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How Not to Look Stupid When Communicating via Email

email communication skills

  Last week, I realized a far more important problem that’s common and prevalent among prospective international students from India applying to study abroad. What problem is that? Lack of skills to communicate effectively via an email. This is not the first time I’m highlighting this issue here in the blog – Read this New Graduates…

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Does Your Email Have This Quality to Create a Great First Impression?

email quality response

The first impression is the Best. When it comes to asking for help with a stranger or even requesting for a job interview, first impression counts. We use as primary for to reach out to strangers these days. Do you ever consider what the other person will think about you based on your email style and language,…

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26 Things You Should Know (and Do) To Find a Full-Job on F1 Visa and OPT

f1 visa jobs

Job search is hard and requires lot of effort. Here in Happy Schools, you have read several experiences shared by students about the process they took to find a direct, full-time job. Far too many times, students take the short-cut by assuming things like: Finding job cam be done via consulting companies and fake resume…

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3 Hot Job Search Tips For Students From a Hiring Manager

Guest Post by Haley Gray ( Duke University – Executive MBA Class of 2012). One of my responsibilities in my current role is to recruit engineering co-ops and interns for our company, and to my department. The things that I am looking for in candidates are not necessarily what you would think, so let me…

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American Economy Needs STEM OPT Students – Is It a Big Fat Lie?

america stem opt workers talent

Does America need International STEM OPT Students? Looking at the thousands of negative comments posted against the proposed STEM OPT Rule, one thing is clear, Americans don’t want non-immigrants take their jobs. At the same time, people in the tech field know that it’s really hard to find and hire a talented STEM employee. While…

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This How Average Indian Students Get Hired in Top Companies in America

average students top jobs

Do you consider yourself to be an avenge student with potential or a just an average student? Are you a type of person with potential? Are you someone with skills, but without opportunity and environment to express your skills? Here’s something I learned from my study abroad experience and living in America for over a…

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This is What Happens When Your Goals are Not Bigger and SMARTER

smart goals

Do you have a SMART Goals or Just Bigger Goals? Here’s what I have noticed. We set bigger goals, but not SMARTer. Goals and Goal Setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted ( SMART Goals ). But, let’s do a reality check of my goals (past and present). This blog post was written as the direct…

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