreciate it so much if you could throw some light on the possible alternatives

      Thank you

      1. Shubhi,

        in response to your concern for a vegetarian diet….what exactly do you eat? Are you a pure vegetarian as in you only eat vegetables? or do you also consume milk, milk products, eggs, and fish? It also depends on which city and state you are going to. If you are in one of those metropolitan cities like Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, etc., you will be fine – there's all kinds of foods for vegetarians and vegans and people with other dietary restrictions. If you're going into a smaller/less known city, you might have to hunt for some vegetarian places since they are not as accommodating. Also, when you say vegetarian, do you vegetarian food cooked indian-style or just any kind of vegetarian food? Because if you're specific about it being cooked indian-style, your choices might be limited.

      2. @ Shubhi…. well if you are a veegetarian person like me. I will say that after some time you will find some good Indian stores nearby. Indians are every where and so do they have their stores. They have very affordable meals like $5. I don't know where you going in US but in Los Angeles I am and am telling according to that. Other than this there is a restaurant chain called SUBWAY. They have vegetarian sandwiches. The sandwich is also $5.49 (including all taxes). You can eat that too. Rest is some junk food like Pizza. There are Sikh temples too.. may be you can go there once a week and pray and have the LANGAR. I don't know why everyone is saying that INDIANS are not welcoming. I will say that if you expect too much then a person may feel like that but anyhow Indians are better in many ways. It depends upon person to person. If you ask help of some Indian who is himself or herself dealing with problems then how can he or she help you. Life in US is tough because the expenses are so high due to the facilities available. So, ask help of that person who can help you really.

        About vegetarian diet I will also like to mention that if you going to stay with friends sharing apartments then you can cook food urself. But if you are coming to stay like me then its not advisable to cook for one single person because I tried it and I wasted money and time both. Only when you have atleast 3 or 4 people then cooking at home is good. In breakfast, you can try cereals and milk. For afternoon, u can go to any Indian store (am sure there are many) or you can have a sandwich at SUBWAY (they are almost everywhere) for Dinner try something like sandwich again or bread or Bagel or I hope anything like Veggie Instant noodles or rice. You can cook rice in a micro oven very efficiently without wasting anything. Try to cook rice along with peas and anykind of vegetables that are available in frozen packets. With rice try Yogurt/Curd. Thats how I found some ways to live like a vegetarian in US.

          1. U welcome… one thing more… U will hear WOW from US natives when they come to know that you vegetarian. They will ask you again and again "How you get your Proteins?" I always answer them that the cereals and Lentils we eat are natural proteins.

    2. Varun,

      that is a very touching first-time-in-the-US experience and I think you faced it very willingly and took wisdom from it. I too had the exact same experiences and I can concur on the hardships faced here but ultimately, it is worth it. I hope Student X can take some advice from your story and become more accepting of his/her circumstances and rise above it!

    3. Hi Varun Kumar! Thanks for sharing your experience.. Like you said in some other post, i did notice the queries that you had asked in this blog when you were in your admission stage. It is really nice to know that you have joined community college in USA. Love to hear more of your experiences.. Also your determination to study in the US even after getting average marks in 12th std inspires me a lot..It encourages me a lot,as i am sort of a pessimist. Happyschoolsblog is an excellent place to explore facts of US college admission.Good thing i stumbled upon it.Keep up the good work HSB!

      All the best!


  10. I so wanna know what student X is doing now!!

    I myself am planning to go to US for my higher studies, I wanna read some encouraging ''never giving up'' ''fighting your way back'' survival stories!!

  11. hi dudee
    life is not bed roses, some one said it
    your experience has proved it to you
    but let me tell you one thing
    if you stay back and work smarter
    your life surely will be better
    work hard
    work smart
    spend more time
    to practice
    to study more
    and never ever to get discouraged
    and give it up
    what do you think life in usa
    it is hard
    but you get paid up
    th ways man work
    with all your might
    stop not till the goal is reached
    you will be rewarded
    take it not easy friends
    life is blissful
    where ever you look
    but the attitude must change
    you have to navigate yourself
    seek it
    go for it
    with more enthusiasm
    with more vigor
    with more hope
    you will
    many have done it
    many will do it
    you can do it
    you can
    if you persist
    keep smiling
    keep simple
    keep loving to work
    love and blessings

    1. Hi

      I completely agree with X.. I have had worst situations and I am still facing the same situations in US…Its been almost one year since I came here but still each time I get to face different set of problems.. I do understand no pain no gain. but it all depends on how much you are able to take up things…He is so true about indians over here..i stay in an apartment with roomies. The situation sucks a lot coz indians dont want to be indians..they jus want to represent a state..nd if u r gonna be a junior to them..tats it u r gone..they treat as if u r one fool to come here…i think the attitude of indian students should change…Back in india too the roomies are not great but they are not definitely bad..But when you come to new place you transform yourself completely and be a rivalry to your roomies jus for sake of money..i think that s a worst attitude you can show to your country…

  12. I guess student X has never lived away from home (residential school or UG hostel/off-campus). I'm too sailing in the same boat.

    Student X, people like us have to really strive to open a network. Place hotter than Chennai is awful, but there's no way, "What in the World to lose". Contacting the international students' office may help you in finding out a place to live. It's all about 60 days to adopt and 21 days to make it a habit. Discrimination like democracy is by the people, of the people, for the people. The race is on – we have to win it.

    I've too applied to a university in the USA where the climate is hotter than Chennai and with no friends I'm sure I'll struggle, but I'm trying to build a network, at the least preparing for it.

    I would appreciate, If you can find a solution to your problem rather than worrying.

    Give your ears to these songs (racing stripes), build your confidence:

    It A'int over yet :
    Taking the inside rail :

    In 60 days, I wish I could see you comfortable.


  13. Hey,
    This post is quite disheartening to those who are recieving or bout to receive their I-20 s.
    For one thing, We Indian should learn a lil, as in not being so lud, I have visited countries abroad and I see Indian ,very few of them still act disrespectful to women, lech and are very loud, not a smile on their faces and act quite hostile.
    The comfort of home is most definitely unparalleled, but the chpoice to go abroad and study requires a LOT more then your studious accomplishments, That can take you to a certain stage but the rest is your interpersonal skills.
    The jist what i get from student X is that he is clearly missing his home, but he should know that this was going to be this way.
    You cant sudddenly expect to find friends, didnt you take time to make your good friends.

    I saw give it time, give yourself a good walk at night with cofee, explore the place and dont be so harsh on US or yourself.

    You'll get through , but only if you want to.

  14. Student X,

    it seems that you're here in the US solely for the purpose of being in the US and no other ambitious goals. As much as it pains me to say it, your intentions are quite fickle and knowing that, America is the last place you should be. As someone pointed out in an earlier comment, the real America is not as glamorous as it is in Indian movies. Yes, America is a first world country and yes, you get paid more per hour or per year but the cost of living is just that much higher, so technically, you really lose in the short run. Also, from the subtext of your description of your college days in India, you don't particularly seem the ambitious type. Although there's nothing wrong with that, coming from a developing country such as India to a country of high-cost living such as the US, there really is no room for slacking off unless you have one or more wealthy relatives who can fund your "fun" activities. I hate to be the bad guy here and rip this bad news like a band-aid, but you're not going to last too long with your current attitude. If you want to continue living here, you need to pick up your act, become more responsible, and persevere. Sorry for the tough love but it seemed necessary.

  15. Oh my God ! Are these the word of a guy who lived with his parents throughout the life. Man even this happens in India also, Just think how tough is it for a north Indian to live and work in the interior of states like Kerala or Tamil Nadu where anyone hardly understand the language he speaks,cooked the type of food he generally eats.
    If you are in US then it was only yours decision to be there, the dream to be in the land of opportunities just shattered because it comes with a cost of some hard times and which in this case is only hypothetical.

  16. Hey,
    How could you expect a new place to be just like what u wanted it to be? You will not find a place similar to "chennai" if you go to a different place in TN itself. How could you possibly imagine that a city in US will be similar to the city which you have grown up?
    Indians in US are the most selfish people. I am telling this from my true experience. May be some of them will be helpful but most of them are selfish. You cannot blame them as they worked hard and came here not to help all the new students who land in US. They are here for themselves. They cant cook for you 3 times a day. They will do what they can and the rest is up to you.
    Homesick is a normal thing. Every body who leaves family and friends will fee homesick. But, you should not hang on to that and start crying. Life is tough when you come to a new country. You should have expected that. Try to involve in some activities instead of complaining because you are no the only one.

  17. Is student X undergoing this now? If he is then I feel sorry for Mr.X. I am preparing for GRE this yr. As everybody said earlier u hav to fight to survive. Think about the things u ll have after completing MS in US after 2 yrs. Dont loose hope. U can say I dont have any right to advice u as I am sitting in a cozy chair and typing this in an AC room. But believe me without fighting or struggling u cant achieve anything.
    But if this has occurred in the past I hope u have finished ur MS or be in a comfortable position after crossing these hurdles. I sincerely hope u havent abandoned ur dream of pursuing MS in USA.

  18. well i think that he must have stayed on , because i do think that many great people who were not very rich or did not had any influence had survived the odds faced by them , As an example take Gandhi he suffered hard ship inflicted on him by the British in south Africa as well as in India, did he back out? had he given up ? history tell us he did not what all he did he created a safe nice for all of the Indian's and spearheaded the non violent movement and eventually India became free so in the same way in my opinion student x must create a safe niche at least for himself , what he has to see is the opportunity , he should not cry and think that why did he come to u.s.a. he must look on the brighter side last but not the least if student x think that Indian's over there are annoying then bear them as these are the people who will help you in the case of emergency maintain good terms with Indian's and if possible also with other communities as well ….. i think that i have helped student x in certain way if not then let me know

    vaibhav chauhan

  19. Human mind is an amazing entity of observation. Its just been 4 days for this student and he is showing signs of frustration. He is yearning for a day like his old college days in a new place with people from all walks of life. Firstly, who ever told you , that you should trust the fellow indians there blindly, is wrong. You should trust only your own self and be absolutely independent. Do not look for solace in anyone. Yes, it is tough but humans can withstand all this and that is why you have been given this challenge to face and prove yourself.

    I simply fail to understand how people enter a new country with the same mindsets they had in India. Are you expecting to find another India full of your friends and family there? What were you thinking, fellow Indians will embrace you and welcome you and garland you for coming to US to pursue your masters?

    This was your decision and no body forced you to abide by it. Feeling homesick is but natural, how can you let this feeling overcome your ambition or what you want to achieve? The more you dwell on being homesick, the more you will feel miserable. Try and engage yourself in lots of activities so that you dont have time to think about anything else. That ways, you can focus and get rid of nagging feelings.

  20. Its all in mind my dear.If u r there with some aim,these things should not be the point of concern but if you are there for the sake of being in USA,then u must come back……….

    1. i completely agree with Sushil, Mr Student X, i personally faced 10 times tougher situations than you when i landed in USA on Jan 1 2007, i slept in a regional airport(small local airport)for a day because of no airport pickup, it took take 80 hrs to get to my University from INDIA, I think your in CA now, but the time i landed…in Kansas it was…-20 centigrades… i was with no proper shoes and no jacket(all i was wearing a jeans cloth jacket.. with is worth of 400 rs/-). its not like that i didn't planned to buy. but i was short of money(my family background is very poor–but my thoughts are not poor–i always feel i am no less to think big). so what ever i have money i managed to buy some formals and books. i don't know cooking…first 18 days i didn't find any desi(total desi's at our university was 6 but all are on vacation) at our university…all ate was bread with walmart coke. after finding roomates.. i struggled a lot to cope up to course work…with 4 days food in a week. untill May 2007, i remember every day..during tougher phase. i used to walk every day 1 mile to go to my research labs(walking in winter @-5,-10,-15,-20centigrades is more torture than summer)even though i am not a research assistant here. but my Zeal was so high to learn something…. to get funding for next semester(because i don't have any money or bank loan to pay for next semester, no relatives here). In the end i got funded with 100% tution fees, every month Health insurance, every month our research project payed me $570/- for 2 year of M.S…. during all these phase i also got tears from my eyes. but i never never give up—my target was crystal clear. Now also.. i am struggling a lot for getting a Job…on H1 B …but didn't lose hope… i always think highly positive.
      Mr.X please remember for your life time " The more tougher situations you face in life then ur mind will become mentally stronger for future ". i always ask the god " Try me for tougher times "
      Mr. X u should read books like "Wings of fire", Auto biography of Abraham Lincoln.

      U.S.A always welcome for Hardworking and dedicated people with good opputunities.

      1. Kishan,

        By reading your post I really got motivated. your never say die attitude will surely lead you to great success in future.
        well I am also coming to USA in fall 2010. I have made up mind, struggle will be there but I ll never let down myself.
        No matter what I will made MS experience a great learning experience for life.


      2. @Kishan

        Let me reveal I am Mr. 'X'. I have read comments for 4 days. I have again post my reply at "Student Life Difficult, Want to return Home"… I have explained how it looks fabricated with the title given by HSB. Just read my new reply I have revealed myself.

      3. @Kishan

        Sorry I am talking about Mr. 'A' at Student's Life in USA tought, so want to return India" I was talking about that blog post.

  21. Hi, I agree life is not same as we have expected in India. In movies all we see is USA with sky scrapers, lights, etc. Its not true, Leaving in cities is expensive and outskirts are like small towns. I agree that public transport in USA is not good. Even I have faced same problems like you. But learn to be a fighter my friend. Learn to cook food from Stock your grocery when you go in market. Learn to adapt US style of Hi and Bye. Don't expect people to be like in India.

    Just be a fighter, think about the soldiers on the front. Pray, do things make you smile. You will feel good. Learn to steal smile my friend in small things.

  22. this is interesting….actually i myself am a student studying in chennai right now & am planning on goin to the US for my MS Biotechnology.may i know where does student X reside right now?is it like hotter than chennai?my god i don't know how i will handle it there then

    1. Manu,

      US does not have the same weather in all places. US is a big country with big states which have very different weather from each other depending on where they are located. Where are you going? If you go to and type in the name of the city and state you will be staying in, and click the 10-day or month map, you should sort of have an idea about what the weather is like there. But to get a complete picture, you need to let us know which state and city you'll be staying in or go on forums dedicated to weather in the US.

    2. Manu.. u will be more comfortable regarding weather in US because almost everywhere the buildings are temperature controlled.

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