F1 Visa Q&A – What Will You Do After Completing Masters?

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Question by Ben and Answer by Manish Sharma – F1 Visa Interview Experience, Questions and Answers

Ben – How can i prove them that i will back for sure. as in what should i tell or show them?

Answer – What After Masters?

Although I was not asked for this question. But, I was prepared for it. My plans were:

  1. To tell him about the immovable property/assets in India.
  2.  To drag him into my career plans. Which was to come back to India and become an IIT’s Professor (for that interview at-least :D ). (That makes sense because I am a pass out of IIT Kanpur and there exists a possibility in following my “words”).
  3. To support my plans of coming back to India, I would have supported it by saying “The current percentage of Nuclear Energy in India is 2.9-3.2%. To sustain a “green” environment, we need to improve this value (as per the US Nuclear deal etc. etc.). And, to achieve this, our country needs an enough number of Nuclear Engineers and Scientists.

So, the essence is that:

  • You must speak something that makes sense to him
  • Something that is visible to him from your profile (related with your branch/college/economy/India)
  • Be realistic. Don’t speak over-weighted words.
  • And yes, as already pointed out, have confidence in yourself (my suggestion is to think that you will be definitely coming back to India after your studies. So as to develop a “virtual image” in your mind and then induce a prototype in his mind too :D ).

That’s my point of view. Collect a lot of answers from various internet sources. Then ask yourself “which one makes perfect sense to you, according to your profile”.

All the best!



  1. hi, I got rejected twice because of low profile, but still i’m trying for third time. I got rejected for the first time with a reason of low verbal(140) in GRE(290) and the second time it s blunder i did.
    My VO asked any changes for the second time.
    I said no as my VO dint mention to change any thing so i dint.
    VO: how can you expect visa without any change
    Me: Mam, to be frank i cant get a job with this profile and i choose good path which will be good to my future so applied for US universities
    VO: so u r not a good student! the students in USA are very good and they mean to it, sorry i cant issue you visa
    i felt very embarrassed why i presented in that way.

    Here im asking you shall i try for F1 again? If so, If they ask again why didn’t you change anything
    My profile is as follows:
    GRE: 290
    IELTS: 6
    B.Tech: 64.86% with 4 backlogs!!!!!!!
    Applied for 6 universities but got admit in only 1 that is University Of Louisiana Lafayette
    VISA got rejected twice!!!!!!!!!!

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