MS in Information Systems vs MIS

Vishwanath asks about the difference between a master’s degree in IS and an MIS.

"Can you please tell me if MS in IS is the same as MIS? I have tried to get information through Google but I’m not sure if they are exactly the same."

"MIS course is offered by Kelly School of Business as well on the basis of GMAT score, so is it a management course or is it a blend of both management and technical?"

M.S. IS vs M.I.S.

MIS (management information systems) between two universities will not be exactly the same, since the courses offered are different.

Likewise, an MS in IS is different from MIS only with respect to the programs offered among universities. [Read the Difference between MIS and MS in CS.]

So, an MS in IS and MIS are the same as degrees, but you have to compare the courses that are included. You will be applying for same kind of jobs after you complete an MS in IS or MIS.

The admission requirements also vary between colleges.

Most U.S. universities accept GRE or GMAT for admission into their MIS program. If the program is offered in a business school, you will be required to take technical courses in engineering/computer science department.

In some cases, within a business school, tech courses can be offered. So, there is no hard and fast rules on how an MS in IS and an MIS program can be offered.

Check with the department and the program for more information.

There are other programs in top schools like Duke called engineering management where you can take courses in business school with engineering electives.

In the end, it all comes down to your interest and career needs.

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  1. I want to know how hard is studying masters in MIS comparing to CS am very confused plz explain ??? which one should an average student should select in masters urgent reply ??

  2. hey im not intrested in hard core programming but in computer networks and network security…which branch shud i opt for??

  3. Dude,
    Use the common sense. I dont know who answered the above question, stating that MS in IS and MIS are the same.They both have very distinct courses. To be very specific, they both are related to Information Systemss (ofcourse!!!), but IS has nothing to do with the system that helps in decision making process for any organization, while MIS deals with the information system that helps make the decision making easier. It is more Management with technical, IS has little to do with Management and more technical.
    Finally, IS is a part of computer science department – MIS is part of Management Department – No matter which university you go in US.

    1. Both MIS and MS IS deal on how to make effective use of IT to facilitate business process easier. Both are essentially the same in many university and in many universities, if not all, MS in IS is offered in the school of business. There is nothing wrong with this article.

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