If You’re an Average Person Doing Average Work, You will be Fired

World is changing with the New Media, but can you recognize the change and adapt?

If you are an Average guy doing average work, companies will find someone else to do it for cheap.

Here is a question from Luther

Since you have done Bachelors from India and MS from USA in the field of computer science, I thought you will be the best person to answer these queries.

Can an average BE/Btech Computer science student from India survive in the challenging and competitive US universities? Because there is a LOT of difference between the two educational systems.

We CS students from India are more worried about scoring marks during bachelors than about doing things practically and gaining knowledge and experience. Most colleges in India (except IIT’s and other reputed universities) emphasize on theory than practical approach towards computer science subjects.

An average CS student who has scored a first class distinction in bachelors, good GRE score , recos need not be technically adept. He joins one of the top software services firms here and later realizes that the kind of work he is doing is not what he expects and he is not gaining much knowledge here.

Can such a person survive in the competitive US educational system ? Is it mandatory to be highly skilled to graduate from the US Universities? If a person posses a strong desire to learn and work hard , is that not sufficient to graduate and get a job thereafter.

Average Worker vs Good Pay

Watch the following interview with  Seth Godin

Highlights from the Interview

  • Good People cannot make good money for Average Work anymore.
  • Survival will be tough, if you are doing what you are told to do.
  • Average guy doing average work will be replaced.
  • No point in racing to the bottom
  • Race to the Top – Do something and make it interesting. Others will find you.

Average Students in USA

Answers from Seth Godin should have answered your questions.

I watched the video 3 times.

Average students can survive in USA and several thousands  of students have survived, but can you thrive in long run?

Being average worker/student is not enough to be part of Race to the Top.

Degree from US University might  get you a job.

If you came to USA and still consider yourself average after completing your college degree, then you are already part of the race to the bottom.

Unfortunately, colleges don’t offer courses to prepare you to be part of race to the top. You have to educate yourself.

Start building your brand to race to the top.

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  1. Hi Raghuram,
    Asking for a favour,can you please provide the audio version of the video.It will be a great help to the students who don’t have good internet connection.

  2. This is serious b******t. Its been going on for years and there’s nothing new about what he said. You can only survive in an industry if you have [email protected] to survive, and for that you always have to give your best in any environment, if not you won’t survive! There are people who say it in a way that seems to be interesting, like the guy in the above video. Its his job to promote himself as an entrepreneur(that’s his idea for how he’s surviving). There ain’t any new revolution on its way.

    Hell no!! You can’t change your education system, don’t you know how things work in India!! Get yourself engaged in some other stuff like making yourself technically adept, because that’s the ultimate thing that will help you survive in USA or in any other work environment.

    I would suggest HSB to come up with more quality posts instead of just giving people a topic to debate on.

    1. FYI – You may not be aware of Seth Godin. But, he’s one the top marketing minds of our lifetime. He doesn’t need to advertise himself. Looks like you haven’t got the message right. Its not about working hard. It how you embrace “new media”.

      1. Basically ,the guy above doesnt know about Seth Godin,Ask him to google him .And then ask him whether he wants to post a comment or will he like to delete the above comment

  3. by this article i got that if we want to survive and to lead a happy life v should have same talent in our field…… matter weather we work hard or nope……. its all about our creativity which find new things that makes some money….our talent will keeps us in the top……… plz try to improve ur knowledge…………all the best friends…………..

  4. In India not only education system need change, but also mindset of people need change. Everyone is in rat race of mugging theory and getting high scores in college nobody is bothered about knowledge. People who are hard working they don’t get sufficient and efficient resources to learn. Nobody talks about creativity, skills, knowledge, inventions. Every student and employee must educate itself else it will become difficult for all of us to survive. Regretting will only waste time it will fetch nothing, we must search opportunities to gain knowledge coming from any means and mode and yes it will be very difficult but NEVER GIVE UP………………. All the best

  5. I am preparing myself for the American culture since I am quite firm that I will make it to University of Chicago anyhow. I need more on their way of lifestyle.. P.S. I used to see tonnes of Sitcom earlier depicting American culture.. But I need more.. Can someone help???


  6. @ HSB ,

    Thank you for replying. 🙂

    My definition of an average person was in terms of technical knowledge (specially Programming).
    I am not technically adept even though I have been working in the Top software firm in India for almost 2 years. The reason is , I have not had a chance to work on good projects and hence no exposure.

    my question was , with such minimal technical exposure can a student survive in the universities? If he is ready to work hard and posses a strong desire to learn , is that not sufficient to graduate and get a job thereafter?

      1. @HSB :If possible can you please write some posts specifically on Computer Science subjects , projects and assignments from your past experience . It will be VERY HELPFUL for prospective Computer Science graduate students as it will help them to be prepared mentally .

  7. this article clearly depicting that there is something needs to be done to change our education system

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