GRE Preparation Time Table : 1 Month

If you have less than one month for GRE, then following study plan is customized just for you, but get ready to work your ready for bumpy road and burn midnight lamp.

Today I will talk about GRE Exam preparation strategies and study tips when you have just 1 month to GRE Exam date. Last week, I covered GRE Test Prep Time Table for 2 and 4 Months. Make sure you read the 4 month schedule before proceeding with this article.

If you were preparing for GRE Exam of over 4 months, by now you should have noted down all the formulas and test taking strategies. During last 1 month, you should concentrate on improving

  • Problem solving speed
  • Confidence
  • Timing and accuracy
  • Decision making

First 3 to 4 months of your preparation should have determined your broad GRE Score range (1 point range).

For example, based on your skill level before you started preparing for GRE + efforts during last 2 to 3 months should decided, if you are going to score between 295 to 300 or 310 to 325 (or so).

If you decide to push yourself to extreme limits with GRE test prep effort in last month, you should be able to improve your score by 200 points. With 1 month left and your practice test scores are is not upto your expectation, then you have to be aggressive with your GRE Test preparation.

GRE Study Plan One Month

  • Weekdays: 6 to 7 hours
    • Mornings:
      • 1 Hour: GRE Verbal  and GRE Math
      • 1 Hour – Practice Test
      • 1 Hour Test Review
    • Evening:
      • 1  Hour: GRE Verbal (review words from morning)
      • 1 Hour: Practice Test (Paper and Computer Based)
      • 1 Hour: Test Review
  • Weekends: 15 to 20 hours
    • Sundays: 1 full test, Study
    • Analytical Writing Practice (2 to 3 hours)

As you can see the aggressive nature of this tGRE preparation time table. Basically, you have to work on completing GRE Test on time. By taking 2 tests per day, you will get used to taking the test. Also, it will expose any weakness you may have.

If you are spending too much time on single problem, then you should be able to make a decision at that instance and move along.

If you are stuck at first few questions and getting them incorrect will lower your score range, you should be able to move on to next question. But, on the exam day, it will be very hard for you to move on to next question. Only by practice you will get that mental toughness to solve the problems without getting stuck.

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  1. Sir i am left with 20days for the test want to improve my verbal score can u suggest any word list and tips for AWA

  2. hi sir i have completed my BCA in june-2011.then after i gave old GRE first time and i got very poor score 790/1600.but without any guidance and any classes.right now i am doing job and also free lancer work. and i decided to give GRE second time with classes.i just want to ask you how many verble words i have to prepare because i crammed 3500 words at first time old GRE but i faced nothing any words in exam even not only one words, so how to prepare words?can i have to prepare synonyms of words? And it is ok to give GRE this time for me to get admission in MBA in US. give me some tips and please help me out . lots of thanks.

  3. hi kuldip,

    my name is sohel and just wanna get a slight idea from you, i m not sure whether yu can come clean on that , nevertheless, i have applied for University of north texas health science centre at fort worth texas for MS in clinical research management 2013-2015 and i have scored 280 in GRE what wud u suggest in regards of my chance of gettin into this institution. lookin forward to hear from you regarding the same, its a tier 2 university

  4. Hi I took the GRE a few days ago and received an 145 Q and 155 V. I took both powerpower prep test and scored 149 and then 153. I am planning on retaking the test in a month and know that I get stuck on word problems. I am pretty content with my verbal score but wouldn’t mind increasing it a couple more points. Primarily, my concern here is boosting my quant. I have purchased the Manhatten Prep books. Do you think going through the Word Problems book will help me with increasemy Quant score to at least a 155? I only have one month to improve. Thank you.

  5. Hi,
    I just passed my engineering in IT. I am right now working as a software engineer at Symantec Software India Pvt. Limited. I gave the GRE last month without any preparation and scored 148 in verbal and 152 in quants. Although, I was planning to apply for fall 2013 with my current scores I don’t think I’ll get into good universities. Do you think applying for fall 2014 by reappearing for GRE (and working on it this time) would be better ? or Do you think I should study early, reattempt GRE before december and apply for fall 2013 itself ? With my new job I really find it hard to extract time for studies.

  6. hi guys.i got 93 in tofel and my gpa is around the 1st attempt in gre i got 306.i am planning to retake it…can youl tel me how mny hours of serious study i should put in if i need a seat in top 20/30 .
    please reply soon

  7. i have a poor gpa (2.6) in my engineering college. i intend on to do a MSc in Finance. Do u think i will be able to apply in top 20 colleges in the US?

  8. Hi,
    I am going to book GRE date on November 15 since I just started preparing for GRE.
    So will I be getting enough time to apply in CS for different Universities ,as I heard that maximum of good universities(top 30) admission closes in December…
    Also want to know some good full length practice test apart from Barron’s, Kaplan’s and powerpepII.

  9. HI
    I had taken GRE in 2009. Was inconsistent with studies especially word list, didnt take any test etc. but somehow managed to pull 1360 (770Q 590V). Just listened to some audio files of words by M Krupashanker while coming from and going to office- a journey of 3 hrs everyday. I was keen on applying to PhD in Mgmt. in US. I have 2 masters including one from IIT Delhi and a decent acad. 2 months ago the bug again bit me and this time I started preparing for GMAT as now I have a good business orientation in my current job and can see how an MBA can value add. But then I realised B Schools have started taking GRE too.So it suddeny struck me that why dont I give it a shot again. I am already doing GMAT level quant, SC, RC. The only thing to brush up is Wordlist- that too has been changed from Antonyms to this new verbal pattern. SO I have taken the date of 4 Oct as I have to adhere to October application dates of b-schools.

    Please suggest me the best way to score a 740+ GMAT equivalent. I am sure I can improve my verbal and quant both, even on this new 170 scale. Also please share the online tests i shud take. I have put all things aside and am very serious about this. Thanks so much.

  10. Hi..I just graduated.(BTech. – CSE).I hvnt booked my slots for GRE yet..but I m planning to take it in october end 2012 .. for Fall 2013? Can u suggest some univs to apply by Dec?

    Profile: 10th : 91.83%
    +2: 82%
    Btech CSE: 9.175/10
    1 academic research proj ,Internship at IITKgp
    … plz suggest..I really dunno much..!

    1. hi aditi….
      first you have to book your gre slot … because there is two or three month advance booking in that …… and you have to complete with your gre and tofel by atmax feb…. so if you really want to focus on fall 2013 …. just fix your slot as soon as possible …. then after that you cogitate for universities……. so plan as soon as possible .. best of luk….

  11. Hi there,
    I have been working as an applications developer over the past two years. I attained a Bachelor in Science (IT) degree from the University of Mumbai in 2010. I would like to pursue a Masters. What is the latest I can attempt my GRE to try getting into a college for Fall 2013. Also, when are the likely document acceptance deadlines of colleges for the same?

  12. Hi,
    I am appearing for GRE general test on 24th sept. 2012. I have been preparing for the test for around 2 months. Now I’m scoring around 310 in Kaplan Practice test. How can I push my score a little further. Any suggestions??
    Thank You.

  13. hi!
    i have only one month left for gre.i hv solved quant from new edition of barrons.pls suggest
    me some books which will cover my quant and it possible to get above 320 by one months study!!!!!!!!!

    1. hi rukmani….
      definately it is possible to score 320+ . if u are from engineering background then there will not be any problem in quant section now you have to focus only on your verbal section more than your quant, and if you are not from engineering backgrouund than you have to focus on both equally …… solve as many practice papers as possible try to manage time and you have to know your weaknessess and than try to work on that…… so practise as much as possible this is the only key for scoring good marks in gre …. you have to study at least 6 to 7 hours a day and give 3 hto 4 hours a day in practise session ….. solve full length test twice a week this would help you in managing time and you also came through your weakness…best of luck….

  14. Seems like we are on the same boat.When I consulted my counsellor, she said the worst case scenario for people like us to give GRE is by September end.

  15. Hi Anuraag
    I have also taken date on 20th of September. For QA and Verbal, you should follow 1014 practice questions by Princeton Review. It posses variety of questions with explanations for each questions. I think this will be more than enough. With real dedication u can finish it within 2 weeks. Please let me know GRE score and feedback as you are going to face it 2 days earlier than me.

    1. Can anyone please suggest me the whole gre pattern with marks of each section and time.
      i have taken gre date on 14 september. i dont know about timing. n how to prepare. Give reply

      1. Revised GRE contains 5 sections. Initially you will encounter with Analytical witting in with you will have to write essay on two topics ,time for each essay will be alloted 30 minutes. After that you will face 2 sections of verbal ability and 2 section for Quantittive ability or reasoning and one experimental section of either verbal or Quantitative and it may come any time ,it starting or in the middle or last. Time for verbal ability and Quantitative is limited for 30 mins and 35 mins respectively and each section contans 20 questions.

  16. hi,
    im planning to write gre, so please give me complete information about applying, top universities, when to write?,wat r d books to be referred ? (i m doing B.E 3rd year mech).


    any other exams

  17. Hi..I just graduated..I hvnt booked my slots for GRE yet..but I m planning to take it in october end 2012 .. Can I apply for Fall 2013? Can u suggest some univs to apply by Dec?

    Profile: 10th : 91.83%
    +2: 82%
    Btech CSE: 9.26/10
    1 academic research proj.
    Internship at IITKgp… plz suggest..I really dunno much..!

  18. Hiya

    I currently reside in the UK and work as a HR officer. I attained a Master’s degree from the University of Manchester in the year 2010. I wish to pursue a Ph.D degree in I/O psychology from an American or Canadian Universities. The universities that I am looking at requires an average score of 1200 to 1300. I have a full time 9 to 5 job and the application deadlines are in December and early January. Do you reckon it is realistic to aim for these scores if I intend to take the test in November? If someone could let me know the new GRE equivalent scores I would be grateful. Furthermore any advice on the must have books would be extremely appreciated.

    P.S. my numerical skills are my weakest area.

    Kind Regards


  19. Hi there

    I currently reside in the UK and work as a HR officer. I attained a Master’s degree from the University of Manchester in the year 2010. I wish to pursue a Ph.D degree in I/O psychology from an American or Canadian Universities. The universities that I am looking at requires an average score of 1200 to 1300. I have a full time 9 to 5 job and the application deadlines are in December and early January. Do you reckon it is realistic to aim for these scores if I intend to take the test in November? If someone could let me know the new GRE equivalent scores I would be grateful. Furthermore any advice on the must have books would be extremely appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  20. Hi,

    My test date is on the 18th of September. But I have too much material from multiple sources. What are the good sources for some crash course in QA and Verbal. Is the ETS guide any good? Is it worth buying now? Is there a list of topics for AW? I have an age old pdf which states that the AW section topics are all given in ets but I was unable to find it. I had seen a few sample topics but the heading of the Topic itself sounded French to me. Need help!! and any sites where I can take sectional tests?

  21. Hello,
    I have done my Bachelors in computer science .. and now I want to change my branch and get into Civil! Is it possible to do so?

    And what are the prerequisites for it?
    Thank you!! 🙂

  22. I studied dual degree course( ) in computer science from IIT .i want to do do MS in CSE which can be completed in 1.5 yrs.which has 30 credits rather than 33 credits.
    like univerisity of florida,gainesville.

    can you list me out more universities please…..

    1. Invest some money you can not give full length practice test online. Yeah but there are two test which can replicate your score. Download tool poweperp from ets. You can buy kaplan it has 7practice test. and gre for dummies it has 5 practice test.

  23. Has this one month plan really worked …since even I have only one month to write my gre exam can I score a 305 plus

    1. ya definately jayant……..
      even u can score 310 plus …. just putting good efforts and moving on a right track will provide this …………. first thing is u have to be faith in yourself and and be confident while doing preparation and solve full length test as much as u can , practice is the key for success in gre ……….. best of luck for your exam do well…

  24. Hi
    I have completed my third year in (electronics & communication) & now I am planning for MS in communication or electronics engineering from a good university.
    Anyone please give me some good options.And if possible provide some details about entry requirements also.

    Thanks in advance

  25. My testdate is n aug 6 hardly a week more to go..right now i m doing kaplan practise test…for verbal my score is nly 4-5/20 but for quants 15+/20 feeling very dissapointed…plz help

    1. give practice test , powerperp2 download from ets site. This test will replicate your score in actual gre.

  26. Hi friends!
    iam preparing for gre since last month.i am not good in analytical writig session .please suggest best sites and books for awa .

    1. Hi suma
      Do not worry about awa. GRE for dummies is good for awa and you can follow manhattan’s essay writing guide. And don’t forget about official guide, you will get some idea on essay strategy. And do not follow kaplan it is nothing but waste of time.
      good luck

      1. hi kuldeep…
        sorry for interruption in between can u plz guide me what i should try for improving my quants …. i have a engineering background …… and i got 80 percentof my answers corrrect in practise test of different sites online….. i have my gre xam on 9 oct … and what should i try for verbal section…………

        1. Hi piyush
          Well good quant score, and you have enough time to improve your verbal score and quant. Try to solve grubers quant section. It has good collection of word problems. Manhattan, grubers and princeton has good level questions in verbal and quant section. For verbal section follow read as much as you can read. In addition, reading passages have 5o% role in cracking verbal so focus on reading strategy. And try to give one full length test in between four days.
          official guide has two test.
          manhattan has six test.
          kaplan has 7 test.
          grubers has two test. And remmeber word in context will hel you in cracking verbal part.
          good luck

          1. thanks kuldeep
            i think this would help me alot in improving my score in different sections……….
            thanks for your prestigious advice….

  27. hiiii friends,
    i am pursuing my engineering in information technology, right now i am in second year, will any one please give me details about scholarships of universities will i get…
    plz plz plz

  28. I am medical doctor with specialisation in medical microbiology (M.D). I would like to pursue a PhD program in medical sciences. I am planning to take GRE. What is the minimum score required. I do not have any publications. Is publication necessary to get a PhD program in USA? And how many months preparation required. I want to join teaching class in Bangalore area. Which is best teaching centre? I would be delighted to get your valuable advice.

    1. yes publication is very important. Though i didn’t heard them much in MS. But for PhD you need publication or you will end up in some average universities. And for good university you need to work on GRE well. And its upto you,, generally GRE required 3months for the preparation. And you have to find coaching centre by yourself because in gre coaching centers give you little idea about this test. Buy ETS official guide and get some idea about test. Download powerperp2 and give test and then tell us about your score.

  29. Hello everyone!

    I am preparing for GRE since last 15 days…I am doing my BTech 4th year and planning for the fall 2013. Can anyone suggest me the right time to take my GRE and Toefl and also any web sites for the Mock tests.

    1. hi manoswitha….
      if you are planning for fall 2013 then you should be completed with your gre and tofel atmost by janurary because most of the universities has deadline in feb and march……
      so tie up your knots and make as soon as possible ……. best of luk…

  30. hai,
    presently im working in a software company..and i need some info regarding GRE since im planing to write by the end of this year..i saw the website and there r no slots till october planing to write dis november…is it beter to apply for spring or fall?? is it mandatory to pay the exam fee with credit card ..or is it ok with the debit??among the computer based and paper based exam ..which is preferable?

  31. hi,
    I am planing to ms in us ,So i am planing to give a GRE exam so wt i will do basically i am doing job so i don’t have time taken coaching so any online coaching is sufficient.i don’t know patteren also,wt is da actual score of gre and hw much we will gain.

    1. The new revised gre pattern originally have 340 score.
      In that 340 , 170 for verbal and 170 for quantitive .(170+170+6)
      and there is an another section AWA (analytical writing analysis . this have max.score is 6 )
      Before going to write de GRE exam atleast we need one month preparation .
      for more details see

  32. i booked my slot for IELTS on AUG 25 th … Is this time sufficient for getting a good score ….plz post me some suggestions … i would like to go for jan intake …. i didnt booked my slot GRE yet .. is dis sufficient for both exams to write n score a good band????????????
    plzzzzzzz suggest me when i have to take test for GRE ??????????????

  33. hey i just finished my B.E now plannig for GRE can anyone tell me about the new syllabus and the changes in gre?????
    plzz reply as soon as posible………….

    1. hi
      you have plenty of time,and you can apply for fall-2013, difference- first buy official guide, you can get the rough idea of gre pattern. There is no more antonym synonym, you will find 20 verbal question in each section there are 5 sections, one is research section( unscored section), 10 RC question, 5 SE, 5test completion. However, new GRE is not constraining vocabulary but in new gre verbal is nothing without vocabulary. And forget all those strategy like mugging up the words and cracking gre at once. Its all about
      word in context. But do not worry new GRE is way far better then old first-its computer adaptive test now, second- you can review questions. If you need any help in vocabulary or related to books then tell us we know all about best sites and books where you can hit the bull’s eye.
      good luck

        1. hi num,
          some book are here
          1. Manhattan series
          2.Gruber’s guide
          3.barron’s only for vocab
          4. kaplan (only for reading passages)

  34. hii can i knw whats the marking scheme ,,, i mean to get around 155 (not less ) how many quant questions should i get ryt both d sections …?
    what about verball …??

  35. I am preparing for GRE since last 15 days…have taken date of 8th August… so remaining time is approx 35- 40 days…this is my second attempt…earlier my score was 292 (V -139, Q-153)…i am studying from Gruber`s, Manhattan, And GRE big BOOk…can any body suggest me some xtra tips…i am planning to apply for spring`13 session…… :-)))

    1. hey hii can u give me some tips regarding preaprations m giving it on 24th july..plzz i need some help..

  36. now finished with BCA 3yrs course in Bangalore university Am i eligible for MS in abroad …kindly help me out please

  37. hi i m preparing for GRE since last 6 months.i m following 4 books for GRE.they are Barrons GRE, Kaplan GRE ,1014 practice questions by Princeton Review and official guide to GRe by i m thinking to take GRE date in the first week of August. So i want to know is that either these books and time will be sufficient or not for the final day of the GRE?

    1. hi,
      barrons-good vocabulary, kaplan-good for RC, 1014- hell this book is nothing but piece of junk, see reviews on amazon. Official guide- good for overview. Now books which are good
      1. Manhattan series.
      2. gruber’s guide.
      3 kaplan math workbook.
      4 gre for dummies.
      for essay- do not waste time with kaplan. just go with GRE FOR DUMMIES. On the other hand manhattan is bit costly but there are 7 books in manhattan for every area. But i highly recommend that do not follow kaplan because they are good for rc but they do not provide argument rc passages. If you need further help let me know i know some softwares and sites which will be helpful in words in context.
      good luck

  38. Hi,

    I have been preparing for GRE from last 1.5 months. I started with Barron old edition(only sentence completion, passages and entire quant section). Below are few books which I do have:
    Barron new, Princeton, GRE official guide.
    I have 1.5 months of preparation time. So please let me know which all books I need to prepare and also would like to know where I can get some practice tests.

    Thanks in advance…

    1. barron old edition is nothing but waste of time indeed the ocab ortion is awesome but quaint is not upto the level.manhattan is best in the series, then you can follow gruber’s guide, and do not forget about kaplan workbooks for gre and kaplan preliminary guide come up wooth 7 practice test. Princeton is good though. 2 practice test with gre official guide. 7 sets with kaplan 5 sets with manhattan and 7sets with gre for dummies. And when you going to give your exam cause some universities are going to end up at september 1st like university of florida….good luck

      1. Ya u r right. I mainly concentrated on Verbal section from old Barron’s and Quant is really easy.
        Before I started my preparation I took practice test and scored V 400 Q 700. I’m currently employed (2 yrs of exp) so doesn’t get enough time to prepare. I managed about 2 hrs per day for last 1.5 months. I recently took 1 more practice test and scored V 146 Q 157 on new scale,not much improvement???

        Thanks for the suggestion on practice tests. I will surely go through them.

        I am taking GRE on 30th july and toefl on 25th august. I’m aiming for fall 2013 and have shortlisted few Universities:
        1. universities in southern california
        2. The University of Texas at Dallas
        3. North Carolina State University
        4. San Jose State University
        more to come…

        My Profile:
        10th – 90%
        12th – 79%
        Btech(CS) – 74%
        Apart from this I have presented paper in 2 national events, 2 yrs of work experience as Systems Engineer.

        Looking at my current GRE score of 303 and toefl around 100. Please let me know your views.


        1. hey, Sanket
          your profile is good though, and you scored well on gre and toefl practice test. Your paper work plus gre and toefl will be enough to get into the best universities ,my score in verbal is 150 and 165 to 168 in quaint, and 100 in toefl. But do not go for barron’s it’s nothing but waste of time. go for workbooks of kaplan and manhattan and gruber’s. And do not forget about official guide and you can apply for spring session also.
          All the best

          1. Hi,
            I took gre on monday. It go well. Verbal was too difficult and I screwed up little 🙁
            Managed a score of 298 (V 140 Q 156). What are the chances of getting into below universities for fall 2013,
            1. The University of Texas at Dallas
            2. San Jose State University
            3. university of illinois Chicago


        2. Hi,

          I just started with the GRE preparation some 2 weeks back and I ahve taken my GRE date as 20th Aug.
          Somehow I am able to manage the vebal section but I am very poor in quant section.I currently working with Samsung and due to heavy work load I am not able to manage my time.I am poor in quant and not finding any proper book to start with.I have Nova for quant.
          Kindly help me that how can I gear up in this 1 month 8 days. Can anybody help me for the universities (Ms in Telecommunication.)

          Thanks in advance.
          Krishna Gandhi

  39. hiee
    im sairamya
    planing to study in us….
    so joined one of the gre coaching center in my place…
    but didn’t concentrate on the syllabus and right now i have 1month that is MAY and by the ending of june i am planning to write the exam(but didn’t book the slot yet) as now i hav completed my Btech 3rd year.
    so please help me what to do now
    this 1month will be enough to go through the entire syllabus?
    im really tensed up….
    please suggest me some plan to prepare for the exam and suggest me whether this 1mnth will be enough to prepare and to get good score.

    thank you

    1. i think it’s upto your level of study that where you stand right now. first write test from official guide and see what score come. if you do not have enough time to prepare so revise high frequency gre words. For faster learning use mnemonics it will really helpful. Go through all the sections once and all chapters of quaint once. Then see the level of questions asked in the gre. gruber’s is best for people who are short on time.
      All the best

  40. Its not just about actual timing — when i say i will study for 6 hours a day — it wil take atleast 7 hours for something to sink in to my head. Effective use of the time and dedication – omy i wish i could achieve that somehow!

  41. I would spend 6hour per week for english course because my optional faculty in D’youville college is Education

  42. can someone help me with barron’s wordlists…i did them once but seem to remember less than 1/4 th of them…got a month to go…any suggestions?..thanks in advance..

  43. hi,

    this is pramod. can u please tell me a way to manage GRE and my college.

    my college timings are 9 to 5.

    my GRE date is on june 16th. and my colllege sem exam ends by 1st week of june….

    can u please help me with a time table for coping up both.

    1. If you are an early bird then i guess you can manage around 2 hrs min in the morning….and about 3 hours in the evening…if possible try reading in your free time mayb lunch or other break times………and for your sem exams may b 3 hrs in d evening will do…..sounds a bit hectic…but it will reward you…..all the best for ur exam

  44. This will be great for me. Will definitely get motivation for studies to keep improving scores.

    I appreciate HSB's efforts in taking this.



  45. Hello Everybody,
    How are you. I am completing my Bachelor degree in Pharmacy. I want to have my Masters In Pharmacy, PhD in a renowned university of USA. I wish i will have good GRE score. Now i am third year student of four years bachelor degree. I am willing to get myself preapeared from right now so that i will have a good score which will help me to get myself admitted into a renowned university. What should i do now to reach my goal. Please suggest me.. What will be my start..?

  46. i gave my gre on oct 7th i had secured 750 quant:440 verbal :310 im planning to retake my exam this nov24th can u suggest me plz so that it will be helpful

  47. Hello, I have completed my masters in food science and nutrition and am looking to pursue a doctoral programme in US and Canada. I am presently preparing for my GRE and am giving the test in three weeks. In the meantime, am also exploring universities offering nutrition. During one such attempt, I came across your blog and its proving very helpful and also encouraged me to write to you. Can you guide me regarding the cut-offs for nutrition courses as well as which are the universities which i can apply to? Am interested in the research line and very particular about nutrition being the major. Looking forward to your guidance. Thanks and best regards.


  49. hi everyone , i passed the bachelor of arts out of us . i want to study master in us . how is possible ? can i get admission in master of arts here ? if anybody know in this matter tell me what i do ? what i need ? tell me plz (include every single step ) thank you .

  50. Hello friends, I want to know the gud universities for computer science stream. If anyone knows, then please do share it with me. Tell me according to their priorities as well as score required for it?

  51. I would like to know the Universities name which offers Computer networking course. If any one knows it , would you please share the information. That would be of great help. Pls mention the minimum GRE scores to seek the admission…..

    Thank u in advance ,…

  52. hi friend

    i am have booked the GRE by the end of next month… but watever i practice in quants section i am not improving… Give me some tips how to improve in quants sections… In all the practice test i score the same level its not at all improving…

  53. I made a score 1270,and that too in one month ,by just putting 1 hour per day

    which is just right ,if the hours are too many one loses the motivation very quickly

  54. time table for weekdays is good but studying for 15-20 hours during weekends is kinda least fr me.

  55. Whoah!

    Is this time table for people with no colleges or jobs?

    This is just implausible!!!!

    There's too much to give and too less time.

    Personally, I think an hour a day is perfect….Much more on holidays of course.

    After a while, most paper tests become quite tesious and easy,,,

      1. I am going to give the test in the future.

        And no offense intended ok………………….This site has proved to be a real boon to me…!

        But I would prefer a much more streamlined, more concentrated and effective way.

        I mean, seriously….this time table is much more brute force than well made.

        And well, I do have quite some guidance from my cousin who scored a 1600 on the GRE, so I stand validated.

        1. You don't stand validated since your cousin scored 1600. You will stand validated when you score 1600 in GRE. Your cousin is not going to study for you and take GRE for you. There is always the rule of privileged few. Only few can get into MIT, Harvard or Stanford (or IIM or IIT). Not everyone who writes GRE gets 1600. There is a difference between brute force and hard work. Schedule I have given looks like brute force to you because you have your cousin as point for your reference, who probably have higher IQ and intellect than rest of us.

          Again, I challenge you – take the GRE and let us know if you scored 1600 in GRE by preparing for 1 or 2 hours per day.

          1. C'mon now, you're taking this personally!

            I'm not saying you're time table is wrong or infeasable.

            Its just that, it should be more streamlined and better adapted to cases such as well, people who do have higher IQ's….or can figure out a problem faster.

            This is not like an IIT examination where you're tested on course-specific material pertaining to what you have studied related to your course in the past year. All in all, you need to essentially study and comprehend all the courseware you have in the period of a few years or months from scratch!

            This is a test to check one's aptitude as compared to others. So something like, better strategies or time saving tricks will work out better here because the courseware you're dealing with should have by now been imbibed in you.

            But of course, its not and that's why we study techniques and practice tests. It's a test more about refinement than sheer studying.

            PS……Some tips about online practise tests would be most beneficial.

      2. hello HSB m glad that i am a member in this Blog ,this is Raghuram pursuing my B.Tech 3rd year 2nd semester under the stream of mechanical engineering.These are my academic credentials.
        B.Tech CGPA till 3-1 (8.1/10 )
        Intermediate 92.0%
        SSC- 90%
        can you please tell me the way to get good funding for US universities . I am going to publish a paper on Neural networks.I have won few paper presentations & attended for many conferences & also having good industrial exposure too .can you tell me the way so that i can get good funding & sponspr ship i.e. requirements to be fulfilled in B.Tech
        awaiting for your kind response ………………………….:D:D

    1. Dude.. Either u haven't taken GRE or you are a genius.. trust me, decision making is by the my most important and difficult thing in GRE. I literally ruined my GRE (even though i still manage a 1030), because I spent too much time on 1 question in quants sec.. GRE is more of a test of ur personality and decision making abilities rather than your high-school math skill.. AND BTW.. FYI.. i am a B.Tech 4th year student and still manage to follow that schedule.. so i don't really see any reason anyone else can't..


      Adios Amigo

      1. No, I study much less than that.

        But you have to be quite retarded to require 3 to 4 hours of diurnal studying for Engineering.

        Coz if you don't get something in the first few tries…..well, you're retarded!

        1. Dear Aditya

          Instead of bragging like an idiot why dont u take GRE at the end of this month(since u r genius so u dont need to spend time on high school level probs !!) and convey us the scores. by the way give the name and GRE ref number of this so called cousin of urs. u r a looser. try to appreciate HSB's effort which he is doing altruistically for free !!

          1. I would give the exam at the end of this month….cept I'm not! And I don't quite know how "loosers" like you define bragging, because I haven't quite been a blowhard at all………just citing references that's it.

            You can't give the test in one month because theres really very few techniques to study for it in ONE MONTH…..and have an incredible score….

            Which is my problem here……….ya see….15 hours is just impossible…..I'm saying, can't there be a better prep way than just simply long brute force hours!!!!!

            And no, I will not give the ref number or the name of my cousin…..coz i'm ashamed to give it to a dicksh*t who spells "loser"……."looser"…

            Which village are you from again Thakur? And don't question my feelings towards this site…..its a wonderful site….with more tips n help than probably anywhere else.

            You need to read more…..and better…! You know reading comprehensions can be a b*tch!

          2. lol…screw this…

            Didn't mean to start any fights here…sorry….

            Let's all dial the language down n talk constructive stuff as always ok?

  56. What happend to your previous page template? I have trouble visiting your web page, the page is distorted, have you done anything wrong with the template?

    by the way, thanks for GRE schedueling

    1. Man, one have to work hard to acheive somethin in life. GRE is almost like CAT examination. U have to practice hard to get adapted to all sort of situations that may arise during the time of exam. So, 6 -7 hours during weekdays and 15 – 20 hours during weekends is needed, if one has to get a good score in GRE with just 4 months preperatio.

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