options after masters in usa

3 Options After Masters in USA – Job, Studies or Pack Your Bags

Lets take it from where I left off in my previous post – Education in USA – Is it Worth The Cost?

Continuing on with the career aspect of studying abroad, lets shift focus on what happens after you finish your masters degree. There are three options here for you to consider-

  1. Get a job, and work for which you will need a work visa(H1B in the US).
  2. Continue on with your studies and get a higher degree (a Phd).
  3. Returning to India.
  4. Option 4 – Marry American Citizen

So, lets dig deeper into each of these options one by one.

  • Job – Changing your status from student to skilled worker isn’t as easy as it sounds, more on it in a moment.
  • PhD – This is the move for people who want a career in research
  • Pack Your Bags – This is like the most feared option for most people studying abroad. The prospect of returning to your home country with a possibility of a huge student debt sounds like the big fat American dream went bust!

Finding a Job After Masters

Lets start with getting a job. As aforementioned in the previous post, most of my writing will be US specific. But it ought to hold good for most other western countries and their economies.

To start with, lets get a little perspective on this whole H1-B visa. Getting a job is what most Indians really go to the US to study for.

That mouth watering dollar salary with an extra topping of the dollar-rupee conversion rate is what drives a lot of people to take insanely high student loans and invest so much time and money into this whole exercise.

In fact, probably 20 years ago, in the 90s, when this whole mass exodus of India’s tech talent to the US reached its crescendo, most people went to the US directly on a H1-B work visa(a lot of which were on offer then when compared to now) which gave birth to a whole lot of rags to riches stories of Indians making it big in the US.

Then, there was no sham of a masters degree. It was a no nonsense, get to the point direct route. You wanted a better life in America, you directly applied for a work visa.

Then, 9/11 happened. That singular event caused such an overhaul of America’s immigration and security systems that after 9/11 you’d be joking if you directly applied for a job in America from India and hoped to get a H1-B. Post 2001, Indians started taking another route to the US.

Go as a student and then after studying change your status from student to work. It was a genius plan and it did work for some time. But, the 2008 recession screwed its effectiveness and the present crop of Indian students going to study abroad, hoping to replicate the success of their predecessors, are largely unaware of this fact(Hell, the present crop is largely unaware of why they’re going in the first place!).

Anyway, enough of perspective. Now to get to the point (I know its about time!), getting a job now in the US, in this economy is not as easy as it used to be. To add to your woes, getting a H1-B also isn’t. You see, unlike the student visa, the applicants themselves cant apply for a work visa directly.

The employer needs to apply on their behalf.

The cruel twist of fate here is, there are not a lot of employers around who’d want to do that. Why? Well why would someone go through all the trouble of dealing with the US immigration department(like that’s easy!) to employ a foreign worker unless he/she is really worth it?

They’re better off hiring local talent. So except the big MNC’s not a lot of small startups hire foreign talent, and trust me, getting a job in big MNC as a fresh college grad ain’t no mean job!

So to sum it up, there aren’t that many jobs, with that you have an additional constraint of narrowing down your search to employers who are ready to sponsor an H1B and to add to that you have a limited time to do that. So unless you can deal with all that, go figure!

Campus Placements

Now apart from the immigration issues another thing I’d like to add is that, campus placements for international students in US universities is like a joke.

Most companies who hire in job fairs, hire only US citizens or green card holders.

International students need to entirely depend on references from their professors or rely on professional networking to get a job, or even an internship.

So please stop looking at US news rankings to decide on a university, unless you make it to an Ivy league school, because, frankly speaking you’re employers don’t give a rats ass about which university your from! Intuitively, that makes sense because if doing you’re masters is a means to achieve an end and not for academic salvation, the quality of your university really shouldn’t matter.

Many people could argue that I might be over rating stuff because the US government gives everyone an Optional Practical Training (OPT) period to get a job. But that ironically can lead to your downfall. The OPT program, after you finish your studies, offers you a 3 month window to search for a job. If you cant, then you simply pack up and leave.

Its insanely hard to expect to bag a job in that much time unless you have an equally insane amount of contacts in the industry. Most people combat this by getting an internship during summers(which again depends on your contacts and references) and try and bag a job in the same company or delay their graduation to borrow more time.

Basically, by the final semester of your course, if you came to the US to look for a job and you want to pay off your huge student loans, you my friend, have got a hell of a lot on your plate and you need to be either an extremely bright student or need to be exceptionally street smart or you might find yourself in a big mess. Bigger than what you bargained for.

Consultancy Jobs

Some students in their desperation also end up at job consultancies which only really offer a lot of IT contract based jobs.

That means the whole point of you going abroad to pursue a career in your area of interest, assuming its not IT, is defeated. Taking for example again the semiconductors industry. Most of the entry level jobs in this industry are here in India simply because big MNC’s cant afford to keep those jobs in the US.

So if you went to the US to get a masters in VLSI and wanted to a career as a VLSI engineer, you wont find a lot of openings for your level of experience unless of course you re really worth hiring or you have lots of references within the industry. So be industry specific.

See if your industry is really good in the US with a lot of openings or is it better off in India. Do not listen to some uncle of yours or some friend or some educational consultant or some random person who says that there are more ‘opportunities’ abroad or a better ‘future’ or a masters degree has ‘value’. Its generic statements like these that absolutely piss me off!

The biggest anti-climax to all of this would be if the country to which you went cancelled the post study work authorization for international students.

This is exactly what happened in the UK. So at the end you face the same basic drawback- you re in a foreign country and you are at the mercy of a foreign government. This is one fact you can never afford to overlook.

PhD After MS

Now after that rather lengthy discussion about the first option, lets take a look at your second option. A Phd.

Lets face it.

Generally, people who dont get a job after their masters, to legally stay in status as a student go for this option.

Real Phd aspirants who go on a research scholarship and have some kind of a career waiting for them in research are getting lesser and lesser.

I have a cousin who studies at Rice university, which is an ivy league school, who went to the US on a scholarship, got a Phd and is doing some really useful research in signal processing. People like him are getting rarer. Most work that gets passed off as research these days for a Phd degree isn’t really of high quality or has some meaningful ramification.

So if you want a career in research that means something you better make sure that you are at a university of some repute and you re research isn’t some redundant, irrelevant stuff which is just an excuse for a lot of people just to stay in status.

Returning to India

Now to touch upon the final subject of the poor souls that return to India empty handed.

You would be surprised to know that the industry here just sees you as another fresher and offers the same salary as any other fresher.

No special treatment just because you got your degree abroad. Blame that on that large number of students who go abroad to study, which has reduced the sheen on a foreign degree or on the fact that most recruiters simply don’t give a shit about your degree and focus on industry specific skills.

Either way, if you depended on your degree to pay for itself and your student loan then kiss those chances good bye. With the salary that you get in India I don’t think you can pay off that huge a loan in the amount of time the bank gives you and banks are known to have a thin patience in such matters.

If your parents funded your education then well, you lost a huge chunk of their savings, unless of course you come from some uber rich family and the amount of money you spent was insignificant to them. Basically you don’t get a return of investment.

I touched upon this because before taking a huge loan or investing such a huge amount you need to take into consideration this possibility too.

In my next and concluding post about foreign education I will discuss about matters other than the career aspect and other misconstrued notions about education abroad. Till then peace out!

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  1. hey!
    i am planning to do MS in economics in US. is this a right decision?
    whether job opportunities are there in this particular field after doing masters from a best ranking university.. or the rank of the university dosen’t matter.
    please reply
    thank you

  2. Whoever posted this article is a very negative guy with some very negative views. It isn’t that bad as the things are being portrayed here.

    No doubt, Indians generally have a tendency to not encourage more Indians like them to go abroad and pursue their dreams.

  3. Hi, I want to do MS in landscape architecture.Please tell me whether opportunities are there, or any other source for settle there.
    Your reply is awaited.

  4. Hello! I completed my Bachelors in CS in 2016 and gained 2 years of work experience before moving to California for my Masters degree. At the time I was in a phase of life where I needed an escape from my environment and moving to US was a win-win situation for me in all aspects. Anyway, graduated Masters in 2018 and secured a fairly decent paying job in the IT field. I was extra thankful that at the time of interview I was not questioned about my Visa status ( most companies shy away from you as soon as you mention that you will need visa sponsorship in the future). I took the job and its been almost 2 years at this company now. Recently I brought up the subject of H1-B visa sponsorship and the paperwork is in progress. The management is currently discussing if the answer is YES or NO and I will know in a few days. Considering how desperate I was to move here 3 years ago you’d think that I’m excited that the future is looking positive for me. But I’ve been having second thoughts about wanting to stay here for another 5-6 years. I’ve been debating in my head if I want to come back to India.

    Things holding me back: I still have a good Rs. 25 lakh loan to repay (will need another 2 years with my US salary). Quality of lifestyle (with all love and respect to my country, India is chaotic. Even more so with the recent CAB and other political scenarios. Women are disrespected, thinking of taking the crowded metros to work where men are grabbing women like they own them gives me chills. I doubt if I will be able to handle all this with grace and without regret). Job opportunities. If there was a way for me to know that I can for sure secure a high paying job that will help me pay off my loan, I wouldn’t mind having a humble lifestyle till that happens.

    Things drawing me to India: I miss my family. Its a lonely life here (and it has nothing to with the fact that I’m single). I made some very good friends when I was in school but they all live in different states for their job. I come home to nobody every evening and go to bed questioning the point of all this. I wish I could talk to someone (not my family because they are a typical middle class Indian household that shout out their opinions in my face instead of having a calm logical conversation, exploring my options). My friends would think I’m crazy, because, according to them, why would anybody want to go back after just 4 years?? Then I found this post and read the comments. Hoping to get a response. Sometimes you just need a faceless stranger to talk to!

    1. I feel your pain! that’s the typical USA lifestyle of non-immigrant. What happened to your H1B results? Did you think about Canada?
      this life in limbo will continue and there’s no end in sight. People are stuck or choose to live here in the USA for various reasons. One for you will pay the loan (2 more years of US Salary).
      Stay Occupied and Stay Engaged. Go to Meetups! (not with COVID-19). that’s the way to go. What hobbies or new skills are you developing?
      and I’m sorry to hear about your metro experience!

    2. You’ve been working in the US for more than 2 years and still have 25 lac loan to pay up? Looks like you’re underpaid.

    3. Hello Mr Raghu,
      My son is doing MS in Industrial Engg from Wayn University, Detroit, he has now completed 8 months.
      Now he is applying internship, pl tell me whether opportunities are there, or any source agency to get the internship.
      Your reply is awaited.
      Sanjay Agrawal
      M.P. (India)

      1. There are no agencies. Every student is on their own and just like a college degree, finding a job search is a skill that requires learning (just random search and apply) will not work.

    4. Hello, I just got accepted into MS in Computer Engineering in USA for Fall 2021. But after reading all the stuff people go through I am not sure if I should. And the way people say that getting a job is impossible I am not really sure if I should. Can you please guide me?

  5. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to pursue MS in IT. I have experience in the IT industry for 2+ years. I am good in communication. Also, I am good at coding. I have worked on many technologies as well.
    Would it be bit easy for me to get a job in US.
    Thank you for your time for looking into this.


  6. Sir I want to do Masters in interior designing in USA. Then I want to shift to Canada by job. Can I do that way. After doing job their can I get PR. Just I want to study in US and work in canada and settle in canada only. Is it possible. I am in dilemma. Please reply sir. I am waiting. Urjent.

  7. I have completed my ME in Structural Engineering, and am currently working as a Design Engineer in Kolkata. I am thinking about a second masters in Environmental Engineering. Will it be worth it? Or should I go for a PhD? Simply said, I am looking for better prospects. And what options are there after a PhD, because I don’t want to go into teaching.

  8. Hello sir,
    I am planning for robotics in US. people r threatening me that there are less openings after the masters course?Could you please suggest me ,sir?

  9. hello sir,
    I have read your article today. I am planning to do my masters in Robotics in USA .I don’t have a clear idea on how the job offers after this MS course would be and how are these offers whether they are in large amount or not much ??

  10. Hello sir…..
    Im doing my bachelors degree in ece now
    I’m planning to do ms abroad
    My aim is to get a job in abroad after doing ms
    Which domain will get me a job….. People are threatening me not to take ece related subjects and are instructing me to take computer science?? Help me take a suggestion

    1. In general, CS jobs are more and pays more. But, H1b Visa is 100% lottery. Think about Canada too. Plus, don’t pick a filed because it pays well. Pick what you think will give you joy. The money will follow.

  11. Hello sir !
    Greetings of the day.
    I read your article today and i wanted to know that i’m applying for assistantship in Masters of food technology but after studying for 2 years, i want to shift to another country i.e. Canada. So just wanted to ask that will it be easy to move to Canada after doing assistantship and do you think it will be a wise decision ??

  12. sir , i’m planning to do ms in construction managaement in usa . i have only a year of experience in india . will it be a wise decision ? how is the construction job markets in usa ? do indians get jobs there in construction?

  13. Hi Raghu,
    I found your post very helpful. I recently got married and living on h4 visa in US. Currently O am preparing for GRE. I have good score in byech and have 2.4 year work experience from Indian IT mnc. I am personally strong in communication and customer facing roles and a bit weak in coding work. My husband suggested to do MS in supply chain management but I am thinking of doing MS in marketing. Can you please advise what would be better considering my case as I don’t want to waste my husband’s money on such a course in which I won’t be getting a job later.Husband is on H1b.

    1. I actually did an event just on this topic – H4 – Colleges, Courses and Career. It’s part of H4 Visa Career Guide. After you watch the guide, please schedule a call and we can discuss 1 on 1.

  14. My son has completed MS in Embedded system and has not got a job in US.
    If you are going to do IT, IOT, or Networking, you can go
    Core subjects, BIG NO

    1. Raju, it’s easy to find a job for any field, provided he has put in the work to develop the job search skills. Please ask him to contact me.

      1. Respected sir,
        I have read your reply on Mr.Raju’s comment.
        My son has just completed MS- BIOINFORMATICS FROM US . UNIVERSITY.Can you help him getting job.
        Seek your advice.
        Satish Chaubal

          1. Hi Sir,
            I am an IT professional and planning to do MS from US.
            I have some queries. Would appreciate if you could guide me in anyway possible.

            Best Regards,

      2. Dear Sir ,

        Your reply to Mr. Raju is like a big ray of hope for me . My son has completed his MS from San Jose California in May 2018 and has also received his EAD . He is looking for a job in IOT, Security, Networking. Can you please help him.


        Jawed Shaikh
        Nagpur, India

      3. Dear Sir ,

        Thanks for the enocuraging response . My son has also completed his MS from San Jose State University in May 2018 and has got his EAD in June 2018 . He is looking for a suitable job in IOT, Security, Networking or any other job suitable to his education. Please guide, help and oblige.
        Prof. Jawed Shaikh

        Nagpur ( India )

      4. Hello Sir,
        I recently got an admit at UCLA for Masters in Fall 2019 for Chemical Engineering. I have rejected some offers from Canada (University of Waterloo), due to feedback I received on poor job opportunities for graduates with no prior industry work experience (In my Case, I am a fresher). Have I made the right decision? UCLA is currently ranked 8th in North America for this degree.

        1. UCLA is a good school. Chemical Engineers are paid well in both countries. But, your immigration path will be tough and gives a lot of headaches. Watch the interview I did with Harsha (search in the blog). He studies in Waterloo.

          1. I couldn’t find the interview with Harsha. What do you think are the opportunities in Canada. I was thinking of getting a PhD from Canada if I cannot gainwork experience in USA. I have good research background and had been a research scholar in Canada earlier. I wanted to give a chance to the US job market, which obviously is significantly bigger. How do you balance between staying idle after graduating in Canada ( although with no debt as I was receiving almost full scholarship) due to lack of non-IT jobs , and going to US in a top University with a loan, getting better research and possibly job experience and then moving to Canada for a stable job or PhD. Do you think the second path will be easier than the reverse?

  15. i have completed my b-tech in 2014 with 64.4% or 6.4 gpa and i was focused on getting into my core field in this past 4 years and i haven’t got any job.I have attended CDAC (indian central govt PG course on embedded systems) and later i prepared for GATE exam which i’m not sure it’ll get me to IIT for m-tech so is it wise for me to try GRE now ?even if i dont have job experience i’m sure that i gained a good grip on my core related subjects so will my past 4 years effects during M.S applying and getting job even if i get a good GRE, TOEFL score?
    is it better to try for other Countrys like Canada, germany?

    1. Schedule a Career Coaching call and we can discuss the options and figure out what best fits your profile. It’s hard to give suggestions over comments that changes your life.

      1. Hey Rohith, I am 2015 passed out in electronics and instrumentation. I also have no experience since 2015, but I was doing 3 months course, 17 online courses, also I was freelancing online for past 2 years to sustain myself. What are you going to do?? I am interested in doing ms in us for fall or spring 2019, will this gap affect my profile??

  16. Focus on your shit because Dedication beats all odds! I’m going for Fall 2018 and chasing the American dream…

  17. Hi I am Adeel Awan .. I have done 4 years of bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and fromnlast 2 year I am working as a Design Engineer in one of the leading building services company handling HVAC, FIRE, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING systems designing.
    I want to persue my masters degree in mechanical design to further polish my skills in my relevant field, so it’s possible to get a job in MEP Design construction field in USA after getting masters degree or not please help if not kindly suggest me any other country
    Malik Adeel

  18. Is there any good prospects for MS in Management Information in US. How about Australia also the job opportunities for this course.

    1. Poornima – Job market depends on your efforts and skills and computer science has lot of jobs than other fields but and employers are hesitant to hire F1 students due to H1B Lottery.

  19. Hi,
    If abroad studies don’t really help you in finding a job overseas then whats the point of studying abroad and adding to debts.

    Better get married!.

  20. Hey,
    Why don’t you share some insights on how to get a Job in US and how International students should prepare themselves in US to get a Job. I hope that would give some people a reason on why to go for MS rather than why not to. Your post is helpful and realistic but it also demotivates some talented students who are capable of getting a Job in US.

  21. Hi, I am Aamir, planning to move to US as BDS from Pakistan. What are the job prospects in dentistry there, after doing DDS or Masters in Dentisry.please Mr. Raghu guide me which option is more practical and fruitful. Thanks

  22. Frightening but true. I am planning to go for master’s in interior design in US next year. I’m having second thoughts now. Does this scenario stand true for all fields? Or does the design field have story to tell?

  23. Can I get help ? I want to go abroad for higher studies but I don’t know wht to do for this.
    So please suggest me.

  24. This group seems to be interesting for me .
    Coming to my situation I am about to graduate in this Dec( i.e 2017) and currently my mind is running out with full of thoughts, what I going to do after my masters . I post my resume in various companies for an internship but never get a response from any & more over I don’t have any contacts in U.S
    So, my only question is how can one market for himself as a fresher? Can anyone please answer to my question

  25. This is what you you call an article ??
    You shitty piece of crap who doesn’t even know much is demotivating everyone here. Go there only if you know that you can do it else better stay and gain experience and then try out. Don’t listen to Ask Raghu Crap. Why should we ask him if all he does is treating fellow indians as rats.
    This guy doesn’t even know how to balance the situation. Few examples of returning India and this man writes an article and we fools visit this demotivating shit and pay him the view.

    Focus on your strengths. Have a look at his points. He hasn’t even talked any where about job principles and working. It’s his hate for Trump or maybe he was the who had to pack backs.

    Study, Focus, Train hard and you will succeed. Persistence is the key. Not some AskRaghu

    1. Do you any idea of people are staying in OPT without real jobs? Pay $300 and consultant will give them a offer letter. Don’t talk as if you have see it all. Get Real. It’s not balancing. It’s about LIFE and REALITY. Not fake promises. Everyone without a job Studies, and Trained and why are there fake resume and proxy interviews then? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get out and see the real world.

      1. Hi Raghu

        Nice to see you still stand up to what is written in this article 5 years after it was originally written :).

        1. Situation haven’t changed much for spouses on H4 Visa since this article is written. Spouses with H4 EAD are finding it difficult to find jobs when they have several years of unemployment (gap) since their previous jobs or moving to USA. H4 spouses want a job with a long break, but without investing in education.

          When you have a break and you know you will be getting H4 EAD, then plan to study. Wy would an employer hire someone who is out of job market for several years, when they can hire a recent graduate?

          It’s tough to go back to school when there are small kids at home and it can be expensive. There’s no point in being feeling depressed about not finding a job without efforts.

          When H4 EAD rule was proposed, USCIS estimated 179,000 spouses would qualify for H4 EAD. Looking at recent stats, about 20,000 H4 eAD are issued and not everyone with H4 EAD are working.

  26. HI ,

    I am an IT professional for top notch MNC in india since 4.5 yrs, I am now planning to got for my masters in the industry related course for 1 year. Till that time I would be standing with around 5.5 yrs of MNC experience.
    My question is will it be easy for me to land an OPT or a full time job after pursuing my masters , will my work-ex facilitate my job search or any of the indian Experience doesn’t hold much of a value in US.
    Please let me know your experience if you have seen guys like who are 28 or 29 pursuing masters program 😀

  27. I am Ashwin rajkumar from Salem I’ve met u once in Salem I’m doing my PhD at NYU want a consultation in my future studies help me out

  28. Hey, I am confused about studying abroad. Should I consider going USA or UK. I want to pursue MS in MIS and getting admit in Liverpool university, UK and Ply Mouth University, UK, but from USA I have admits from Pace university and applying in few more universities. Now I am ambiguous about going to the UK is a better option or USA. Because the ultimate goal is to get a job and earn some handsome money for few years and come back to India. Please help me come out of this ambiguity. Some say going Ireland is also an option, the study is comparatively cheaper and also work options are available there. I really want to know what would be the better option for me and want to decide within a day or two because I am missing the admission deadlines as well.

  29. Hello, Hope everyone is having a good day,

    I graduated with a Masters degree in materials science, Did a year of research voluntarily after that, while going through multiple interviews, Found an internship, unpaid for the second year, continued searching paid opportunities, missed all H1-B chances as of today, Gave 50+ interviews, On-sites as well, initial interviews were my first experiences, not very good from my side, followed by Amazing interviews, the kind where you know the job is yours, unfortunately still did not work out for me.

    2 months remain on my STEM extension as of now, mostly returning back to India very soon.

    whoever doesn’t find a job, I would say don’t get disheartened, something eventually will work out, Doesn’t have to be USA maybe somewhere else.

    I wish you all good luck in your endeavors.

  30. I finished my masters in canada from a reputable university in mechanical Engineering, i also have 1 year of work experience in the field of Quality assurance in Aerospace manufacturing company but i am not happy with my life here about more than half of my salary goes in paying rent insurances and tax. I was hoping to get back to india but seeing in different forums about the situation of job in india for a foregin degree holder my chances look bleak. i am certainly not satisfied with my life here but i am unable to make a decision on coming back to india as i will have education loan too that i will have to pay out. can you please help me i am going through depression and Anxiety these days.

  31. I graduated in August of 2016. Due to the mistakes in paperwork by my department yo DSO they states that im not eligible for OPT cause i didnt complete the program requirements in time. The asked me to apply for reinstatement and join in another program. i dont wanna pay 10k per semester registering full time courses until i get reinstatement decision.so i decided to come back to india. Currently without any industrial experience and lakhs of debt hanging searching for a job. I even got a job offer in US but its unfortunately i lost the chance.
    now im thinking about having experience here and then go for H1.
    Finally masters in US is a failure for me.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. But, why do you say US is a Failure? Why should the ultimate goal of US Education is Job in USA to Pay the Loan? If that’s going to be your focus, it’s not going to make you happy or productive. Accept the challenge and find the next big thing that you can create.

  32. I graduated in 2015 with a masters degree in USA and am almost 20 months without a job.My weakness is I don’t market myself aggressively because I feel Why should I.Even for 2 months I worked In a software company ,I did not recieve my pay.I am sought of person who feels work should come to me rather than me going after work.Finally I will be back in India in couple of months as my Visa expires.

      1. Hello MR RAGHU
        I am in a bit of confusion regarding studies in united states
        I am asking for some of your guidance
        If free then mail me

        1. Hello Rishab, use Ask Raghu to schedule a consulting call. I can discuss the options. Or end me an email with questions. If it’s simple, I can answer you right away.

  33. Good Lord , after reading this My immediate reaction , Nope I am not going to USA(And a little depressed of course ).. But after a while I understood that it is the spice of the game..If everything is easy and piece of cake Don’t you think, half the world would be in USA ? But its defiantly not as cruel as written here as well .. I think you just gotto take that leap of faith and jump , who knows you might as well fly 😀

    1. I think the duration of OPT described here is wrong…
      OPT is 12 months and STEM-OPT-Extension is 24 months… so total time is 3 years..

      Source-Wikipedia as of 08 nov 2016

  34. Hi..I have my bachelors degree in DENTISTRY from India. Currently on h4 visa. I will be getting my h4 ead in one or two years. I wanted to change my career as I’m more interested in IT. I decided to apply for ASU arizona state university which ranks 35th in USA. Can you please tell whether my MS degree will be paid more in addition to my US experience after 7 years when we go back to India(as it is from a good university).

  35. Please give me a suggestions to do MS or not. I am working civil engineer .I am in confusion(But i really wanted to do MS in U.S.A). I am from middle class family. Please mail me. It will help me to find a path and shape my carrier.

      1. i am studying 12th and i am interested in studying bachelor of engineering in USA and i am sure i qualify SAT exam but if i spent 50 lakhs to study in USA i get job sure to pay that loan? and by graduation i able to study Ms while doing job? i get job not only in my course or any course i get? your suggestion please

  36. Thats one informative article… I finished m.tech biotech in India.. now applying for jobs in bio pharma companies in USA like nestle, phyzer, novartis.. So far i didn’t get any rly.. Is it very difficult to get a biotech job in USA..

  37. “frankly speaking you’re employers don’t give a rats ass about which university your from!”
    -Please correct it to ‘your employer’ and ‘university you are from’.

  38. my relative actually doing m eng in penn state , he also described the same, so please donot do ms there is no money and no job for ms or m eng grads in us.

    1. That’s ridiculous! Did you know over 20,000 students apply for H1B Visa?
      They all got degree from US and a job!

  39. Hi All,

    Recently i got F1 Visa based on My Bachelors in Computers and also i have done MBA, currently having 3.5 years of experience in two MNCS’. If i have completed my MS, and apply for a job in US, will they consider my MBA and experience???

  40. Please give me a suggestions to do MS or not. I am ECE student.I am in confusion. I am from middle class family. Please mail me..pleaseeeeeeeee

  41. Hey!
    I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in computer science in india. Im going to try for admission in one of the ivy league colleges for master’s in USA. Can you tell me what chances are there for an average student to get a job, where the employer will sponsor the H1B?
    Also, how hard is it to get a meaningful internship in the summers?
    I greatly appreciate the article and thank you for throwing light on further prospects.

    1. I think you read just this article in the blog. There’s so many articles about jobs, internships in the site. You should read them to learn more.

      If you want to go get into Ivy league, then being average student is not enough 🙂

      1. hello hi Raghuram
        I did my Mtech in ece and i have teaching experience and now govt job . i want to pursue masters aborad ..should i go for an MBA or Ms. I am 28 is it too late now ??? please help
        which costs more ?? and which one has more career options
        kindly help 🙂

        1. Did you read what’s is the comments Terms and Conditions. You are asking for career changing decision via a comment! Seriously?

  42. Hello
    I have an admit from University of Houston Main Campus for Masters in Industrial Engineering. Can you talk about the reputation of the mentioned college and field @ Houston with respect to Jobs and Specializations.


  43. Rice University is not an Ivy League. Please get your facts right before posting articles.
    Lot of people read this and take this as a guide. I would advice you to not misrepresent and infuse your own opinions. Give an unbiased view.

  44. I read the article. It sure created a tension in me.It would be helpful if u could throw some light on job opportunities after MS in VLSI as per current trends and further does embedded or telecommunication offer better job prospects in US than VLSI?

  45. Hey Raghu, Nice article, but one question for point 1, are the conditions still the same as I’ll be travelling this year and my masters will be completed by 2017. One more thing, as I have 4 years of experience in IT and I am looking for a job in a IT firm will this factor help me in my job hunt.

  46. hello sir,
    can u please give me some details regarding the jobs availaibility. I mean about the ratio of getting a job to that of not getting.
    I would be glad to receive a feedback from your side.

  47. You gave an option 4. That made me realize that this article is only going to lead up to that option.

    But all of this is a hoax, the difference between India and US is not the strict visa policies, but it is in fact the quality of Education. If a grad student from India manages to get into an ‘average’ yes an average university for MS, and obviously if he didn’t waste all of his money and time in those two years, if he remained focus, and by focus I mean not working your ass off, just by not getting distracted, he/she can end up with a job definitely with an average of 40K USD per annum. This is a fact, not just an assumption like our author has taken up in so many factors. If you are good, which the US universities generally make sure of(the quality of education) then companies never ever look what country you belong to. You said that local companies just take up local talent. dude, have you seen the number of local talent vs international talent, we leave US far behind when it comes to engineering brains. Another fact. And moreover companies now look up for diversity, because they would want to go multinational too, don’t they? IT helps them grow. H1B visa procedures are very simple and all companies are encouraged and love to do it if the employee has skills .Please read the actual facts before posting your excellent knowledge on the internet. The only thing student has to worry about is in which university he gets admit from and of course the money, I don’t even discourage loan. YOU CAN DO IT.
    In Short, start early, get your GRE,TOEFL score and acads good, thoroughly study all procedures for applying in Universities, also choose your university wise(take the most time here) , get your finance ready(trust me, a decent Uni will make you recover in less than 2 years) and your visa and off you go to the life you want.
    To the author, get this post removed, it is 90% all false.

    1. Do you know irony of your reply?

      You just reinforced the Option 1 and how to get a job in USA.

      Just ask 20% of student who have advanced degree and didn’t get visa in lottery.

      I have 3 options and that’s 33.33% per option. You validated option 1.

      Read the comments in the H1B visa 2015 post. So many are applying for second degree to stay in status. So, second option is also an option. That’s 33.33% True.

      That’s 66.66% TRUE.

      I’m actually going to interview a student from UCLA who is getting ready to go to India due to quality of job offer. Not many do that, but few hundred’s go back to India and several thousands from China go back to India. So, that’s another 33.33% True.

      That bring to 100% Truth.

      1. dude he corrected the first option u presented. 20% dont make 100%.. i hope u know that rather than blabbering the facts. there are many reasons people go to us. i understand most of them of them are for the american dream. i agree its mostly a luck based game. but i disagree with the fact that the companies wont hire international students. the companies blatantly misuse the facts that indians will work for lesser salary than the americans. i do agree with ur points but to some extent.

    2. I agree with you
      But my one question to you is that.what are the possibilities of getting a job in India after completing ms abroad

  48. I think it is over exaggerated. From my university in Omaha everybody got a job and almost everybody sponsored them an H1B and I am the best example, without any reference or network I got 2 internships for full time summer and continues part time in fall and this was through job fair in our college and everybody from my batch MIS and CS I can say 100% of the people got internships here. So, when a place like Omaha can give so many jobs then I think it should be a problem in much bigger cities. My only advice would be to avoid student loan as much as possible and unless you graduate from Ivy League or some top notch Unis in west coast you graduate from any university nobody asks you. Sometimes they don’t even see from which university did you graduate from.

    1. I think it is over exaggerated. From my university in Omaha everybody got a job and almost everybody sponsored them an H1B and I am the best example, without any reference or network I got 2 internships for full time summer and continues part time in fall and this was through job fair in our college and everybody from my batch MIS and CS I can say 100% of the people got internships here. So, when a place like Omaha can give so many jobs then I think it should not be a problem in much bigger cities. My only advice would be to avoid student loan as much as possible and unless you graduate from Ivy League or some top notch Unis in west coast you graduate from any university nobody asks you. Sometimes they don’t even see from which university did you graduate from.

      1. hey man i also want to pursue MS in MIS , can you give me some advice that is it worth considering specially whruen the visa rules are getting strict?

    2. Hye i have completed my btech with 63 percent
      what are the chances of mine for good university and also job opprtunity after ms from a good university there
      will i get admission in some good univ
      With such a percentage in graduation

    3. Sandeep, thanks , your comment is like water in a strangling desert. Lemme share my case, seeking for your further inputs on that :
      – Completed B.Tech with IT…PGA 8.00
      – Work exp in MNC (CMMI 5) 4 years in IT industry.
      – Applying for MS in US
      – Thinking to “bag a Job” and settle down there with whatever …green card/ extended Visa etc… are required and possible to get .
      Can you kindly enlighten me on how dark my planned way is?

    1. its called the Southern IVY, I think thats what he tried to say, and the article is not about rice though.

  49. SO WHA the FUCK A STUDENT WILL DO WHO IS PASS OUT OF NIT RAGGING HIS ASS OFF BETWEEN JOB AND DREAM OF ABROAD, JUST PISS OFF MAN . GIVE SOME BLOODY OPTIMISTIC SENSES to encouage some bright students rather than this shit which true might be but hell crap of negativity.

  50. Hi! Currently i’am working in Power Sector with 4.5 Years of Work experience in a Technical + Commercial Profile ( European MNC) .Right now i can opt for both MS & MBA since my current profile is mix of both.

    Would like to know which is a better option & how are jobs in Power Sector/Electrical Engg (MS).

    Would look forward to your reply.

    Thanks in advance!

  51. hi . i ll be completing my engineering in june 2013 .. m a computer science student … i want to pursue MS sooner or later.. how cn i help myself wid d financial things.. n being a CS student wat are my chances to get a job dere after completing my MS.. so tat i can clear my loan.. m inclined towards any public university in las vegas …
    plz reply me ASAP

  52. HI Im karthik. I have done B.Tech IT having 79.2%. I have placed in HCL but the call letter didnt come for the past one year has gone so far.I think for MS computer science in Canada or UK? which place do i deserve to get good pay job? I have to take education loan only! so i have responsilbilty to repay the loan pls guide me!

  53. There are more Jobs in VLSI in the US than in India. American companies do hire large number of New Grads compared to India.

  54. Hi,
    If I take loan for pursuing my MS and after MS if I like to do a PhD, then what are the possible ways of repaying the loan?

  55. I have already applied for 4 universities in US for MS in Mechanical and already spent my 3 months of salary on application procedure. If what I have read is true then I will be very happy to drop down my plan and persuade for M Tech in India instead.

    1. Hi Eshan, Masters in USA is a costly affair. If you are concerned about your expenses in application process, you should definitely give a thought again to your international education plans.
      What is required at the moment is, understanding the expenses involved, have confidence in yourself, once you plan to study abroad start building your network from day 1. This is the only way to help yourself.
      Good Luck!

  56. Trust me there are a lot of jobs in the US..only problem is H1 B visa and nothing else..small companies do not want to sponsor after the recession..and getting into big companies is tough..but nothing is impossible..

  57. I couldn’t have agreed more !! Frankly if you need a job in US, then you need to be technically sound in terms with computer skills. Companies provide visa sponsorship only for technical people. Look around you and ask the people who have jobs and further ask them what work do they do. I am confident they will tell you they are in Software or have a job that involves computer skills. So many students come to US to specialize in a different stream but finally end up in the technical field because the harsh reality is if u need sponsorship then you would have to make some adjustments. The scenario is different if you have passed out from an Ivy league. But frankly everybody cannot get into in an ivy league.
    The job scenario is really bad for international students (F1 status for students with Indian origin). I had an MBA in India had work experience as well. Came to U.S got myself another MBA and unable to get a job here, finally i ended up doing following the herd. Got myself skilled in Computer skills just so that a company would hire me and sponsor for my Visa.

  58. I have to say that I am really relieved that for once someone is willing to tell the truth about higher education in USA. After my high school, I was selected to join Cornell university (an Ivy league school) Unfortunately my parents couldn’t afford the high education fees and we did not want to take a loan. So I forgot about my big dreams and studies in Delhi university instead. I got good grades and for my masters went to Germany on a full scholarship. I am now a phd student and my monthly SAVINGS are more than 50,000 rupees a month (the tuition fee in europeans countries like Germany is peanuts). I am right now in the USA for a month and cringe seeing the stressful and comparatively low(than Germany) quality of life. Cant wait to go back to Germany!

    1. hey Aki m planning fa my masters in germany in october. frm wht u said it looks dat germany is promising. m from mechanical engineering field, i wud really like to knw wht are the possibilities of part time jobs during the course and post my masters. do revert.

  59. hello HSB n prithvi pls reply to my query as soon as possible,iam interested to pursue MS(CS) in US but due to some reasons i had taken my UG in ECE and also i had a offer from TCS…..but what i had listened from my friends if u had 2 yrs of work exposure top universities will prefer you rather than regular students is it true or not and that to after 2 yrs iam going to get sabastical leave which i can join in tcs after 2 yrs of MS(if i had no job after MS) and at the time of campus placements is this work exposure worthful or not??.So what would u suggest for me should i go to MS after 2 yrs of work exp or not..??regarding financial status iam the only person should spend all the money for my education and another query inorder to get seat in top 20-30 universities what should be my GRE score n TOEFEL score my UG % is 74.78

    1. Hi Friend,

      I am replying your query because you had written that you had aTCS offer. To your knowledge am an Ex-TCSer and would like to highlight which will help you to strengthen your decision making ability. Well TCS do give 2 years of leave after completion of 2 years but only on the cost of returning to it, More that 2 years can’t be taken consideration under exp. On that basis you can’t fool company and take-up job in US as TCS has the highest presence in US. With US everything is transparent so you have to have return to TCS after your degree and that too in your home country.

      Yes US universities gives priority to people who have some insight exp but that would be only for getting into academic. After completion of your master and if you don’t take leave from TCS then you are the person seating in same boat with other graduates who have came directly after their Bachelor’s. so your exp will not helpful, however being in TCS, you will get good networking and you will have a ease on getting internship but that’s very specific. General notion, people will not get enough technical skills with mere 2 yrs of Exp.

      Hope this will help you


      1. Hi Konark,

        Your reply to Chaitanya’s query was great help for me too, as I have similar concerns. I completed my B.E in E.C.E and got an offer from TCS. I am planning to take leave after completing 2 years in TCS for doing my MBA. My query is, when i am returning back to the company do i have to start from where i left or do i get a job profile and package which suits my additional qualification ?
        Hope you will reply.

  60. HI Raghu,

    Great article. This may be read your other posts as well 🙂
    This post helped answer my question that’s been pricking my mind time and again.
    But i have some doubts. Well, i graduated in electronics from a good institute in Bangalore.then immediately I got a good job. The company i work for is very reputed (many have told its a very good place to start your career). The work here is really good and core engineering (Audio and video domain). I get to apply a lot of what i have learnt in college. Some of the work is next generation technology. The salary is also decent (very much better than IT companies). I have been working for more than a year now.
    My question is – Even after getting a pretty satisfying job (and salary) , is it worth considering a MS from USA or Australia or any other good country ? If yes , where , why ? If no , Why ? (My motivation for higher studies is 1) Better exposure to technology 2) Better salary……and no ,i don’t have any funding’s as of now)


    1. If your current company gives you scope for growth in terms of knowledge and position in company then it may be worth to wait for…getting 2-3 years of experience and switching to some high end companies which are still there in India may also be a good option..

  61. Great insights from Author.The article is highly objective.
    This clearly is the heart of any discussion about MS in US.

    Glad to find this blog. Completely agree!!

  62. hi i i m about to complete my Btech Mechanical from IP university,Delhi. In the previous semester i thought that since i got no quality education in the past 4 years (though i got 72% with no re in btech) it would be not beneficial to get a MS from US, due to the rote learning followed at IP uni. So i thought it would be good to get 2 years exp and then do an MBA from US or canada and settle there .IS it a good plan.

  63. hi HSB Prithvi.. it is very hard to know abt the US job,, plz say something about mechanical engineers for doing m.s to get job in the same profession of mechanical ,, im aware of gulf but im thinking to go U.S, to do core job ,,
    plz reply

  64. I completed my B.E.I.T. and got a job in TCS. After doing job for 1yr to 1 and 1/2 yr I will apply for fall 2014 for MS in CS.
    Actually I was going to do MS directly after BE but I heard from lot of people that 1-2 yr of job experience gives you an edge over others, after completing MS and searching for job in USA.
    I don’t want to live in USA(just for 3-5 yrs, after that India).
    Is my plan okay??

    1. If you are going on education loan then it will take 3-5 years to pay off unless you get job of salary > $70k.. so if ROI do not matter much to you (which may not be the case) then staying for that amount of time is not good option

  65. so wht you want say is come usa give money get ms get back india dont get job wht u want and smile and say wow wht an experience it was

  66. maann this post have scared hell out of me
    1st thing is first i m average student i never got job in core field
    hence m not satisfied
    hence plan for post graduation which one is best
    pg in lets say ME india is hopeless and expecting core jobs not possible will get u to same position as earlier
    point is i cant afford MS but if no job exp in core would be hitback and loose huge chunk of money
    so i dont understand what i am suppose to do
    after doing MS no job




    1. Yeah you got the point. Life is difficult but what you haven’t realized is that even if you happen to be average after MS, that is still better than your current average level.

  67. Hi Pruthvi! No need to mention, how helpfull this article was and it forced me to think twice about MS in US. Well I wanted to know how is the situation for Mechanical engineers. Are the opportunities good? Also which field (design, manufacturing, …) has good scope and more chances of getting a job!! Thanks again

  68. I usually wont be involved in internet arguments, but this one really got me going.

    I dont wanna say much. Yes things are not all that great. But getting a job is rather a function of you and not the university or the education system.

    And talking about the cost? Yes, I’d say worth it. Has the OP experienced what US Education is about first hand??. If not Please try OCW from MIT and Berkeley Webcasts. You will have access to their entire undergrad lectures, notes, assignments and handouts. If you go through anyone of these courses you will realize that, by the end of it you will be a better engineer than you thought u were 🙂

    Having said that I do agree on showing discretion in choosing universities and not having a bump in the payscale as the prime motive for Masters.

    PS: I’m heading to Cornell this fall quitting a very high paying job at Cisco. And I’m sure this will be one of the best decisions I’d have taken.
    All the best to all who are willing to be brave and pursue their dreams, if you are truthful in your intentions, definitely this decision will pan out.


    1. Hi Abhi,

      Great to hear you doing good. I am curious, how would you rate your self, are you intelligent or average or below that, do not take it as offence, I just want to know my intelligence level and picture the possibities of doing as good as you.

  69. Prithvi,

    I never wavered in my decision to do MS in EE and am about to go this year to Georgia Tech. Do internationals face problem getting H1B even there or is that “Above” most “average” universities in terms of easily getting internship/job?

    Curious to hear your response, because I didn’t like the tone of your article, even though I realize it was just meant to be as objective as possible..

  70. Hi Prithvi,
    I am in need of your help. The article was really informative. First of all thank you for depicting the real situation in US for those who wish to persue Masters/PhD/Job. I am doing 3rd year B.Tech BIOTECHNOLOGY . As what the Indian students inspire, i would also wish to study Masters program in US. I will be taking GRE exam by 2013. I would like to go by scholarship. I wish to do Masters in the field of either Bioprocess, Food technology, Cell and Molecular biology, Immunology or Pharmaceuticals. Can you suggest me which course i can take up to persue my masters? what is the value of that course in US and India? Kindly say about the industrial opportunities for getting a job with good salary? suggest me both pros and cons of the suituation of taking biological studies ????

    1. Hi,
      I’m a bachelor in Pharmacy and recently got an admit in Pharmacology. If you are interested in cell biology, molecular biology, immunology and pharmaceuticals I would suggest you to go for Biomedical sciences or Pharmaceutical sciences(with spl., Pharmacology). and you might know better about bioprocessing and food technology than me.
      Job opportunities for all life science courses are bleak. It also depends on individual efforts and references. A good university would help in the job hunt. For that, again, U need to have good credentials Like GRE, TOEFL, Publications, acads (do WES evaluation, it will fetch) and good SOP.
      Once u get a job, salary might not be an issue. Good luck!

  71. Waiting for your third and concluding article. Hope so much negative reaction from readers has not stopped you from doing that.

  72. Hi Prithvi,
    After reading your article, I am too concerned and now having second thoughts about pursuing M.S in USA…So its only you who can help me in this. See I am a B.tech in electronics & communications with 69.9%
    I have always dreamed to do M.S, but during 8th sem of my college I got placed in Larsen & Toubro and for past 10 months I am working here…My friends and family advise me to stay in job but I cant shake off this feeling of doing M.S….I haven’t given GRE or TOEFL as I am too confuse to give it a chance or focus on job and later on gate for M.tech….Really please tell me what shall I do….. Financially I am not too strong…but yeah in 2-3 years there are pretty good chances of going onsite from my company….still confused…please do reply
    looking forward to your answer….thanks!!!

    1. Well, if you really want to go to the US so much, donot be demotivated or change your plans after reading this article. Its not meant to change peoples minds but make them see the reality. I dont know what area you want to do your MS in. Electronics is a vast field. It consists of many sub domains like VLSI, signal processing, control systems and communication. If you are interested in any of the fields other than VLSI, you should be looking for a career in research, because mainly for these fields, industry is not there. For research, like ive said before, the US is the best place. If you want to be in VLSI, then a lot of opportunities are there in India. India is a global semiconductor hub and every major MNC (like TI or Intel) has offices here where substantial design work is done. Infact for entry level jobs, India is better as more entry level jobs are done in India rather than the US. Best way to enter this industry is by doing a PG diploma course here or a Mtech course(only from BITS or IITs or NITs). You dont necessarily have to go to America. But still, if you are hellbent on going to America (for VLSI), go to unis where VLSI courses are more. Its not that there are more opportunities for VLSI in America, but still, since you really want to go I cannot stop you. But make sure, you will get funding, it will reduce the risk.

      1. For Research, whether Ph.D. or Post Doc, in-hand salary is low. infact very low. I hope someone writes an article about low salary of Ph.D. / Post Doc.

        1. Agree that for Phd or Post-doc salary is low but you have to remember that as a Phd student you get a stipend or research assistant ship which is not equivalent to a full-time job in some big MNC. As a phd student generally you get a stipend of arnd $2000-$2500 per month. Even At CMU i have seen Phd students getting assistant ship of arnd $2400 odd. And as a post doc the general salry AFAIk is arnd $4000-$4500 per month.

  73. Hi,

    This was really shocking to me. I knew the job scenario was bad in US, but never knew its this worse.
    I am now working in TCS from past 9 months. Before joining the company i had decided to do my MS in US. But few personal reasons forced me to take up the job.
    I more than before want to do MS coz am not happy with my job. 🙁
    I am from EC background, so i just want to do something that is related to EC.
    so I am planning to apply for universities for 2013 jan intake. My scores are 1160 in GRE and 101 in toefl and i hav 68% in my BE.
    please guide and advice me if i should do my MS or drop the Idea 🙁
    is you advice to go for it, which are the electronics related fields with good job opportunities in US and with my score can i get schollership in any of the universities?

  74. Hi. First of all i must say your article is very hard-hitting. I guess it was meant to be like that. I just wanted to ask you this. I am 19 years old. I am doing my B.A. in Psychology ( this is my least year). I want to continue with my further studies in U.S. since the the specific area i am interested in psychology i.e. criminal psychology i guess isn’t offered in India. Do you recommend that i continue pursuing this or drop this idea and enroll in the courses that are available in India ?? As far as financial aid is concerned i don’t think i will be able get a penny from my family. Do they (Universities) offer any type of scholarships or financial aid for students ?? I have heard that U.S. is one of the best places for studying Psychology. It’s also a booming field there. Please do reply.

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychologist#United_States_and_Canada

      You need to have a masters degree after 4 years degree (bachelors degree). to work, you need to clear licensing exam. If you have green card, you can work after passing licensin exam because hospitals/clinics are not eligible to sponsor H-1b visas by law for nursing, physiotherapists and also for pschologists but you should verify it from some other source also. You will have to spend lot of money-such field of studies are expensive in USA. keep a budget of 20 lakhs atleast.

  75. Congratulations to Prithvi and HSB for being brave enough to publish this article. This is harsh reality which unfortunately many people do not want to listen. I have lived in USA for 6 years and I have faced the situations which you have mentioned in the article. Hopefully it will create awareness among students who will be better prepared for future. Keep up the good work.

  76. Hi Prithvi,
    The post is really informative!!!now I need ur advice!I have got admit from University of Cincinnati for Master of Engineering program with 10,000$ financial aid.I have also got an offer from Infosys.What do u think is better?

    1. Swetha- Good that you have financial aid! The best way to combat the pitfalls presented in this article is by getting financial aid. Now, I assume you are from a Non- Computer Science background. If so, then please dont go to Infy.

      I dont know what your domain is so, I dont know how good or bad U.Cinn is for your profile. But even though you have aid and everything, please consult people from your own target industry(professionals), who ll be able to better advice you and compare and contrast the opportunities you have in India and the US and where you ll be better off. Because, at the end of the day, it important for you to get a job in your area of interest, whether it in India or America.

      But whatever you do, if you are from a non- CS background, please avoid Infy. Also, one universal truth is, the US is the best place for research and a career in academia. If you are targetting such a career then the US is the best place to be.

      1. Thanks a lot!!!I am from Electrical Engineering(VLSI/Embedded Systems)!My profile is GRE -1320,TOEFL-108 and CGPA-9.42!I feel i could have applied to some better universities.Infosys does provide training before joining ,so the stream really doesn’t matter!My admits as of now is UCinn for Master of Engineering(MEng) and UTD(no aid) for MS!!!
        MEng program is only for 1 year without thesis.It is a professional degree,so I am somewhat hesitant to accept it without prior work experience!!!Please do provide me your opinion!!!

        1. If you join Infosys your stream will be diverted. The experience will not count as relevant for electrical engineering. Infosys has very good training system, but it is industry specific, you will never become a computer engineer by that. Do u think any other can learn your electrical engineering, which u learn in last 4 yrs, within 3-4 months? if yes..then ok.And for non CS student, u don’t get a onsite opportunity in US without 4-5 yrs of experience and for CS students, there are no such rules but scenario is almost same,but hope for the best. U might get the opportunity for Australia or Asian countries or may be UK. But the method is very selective, usually freshers are not considered without at least 2 yrs of experience. Talk with the seniors of University of Connecticut in your stream about the job prospect of your degree, and then decide.

          1. Thank u Anirban!!It is University of Cincinnati!!!I have consulted seniors there and they have said that Campus Fairs conducted in the university give importance only to domestic students!!!And moreover the course that they have offered me is the MEng course which is only for 1 year!!!

          2. I would say go for UCinn. Its good university with good coursework in Digital VLSI and u wont spend also that much as you have $10,000 aid. Last year i too had got same admit with same scholarship. I did not join UCinn because i got ASU but otherwise i would have taken UCinn. Joining Infy wont help you and after 2 yrs you wont be able to masters in electrical.

    2. Hi,

      I’m a graduate engineer (B.E) in Computer Systems Engineering from Karachi.
      I have 13 years experience.
      I’m looking for Master’s program scholarship.
      Could you kindly help me out how to get scholarship without TOEFL and GRE ?

  77. Money is not the most important factor when considering to obtain a Master in the US. It’s about making your dream come true. Living in an another country, meeting new cultures and gain expriences many wish to have. Indeed, receiving the green card is difficult and finding a job may be a nightmare after graduation. That’s why you should study or conduct a research about something you really love regardless of what will happen in your future. So you’ll be required to pay the loan you’ve taken for a few years, but that’s ok. That’s the world we’re living in. Some people buy a new car or a house with their loans. Some people go to Canada to get the work permit and end up with no job. Some go to the US and find a job without the green card. If immigration to the US is your only concern, do not go there to obtain a master. Spend your money to get married with an American citizen or try to find a job in your country that can take you to work in the US. You just need to know what is your dream and do the next steps by listening to your desire.

  78. Hello ALL,

    I have got admission in Indiana University Bloomington for MS in CS fall 2012.
    I would like to know your overall views on this university.

  79. Hi all,

    I want to write two slogans which are very popular.
    See He/She had expressed his/her views with a 145 lines constructed with A to Z alphabets
    0 to 9 numbers and some characters . , / ! not more than that but he/she able to influence so many minds with these little things. Now My dear readers or writers don’t underestimate yourselves. Try to dare to imagine beyond these lines, make your dreams come true. If you set a goal you have to reach the goal you might come across many difficulties, strong hurdles, plenty of risks, sometimes you have to wait for many years…. but do not stop always think about your goal it will give you positive energy to your mind so that way it will arisen you and learn from your mistakes, failures once again refresh the mistakes or failures and what you had learned what are the steps you had taken to become success that way it awaken you like that step by step you have to reach your goal and remember after reaching your goal there are many steps to follow you.My dear Indians You are Spiritually strong if you are able to live in INDIA you can live anywhere.
    In line 69 rats ass, line 124 poor souls…. so many strong words he/she had used. some of the words meaning you have to search in a dictionary. But there is no dictionary to search the meaning to your goal.You yourself can give the meaning, you yourself can give the directions to your mind.But read the blog no problem but don’t make these things to come into your mind I mean into your intellect where it will create many imaginations, dreams.Always you have to think about your goal which will give positive energy I mean powerful mind in that powerful intellect filled with good imaginations that directs you to step ahead to reach the goal.
    So MY DEAR all you are powerful, unstoppable, builders of strong intellect… can reach the goal.

    1. Sir, I beleive you fail to see the central premise of this article. Instead of understanding the fact that the article strives to acquaint people with the harsh realities of life abroad, you choose to see it in the wrong vein and beleive that it is an effort to discourage people. Like I mentioned in my previous comment, this article is designed to better equip your average Indian student to face a life in America. Instead of understanding this simple fact, you choose to put a lot of time and effort into picking out colloqial words and also ridiculously pointing out the line numbers.(While you were at it, why didnt you give us a word count as well?!). Maybe if you had put the same time and effort into understanding the true intent of this article, you might not have made your ridiculously long drawn, pseudo-spiritual comment.

      You sir, represent exactly what is wrong with the Indian populace today. Instead of focussing at the issue at hand, you choose to rake up non-existent issues about the wording used. The word “Rats ass” is an American expression by the way. If you are an aspirant for studying in America, I suggest you better get acquainted with the American way of life and their no nonsense approach to work(which sometimes can include using expletives, but they choose to look beyond such trivial things and get the job done, which obviously is something which is unlike you),otherwise you are in for a huge cultural shock. Plus this is a blog. It is informal, not an official medium of communication. Expletives to a certain degree are allowed. After all, this is the internet buddy, people have been known to use worse colloqial language! Get used to it.

      You say this article demotivates people? If you ask me it helps people understand better the challenges that lie ahead of them. I hope you have heard of the expression “Know thine enemy”.
      So, even from your whole “Face the challenge my dears” sense it doesnt fall short. Fresh off the boat people like you just help in reinforcing the typical “Thank you, come again!” Indian stereotype. Next time, try and understand the premise of the article before belittling it so vehemently, misconstruing and taking out of context what the author is saying.

    2. I fully appreciate the strong logic and request prospective students who are interested for higher study in should think twice without any illusion of mind,considering present job situation in USA.We may like the conversion amount in Indian Currency but how much you can save ,matching with the standard of living and uncertainty in job situations ,particularly after recession of 2008. India is now emerging market in global scenario and major outsourcing is done in India.Plenty of jobs are available through campus interview which we can not dream in USA. Even, if you are from rich family what is the point of wasting hard earn money of your parents. Only exceptional students with higher pedigree of education in India and high GRE score can only take the risk of building their career in USA as their cost of education will be much low.

  80. I’m in complete agreement with the author. These are the three points which made me wait for 2yrs for a safe admission. I got an admission from state university which lightens me from the burden of humongous fee. I call it a safe admission because I don’t have to worry abt
    1. paying back the heavy tuition fee.
    2. need to gain a job asap
    3. need to gain adm in PhD.
    I belong to a middle class family and had to consider such factors. Now I’m not limited by such factors I can always look at the brighter side of education in USA. Even if I couldn’t land in a job/PhD, there nothing to lose, isn’t it.
    So, people(of tight budget families) who wish to chase their dreams of abroad education should consider these factors so as to keep themselves away from the mercy of others. Best thing would be to wait and improve your profile to land in a better(safe in terms of fee and recognition) university.

    1. @Anurag Most of the state universities have heavy tuition fees right? Correct me if i am wrong? What you exactly mean by safe admission?

      I am awaiting your answers!!!


      1. Tuition fee and the university type(public and private) cannot be correlated. Tuition fee and location of the university are, in most cases, related. Universities in urban location mostly charge heavy tuition. It doesn’t matter if it is a state university or private university. However there are few universities, though urban and private, do not charge tuition for masters.
        Safe admission is not a sure shot admission. It means that the risk factor, which might differ from student to student, is low. In my case the above three points(more particularly 1 and 2) define my risk factor.

    2. I think anyone should revise there decision if they want to go without scholarship. Though from intern in MS major of the cost will be replenished. And MS is pretty easy to find in top 50 universities for an average engineering( I mean for the top 1 lac engineering students of India) student in India. For PhD, chance is quite less, but if you got the scholarship from a ranked universities(us news) you should go.

  81. Most of the people who disagree with this post are people who have degrees from top colleges or might be more than averagely talented and skilled in their respective fields. Finding a job for these people overrides all the factors mentioned here and that exactly has been mentioned in the post. To
    quote from the article : “if you came to the US to look for a job and you want to pay off your huge student loans, you my friend, have got a hell of a lot on your plate and you need to be either an extremely bright student or need to be exceptionally street smart or you might find yourself in a big mess.”

    This article is for those people average people who go to the US to average universities with big American dreams. They believed in the American dream because the way America is advertised by American Universities to make money and by their “uncles” or “cousins” who painted an all so hunky dory picture of America. This post doesnot discourage people from going to the US, but presents both sides, so people can make an informed decision.

  82. Hi,

    I disagree with the post above. Things are tough out here but not as bad as written above. The author said and I quote “campus placements for international students in US universities is like a joke”. It is not. You should not generalize in such a manner. I am a student of CMU Pittsburgh campus and the ECE department here has a total of 72 students in Fall 2011 batch out of which only 12/13 students are Americans. The remaining are mostly Indians and Chinese. And almost everyone (except maybe 4-5) have found an internship.

    I too found it difficult initially but after I got an internship in an MNC, my confidence went up. There are my friends in U Mich (Ann Arbor) and Univ of Minnesota-Twin Cities and both of them found internships too. In fact the guy from UMTC will be working on a 6 months project in Intel.

    So please don’t dump all your negativity onto everyone else just because you could not do it. Prospective students: There is nothing wrong in coming to US looking for a fat Paycheck. But make sure that is not your only motive. Get admission from a decent college (at least in the 20-30 rank range), do well here and it will not be difficult in anyway to get a good job.

    1. NK- You seem to be a bright, smart student who seems to have graduated from a work renowned uni like Carnegie Mellon. Your friends seem to bright and more than averagely talented in their fields(again judging from the Unis theyve attended, especially the Intel guy). The article isnt addressed to people like you. Not everyone has the talent and good fortune you have to attend such good schools. Most people from India, take huge loans, to attend average schools and also have average skills. They might have misconceptions about US education. They may have been given a very rosy picture of America. It isnt their fault , because mainstream media seems to always hype the good stuff about the US and forget the bad stuff. This is to help them make a balanced, informed decision taking all factors into consideration.

      About the line ” placements are a joke”. Well, in unis other than the top 10-20 ones, it really is that way. Its all based on references. Campus placements generally are for US citizens. The international student career center webpages of most Unis too agree on this fact that, international students find it harder when it comes to placements. People (again the average Indian student) might think placements in Unis there might be like campus placements in India, whereas even you will agree it isnt. Again this is a general thing and it might vary from industry to industry.(Typically IT has more openings than anyother sector). I have friends studying in the US who confirm this.

      The author too takes this into consideration. Read the article carefully. This is a pretty balanced article if you ask me. You should also probably go and check the disclaimer the author has given in the first post MS in USA-is it worth the cost.

      Just my thoughts man.

      1. Campus Fairs as they say are not like campus placements of India. What I have observed is that in US universities, you drop off your resume at different stalls and you will never listen again from them.

  83. Another reality is that you have successfully managed to spread paranoia amongst the aspirants. But that reminds me of a recent quote by a very successful football coach, ” Those who miss, have the balls to shoot”, in reference to Messi and Ronaldo.
    And a humble request to HSB to not bring in use words such as rat’s arse. It does not reflect nicely upon you. And “So unless you can deal with all that, go figure!”, seriously HSB what were you thinking ?

    1. Getting criticized is good thing. I’m not doing my job right if there are not criticism. There are folks who like what is published here and folks who don’t like. Unfortunately I can’t satisfy both groups.

    2. This is article isnt trying to create paranoia. I dont know why people are misconstruing what is said here. Before you aggressively attack an article just wait for a moment and think. The article is trying to show the other face of the coin. Everybody knows the good stuff about america. But America isnt a Utopian society. There are shortcomings there too. This articles tries to show those too. Its your job, to take the good and bad stuff and see whats the net result for your particular case. I think before reading this article you should read the disclaimer written in the first post MS in USA-Is it worth the cost?.

      And about the language used- I dont know why you people who in your future have America in your sights are so sensitive about the language used. This isnt an article which is supposed to be published in a school textbook. It is meant for adults who probably know worse expletives. This article has been written in an unconventional, aggressive style, and so is the teaching style in america. Do you know some american professors while teaching sometimes can use phrases like “Sexy Formula”? Will you feel it inappropriate then too or focus on his ideas and lectures? Its like how you d sit down with your friends and give em advice. Dont tell me you use only parliamentary dignified language when you talk to your friends.

      These are just my two cents man. Dont go ballistic on me too!

      1. H Prithvi ! My response was not addressed to you. It was directed towards HSB. But since you have jumped in be man enough to face the retort too rather then hiding behind ” dont go ballistic on me too “. Firstly, I am not one of those who take umbrage at the slightest usage of expletives. It was only a suggestion to HSB, since he owns this widely popular blog and I would like to think that there is more to it than just swear words, which there is. Secondly your idea of a disclaimer is completely wrong. Thirdly adults everywhere in the world are aware of swear words, but that doesn’t give you the liberty to you use them at free will, especially not on a blog where you have serious readers. I am pretty sure HSB has the capability to make his point without the usage of profanity. And there is a great amount of difference between speaking and writing.
        Finally even though your question was rhetorical about me using parliamentary language with my friends let me still go ahead and answer it with a no. I think you missed the point when you explained it to me with a friend-advice analogy. Bravo HSB for his attitude towards criticism. You Sir on the other hand, are a muppet.

        1. Listen man avinash, dont make it personal. I dont even know you dude. Im trying to make you see this article in an objective light. Thats my main agenda. Now, yes, i talked about the language used. That was merely to indicate that people here should focus on the article not the language used. I think as a citizen of the free world I am allowed to do that. All this said, I dont want to make any personal attack on you by retorting to your muppet comment, because theres no point in doing it. And what hiding are you talking about? This is the internet, everyones hiding here boss.

          One more thing, I think people in this blog are very intolerant about people talking bad things about the US(like this article does) but are ok with dissing India. If the reaction is this vigorous, then theres no point in discussing.

          Avinash have a good life man, all the best to you mate!

          1. Also, I feel there is no point in telling people who are US education aspirants the bad parts of US because they ll never even consider your opinion. Most people who agree with this article are people who have lived there and faced the reality. So, that should speak for itself.

            So in conclusion,theres no point in advicing or helping people because forget about listening, they ll scold for even trying to help them. I see that Indians themselves arent valuing India and the opportunities here and will always think US is better. I tried to make people see the other side with my comments, but I see it is in vain

            I am sorry for even trying and I am deeply saddened by the attitude our own countrymen have towards our own country. No matter what we say you will always think India in a lower light compared to US.

            But thankyou HSB for posting these articles. Atleast you seem to have a fair mind and a forum where all voices are heard

          2. hey prithvi and HSB why do you even reply to such people let them criticize and you do your work (ie help people) dont these comments get to you man.

      1. U have mentioned that if we manage to get in to univ which rank between ( 20 -30 ) then the future is bright and prosperous, but, what about the students who can’t get admit in those univ’s ? they will get into univs which rank between ( 70-110) because of the acads they have secured, then what about the perspective of job and future for them ? I am not pointing out u but asking for a suggestion 🙂 Because I can’t manage to get into univ which rank ( 20-30) but I can get admit in univ which rank in (60-70)

        1. Karthik- This whole article is addressed to such people, who get into average universities. The scenario is tough as it is for international students compared to domestic students, so if you feel you can handle the odds you should go. Just think twice before taking on a huge loan. Talk to people from your industry rather than consulting general opinions, because the situation varies by industry.

  84. Hi! one correction in the post the author has mentioned that Rice university is an ivy league university which is not true. Only 8 univs are part of the league namely Cornell,harvard,princeton,Penn,Dartmouth,Duke ,brown and columbia..

  85. Hi HSB,

    What you wrote is absolutely true. I am studying at JHU spending $20,000 per semester on tuition alone. It terrifies me to think what will happen if I don’t get a job. But I got an internship for this summer and it boosted my confidence. Only thing needed for survival is HOPE.

    And more than a month back I asked a question. Does GPA really matter in job interview? I am doing lots of projects and my GPA is 3.2 as of now. So which matters more projects or GPA. My major is Computer Science

  86. I’m selected from few universities:
    Vanderbilt ( for PhD with scholarship)
    ASU ( for PhD with scholarship)
    Colorado Boulder (MS)

    I have two years work experience in TCS. Will it be worthy if I purse PhD in the university (I’m planning to go at Vanderbilt) after quitting the job? Please advise. Does PhD in computer SC from Vanderbilt give me better prospect in future? Please advise.

    1. If you have a research potential, US is the best place to do research man. Vanderbilt also is a great place to do research in most areas, I dont know what yours is.

  87. Most of you who have doubts about going to USA after reading this are looking at short term gains like how soon i can pay my loan, how much will be my salary after MS, will I get a job after MS.

    Questions you have to ask are

    1) How many people you know personally who went to USA and had to come back without a job?
    2) What is long term benefits of spending 20 lakhs today.
    3) What is the upside of MS from USA vs job in India.

    We have covered all the questions in previous posts.

    1. Answers to these questions from my personal experience :

      1. I have spoken to numerous people who have gone to the US for higher education , but none of them have come to India with out a job and NOT ONE has discouraged me while I was applying and mind you they are from so called “AVERAGE ” universities and all of them are doing good and working in the US full time with H1B visa.
      I agree that its not always right to paint a rosy picture about studying abroad , but what is life without taking risk? I don’t want to crib for the rest of my life saying ” how I wish I had studied abroad and made a good career [I am not saying I can not have a good career in India ]

      2. Long time benefits of studying abroad is no match to the 20 lakhs spent today . I agree 20 lakhs is a huge amount , but today you wont find a decent piece of land in Bangalore for the same amount.

      3. Upside of MS from USA vs Job here is one major factor and I don’t think I need to answer that as it has been discusses in several previous posts.
      God forbid , even if I come back with out a job , I bet the amount of knowledge and skills I would have gained would be way too high as compared to my current job here.

        1. hellow

          I just check out one post of someone saying that after completing MS in aerospace from USA u won’t get recruit in US Companies due to security matter.

          Is it correct..?? Can you please explain me about this issue.

          Please Reply me. I’ m looking for MS in USA that’s y.

  88. Hi guys , I am currently studying masters in a very decent university with very good faculty in US . When I read this article before coming to US I wouldn’t have considered .. But now after spending 2 whole years in US I completely agree with this article .

  89. Hi,

    Thanks for your post. I work at an MNC in India, joined as a fresher last year. I also had offers from few top universities, but no assistantships. Although I was in two states of mind till now, I feel I did the right thing choosing to work.
    It makes no sense in taking a huge loan and at the same time the thought whether I ll get a job or not after the MS.
    Also, working here, I feel that our country really needs us. Our country needs a little push to make out of this transition of Developing to Developed nation. See what Chinese are doing. Most Chinese in the US are returning to their country and contributing. Of course, this is due to the initiatives by the Chinese government to retain this talent.
    Our country needs us, the young blood, the broadest base of the population pyramid, in every sector. Be it politics, be it space research, be it IT, be it Automotive, be it Electronics, be it Entrepreneurs.

    Proud to be an Indian…… Request all those brilliant Indians in the US to please come back and help in pushing our country forward. Its always good to have an extra hand.

    When I went to US to present my research paper, I happened to meet one 40 year old Indian, working at a reputed university as a faculty. He had come to the conference with his 12 year old kid. I obviously felt excited seeing an Indian doing good in US and asked the kids father to consider sending him back to India. He gave me a pathetic look and told me India is not a place to be in for people like us!! I pity such losers.

    Though there are many Indian Americans who make us proud almost in every other field.

    I have a lot of respect for the US and the way the Americans do things. Their thought process is truly outstanding. This is something we need to learn from them and try using these values here too.. I am sure we will rock one day…….

    Thanks for reading …


  90. Can you please stress on the research aspect/option of staying in US,i want to go for a MS in theoretical physics (astrophysics) simply because i find that research options are COMPARATIVELY BETTER in that field and most of the leading research is happening there.
    If i want to devote my life to research work with utmost zeal there,should i go forward and explore that possibility irrespective what eventually happens there ?

  91. Internationals who graduate from good schools like Purdue, UT Austin, Georgia Tech shouldn’t have much of a problem getting an H1-B. At least from what I know, they can easily find a company willing to sponsor H1B.

    1. Yes you are right and I know this cause I am from one of the Universities you mentioned above.

      1. I am about to enroll in one of the above for Fall 2012. Could you tell me a few details about your experience at “one of the above” and how easily you got a job. My original comment notwithstanding, I can’t deny this blog article created a little tension within me…

  92. I am leaving this blog…so discouraging it is…..I also am a PhD student at some univ in US….things are not exactly the same mentioned by the author….too discouraging man….u guys are just creating tension among freshers who are planning to come to US……by anyway they will come if they have decided to do so..no way ur stupid blogs will stop them in doing so..but yes some kind of tension you are successfully implanting in those guys…keep up the good work.

    ans dont post this comment…it is just for you..delete this in moderation…

    good luck with your job

    1. Whats listed in this post is actual reality. Purpose of the blog is to give an objective view about life in USA, not to paint a rosy picture.

      1. Yes, you shouldn’t paint a rosy picture, but you should paint all parts of it. I think if someone is average/slightly above average in academics, PERFECTLY FLUENT in english and they’re at a good uni (doesnt have to be Ivy League as the author mentioned), like top 20 or so, then they shouldn’t have a problem getting a job. Am I right, HSB?

        The author made it seem like ALMOST no-one can get a job and H1B now, in my opinion…

        1. People have their opinions and their style of expressing their ideas. the mindset you have is what that will change when you come to USA.

          “I’m average in academics, can I survive in USA”

          What education in USA will teach you is this. If you are average today, doesn’t mean you will be average for rest of your life. To get that mindset less you don’t have to be in Ivy League.

          Last year H1B quota was filled and this year it will be filled. So, just one article shouldn’t drive your decision. If no on will get H1B, how did USCIS issue 85,000+ H1B visa last year?

          1. about filling H-1B visas, well yes 85000 visas were filled last year. But how many of them were filled by Indian students completimg MS/Ph.D. last year or lets say any students. Many of those visas were filled by IT companies for their employees and also different countries. I know many H-1Bs were bagged by companies like infosys, wipro for those employees who never went to USA universities. Many people will not agree with me but every year 1 lakh indian students graduate. a good study will show how many of those 1 lakh got H-1B visa? remember those 85000 H-1B visas are for whole world and for employees-not necessarily indian students completing MS/Ph.D. there.

  93. True Facts about the Education in USA, life style & job opportunities.

    Author has written with some very good experience.

  94. “Now to touch upon the final subject of the poor souls that return to India empty handed” -May be its only me, but I dont find this statement cool. You dont have to pity the ppl who goes back.

    1. The author is showing pity because, indeed, their state is pitiable. Just think about it. You took a loan. You thought america is great, everyone of my relatives and friends are getting settled there and so even I must. With this logic you go there. Then you realize all the things mentioned in this article after reaching there. If youre returning obviously you cudnt make it there and now you no choice but to return. Now when you return, you realize that in India(for most sectors atleast), youu re degree isnt given any special treatment. You have to start on entry level jobs and repay your with your Indian salary. So obviously you re plans have turned on their head. Put yourself into these shoes and you tell me what is your state of affairs?

      This might not happen to everyone but theres no denying it has happened in the past. I know friends of mine who have returned empty handed from UK.

      1. Dude, 2 of my elder brothers have studied here n r working, one has gone back n is working in Dubai. Guess what ?, the one in Dubai is earning the most n living the best. Sit thinking everything is over, being a pussy n for sure everything will be over for sure.
        Let me tell you one more thing, nearly 30 yrs back, my dad dint even have a college degree. He started his own business in an engineering field the middleast n has done so well, more better than the engineers who went abroad or anything. So if you go in with ur avg mindset u’l be avg be it U.S or India.
        N what buddy, I too am in the U.S rit now(student), but at least of now I dont feel interested in working here (may be just a couple of years just to show the work experience). U get a work n u work like a robot n ur life flies by. I prefer staying where I have my own ppl n friends.

        1. I agree with you man…if you try hard you can be successful….and dont make it personal…I dont have any sort of average mindset…infact I stayed back in India even after getting admits in US cuz i want to be an entreprenuer here(and I got a core engineering job here …But I am talking about people who have already given up or for inadvertent reasons had to come back to India(like immigration problems)….my friend whos did his MS from UK is an example….he came back without a job…he has a loan on 15 lakhs which he has to pay off now…all the job offers hes getting here are in the range of 3-4 laks per year..that in my book is a pretty bad state to be in(and thats what the author highlights)….also some may come back because they go to US to get a job in their own domain….but end up with IT job and so come back…getting a core job anywhere in the world is pretty hard…that to do get one within a limited time with limited or no contacts can be a tall order….

          Anyway,this is a general forum and is not domain specific….things can vary from industry to industry…so not point getting heated over anything

          1. Ok bro, i dint take it personal but i’m really upset seeing all the posts n comments here saying its very hard n difficult n risky. I wud say if someone’s in your friends stage, to take up the best offer he has in hand now, n keep trying for other opportunities. Like if he luks for 50 opportunities atleast one among it should be really really good for sure (it may take an year or two), n by that time his work experience will also count

          2. People make decisions based on what is good for them and their risk taking potential. Its not fair for me to just paint good looking picture about USA, some find it tough, some take this as a challenge.

            Folks who don’t want to take risk have different opinion.

          3. this is the picture u have painted – After masters all search for a job. Getting H1B is difficult. Employers dont want to do that as they dont want to go through that trouble. The cost invloving in H1B is high. Next option is to join for Phd. If some1 has real honest interest in academics then there is a bright career waiting for him(if some1 has that interest i’ll say he shud continue in the academic field itself.) But most come here for studies aiming to work n settle, not out of love for academics- So most of you are not going to have that option also. Now after all that if u decide to go back to India u’re still doomed.
            MY DEAR HSB, tell what should some1 infer from this ? You don’t have to draw a good looking picture, but u don’t have to draw too ugly a picture either !

          4. You an infer and conclude what you want, thats up to you.
            You call it as ugly, I call it as reality.

          5. Is reality that bad HSB ? How many have returned back being that disappointed ? I am not in an IVY league school, but most of the guys we know(yes we are well informed) have got in somewere or the other. Y is it so then if its so like what you have said ? Honestly, have u some problem with too much Indians comming here ?

          6. Post doens’t talk about statistics of how many returned back from USA, its gives 3 options for students who have completed MS. You are reading too much into the article.

            If you want to have an argument, then post the question to the actual author and ask why he thinks reality is ugly or bad.

          7. Dear George, HSB has supported students aspiring abroad education in many ways. It is providing practical information at 360 degrees in one place. And a blog cannot be a static website whr an author post his opinion and that’s it. Readers along with the blog owner tend to share their info on the issue raised by a reader.
            You should know that the admin of any ideal blog will not be prejudiced on an issue. It becomes his responsibility to discuss the real time experiences not some theoretical bullshit.
            Your comment,” Honestly, have u some problem with too much Indians comming here ?” is not appropriate.

          8. Dude u have set cat among pigeons by u r harsh remark….. indirectly u r suggesting that if someone is a average student then he should stifle his/her dream of studying in usa which 99.99% of people do this for getting job in usa.. which according 2 u is impossible for a average student pursuing his/her ms in average us universities….. so dude what should the ‘average’ student do?…. r u suggesting that he/she should rub his ‘rat ass’ in india which has a ‘bullshit’ education system…
            dude iam expecting a good reply not a forced retort…

          9. I don’t think its about what average students can’t do, its about you being able to afford taking a financial risk when its possible that things may not work out. An average student can ALWAYS find SOME job in US, but thats not something people expect after completing an MS.

  95. Good One..
    Everyone knows this shit! + Everyone Tries very hard to land in US.

    PS: I got 2 admits.. Waiting for more + packing my bags..

  96. Hi, Thanks for this discussion. I am here in US about to graduate in May and already have a job offer with a company.

    I wanted to know your opinion on how do company in people take person who come to India after having their masters degree and a 1.5 to 2 years of job experience here in the corporate world ?

    That will be of big help to know.


    1. At this point everyone have expereince in corporate world & or with MS in US.Its the question of survival.

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