My First Month in USA – Part 2

Always first week, month and semester in USA is the toughest. If you have mental toughness to face the challenges, rest of your stay will be enjoyable. This is second part of Srinivas’s experience.You can read the first part My First Month in USA – Part 1

Party Time. Maybe Not

Later, me and my roomies got to talk with a group named “First Assembly at Rolla” consisting of Africans, Chinese and Indians. Me and my roomies were so happy that we were hanging out well with international students.

They invited us for a party and we inturn invited them home for a dinner. But only at the party arranged by them, we came to know that “First Assembly at Rolla” was a church and those were church people.

We knew what they are planning to do. So immediately we called those guys and told we have to be at some place else and cannot make it up to home, so lets have the dinner some time later. Phew! Believe me.

You dont want to get along with them. Dont be attracted to what they say. “Call us anytime. I’ll give you a ride wherever you guys wanted to go. We can even go someplace like a tour or something. So whatever you want, just give me a call” They’ll give you free food on an evening every week. I wanted to stay away from them.

Names Problems

They find very difficult to work with our names. You know what, I had to get myself a third I-20 in order to get my name correct in it. I had 4 words in my last and first name combined. It was very difficult even while opening a bank account, ordering something online or through phone. Anywhere you go, they ask your name. And you could guess what would I have faced. Which name would I give them?

Apartment Double Rent

Lastly, one of my friends got himself in a difficult situation. He and another guy signed a lease agreement to rent a house for 1 yr under an agency. Two more guys had agreed to stay with these two guys but their names are not under the lease.

All of a sudden the last two guys had ditched the first two guys. And now the first two guys cant do anything because the last guys names are not on the lease and had decided to end the lease and stay with someone else.

Agency then had asked them to pay a penalty of $200 for breaking the lease and to pay the rent for the house till the (agency)they find tenants for that house. But at the same time they shouldn’t stay in the house. Now those two are paying the rent for the place where they are staying now as well the rent of their previous house whose lease they decided to break + one time payment of $200.

The other guy who has signed the lease had refused to pay the previous house rent, which in turn has burdened my friend. The worst thing can happen now is that my friend has to pay the entire rent of the previous house all by himself because he’s worried about that it would affect his credit history. And the other guy who signed the lease doesn’t seem to care about the consequences or the affect of it on his credit history.

Right Roommates

Finding the right roommates, right seniors to guide you well and settling down well in an apartment in US with good company is a vital issue. If you have the right company, then its for sure that you’ll go places! The sooner you come here, the better. But no prob if you come late.

Get in touch with people who are also coming to your univ before starting from your home. Be frank. Tell your reservations earlier, if you have any. (For Eg: I was active in “MS&T Fall 2010” group in google started by one of our guys coming here. You wouldn’t believe how useful it was. But HSB has already posted an item related to this some time earlier)

And thats it. Be aware. Be good. Be safe. Hope you found it interesting 🙂

Share Your experience

Hello All : I would appreciate if you can share your experiences. It will be very useful to so many other students to know about students life in USA. Write a comment to this post or send your experience in email. Don’t worry about grammar mistakes and typos. I will fix those. Willingness to share your experience matters most, then mistakes in your writing.