How To Contact Students in the University

One of the best source to find information about a University in USA is current students. If you are from India, find as many Indian students you can find. If you are from China, then find a current student attending the school from China. One of the challenge is to find students who will be willing to respond to your questions about Graduate school admission.

Over period of years I have observed that few students would be willing to help you. Even though, they must have gone through the same process, they are simply not interested to help new students.

It’s upto you to find those students who can give the information about the university. So, how can you find and contact those good  helping minded folks?

Abhijit, who wrote – No Need for USA Admission Consultancy writes the following 2 ways to find and contact students.

3 Ways to Contact Students

  1. One way which I found very effective was the mix of LinkedIn and Facebook. Since LinkedIn is a paid website u can’t mail more than one and can’t see all their contact details but it’s easier searching people on LinkedIn. So I used to search people’s name on LinkedIn
  2. Search and find them on Facebook. And then mailed all of them asking for help. It’s a very effective tool at least for finding Indians studying in those university.
  3. Try and search for the Indian student association of the state or the university on Google. I am sure you will find one most of them have one. And from that association you can find Indians in your program and then contact them.

Indian Students Association in US Universities

Students involved in ISA are usually social minded folks who are willing to help others. ISA is your best bet to get the right answers. They tend to interact with many students and know their way around the campus.

Think about the students volunteering in ISA. They take care of  many activities out of their interest (not compulsion)

  • arrange new students pickup
  • find temp accommodation
  • organize cultural events
  • raise funds for events

So, contacting members in ISA will usually will get you the answers. Go to ISA website and search for contact details under committee members section.

If you know any other  ways and means to contact students, do share your thoughts in comments section below.