Chances of Finding a Job in the U.S. after Master’s Degree

Have you ever asked yourself: “Can I work after earning my bachelor’s degree or after attending graduate school in the U.S.? If so, what are the job opportunities in the U.S.?

Well, it was not a tough decision in my case because I was very much determined to study in the U.S. and never did thought about a finding job after earning my bachelor’s degree.

Many students have asked me these questions. How much will one get paid after earning a master’s degree? Can one easily find a job after graduation?

Job search is another big topic to talk about and soon I’m going to write articles for current students on internship and job search.

But from my job search experience and from what I saw how my friends got their jobs, I have a good idea on how to get a job in the U.S. and how long it would typically take for a student to find a job after graduation.

The answer to that depends on what approach a student takes to find the job.

There are so many ways to look for a job. The first thing that would come to person mind is to do several Google searches and then move on to other job posting sites.

However, they all end up getting the job.

So, job search itself is already a job, but the fact is that you can find a good job, even high paying ones, even with no work experience.

There is no shadow of doubt that students will have to go back to their native country without finding a job during the OPT period (1 year after graduation).

Some students get low paying jobs, some find high paying jobs, and it really depends on the location, job nature, company performance, etc.

To answer the question posed to start this article, I strongly recommend students to study in the U.S.

The exposure you get, the research projects you get to work in, the extent of technology and skills set you’ll learn, everything is much more when compared to studying a master’s degree in India (unless it’s IIT, etc.).

Students will get hands-on experience in implementing research projects.

I have told my friends many times before that the amount of knowledge I gained by working in one project in 1 course in 1 semester is much more than what I have learned in my bachelor’s degree in 1 semester.

That’s the nature and quality of the education in U.S. colleges and universities.

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  1. Hi HSB,

    I have 2 years of work experience in IT field.I'm planning to do MS in electrical engineering.Does my experience in IT add any value after my MS in gettin a job?? or else would this experience help me to get part time job during my study period??

    Thanks in adv,


  2. Hi,Thanks a lot for such a detailed information as you said about join U.S. after Master's Degree need to think differently to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Once again thanks a lot and I will book mark and share with my friends

  3. is getting a JOB after MS independent of the state in which u complete ur MS ?? I am hoping to complete my MS in NY. where do i get the placement stats ???

  4. hello..

    i am Ajay..

    i will start my fourth and last year of graduation from july 2010.

    i am doing my engineering from computer science.

    i am looking for internship in december 2010 in a foreign university in U.S.

    PLEASE SUGGEST Me HOW TO APPLY For INTERNSHIP in foreign universities.

    the internship could be in computer science Or mathematics and statistics.

  5. Please let me know how is Bridgeport university in Connecticut for Electronics. What is your general opinion. Could you give me the site to get access to students studying in Bridgeport university.

  6. Hello sir,
    i am follower of happy school blog from one year.i have read most of your posts,sir i want to go for ms in biomedical engg.
    please post some useful information such as required gre score for good university and salary after ms.
    thank you.

  7. Hi Raghu,

    I am just out of college and now working in a Redmond-Based company in Hyderabad ..[Yes THE Redmond based company]. The pay is one of the largest by freshers standard, but the quality of work is pathetic. After a few amount of research I have found out that in almost all the companies in which the main development centre is in US ,the work in India is 2nd tier, its like the work not done there is thrown here. My aim is to get a good quality work and a decent pay .Will MS in a reputed institute serve my purpose? I am interested in specializing, and am not fond of the particular program called MBA , so where would an MS in some top league school in the US compared to an MBA from IIM or ISB in india? I know MBA requires substantial amount of experience , so should I opt for an MS in 1-2 years, or wait 4-5 years to gather experience and then pursue an MBA in India ,as I cannot afford to pursue MBA in top US degree.

    Also another question is that what are my chances of getting into the top universities in US? I have 92 and 94% in my boards and 8.3 GPA in college. So would a good GRE score suffice ? Would my experience working here at MSFT be useful for admission or after the course? and how important are research papers for this purpose?

    Thanking you,


  8. @ Carla : You can ask the HR person during the first interview or the hiring manager about H1B Visa. They will usually ask you during the interview process. If they didn't make sure you ask.

  9. hi, i just would like to know how to ask my employer/interviewer that I am seeking H1B sponsorship? Do I have to put it in my resume?

    During job search, how can i tell if the employer sponsors H1B visas? is there a way to tell? Would appreciate any reply. Thank you 🙂

  10. @ Rahul

    University dosen't matter. With no work experience, when you graduate, you are looking at $45,000 to $80,000 per year depending on the city/state.

  11. hi

    i have completed ma compu science engg degree…and now planning tot ake gre…but i am still i na dilemma of selecting the subject on which i have to do ma masters…i know it should be according to ma tatstes…but still could u plz suggest me some good subject for doing ms and having a good chace of getting job thr ftr ms.

  12. will be waitin for that blog. there is one more important thing u need to tell us. how imp is the location of a college wrt jobs. example. ppl say u have to apply online to get jobs in electrical domain,but if u study in texas or california. its a lot easier. studying in a good univ with a job guarantee in the same field is of equal importance.

    tell us where to draw the line in choosing a university based on its location. to what extent can v compromise on the univ?

    example: is clemson,being a univ city good for studying ee(it has a great course) while v have to apply for jobs online.

    sdsu has a good course and is located in san diego where getting an ee job is not difficult.but the course is relatively not as good as in clemson


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