Revised GRE: These 3 Key Factors Will Boost Your Test Score

Following Revised GRE Experience was shared by Sanketh.

I finished my GRE today and got a score of 310. I wanted share my experience till this stage. Not because mine is a good score, but its was my minimal goal score and i didn’t go below it. 🙂

There are many factors that contribute to scoring in GRE, some of my factors were:

  1. Motivation
  2. Scheduling
  3. Preparation

Motivation and GRE

You need to have strong motivation and inspiration derived from any source to confidently attempt GRE.

Maybe from your friends, cousins, siblings or just monetary motivation.

I derived my inspiration from the value given to an Engineer if he completes his masters in the US. And of-course the encouragement from my cousins who live in the US.

This encouragement made me choose US to do my masters, not that India isn’t good.

Scheduling and GRE

After preparing mentally to attempt GRE and get into US universities, I read lots of blogs, posts and related articles about the pros and cons of studying abroad.

“Happyschoolsblog  helped me immensely in these aspects.

I understood the timeline of taking GRE and applying to universities and made a rough schedule of time i had to follow till my admission.

This made me apply for GRE in my 6th semester itself, so that i can have a continuity in my studies after my BE.

GRE Preparation

I joined coaching classes in order to prepare for GRE.

Benefits got by attending classes is totally dependent on each individual.

I felt that coaching classes won’t give you the magical way to 340 on 340. But they definitely will help you figure out your weakness and how to approach the questions.

Not that books won’t help you with this, but a more one to one sessions in classes surely does lot more than books.

I prepared for almost 3 months. But most serious preparation began 3 weeks prior to the exams. Due to my other academic engagements, I couldn’t concentrate on studying after coming home at 8pm.

So not much went into the brain, even though it did go through the eye.

Preparation is all about improving your vocabulary. Not to discourage anyone, but what I felt was, you will only remember 10% of words you learn on the day of exam.

So guys, find a way around it.

For quants, I have no tips as I felt it to be easy from the beginning, although I would like to say that more time should be spent on getting basics and formulae of math right.

P.S: Spending more time on percentages will not do any bad. 🙂

For AWA, all you gotta do is read lots of English novels and newspaper to understanding the structuring of English language.

Reading comprehension requires lots of practice. This is what i observed from my preparation and GRE actual exam.

On the DAY of GRE Exam

Believe me, no matter how many practice tests you have taken while preparing, the actual test will be way harder than all those combined.

But do lots of practice tests as it helps you gain confidence.

Now, coming to the day of exam, I was really nervous as all my planning and future dependent on this exam.

I reached the center 2 hours before my appointment. And I was invited inside hour and half early to write!

By the time I went in, all the nails of my fingers were chewed out of nervousness!!

And surprising part was that the practice tests I had done were nowhere near the standards of actual test. Especially quants.

Verbal maybe pretty similar, but quants, Never! I started doubting whether my scores will cross 300 or not. Thankfully, it did.

I managed to do quite well and once I picked up the rhythm, it went smooth. 4 arduous hours of testing and it was all over!!

So guys that’s my whole GRE experience.

Believe me, once you get your scores and if that what you have expected all along, you will have a great sense of satisfaction and when you are sending scores 4 universities for free, that when you know that you have started on a JOURNEY INTO YOUR DREAMS and you will do anything to achieve it.!! 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    I gave GRE in june 20111, old pattern that is , and scored 1330 ( Q- 780, V- 550) .I will be answering TOEFL later in july .I completed my B-Tech in Computer Science from a good deemed university in India, with a Cgpa 9.7 and Gpa around 4.0. I , also in the meantime, did two major research projects in Image processing.Currently, I am working as a software developer in HCL, in a research project for an american firm.I wish to know what are my chances of getting admission calls from decent universities in Germany, singapore and US, for MS programs in computer science in winter 2013.I also wish to study with some financial aid and fellowship, so that i can bear my own burden.Please guide me with genuine advice.I will be most thankful.

  2. Hello,
    I have taken my GRE and got a score of 292. Quants: 156 verbal: 136. and AWA: 3.5. I am worried a lot whether my verbal scores limit my admission to better universities. Please guide me on whether should i take my GRE again or not. I would be thankful more than anything..

    Thank you

    1. I m not the proper person to answer this question, but from seeing my seniors and relatives, i can say that any score below 300 is bad for getting good colleges. Above this i have no other information. Better option would be to take GRE again and concentrate more on Verbal and also get your quants above 160.

      All the Best 🙂

  3. Hi every body
    I am from Nepal.I am going to attend GRE exam in the future.I am feeling difficulty in the verbal section.Please provide me the best book for GRE and best idea to get higher score.Thankyou

  4. Yes u r right… Word power made easy is the
    Book which motivated me to take my gre..

    Without it definitely I would not have dared
    To give a try in gre(me being a very poor student
    In vocabulary)…

  5. For all those who face difficulties in memorizing the barron’s word list,here is one important tip for you-Buy WORD POWER MADE EASY BY NORMAN LEWIS. It is an excellent book where you can undertand the complicated words very easily by their root and its cost is very less when compared to barron’s. You can get that at flipkart and other online portals!

  6. Firstly, thanks guys for liking the post.

    Now, for vocabs: there are many ways to learn words, i didn go and learn from barrons word list cuz i believe that just knowin that it contains 3500 words, u will be scared. i choose the alternative way to learn words. i chose mnemonics to learn words. the meanings of words are remembered by using funny comments or catchy words to understand meaning. For eg: abate- lessen or go down. this is explained thus, “abate sounds like debate, so whn a debate is goin on, ur interest lessens or goes down”. So u can remember it easily. ‘mnemonicdictionary.com’ is very helpful in this aspect.

    for quants: learn basic math formulas properly. do 10th standard math problems to get basics right and practise GRE math problems as many as u can cuz that the only way to learn diff types of questions.

    @SB – choosing a university is not just about GRE score, ur academics, research work if any(depends if its the level of the university u r applyin to), social work taken up by u, etc.
    so make a profile of urs and refer profile evaluation blogs in HSB and take a decision. This is what i followed.
    @navya – quants is difficult in main exam because, the options given are not in the same form as the answer u get by solving. so the answer u get should be converted to diff form (say from decimal to fraction or from one unit to another). this consumes time. So practice doing such modifications to ur answer.

    1. Please can all these tactics be applied to the SAT prep? I’m using BARRONS SAT for the october SAT..

      Please, i’m nigerian and really want to get my undergraduate in US.

    2. thank u Sanketh for sharing ur prep….it going to be help very much, can u tell any link for full length practice test?

  7. Encouraging post.
    Can you please tell me that how to improve the vocabulary, based on your experiences.


  8. Hey, firstly congrats on your score. Secondly when you sayquants is difficult, what do you mean? Pls help me out.

  9. Hi,

    I took my gre last week and got almost same score as urs(309)… Am not sure whether it is good score or not…can u give me some suggestions And which college I can apply…

  10. Hi,
    As you have said, “you will remember 10% of words”, its the problem i am facing. Have you memorized 3500 Barron’s master word list? What about the vocab. part? Can you please help me out here?
    Thank You.

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