TOEFL or IELTS for USA – Which is Better?

TOEFL or IELTS for USA was an easy question to answer.

Most students would say TOEFL for USA, instead of IELTS.

  • Typically, for admission to Universities in UK, Canada, Australia, students would take IELTS Academic test
  • If you are applying for immigration to Canada, Australia, etc IELTS General test is required.

TOEFL Scores Cancellations

Recently, you must have heard about ETS cancelling TOEFL Scores.

Read the following articles shared by students who’s TOEFL Scores were cancelled by ETS.

TOEFL Scores cancelled, F1 Visa interview in 2 weeks

Here is another students comment from Most Bizarre and Nerve Racking First Semester in USA

The very next morning my TOEFL scores were cancelled(the center malpractice issues in Hyderabad was the reason behind this) which meant that my graduate student status went into “provisional” and graduate school cannot appoint a GRA who has this on record.

I was Angry.

I was Angry at people who cheated.

Angry at ETS for being so unfair.

I had 110 when I gave the test in Hyderabad.

I re-took the exam at the Dallas Prometric Center (for which i paid again) and got a 114.

Another student got F1 Visa then came the shocking news – F1 Visa Approved, TOEFL Cancelled (admission on Hold)


Yesterday Sri posted the following comment for How to Register for TOEFL in India.

Is TOEFL still recommended after the cancellations of scores of many students by ETS.

Isn’t IELTS  a good alternative?

So, I decided to post the same question back to you.

Don’t try to decide between IELTS or TOELF based on how much you can score.

Both are English language proficiency test.

If you are going to score 110 in TOEFL iBT, you can you expect to score Band 7.5 to 9 in IELTS.

Don’t expect to score Band 8 when you can score only 60 in TOEFL.

Note – We have heard about ETS score cancellation only form few students. We don’t have data on how many scores were cancelled.

Also, so many universities in USA are accepting  IELTS Scores.

Link to another argument – IELTS or TOEFL Which is Better?

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  1. I am confused of above comments.
    I have given GRE and now im preparing for TOEFL.
    But, Im going to apply for both u.s and canadian universiets.
    So,please tell me which one among is essential..

  2. I am confused with the comments mentioned above and in fix whether to go for TOEFL or IELTS .
    pls suggest me as i want to apply for us universities for higher programmes

  3. Both TOEFL and IELTS have prose and cons. In my point of view, TOEFL is better than IELTS, but its listening section is not measuring well. If this section may comprises of different activities like MCQs, Fill in blanks etc as in IELTS then everyone can be judged well, as not all are clever in one dimension. Rest all sections are well managed and contain good stuff.

  4. My TOEFL score got cancelled too.. In August.. The only next available date was in November..
    This really irritated me coz I had planned to apply to Universities in October itself 🙁
    I had done very well but it seems there was a hardware issue with the prometric center..
    I gave it again in November without any preparation coz I was irritated. Got 113.
    Wonder how much I would have gotten in my first attempt..

    But TOEFL is really easy.. Wonder how IELTS is..

  5. If you’re serious about writing TOEFL, you would’ve booked well in advance and gotten a prometric centre which is THE SAFEST, with no chance of anything weird happening. The moment you book at any place that isn’t prometric, you automatically run the risk (prolly 5%) of score cancellation due to a corrupt testing centre.

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