Old GRE Books for Revised GRE Prep?

Hi all,

My sister had taken the GRE exam in old format and now I’m left with the following books :-

1. The Princeton Review- Cracking the GRE (2006 edition).
2. Kaplan -GRE premiere program (2008 edition).
3. Barron’s essential words for GRE (800 words vocabulary).
4. NOVA’s GRE prep. course (2007 edition).

I’m about to start my GRE preparations. Please advise me which of these books are still relevant to the current format and can be used for the prep. Please help!

Name > shivam.

Old GRE Books for Revised GRE Prep

I took the following photo at  my local Barnes and Nobles Books shelf (9 PM March/17/2012).

Latest Revised GRE Books
Revised GRE Books @ BN


You can definitely use Old GRE Test prep books for practice test and sample questions.

You would still need to buy few Revised GRE test prep books to learn about new question types and concepts.

Math concepts doesn’t change and so does vocabulary, reading comprehension.

But, types of questions within each sections will be different.

I have reviewed most of GRE books in the above photo at  Reviews of Top Revised GRE books.

I should spent few more hours  get the latest 2012 GRE Test prep editions.

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