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Is it Worth Studying at Universities Ranked 50th+?

Is it really worth studying at U.S. universities ranked 50th and above? Is it possible to get jobs after graduating from these schools?

First of all, don’t completely believe in any form of rankings. In the US, all that matters is exposure.

If you put extra efforts to prepare and equip yourself with the necessary skills during your graduate school studies, you will not have much trouble finding jobs.

The traditional way of applying for jobs and getting job interviews are all gone.  Read the interview with Hardeep.

In India, entry level students get jobs through campus or walk-in interviews. The number of students who have heard of LinkedIn and similar sites is very low. The impact of job search sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is very low in India.

However, that’s not the case in the U.S. If you need a job after completing your degree (B.S, M.S. MBA, etc.), you need to have good network established already prior to graduation.

You cannot create a network in just 10 days before an actual job search and then expect to find a job within 90 days of OPT. It will take lots of time and effort.

Almost everyone in India use Orkut and spend tons of time writing scraps, playing games and scrapping. Some have accounts in Facebook, but they use them to upload pictures and play games, quizzes, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those things, but very few know how to use Facebook and Twitter for networking purposes and LinkedIn for professional networking.

Build Your Network

The very first thing you have to do when you start your studies in the U.S. is to learn how to build your own professional network. There are so many books, blogs, and other sources that teach you exactly that.

However, you can use similar social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to build your professional network, it will help in long run.

When you are ready to start looking for jobs, all you need is to send messages to your network and ask your contacts to help refer you to any available position they know.

Things don’t come easy in life, so you have to fight to get for what you want. For some unbelievable reasons, if you get everything that you want, you will not realize the true value and beauty of life.

The USA provides lots of opportunities, but you must be willing to fight to get to it.

So, don’t worry about studying in Universities ranked 50+, try to study well in university where you got admit and visa admit and take it from there.

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  1. If you invested in a high profile university you’ll a better chance of having the right the education & a better future.

  2. heloo,
    i AM A 3RD YEAR mechanical engineering student. i want to do ms in automobile .
    can u pls suggest me the list of good colleges offering this course.

  3. I’m taking my GRE next november.. I want a list of good universities that do Petroleum engineering at the masters’ level

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am a student of B.Sc biotecnology.I am in the final year.i want to pursue my ms from USA in the field of genetics or molecular biology.I am preparing for my gre exam as i will be giving it in the month of june.but i am very much confused about which university to apply for.Can you please help me in choosing the most preferable university? Please reply as soon as possible

  5. i am a girl in Beijing of China who has graduated from university for more than four years. now really wants to back to school to extend my study life. but it`s difficult to get time prepare for GMAT, just take the exam of Toefl. a little be lost of what i should do next.

  6. I have completed my M.E in Electronics Instrumentation and right now am planning to do PhD in U.S so i need correct info regarding this. Is it necessary to have a GRE score? without this cant we do PhD in U.S. So pls give me a reply!

  7. Hi. Am an intrumentation engineer presently working for a telecom services company. Have some serious plans of doing MS in Boilogical sciences for fall 2011. With a three years gap from college ,idont have at present any contact with biology professors who can give a letter of recommendation,and nothing in my prof adding to credentials on bio.Want to know how diffucult is it for me to get into a University?

  8. Dear Sir,

    I m plannin for MBA in U.S with a medium score in gmat and a good score in ielts. i got admit in UIS ,RIDER, UW-L….. for Fall 2010! i want to do this course from a high ranked uni…with the same score,…! So which is the best option…?? and plz provide me wit the reason..! I would also like to do the program in UIC…! which is a very good option for mba..and its highly ranked in U.S also…! SO… if I complete 1 semester in UIS wit a good score jst to match up wit the gpa or other requirement of UIC … than can i get into UIC for the same program?? plz throw light for this case…and plz rep as soon as possible..!

  9. I want to know that after completing my M.S. in USA can I return to INDIA and expect a high package in INDIA too

  10. Respected sir,

    Am final yr B.pharmacy Student . i like to do MS program in US .. but i dont know the details of specific and best university related to my profession .. and hw much tuition fee.and scholarship .etc.. Please send details of best univ. tu.fee ,and Carrier opp. .. can i get job easily after completion of my course..

  11. hii. I like visiting this blog as almost all my queries are answered here. I got admit from Missouri and University of N.Mexico and I am planning to attend N.Mexico. I am not very interested in going to N.Mexico with a very good profile. My gre is 1300+ and toefl 107 and aggregate 75%. I am pretty confident I will get into a better college but I got funding for one of them. I dont want to wait till spring and so i decided to leave now. I heard that there is a provision of shifting to a better university after the first year of completion. Is it ok if I leave now with a hope of joining a better university in the second year? I am pretty sure my acads will be good there but will I get into top 30+ colleges. I do not want to get stuck up in a place I dont like much. I also want to continue further in research(Ph.D) so is there a possibility that i can get into a college after one year where good research facilities are available to continue Ph.D. Please tell me. I am going for visa soon. I follow this blog carefully and your advice will count a lot to me. Hope you will reply asap.

    1. hi, dear i did my MBA in finance from Pakistan. my cgpa is only 2.54 on scale4.00. i also have prospects of Missouri State uni. yet i didnt qualify GMAT or ielts. nowadays im doing ielts. i want to is it possible that i can get addmision only on the basis of ielts. is there any other uni. who offered admission.

  12. Hello sir,
    I am very thank full to you for provide such vast and very important info for us.
    I want to know the life of a student…who has entered into US with low gre(950+2.5),TOEFL(69)and aggr 64%

    The above scores are mine. I am applying for the three uniersities
    1)Gannon university
    2)SUNY New platz
    3)university New haven

    can i perform well in MS and get a job….and can i pay back the loan i take…

    1. Dear chandavadan,

      Did u get admission with these scores. I really want to know about thezse universities u applied. What is their requirements???

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