This is How I Live, Work and Stay Motivated : Arjun Srinivass

I’m launching new series of blog posts called My Work, My Life.  It will feature one person’s work, life career and motivation tips.

I reached out to Arjun Srinivass, who is one of few people who commented with that real name for H-1B Visa blog 2015 blog post.

Personalarjun srinivass

  • Name –  Arjun Srinivass Venkataraman
  • Occupation – Sr. Software Engineer, Wipro Technologies
  • Location – Chennai
  • Current Mobile Phone – Blackberry
  • Current Computer – Dell Latitude
  • Current Vehicle -Maruti Wagon R
  • Best Place You have visited – Sydney
  • What kind of books do you read? — I do not read books apart from Business magazines


What is your 1 Year Goal?

Want to explore more into Technology Security Platform and learn new things

What is your 2 Year Goal?

Aim to become SME in IT Security and Audits.

What is your 5 Year Goal?

Aim to become CISO / Head Internal Audit.
What do you like most about your work/school today?

The team i work. That is it…!!

What do you hate the most about your work/school today?

Work Culture.

What is your dream job?

To work with any top Investment Banks (Morgan Stanley / Goldman Sachs) and be part of (Corporate Audit Group)

What is your dream salary?

It increases when my current salary increases. Its not fixed. It varies.


How do you stay motivated?

Take the things whatever comes in and move on and be happy with what i get.

What is the Best advice you have ever received?

Try and keep trying until you fail.

When would you say you are successful in life?

Whenever i am able to answer few questions to myself ( Who am i?, What do i need and have i got it?, what do i give and have i given it?)
Any other suggestion, tips for HSB readers?

Nothing specific
Most Memorable moments in your life.

The D day when I got married and the second I tied the nuptial knot to my love.

I just cant get that back and also when I was blessed with Baby boy… OMG I just got my tears down…!!


Amazing answers for the first post in this series.

Want to share your experience and motivate others? Send me an email or post a comment. I will send you list of questions to answer.

PS : Do you like to see any other questions asked in this series?

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  1. What is the Best advice you have ever received?

    “Try and keep trying until you fail.”

    dont take me rude. I think its Try and keep trying until you succeed.
    if what mentioned above is true, then a person will give up once he fails.

    1. Hey Pravin…. Thanks… Yes you are absolutely right.. I have done a mistake while sending it to Raghu..!! Thanks for that….!!

      @ Raghu – Probably that needs to be updated in the blog..!!

  2. I will love to share my experiences and I think whatever I have achieved so far in life and the experience. It is worth sharing ! Sorry I do not have your email id. You can contact me on Facebook !

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