Address in Passport is Different from Current Address


I have applied for MS for Fall 2011. I have got an admit from NCSU.

The address given to all the universities, GRE, TOEFL everything else is the current address where I live. Name matches exactly everywhere including the passport. But my concern is that my passport has my old address (The building doesn’t exist anymore. Destroyed due to metro construction). Now the question I have is, whether I need to get the address changed in the passport. (Current passport valid till 2019)

Thanks in Advance,

Change the Address in Passport

Arun – I strongly recommend to change your address in passport to your current home address.

Eventhough address mismatch will not create any problems for USA visa, but its good to have your current resident address in the passport. Try to get that done before you go for visa interview.

It will take 1 day to change your address in your passport in India, whereas  the process is bit longer in USA and you should provide address proof. It will be much easier for you to get that done while in India.

When you change your address, they will make an new entry in the passport in one of the passport pages.

  1. Fill the application
  2. Pay the fees
  3. Submit passport and supporting documents
  4. Pickup the passport in the evening.

Above process is the case in Chennai. It should be same in other passport offices in India.

Caution: When you receive the passport make sure there are no errors in new address. Sometimes new address will be hand-written. Just in case they don’t mis-spell  the address, check the updated address.