I’m From Middle Class Family and My Dream of Studying in USA is Fades

I’m doing bachelors in mechanical engineering. Hopefully I’ll graduate in year 2013.

I want to do masters from USA . That’s my ultimate dream . I’ve read all articles on your website. It’s a great help indeed.

I’m planning to do GRE & TOEFL test in Dec.

But what thing is hitting my mind is that you mentioned in a post that it requires around 22lakh rs in your account as liquid cash.

Well ! I’m a middle class family member. So we can’t have that much money. So after realizing that my dream has started fading away.

Should I go for GRE & TOEFL then ? Or consider it as a waste of money since getting f1 visa requires a lot of money. Kindly reply asap . I’m very very confused . Please help.

– Rajesh Bhandari

Middle Class Family and Studying in USA

study in america dreams

Studying in USA for a student from middle class family is not an easy task.

Considering the U.S. Dollar conversion rate, US education is getting expensive.

But, It’s good to have a dream  – Higher Education dream.

Rajesh, just like you several students from middle class family  dream about study in USA.

Many of them just give-up considering the magnitude of effort required to just to get F1 Visa.

It takes hard work and dedicated effort to get good score in GRE, TOEFL, admission in US Universities and then comes 800 pound gorilla in the form of visa interview.

But, you have to understand – most of the students coming to USA are from middle class family.

Everyone have to go through the same process to come to USA. Those who have come to USA have gone through each and every step, that you have to cross.

  • It will be tough.
  • It will be frustrating.
  • It makes you feel hopeless at times.
  • It drains your energy.
  • It takes lot of time
  • It takes motivation
  • It costs lot of money.

But, you can’t achieve greatness without overcoming all the “It Factor’s”.

If you are really desperate, then things will line-up in your favor.

Opportunity will come to you, but you have to TRY.

You might fail to get visa after spending lot of time and money. But, only way to find, if you can reach your dream is by going through the process.

So, instead of losing hope, gather your strength and start preparing for GRE, TOEFL and studying in USA.

There are thousands of students like you who can inspire and give hope to your dreams are following this blog.

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  1. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science with 3.0 GPA from RTU this year. I have a big concern about the expenses for higher study in the U.S. A and some concern related with the GPA, I love to enroll in the master’s course in Artificial Intelligence. Please Suggest me about my concern.

  2. I am from middle class family and I want to study in top college of India what should I do

  3. I am doing my final year engg and it has always been my dream to study in the US .. I just started preparing for my GRE and ielts exms … I want to do my higher studies in MS network Connectivity .. havnt got a clue about which country and college should I apply in and the most scariest part is the college fee which is too expensive to even take a student loan on ! …. I would love to study in Germany too but I think I am gonna find it hard studying German ,it seems so complicated … but US has always been my first priority. .. it’s better to dream big than nothing… I would like to know whether is it difficult to get a scholarship in US , how much would I approx need in order to study in a state university !? I would really appreciate the advice… thankyou so much

  4. hai, firstly I would like to thanks for gave us such a great platform to discuss about our dreamzof lifes. of course , me too have the same dream to do MS in USA.
    present I did my in EEE stream with 70%. I don’t have family back ground. I depends on my cousine to complete my graduation. but I have big desire to do MS whatever it maybe. it seems like very bug task. I already told to my cousin about decision. he said that if u want to do that we have to spend much money. how can u do??i
    I have many doubts… can anybody tell me, how can I go with the help of bank loans? and
    what are the approximate money to spend for the GRE & IELTS and the consultation money for visa ?? could plez tell me.

  5. Hey Rajesh,
    You asked just one question (an important one though), and people have felt concerned and have tried helping you, because they know that the things are tough, and parallely, going through to the tough phase and to come out on the other side successfully is also truly possible.
    Rajesh, apply for some colleges you are interested in. There are many scholarship schemes – by colleges, by governments, by private firms. BE OPTIMISTIC and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

  6. Rajesh Bhandari,
    You should consider other countries like Germany. There is little or no tuition fees and living costs are also reasonable. Even if you don’t get a scholarship, your costs will come up to about 8-10lakhs. Also since your doing mechanical engineering and want to continue with masters, Germany is always better for this field.

  7. Dear Friend,

    You can if you be aditted for direct Ph.D. Ty to have a very good GPA in your undergraduate degree. With very good GRE scores ( Quantitative>780, Verbal>600, Writing > 4.50 ) and good GPA, simultanously search professors who need Researc Assistants. In Mechanical Engineering area, there good funds which can support you totally( tution and fees and living expense), but you have to search and see that professors need Research Assistants in which areas and try to do your thesis and if you can do some proects in these area in order to be qualified for recieving their assistantships. But be aware that most professors like to take Ph.D students, so you must have very good marks in your GPA, GRE and TOEFLE in order to be admitted for Direct Ph.D.

  8. Please let me few of the good universities in UAE where i can do my masters in IT background….Also suggest if doig masters in UAE is worth.. and if so what are all the exams to be taken and the approximate cost to complete my course there?

  9. I have completed AME and want to study aerospace engg. from National aviation university, Ukraine, but it cost 10lac, I dont know how can i arrange this, can any help me to solve this matter?

  10. HI rajesh,

    i am also from middle class family.. and i also had same dilemma as to persue the dreams or just let it fade.. but at the end i learnt that with tha hardwork and patience you can reach your goals.. i accept that it is tough to walk through all these tough hurdles.. “but if someone can do it.. why not you?” i should admit that even i had all these questions when i thought about coming to US , instead of losing your hope.. take steps to achieve your dreams..Work hard and then you will find your path to US..good luck.. hope to see you here soon..

  11. Hey Rajesh ,

    Chill , almost all students face the same problem .
    Everyone just borrow money from friends and relatives and deposit into the account for few days and take a bank statement.
    I have a colleague of mine who had scored 14500 in GRE , 110 + in Toefl 2 years back.
    He had admits from Carnegie Mellon and University of Pennsylvania as he had many design projects & few papers . But he did not get any funding.
    He dropped his plans of MS because he had to pay a huge amount of $ 45K/year as fee.
    Had he applied to a bit lower ranking universities he could have expected some funding.
    Now he is planning on applying again after 2 years.

    So be wise when you apply to the universities , check the fees , funding , job prospects , etc..

  12. Hmm,

    Being middle class if u think this way, what inspiration has encouraged lower middle class and some other class of people without steady source of income?


  13. hello all !! i have a question actually , I have done my BCA and I am currently working with an IT company (will be completing 1 year on 18th aug 2012)…. I want to pursue my masters from the US …. I have been told that with 15 years of education I can’t simply dream of applying for higher studies in any of the US universities …. Some of my friends suggested that I should go for a one year course to bridge the gap.Now , precisely what “One Year Course” shall I go for ?If I go for a One specialized Diploma in Information Management will I be eligible to apply for MSCS or MBA(CS) in universities like ULCA,UT austin,TTU ,BOSTON university etc ??

  14. Hi HSB,
    This entire post and the comment thread has enlightened me .. as in I am an Engineering student in one of the best colleges in the state,I have always been interested in research but considering financial factors ,for once , I thought instead of going deep into GRE preparations may be I should work hard so that when the placement season comes I can join some dream company .
    Thanks a lot 🙂

      1. Hi All,
        Even I have the same dream as Aruna has. Please help me in the same. I am currently studying in Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai University.Electrical Engineering.

  15. The guy in the beginning of the post said something about 22 lakhs liquid cash in bank accounts for MS study in USA??
    Iz dat CORRECT? coz i arent aware of aythin lyk dat, ive been followin dis blog for quite a while now.
    Im also doin my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and will graduate in 2014.
    Anyone plz also shed more light with regard to future study in mechanical field in germany,UK and Canada? How does the tuition fee compare in these countries and the US? How much liquid cash iz required at admission time for gettin visa of these countries..??

    1. HSB posted some good posts on MS in Germany, HSB PLZ paste sum links here!! And rest of the details about germany can be found at the website of DAAD. Just google it. Germany has the lowest cost

      1. I read a bit about the cultural difference, or rather indifference in germany, a bit of discrimination.. how locals never help u if u don know german… d food barrier(dats in usa too though) etc etc.. wat do u think of dat.?
        and in another post u said somethin about accomodation.. Dont most german univ provide hostel accomodation to its intrntnl ms students.. or students have to find their own accomodation? and compare dis wid usa too plz
        i am new to dis blog and maybe don know a lot of things…… so plz help me…

        1. Ahh,both types of accomodations are available. And culture barrier and language barrier. you have to learn a bit of german. Now think about it,Germany is an advanced country and they have never been ruled by Britain or any odr country so German has remained dere official language. dey havnt been xposd to english in dat way. And discrimination, yeah, it may be there, REMEMBER AVOID EAST GERMANY. WEST GERMANY is heaven,(may be the Berlin wall may be symbolised here).
          M in a hurry,will xplian in more detail and wud try to help. BBYE

  16. Hi I wanted to inquire if anyone is leaving for Georgetown university for their Masters for fall 2012?

    Also a little help regarding booking of tickets from New Delhi to Washington D.C.

  17. hello every one,
    is any one planning to do ms in Germany regarding electronics and communicataion engineering please suggest me what subject can i take????????

  18. brother dont give up,give ur gre with full prep and remember gre scores are valid for 5 years,so dont worry,until then find a job ans also tell ur parents what ur dream is,parents always have a solution,just dont give up.ur just giving up before even trying,atleast give give gre first because it is valid for 5 years and when u think that u are ready to pay the fees then give tofel because some universities ask for only 2 years old scores ,so first put ur mind in gre prep and talk to your parents,they will sure have a plan for you,dont worry brother.most of us are from middle class ans we all have gone through that phase and are still going.remember the golden rule that if every thing is easy in life then there will be no fun and experience in life.these critical situations always makes you stronger and much more mature and self dependent.
    please do reply what are ur parents view.
    if there is no way of funding ,go for a less costly country where you could also get scholarship and after that earn money and and pursue ur further dreams in usa.there is no age barrier in doing ms of any other course.
    “sacrifice with no regrets”

  19. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING?????? BUDDY GO FOR GERMANY. COST IS LESS THAN HALF OF THAT IN US AND GERMANY IS WORLD FAMOUS FOR MECHANICAL. Yeah US has a fixation but GERMANY IS REALLY VERY GOOD I CAN ASSURE U. Even i am also planning my MS in Germany and i am also from a middle class family. In Germany tuition is free almost everywhere and u have to pay a semester fee NOT TUITION MIND YOU of max 500 euro but generally its within 250 euro plus your living. Well you have to live anywhere so dat cost is inevitable. And GERMANY HAS BEEN IMMUNE TO THE EURO CRISIS MIND YOU DuE TO THEIR POLICIES!!

    1. And HSBians,please do not get offended as i promoted germany here but i wanted to help the chap. And even though i am planning to go to germany i am a regular follower of HSB coz KNOWLEDGE IS DOMAINLESS. AND HSB DOES GIVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT ABROAD STUDIES.

      1. Infact its a good suggestion.Germany and Canada can be considered.Middle East is a great hub for mechanical,petroleum and chemical engineering.Options are many.

    2. Thanks a lot buddy ! Yeah , I’m been giving Germany a thought too . Peoples says it’s paradise for mechanical engg. Aspirants. Also the cost of study is negligible in comparison to USA or UK . So everything favourable .
      I would like to talk more about this with you .
      [email protected]’ ..
      Hit me up buddy.

  20. You can always apply for bank loans.If you are a brilliant student you may also get various aids from universities.Always be optimistic.Education is the best investment.

  21. i had completed my in mechanical engg. and want to do master’s degree from U.S. i have 60% in my result.can i get admission in U.S after scoring good in GRE.

    1. There are universities for all kinds of people in USA.Getting admission in a good university is what you should be worried about.

  22. Hey buddy,
    When a shoe maker can rule over america for years…. Then cant you rule your own future at least… NEVER GIVE UP
    Try hard every problem will come with its solutions….. You have to just look around…
    Best of luck from same middle class dreamer… and FIGHTER…

    1. If you can’t afford for University now…Never Give Up…start your planning for couple of years…. improve your skills and economy and start your admission process to best Universities with 2-3 years work exp.

      Just understand one thing in life “If you think you are loser , just make up your mind that you are tired of being a loser and don’t want to lose again”.

      If you miss a Target always have a backup plan .

  23. Hi Rajesh,
    I want to help you. I want to put it simple and straight forward. I have neutral views on you and on Happy Schools Blog (HSB).
    My sincere advice is to correct the grammar mistakes in your above written article and the response from HSB.
    Secondly, learn proper written and spoken English.
    See how much time you take to complete these two tasks.
    Let me know when you are done at my email.
    Best of luck! 🙂
    Have a good day.
    (P.S.: Contact HSB if you want to know my email.)
    – Vignesh M

    1. Grammatical errors, not grammar mistakes.

      And that’s a fallacy, by the way. Yes, being fluent in English helps, but that’s not to say that you cannot get admission to a US school without being a combination of Salman Rushdie and Bill Clinton (for his speaking ability, not his, ahem, “other” abilities). There are thousands of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Latino, European, and yes, Indian students here who aren’t all that fluent.

      What matters is whether you can communicate effectively when it matters. On your term papers, in class, in your job interview… can you present yourself in the best possible way? There will always be someone who’s better than you at English, and you should attempt to continually improve.

      I agree with Vignesh to the extent that you should always try and improve, but I disagree with his implication that you have to be exceptionally good at the language to get admission to a US school.

      However, he’s right about one thing: If you write urs, l8r, kool, dudez, etc. in your admissions essay.. good luck getting in! Make an effort to be grammatical, and get someone who’s good at the language to proofread your stuff. US schools and professors are sympathetic to people who aren’t native speakers of English, but they abhor laziness.

      And to all those who thanked me for my previous comment: Thank you! I hope that it helped someone feel better about making it to the US.

  24. To HSB,

    I would like to ask you a question that all Universities have sent a financial statement form and they have asked to send them after filling it up. I could not understand if I can pay that amount then why do I need financial assistance?
    Can you please clarify me?
    with regards,

    1. Sumi

      There are proven methods to what appears to us as madness.
      The school need to prove for themselves that the student is not in a position to pay his/her way in college. There are students who can pay but use the system to their advantage. The scholarship pool for international students are not as much as domestic. The little has to be stretched to ensure that as much as possible the needy receive.


  25. Hi guys can any one please tell me that 288 out of 340 in GRE is an average or a bad score ??wat r my chances Of getting admIssion

  26. “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that! “ ~Rocky (keep this in your mind always 🙂 )

  27. HI! I’m juliana from India i have my brothers they only supporting me in financial matter after my father expired but now they also findind difficult to help me and my only dream is to work in USA AS i’m completing mba in international marketing and finance is there any solution you can give me to support me.

    1. Juliana

      my question might be rhetorical, but have you tried to obtain on campus jobs, TA, RA, typing assignment, proofreading, …. These suggestions might just be a ‘drop in the bucket’ when compared to the sum you need.
      Speak to your international student adviser, as well.
      I sincerely trust that all will go well with you.


  28. Hey Guys,
    I am planning to go for my Masters Program (M.S) In Advanced Computing from States in Fall 2013.
    I Recently completed my B.Tech(Hons) In May 2012 and now working as an Associate Software Developer in some MNC.
    I am planning to write GRE in month of October-November.
    I want to ensure that will I be safe with deadlines point of view for scholarships and other modules or I am late in writing GRE, Since I recently started my preperation.

    I aslo belong to a middle class family and I too aspire to study in States and work in dream Companies located there and not in the satellite offices located all around.
    So, can you please help in deciding which one could be the best Universities for MS In Computers Science with a descent tution fees and an Acceptable and Worthy Placement?

    Will be eager to hear your reply to this,


  29. Hi Rajesh,

    I am also from a middle class family, but did each and every step myself and right now in US doing my Masters… This August will be my second year and I already have an one year Internship with a very big company… You can contact me and I will be able to guide you through each and every step…

    1. hiiii sir,
      this vignesh i too have deep deram of going to us…. i m too a middle class student … after reading like this it made fear over my dream… plz help me..

    2. Hello Rajesh. I am in this situation too and totally perplexed what to do. If you could provide your e-mail address then I will be able to be in touch with you. Please reply soon. Thank you!!

    3. Let’s hear it for all the students from middle class family. Hooray!!!

      Prashanth, may I suggest that you state in this forum your step by step approach that yielded to your Masters Pathway, for all to see.

      So very grateful for the one on one mentorship being offered to Rajesh.

      …and congratulations to you.


    4. Hi,
      Please guide me, i have completed my application but University send me a form of financial statement and ask me to fill it up. I don’t have that amount of money. What should I do? I already wrote them that without financial assistance I cannot join the course.
      Sumi B

  30. I agree that F1 Visa Interview is the least important hurdle. But I would say that studying in USA for a middle class person seems to be a daunting task but if one researches well for colleges and funding options it becomes a reality. I recently got through an MS course in the US and I had to rely on nothing but whatever I had earned in the last 3 years as a journalist- which is not exactly a huge fortune. I got full funding and assistantship and that was primarily because of the scores I got in GRE/TOEFL. So there is no harm in giving the exam – for fulfilling a dream like studying in the US – it is definitely not a huge cost. Once you get admission then you can worry about finances or F1 visa interview _ if you land up with funding – it becomes a cake walk- albeit a slightly long drawn out one.

  31. Rajesh,
    I think u should not worry about the money if you rally want to do masters in US. I thought the when i gave my GRE and Toefl exam. I talk to one of the consultant, they replied me 30 lakh rs cash liquid money should be in your account for at least 5 months. i had only 15 laks at that time. what you have to do, you can get study loan from any bank(probably 5-6 lakhs), and also your parents GPF will count as liquid money. Anyhow i made 30 lakhs finally. But if you are brilliant student and scores good gre and toefl scores, you can get the scholarship as well. And once you are done with MS program, you will get job easily with earning avg of 2.5 to 3 lakhs rs per month. i pay back all my loans within few months. So never give. All you have to is study well. Best of luck.


    1. hei punia,
      am doing my b-tech at present am in third year.I desperately want to MS in computer science but the problem is am from a middle class family.

  32. I assume that since it is your dream to pursue higher education here, you would have started preparing for it by keeping your academics at a very high level. You have a chance to manage a great GRE and TOEFL score. If you don’t have all this, then it was never your dream, if you have all of it, Great Job and some news for you, you don’t really need all that plastic (money).

    Apply to schools a little below your academic profile ALSO. Please note I am NOT telling you NOT to apply to schools which would be ambitious. The thing is with a good profile, you have a good chance of getting financial aid and no question of bank balances at the F-1 interview.
    If you have a dream and the will to fulfill it, nothing in this world can stop you, the last thing that could stop you would be bank balance! I really wish you and all others who feel money can stop their dreams come here and learn how to dream and follow it!

    All the best!

  33. Hello HSB….I am pursuing my in computer science. I am planning to do my ph.d in usa.
    can anyone plzz suggest me which course should i choose for doing ph.d so that i can have better opportunities in future…….

  34. Aditya- That was just too good to rise hope for many of us( I mean middle class Masters aspirants!). Thanks. If we do have a ambition to study Masters and courage to work hard, everything comes our way 🙂

  35. Rajesh,

    Each word Aditya has said in the previous comment is very important – try to understand the essence of what he says. Additionally, I would also like to let you know that if you are accepted for a PhD program – you do not have to pay ANYTHING. I repeat anything ( except for the plane fare to come to USA). From what I have seen – 80% PhD grads are like this. Also, understand that you can apply for a PhD right after your Bachelors. For all the posts that you might have read in this blog, choosing between MS and PhD also sometimes comes down to funding – bluntly put a choice between a loan of 20 lakhs or a stipend of 20-22K per annum. It’s good that you have started thinking early – concentrate on your GPA, projetcs like Aditya said – try and publish something if you can – even if you can’t – don’t give up. Think what you want to do and decide between a MS or a PhD. You will have a lot of fun in US but at the same time you have to work really really hard – and only hard (and smart) work will help you realise your dreams.

    Good luck!

    1. Oh – and if you have a funding – they don’t ask you anything at all. It happened with atleast 3 of my friends and with me too. You might still end up getting a 221G ( which is what you get if your research is mentioned in the Technology Alert List) but that’s sort of a mere formality where they do a background check of some sort. So do not worry about visa interview – that shall be the easiest part of it all unless you are really unlucky.

    2. Please evaluate my profile for spring 2013
      My profile:
      Class x-85%
      class xi-76% in computer science engineering from west bengal university of technology
      gre score-310 verbal-152 quanti-158
      toefl-yet to give
      please suggest some universitites dat may provide me with full funding in phd/ms in computer science.

  36. Do not worry my friend, there are several agencies which put in liquid cash in your account for a few days, they will charge you a little for that. After the whole process is over they take back their money. So don’t worry about showing liquid cash.

    1. Can you please write me the names of those agencies? I could not join MBA after selection as I am unable to arrange fund and Bank is not providing me loan because I cannot provide any earning male member from my family. My mother is widow pensioner.

      If I got any information regarding financial assitance I will be obliged.



  37. Rajesh,

    Relax. It’s not only possible, it’s very likely that you can get a visa without that kind of money. I did it, and I know many, many others who did it too.

    I don’t know why most students from India obsess about the F1 interview. The interview is honestly the least of your hurdles, not an 800-pound gorilla. (No offense to the author, but I really don’t think it’s THAT hard to get a visa if you’re a bonafide student going to a halfway decent school. PS: I’m Indian too)

    However, for this to be true, there are certain conditions that you should try and meet. If you can’t meet these conditions, then yes, the interview is a big deal, and from most of the comments and questions I see on this blog, many students have a skewed idea about studying in the US.

    1. Know why you’re going to the US to study. This is the single most crucial aspect of your decision. If you think that the US is a land of milk and honey, full of beautiful women who are just waiting for you to come over, then you need to think again. The US is a country that is full of opportunity, but to grasp that opportunity, you need to work hard. Very, very hard. I’m from one of the best law schools in India (one of these three: NLS, NUJS, NLU), and I know that even they have rampant plagiarism, with many students turning in papers that are, let’s say, “inspired”.

    That kind of thing just doesn’t fly in the US. Professors here recognize hard work, and reward it appropriately, and it’s a pleasure to study here.

    2. Work hard on getting into a good school. This means doing well in your undergraduate program. Write papers (real ones), go to seminars, take part in competitions, and keep your GPA up. No, you don’t have to be some sort of superstar, you just have to show that you actually worked hard in college. Trust me, you can get into very good schools in the US without being an IIT-ian with a 9.5 GPA. And you need a good GMAT score. Again, you don’t need to be some sort of literary genius; you just need a solid score. I’m assuming you’re good at math (GMAT math should be easy for you, since you’re doing a bachelors in engineering), and from what you wrote, it seems like you have a decent grasp of English. You’re already far ahead of many Indians.

    3. Once you’ve gotten admission into a good school, you can easily get loans. Again, please note that when I say “good school”, I don’t mean Harvard, MIT, Yale, or Princeton. I’m talking about schools like the University of Texas-Austin, Boston University, UCLA, Umass-Amherst, CUNY, SUNY, University of Colorado (for certain programs), and so on. You should pick your schools based on what YOU want to do, not on which city it’s in, whether it has hot women, or whether it has a great pool. You want to do a Masters in mechanical; how about the University of Michigan, Ann Arbour?

    If you do these things, the interview will be a mere formality. When I went for my interview, I wasn’t asked to show any documents about the financing. I had about 4 lacs in the bank, a scholarship from my school, and a loan from IOB. The official asked me how I would pay, and I (verbally) told her. She was more interested in asking about my choice of school, my previous job, and my experience in my undergrad. The VO’s can VERY quickly tell if you’re a real student or if you’re trying to hoodwink them.

    One of my close friends did his masters in the US in engineering. He’s from a middle-class family (as am I), and he had no issues. I know of many others.

    Fundamentally, it’s not about the money. Of course, if you have tons of cash, it helps, but it’s completely possible to get into a good US school and get the visa even if you have limited means. And get a job with a H1B. You just have to be willing to work for it, like everything else in life.

    Good luck, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


    1. Aditya – Thanks for your insights. Middle class students can definitely make it USA. All they need is hope and effort.

        1. Hi,

          I think the important thing is to get your exams as good as you can. Once you arrive to the US you will find a scholarship. Try to talk in advance to the department in the university you want to go to, or the language department, they can be really helpful helping you finding out some opportunity (or a job at the university at least). Don’ t worry, you’ll be fine. I am an example of it, I have no money but I was well prepared. You’ll find help, money is not all!!!!

    2. I find every bank provides max of 20 lacs. And i found that it costs about 35 to 40 lacs. So the extra is to be paid by us or is it possible to take loans from multiple banks at a time?? I dont know these,plz help!

    3. Aditya ,
      That was so very put and very encouraging 🙂
      I am a Std XII (Arts) student and am so very keen on doing my Masters in Criminal Psychology & Criminal Justice System in the US . I would love to do my Ungrad in the US however have been advised to complete my BA in India before I venture there for my Masters .
      I have tried to get in touch with Agencies providing legal aid to Asian Students to know the scope of a Non -American studying this course and the prospects after completion but have not any response .
      I liked

      1. I liked **how you elucidated a complex problem which a major worry for most international students , in such an encouraging , positive and simple manner .

        Thank you Aditya and all the very best in all you do .

        Simran .

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