When to Start Applying for Full Time Jobs?

Last week friend of mine forwarded his resume for few entry level Software Engineer open positions in my company. His expected graduation date is May 2011, but he already started applying for full time jobs, which is good.  That gave me  an idea to write this blog post – what is the right time to start applying for full time jobs. Graduate students in US schools have to get started with your job search process as early as possible. Searching for jobs can be divided into 2 phases

  1. Passive Job Search
  2. Active Job Search

Passive Job Search

Passive job search phase includes the following list of activities

  • Building your contacts
  • Creating perfect resume
  • Target company research
  • Learning job search methods
  • Understanding job search techniques
  • Applying for internship

If you are not going to be active during passive job phase, then you are going to be in trouble when your active phase starts.You have to get started with above activities as early as possible. I would say within first month into you first semester. You will be busy finding part time jobs, RA/TA. Try to incorporate passive job search elements during your part time job hunting within campus.

Above book is MUST have for anyone who wants to be active during passive job search process.

Active Job Search

When you are about 3 months away from graduation date, you should be in Active job search phase. If you never had a chance to practice any activities during passive job hunting phase, then you are going to feel the time crunch and eventually get frustrated and depressed.

STEM graduates have to find a job within 90 days of graduation date to be in status. So, you better get started with your job search (active or passive) NOW!

If you have experience in applying for  internship, you will realize the lengthy and time consuming process and how long it takes to find a job and how many companies respond to your resume.

If you are looking to find a full time, direct employment then you have to go through passive phase followed by active job search phase. Building network takes time and effort. Overnight you cannot build your network for zero to few hundred contacts.

Questions About Job Search?

  • Do you have any questions about your job search?
  • Which phase are you in?
  • Are you staying active in both phases?
  • If not what is holding you from being active?

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  1. Hello Raghu,

    I am having 8 years of track work experience in India and now moving to US on H4. Since i cannot work on H4, i am looking for alternatives, the first one being VLSI/ASIC educational courses. Can you guide me about what type of courses are available in New Jersey area?
    Thanks for your help and time.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have an issue to clarify with you before applying for graduate school for my higher studies.I am a student from Sri Lanka and I have a physical science(General)(Hon's) degree which is a 3 years degree.(But now it has been extended for a 4 years degree with an industrial training so that both special and general degree students have same academic time period)Since I have completed that in the year 2008 only I had it as a 3 years degree.

    Since i knew that 3 years degree will not be met the GRE criteria I started a 2 years Masters degree in my is a M.Sc(Applied Statistics).My B.Sc Graduate GPA is 3.21.I have not processed teaching experience.

    I have gained IT degree from the BCS and 1 year job experience in IT field.

    But despite of all these suspected issues i sat for the GRE and still we didnt receive the results.

    Now I need a clarification if the Msc will be an issue since it is not a 1 year bridge program and at the point I am applying to the U.S universities it is in progress.But the results transcripts for the exams so far I have done in the Msc degree can be provided.

    Secondly If the duration of my current degree will be an issue when evaluating my application.(Need to know if it compromised with my Msc degree)

    Thirdly the lack of the teaching experience will be an effect when applying for the assistantships

    If so would you guide me how to eliminate these issues.

    Thank You Very Much

  3. I check it out the links of universities that you given in this good site but is these universities deal with in industrial engg. (as some are not , i check this )

    plzz tell me this thing

    & wats the procedure to admit there!!….

    plzz help me by telling this!!

  4. hi ,

    i am in active job search phase ,since 3 months,and i am on H4

    would you suggest me in my job hunt .

    i am looking to work as research assistant in microbiology.


  5. hi….

    anyone can suggest me for how to get/approach for an job oppurtunity in pharma industry in US though i hv alredy 3 years of experiences in the above field

  6. Hi HSB,

    Could you please tell me how to build network on linkedin for example say there is a recruiter of a company which I desire how do I come in contact with him?

    I would be extremely thankful if you could help me out with this.

    Thank you



  7. I am doing Masters-IT in UK and I want to come to US for job. could anyone give your suggestions for the best possible ways to find a job there with Visa

    1. Forget it man..US already have enough IT graduates.First tell me why should they even consider UK degree when they have 2 yr MS-IT degree holders in their country???

      I may sound rude,sorry for that.

      1. Thank you very much for being very helpful and you should be appreciated for giving an 100% appropriate answer for my query.

        I am surprised to see such a civilized person in US. keep it up. Cheers

        1. Stop Being Sarcastic. I know it’s been six years since you have posted the comment but You will never get the job in the US with a UK degree. I am surprised to see such a civilized person like you who doesn’t realize this simple fact.

  8. how important is internships for the active job search ? cos, without that we get to come back to india(optional) during summer hols…

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