Should I Study MS in USA After Working for 1 Year?

Question- Masters or  Work Experience then Masters

My name is Shrinivas. I completed my Engineering in 2011 in Information Technology. I got a job on November 2011 in an IT company and then worked for 5 months over there. Now I am in another IT company as a Developer since last one month.

I always had a dream to go to USA for studying Masters. Now I am faced with a situation that when should I give GRE and go for MS? Should I wait for one year of experience and then go for MS or should I leave the job and study for GRE and go for MS by January 2013?

Is leaving the job studying hard for MS and then going for MS by 2013 January a good option?

Please guide me through this situation.  Awaiting for your response.

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Work Experience or Masters

Its April 2012 and you are out of time for Fall 2012 semester in USA.

You can  try for Spring 2013 (January 2013) or Fall 2014 (August 2013) or later.

Job Experience

You have started in November 2011. If you apply for Spring 2013, you would have over 1 year work experience.

Quitting the job is not the right move.

You should be able to prepare for GRE while working full time.

Refer to

I don’t think quitting the job and preparing is the right idea.


You might be thinking, if you study full-time for GRE, you can improve your score or you cannot concentrate on GRE prep and full-time work at same time.

If you think you don’t have time, then read this post How to Create the Time You Don’t have.

Complete GRE  before June End or Max July 2nd week.

So, the answer to your question

Now I am faced with a situation that when should I give GRE and go for MS? Should I wait for one year of experience and then go for MS or should I leave the job and study for GRE and go for MS by January 2013?

You should go for Masters (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany or other countries) with 1 year work experience.

Even if you have a shadow of thought that you cannot work and study for GRE, then take this as a challenge and go for it.

While studying Masters, you will be facing similar tough, time crunching semester end situations. This experience will help you.

Also, several folks have shared GRE Experience on how to prepare while working full-time.

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  1. Hi HSB,

    I have been following this blog regularly these days. It gives right kind of insight for the students/ experience people who want to pursue their MS.
    I am in dilemma of this whole IT stuff in India. I am 27 now and I have been working for over 5 years with current experience on mobile technologies in one of the top IT consulting firm Deloitte. The main focus for me was to do MS since i finished my engg in 2007. I always had a plan and perseverance to pursue my MS in computers in top 5 universities. But with the engineering background that i had, i was no where near to get in top universities then. With the experience that i have now do you think that there is an opportunity for me to get into top 5? I do not want to take a path where many people apply for MS and then look out for a consultant to fetch a job and get their H1b done. The purpose for me to get into top 5 Universities is to pursue their unique courses and learn some thing innovative. Can you please guide me as what would be my chances to get into top 5, would my experience really count (Of course i would be writing my GRE & TOEFL and try to get the cut of score)? Do you really suggest me to go ahead for MS for the experience that i have ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry! I forgot mentioned last post, I alreday wrote IELTS, I got 5.5 band…………according to this score , please advice better Universities…………

  3. Hi friends! I passed out Bsc nursing 2010, now I am planning to jion Masters in nursing at USA, I have experience as a grammer teacher from 2003 – 2006 and 1 year in hospatality, Please suggest which are the unvericities conducting Masters in nursing at USA and requirements, if I will try student now, will I get student visa?

  4. Hi,

    I advice you not quit the job for preparing GRE. Here, I completely agree with what Ashish said as you will face such situations in US where multitasking is required and better you start doing it from now.
    Even Iam working with MNC from 2 years and now about to give my F1 visa interview in July.
    Best of luck!!!

  5. @ryavnash —

    Why the hell they(HSB folks) are concerned about sharing their thoughts on this blog for free ?
    Aren’t they get paid if they spend the same time on something else instead of answering all these queries. I believe that their main intention is to help the MS aspirants and prospective students to get through in a right direction. No one on this planet #3 is ready to give a free advises by spending their precious time. Hope you guys know how every hour in the USA is spent for making money.

    Yes, they want the promotions of this HSB URL for internal maintenance of this site.
    Who is going to pay for the servers n stuff ?

    I thank the whole team of the HSB for maintaining this site..

  6. What have you been doing these days ?
    Are you in such a worst position for money ?
    Why are you trying to irritate us in all the possible ways ?
    Do you think that stupid answer is enough ?
    You have changed the layout form single page to pages for all articles these days ?
    Is it because you want more hits ?
    we aren’t here to go keep on clicking hits for you stupid needs !
    We are in need of answers and we thought ( at least i thought ) this was the best place for it and finally you overdid yourself !
    you have shown your mind’s thinking style
    But just once think what is the real aim in running this site ?
    is it to help us ?
    if yes, then let it be that way.
    if no, please change your mind set.

    1. HSB is Not a Non Profit Organization. Yes, to get more hits, as admin of this site, I can do what it takes get more traffic.

      If you are willing to pay for advise ( I will charge per hour), then let talk about list of things you have stated above.

          1. Well so you admit that you are forced to delete those posts and aspects which affect your popularity and business. Admit it and be a hero!!!!

          2. So good to see that you actually reverted back with an answer
            well i’m happy now
            i ain’t going to judge someone
            its your site
            maintain it in the way you love to do
            the only thing i wanted is recently you have been posting some listings of colleges
            the thing that irked me was the total list comprised of around 15 colleges or something like that but you have dedicated a whole page for each college
            and this type of posting does seem like a problem
            or at the best just give a option like yahoo near the numbering of the page like read all
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            something like that would be awesome
            the above questions were asked out of no particular reason and i understand those would be irritating but i had to
            Anyways We Love HSB
            I Love HSB

  7. I got admission offer but Bank is not ready to finance me as I don’t have any coborrower. Can anybody help me to get financial aid for my MBA in USA?

  8. Here’s my opinion on your question. Work Experience will only help your grad school application. But your work experience has to be relevant to what you want to do research in. For example, if you interested in studying Data Mining or Data Visualization .. work in companies that do those things.

  9. I shall try to like every post as far as possible.
    Because, I know how it is like,if your questions are unanswered.
    But,I still acknowledge the fact,that thousands post their questions and one person cannot really answer all of them.I do like the strategy 🙂

  10. What kind of a condition is that? Just give your opinion on the poor lad’s question regardless of how many likes your post gets!

      1. @HSB – +1. Do understand that time of the people advising here is precious and same hold for HSB, it is easy to come here and talk shit about religion, culture, patriotism but it’s really hard to tackle all those forum post when you are at receiving end. Kudos to HSB!!!

        Srinivas my 2 cents, I will never give up my job preparing for GRE, don’t be stupid!!! GRE is not as hard as you think, try studying after work hours and on weekends. If you cannot do that forget about MS because there will be tougher challenges after you land on US and if you are among those who can do one work at a time, you won’t be able to cope with life here. Don’t leave your job and Pranav is absolutely right there. Try choosing field which is bit aligned to your current job, that will help you in grads and job there. Please read my post more on how experience will help you abroad.



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