F1 Visa Interview Experiences

This is What Happens if You Submit Modified or Fake Mark Sheets for US Visa

Please avoid fake mark sheets for US Visa interview or proxy TOEFL Scores. Here’re experiences shared by students who wants to know what happens if fake mark sheets are used for F1 visa?

I been following your blog for so long, I have many doubts about visa officer evaluation.

How they gonna check our documents, whether they are correct or fake. Suppose if I submit any fake certificate or I miss any of my memos which have backlogs, or if i made modifications.  I hope you will help me in clearing my doubts.

Fake Mark Sheets for US Visa

Dude – Guys like you shouldn’t get Visa for the USA. Please do yourself a favor and don’t apply for F1 visa.

  • You are willing to modify your mark sheets.
  • You are willing to ask to that you are planning to commit fraud.
  • Students like you will be willing to do so many other frauds.

Seriously, I hope US consulate will have check fraud division to do background checks on documents submitted before visa interview. All they have to do is call the university and verify the authenticity of the documents.

Plus, visa officers are trained to spot the qualified students and those who are hiding facts or carrying forged documents.

We have seen cases where:

Things like this would happen pretty much every day in US consulate. They should have seen so many similar fake, modified documents.


You can attend visa interview with higher confidence by attending the interview with backlogs and original documents. If you use fake mark sheets, then you are not going to feel normal. That will come out in the way you look, feel and behave.

Here’s another person asking the same:

Dear all, I went for visa interview with fake certificates, after interview VO gave me blue form to wait for documents process (221(g). Should I write back to them and confess that I have use fake documents? Because I have original certificate and a friend dceceived me. Please help.

Result: Fake Certificates for F1 Visa Interview

Well, you should have posted a comment like

My friend is asking me to use fake certificates for visa interview. Can I use them, will I run into trouble?

I would have advised to not to do that. Now, you made the mistake, and you must decide what is the best course of action.  If US Embassy finds that your documents are fake, then you will have to face the consequences. Your friend is not going to be affected. Seriously, if your friend asks you to commit a fraud, you just go with it?

Your friend is not going to be affected. Seriously, if your friend asks you to commit a fraud, you just go with it? It’s easy to give advise when you are not going to be affected. If you were to be caught, you could be banned to enter into the USA for life or several years.

Visa officers try hard to find fake documents and certificates. Some cases they cannot find and candidates go on to the US to tell the story that they used fake documents. Don’t even try to use fake bank statements or certificates, degree, mark sheets, .., etc. If you decide to use them, then you have to be ready to face the impacts (negative) that may come with it.

Over to you

What advise would you give the person?

Do you recommend the person to disclose to US embassy that they used fake mark sheets and degree certificates or wait to hear the results from the embassy?

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  1. You will have to face an interview, any fake documents will be identified, don’t take that chance or you will be blacklisted

  2. I was arrested at the Embassy this week for fake documents and was invited to the waiting room, there the consulate were asking me how got the documents…. I told them an agent whom I paid packaged it for me…. and were convinced that the am a victim so they asked me to help them to arrest the agent and they handled me over to the police which I will be working together with them to track the agent… My advice for everyone out the is never to any fake document with you to the Embassy it will put you in a serious trouble…… Please I need your advice because I was not given a blue nor white sheet after the whole interview but the following day this is what the Embassy send to my email below

    The administrative processing for your case was recently completed. A thorough review of the application and information provided during your interview determined that you were unable to present credible evidence of sufficient socio-economic ties to Nigeria that would compel you to return to your foreign residence after your studies in the United States.
    At the discretion of the Consular Officer, applicants who do not overcome the statutory presumption of immigrant intent are refused under section 214(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act: “Every applicant shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he/she establishes to the satisfaction of the Consular officer, at the time of application for admission, that he/she is entitled to a nonimmigrant status.”
    We do not have an appeal process. Applicants are free to reapply using our website http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ng after ninety days, at which time they may present additional evidence to overcome the previous refusal. Eligibility determinations for non-immigrant visa applications are made on the basis of the information presented by the applicant at the time of the interview. If the applicant is unable to establish eligibility to the satisfaction of the adjudicating officer, his or her recourse is to reapply.

    My question is can I reapply with my real documents, hope I have not been banned from going to US according to the email they sent to me, and if I can reapply should I mark yes to the DS 160 question that says have you ever apply for visa by fraud and explain how I was a victim of an agent?

  3. I submitted my all original documents during my Canadian study visa interview these documents are not fake I scored good aggregates but visa officer told me these all are fake your marriage is fake.she have no any proof. I show my court marriage certificate she told me show your pics. But that time I have no pics because on interview letter there was only asked about Bring Your educational documents during interview and I have only one pic and court marriage certificate but she told it’s fake marriage. Now What I do because she kept my passport and degree original documents. And my all over interview going good because I gave all answer truthfully. She told me I refusing your visa. But she told no any reason.

  4. My sister lives inaustralia and she is going to sponser for my visit visa. I am a medical student, i have just graduated, please let me know what are my chances of getting the visit visa and what documents will i need to submit?

  5. Hi

    I am applying for master in Electronic Engineering in Australia. After submitting my soft copies of documents to consultancy, my 10th, 12th and degree certificate went missing. My consultancy has not yet applied to university with my documents. I would like to know whether I can process my application with photocopies of certificates and get on duplicate certificate and then submit to university later on, or I should get my duplicate certificate and then apply? I would like also like know whether my certificates going missing will have a negative impact in admission.
    Kindly revert back to me at the earliest

  6. My passout year is 2014 in B.E.(CSE) and i have applied for Master in Computer Science for fall 2016.
    my visa has been rejected 5 times n in my last interview VO found company fake where i have taken training for 6 months. But company is still working now its not fake. now what should i do? Where i should apply for F1 Visa

  7. Visa officers are stupid brash and don’t have time to check. for example JNTU has an online verification site and total data is with US consulate. still many people with B Engg from JNTU colleges that never existed (no college names ) easy to find for VO in 30 seconds but till theey manage to slip through even in 2015. so i guess they only use some kind of lottery to issue visas and nothing more. as these VO are stupid, brash, lazy and worst people you can find on earth. they dont have timeto verify. but they will definitely harass you, if you have good record and funding from univ especially fora bachelors degree.

  8. All f-1 visa holders are fraud. 99 percent never return. they lie to the visa officer they would return but never. I got full funding at Upenn 17 years ago. I had every intention to return but my j-1 visa was rejected. after than lakhs have gone to US on f-1 and never returned. So f-1 visa holders should stop preaching sermons. All visa applicants from India are fraud because Americans are stupid a..h.s. that is the plain truth.

  9. STUPID ! thats the only word that comes to my mind, when i read your post. What do you think of us ? Are we here to advise you on how to commit fraud like some of the bimaru states we have ? This is a legitimate forum to help students and professionals to put their best foot forward. We DO NOT advise folks to commit fraud, cheat or skim through the rules. Go and ask your crooked folks what to do and get your ass kicked in the process. We have a 99% legitimate crowd we advise based on what they need to do, we DO NOT have time for freaks like you. Lastly you take it from me here in this forum in writing..the consulate has one of the most sophisticated equipment to check for fraud in addition to its valuable employees who are trained in fraud detection and prevention. Even if you are mile off, they will smell you out and prosecute you and you take my word for that. Folks like you just give the rest 99% crowd a bad name, and YOU should and YOU will get prosecuted, there are no two thoughts about that !

  10. I have been visiting HSB , it is really helpful and i would like to thank you for that. after reading this post I would really like to clear this…..
    If some one has many backlogs( which are cleared at present) then how would it effect on getting admitted in good universities. How should one prepare to abate them and present a more better picture to the admission committee of the universities.

  11. What is wrong with you… using fake docs….
    are you serious….
    Just to clear your doubts here US embassy has a Unit for FRAUD INVSETIGATIONS…. i have my self seen mails they wrote to verify my colleagues documents.
    if they doubt you and find you at fault.. you can say bye to your dreams for ever… coz if US puts a red stamp of your Passport.. there is no way in hell other countries are going to ignore that… So stop fooling around. be honest it really helps al the best.

  12. What will happen? you will not be issued a visa and will most probably be barred for about 5 years. This will have an effect on genuine cases, which in turn will have an effect on admissions. then no US university may take students from here and then the consulate will close down because there will be no students applying at all! I may be taking it too far but there have been cases where good students have been rejected because of false financial documents and barred from entering the us for 10 yrs.

  13. HSB I disagree with you saying that this person is better of staying in India. You are implicitly implying that India deserves such students which it clearly does not. Students like these belong to one place only – “Prison”

  14. hey hi everyone,,,,,,,
    i want to apply to us in jan 2012
    i am planning to write ielts in oct 2011
    is it possible to apply to us universities without ielts test score
    i want to send my scores later….
    is it possible ,can any one suggest me please,
    thanks in advance……

  15. please can anyone tell me if its a “MUST” to take all your maksheets i.e. the marksheets of the subject in which you previously had backlogs..?

  16. That’s a brilliant question.

    The answer to your question : You’ll never get your visa.

    When you can use so much of your brain’s capacity to ask such a great question and plan around to commit a fraud, why can’t you use the same brain to improve your credentials and apply again next year or semester.

    Always remember this thing – You grow up in life in steps, slowly and gradually. A steep growth will achieve success and fame for a short while, but failure forever. You’ll never be satisfied in your life with what you have achieved. You may cheat the VO and may even be granted a Visa to go to US to successfully complete your education there and may even have a million dollar job, but deep down you’ll always have that guilt in you.

    Now act sensibly before falling into a vicious pit.

    And think 10 times before posting such junk on the blog. The very essence of the blog is lost.

  17. I agree with the comments posted by HSB, on this blog. My sincere advice to all the aspirants – Please donot ever think about making any wrong, misleading and fake representations for obtaining admission or visa. If caught (possibilty of that is very high, may be more than 95% or even higher), there will be a lifetime bar to enter US. Moreover, it sends a very wrong message for genuine aspirants also. Be confident and present all the facts in true sense and most likely you will go through.

  18. Dude,
    Of course you are from that state of India which sends 1000’s of guys each year in diff US universities on fake mark-sheets and then become a GC holder, get a 50 lac dowry and suck the blood of USA. I think US deserves more guys like you. when there are many thousands of of your brothers already there- why not you? Best of Luck.

    1. Hey do u think getting a Green Card is so easy? US sucks blood… doesn’t matter who goes there. The person has to pay the price. Going there with a fake degree is like going there unprepared and putting oneself to extra-ordinary hardships. US has nothing to loose.

  19. I know many people studying in the US. They have used fake certificates and scores, they got visa. US consulates don’t bother about checking documents unless they get suspicion.

  20. Such people should be banned from posting queries or doubts like these over here!!!! Moderator, please ban such people!!!!

  21. Great!! there are people who still want to ask whether they will be caught while faking something. And you are asking this question after two universities have been closed for fake records and admissions. Great!! please dont spoil the futures of students who seriously do hard work to end up in US….

  22. Your decisions are not only hurting you but also your nation. You might become source of rejection for many other deserving students. There is a famous saying “To hide one lie you have to told 100 lies”. How many lies are you able to afford before you get caught? Totally agreed with HSB, doing/willing to do other frauds would tempt you in future as well.
    Bro! just ready all comments in this thread/post, you will be able to make a good decision. No one is on your side.

    A well wisher from other side of border.

  23. because u idiots people who work hard to get to US for their higher studies get screwed up in the visa….. are u planning to go for education or simply as a source to earn money…..money is not god!!

    and dont screw the name of INDIA

      1. Hello Chandrakanth,
        It needn’t be for money alone that everyone is opting for US universities. Even if we study in IITs, I hope, we will be placed in nice foreign companies — we can then make a lot of money (I mean, why should the poorer students spend all their money for studying in US?)

        The problem is with the number of seats in IITs. And with a hell of 52% reservation of total seats, who all will get into it with his favorite courses? Even I am above 99 percentile in GATE (All India Rank 704 among a total of 1,04,291 candidates) But can any of our IITs guarantee a seat I want? The huge pay I have to make for US is a penalty for not being born with two things: 1) great genius to be within a 150 rank, 2) reservation.

  24. Some of the most hilarious doubts I’ve ever seen 😀 Anyways! No offense meant but I guess this is one of those 3-4 posts I’ve seen people asking these questions.
    1. How can you even think of it?
    A. Clearly evident, you don’t have a proper grading (MARKS)/ You are not qualified enough (You may not possess that educational qualification needed to enter US for that particular degree)

    2. Why did you not re-think about it and its consequences?
    A. Don’t get me bold/blunt answers! Now get to the point mate! How can you expect someone to misguide you?

  25. Exactly…datz soo worst that when a person believes that ur blog is good and posted..Then if u know something then help him by giving good advice but not by cursing as u did above…


  26. Hi Dude,

    who ever has posted this topic i want to tell him tht you should not ask all these type of questions in public. It should be discussed between u & ur friend tht’s all.

    VISA officer’s never want to look at your financial documents except ur Loan Sanctioned from Bank. As they know all the documents are fake. More over we should never show any document to VISA officer except passport & I-20.

    I would say we should not lie to VO.

    If you don’t have tht much financial funds then you have to show confidence in you & while in interview you should maintain an eye contact with VO & always we should look in tio their eyes & give answers to the questions.

    They just want to know tht when you land in USA will you able to survive or not?

    More over they want to get revenue which they can get easily from International students.

    so chances are more of getting VISA to each & evry body. But you should be smart enough.


  27. REALLY??

    dude’s got to be a loser to be asking such a question, if you cant be honest toy yourself then you cant be honest to anyone… well faking documents is a good way to make yourself feel important… I hope, if you place fake docs at the embassy, they impose a lifelong ban on you to travel to the US.

    you are just not a single entity, you represent India and its culture, for real i wont want a guy like you going abroad and representing india.

    1. “for real i wont want a guy like you going abroad and representing india.”

      Totally agree. This post is hilarious, gotta have guts to ask such a question to HSB haha. Funnier still that this post comes at a time when Anna Hazare is all the rage.

      But on a serious note, forget the US, I wish I could get this guy banned from India. He is either thoroughly uneducated (forged all his transcripts) or he is just testing HSB, which I doubt. Like seriously, what the hell?

  28. Why does he need to know the insight? A prospective indian student need not care about the evaluation system of american visa officials. :). Its none of our business.

    If he is so concerned, he should ask the dhs or ice. 🙂

  29. You better not do the fraud. You must be damn clever than vo to fool. Thats literally impossible. Also, if you are clever enough, you will be not asking hsb. 🙂

    You are going to usa for ur studies and career, spending lakhs as investment. You may lose respect, education, and money that you have earned so far and also the name of our country.

  30. “Students like you will be willing to do so many other frauds and please you are better of staying in India.”

    y India? not even there…why are you treating India like a trash bin?

    1. seconded. infact, i am all for butting this people out of our country. its for these people that we have inefficiency on so many levels

  31. I done my mba in finance in 2008 after i work mnc company in life insurane i take ielts test in that test i scored 6 band i earlier lodge file for canada study visa and they refuse my application i want to know am i illible to apply for usa with ielts or i need to take tofel kindly reply asap

    1. Sunny,
      You are elligible to apply to the US embassy with IELTS but what people have observed overtime is that the US embassy prefers TOEFL to IELTS. TOEFL was created by the USA while IELTS was created by the british. I will strongly advice you to quickly write TOEFL before going to the embassy.

  32. The insight question of this guy is – “What is the process or system, U.S visa officials follow to detect fake documents?”

    HSB need not have to curse that guy. Anyhow, each person would have to face their own fate !

    1. HSB should not discourage any body but infact HSB should show thm right path, rather than saying this is not the blog you are looking for.

      As he might have got a wrong information from his seniors or frm his friends.

      so we should give his proper advice as we should feel tht any Indian student is not cheated.

      1. You really think the person who asked this question is not aware of how wrong it is to submit fake documents ANYWHERE? He/she needs a reality check, and fast.

        1. Guyz Cool Down…>!! Hez just ask an Q…!! Anyways Dude i personally feel d Officers in the consolate are not gullible fools in thr..!! You must be knowing ppl have evn been rejected even aftr the visa is given this is cauz may be he/she has stapled some fake xyz document. So i would prefer to compensate in this case. ie If ur grades are’nt so good you hv time get a high score in GRE (1500) & prove em tht u hv d capacity in you.

      2. Dude, HSB is not some social worker who can “show the right path” to losers and cheaters.. As it is, HSB is doing a great favour to people aspiring for education abroad. Such cheaters are increasingly making it difficult for honest, deserving students.
        At the most, IF the procedures adopted by visa officials to weed out frauds are publicly known, HSB could post a link or create a new post for the benefit of people’s curiosity, although I don’t see how this information would help any sincere applicant…

        Discouraging such people is the only way to go.. This guy is both evil and stupid. This is the kind of ppl that get caught committing visa fraud and make life tough for others…

      3. and in which dimension does teachng someone how to commit fraud classifies as being shown “the right path”? either the guy is too naive (which i doubt) or too brash. either way he deserves what’s coming to him now!

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