Students Please Stay Away from Quixtar

The following message was from the Indian Students Association in USC and one of the students who requested to post this in my blog said:

This Quixtar thing in USC is very popular and I know lots of ppl who are in this chaos, probably if you put in your blog about it…more students can get to know about this

You are new to this country and you might meet people who would try and sway you away from your  original goals (complete an M.S. degree and get a full time job).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and just politely walk away from Quixtar (named Amway in India).

People who come from India with a Dream are given false promises, lured and swayed away from their original goals to get a degree and job.

Here’s the truth about Quixtar

I had a friend who started a ‘business’ with Quixtar. He tried to get me into it. I said “No,” and a couple of months later, he got out, too.

If you use your brains, it’s clearly not a good idea. Please read on…

If you don’t mind being with an organization that make promises they can’t keep, a company that forces you to turn your personal life into a business life, a business where you sell a mixture of things that are needed and things that are bought solely to make good income for your "upline," a business that I feel really forces you to push other people to do things that are not so great at – then you are set.

But if you have a clear conscience (again, which is my opinion), your conscience will either wither away or it will force you to do the right thing — leave Quixtar.

Here’s the Quixtar Business Model

  1. Tell people they WILL become RICH. Show them 2 other people who have gotten rich through Quixtar.
  2. Sell motivational tapes and CDs to potential participants.
  3. Anyone (friends, wife of 15 years, family) who says Quixtar is bad is just jealous and not willing to work hard. Distance yourself from these people.
  4. Remember, you’re running YOUR OWN business!* (*All profits from goods sold go to Quixtar. You’re required to have an “upline” (read: BOSS) to guide you.)
  5. Good luck trying to sell unbranded products with no advertising support that cost as much or more than popular store brands.

These guys who are the millionares in the business are practically worshiped; I’ve seen it with my own eyes. These big whips are the only ones who will make real money.

It’s because the whole business model is framed to brainwash recruits to work to “build” your business when in reality, you only earn more money for them by spending yours.

The problem is that it is a clear pyramid scheme. And when the pyramid is already so big, you are so far down it, so you’ll never make any money.

They feed you new "success stories" but they are actually fake. Fortunately, my best friend saw the light and decided to stop this madness.

Real entrepreneurs spend over 100 hours per week building their businesses and that’s why they make millions of dollars if they’re successful.

Work for just 10 hours per week with Quixtar and you’ll find yourself in a deep hole pretty fast.

My Personal Opinion

I have seen many people asking me to get into Quixtar, some of them were roommates of mine. For sure, they will talk in a very convincing way, I have been to their meeting, and I had a very bad experience.

That meeting was from 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM and I didn’t have a car so my roommate dragged me to the venue; I will take my final exam by next afternoon.

My roommate was supposed to give me ride back home after meeting, but he took me the home of the group’s leader (or network’s head, something like that).

I told them when we met that, “I have final exam tomorrow so I must prepare for it.” There were around 35 students in their home who came to attend the meeting for the first time.

I asked them to let me go, but they insisted and asked that everyone be given a 5 minute speech about what they learned from the Quixtar meetings and how each one plans to implement them.

Finally, when my turn came at 4 AM, I blasted at them. Then I was allowed to go, so I reached home at around 5.30 AM.

Quixtar Followers Aprroach

They would usually try to strike up a conversation in a friendly manner to get your attention in any place imaginable. Like this guy who approached me while I was shopping in peace for my groceries at Walmart.

He said, “Hey, your sandals look good,” and then he introduced himself and after 5 mins he asked for my phone number. I asked him if he’s with Quixtar. He was surprised to see how did I know. I asked him to just leave me alone with my shopping.

If someone who is making money through Quixstar, then it’s good for them. After all that’s the nature of any business, not everyone can be successful. But there is certain way to approach the individuals and I was not impressed with that.

Talking to anyone randomly from Walmart  or in restaurants or while working in lab and saying things like “I will take you to a meeting where you can make money” is not the right way to ask.

Also, they will never use the word Quixtar until they take you to the meeting or while they talk. All they say is about business model where you can make money.

Make good friends with them and ask them nicely, I went to meeting because my roommate asked in polite way.

Every student I saw when I was in school who was in Quixtar has one aim – get as many students to the meeting, but that doesn’t mean you need to ask each and every stranger you come across in your life.

Who can make money with Quixtar

Again, it’s my personal view because I’m not the kind of person who can talk to everyone asking them to attend the meetings to make easy money. If you have the stomach to do that, then go for it.

I might be wrong, but international students in F-1 visa status cannot make money outside campus employment. Getting paid from Quixtar might violate one’s visa status, so you might get deported for that.

What Next?

If you have marketing skills, that’s good, but above all if you are a student in F-1 visa, with 90 days rule of unemployment, finding a stable job is a more intelligent approach than searching for quick small income sources.

I have explained with examples in previous posts that it will take 5-7 months to get a job, if you start looking for jobs after graduation. Job search has to begin well before your graduation date.

To help you with that, I have put together a guide for job search using LinkedIn exclusively for students, lists of mistakes to avoid in resumés and the 10 top job search websites to get you started.