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This How Average Indian Students Get Hired in Top Companies in America

Do you consider yourself to be an avenge student with potential or a just an average student?

Are you a type of person with potential?

Are you someone with skills, but without opportunity and environment to express your skills?

Here’s something I learned from my study abroad experience and living in America for over a decade:

[Tweet “What you can achieve in your life is 100% determined by your belief’s.”]

Consider a student with

GRE Score of 300 (or SAT of 1800)

TOEFL of 90 with Academics in the range of 60% to 80% getting admission in an university here in U.S.A.

His or Her goal is to study hard and get a job. Here’s something they you should realize if you coming to America to study with an Average or below average profile:

What you have accomplished with academics, including the skills you have gained vs what you can do with degree from foreign universities is HUGE. There’s a Gap.

There’s a BIG GAP. It’s up to to you cross that gap. Here’s the beautiful thing:

Length of the GAP = Unlimited.

What you can achieve and how much skills you can develop is determined by amount of opportunities you are willing to expose yourself.

Take this simple scenario for a moment:

  1. Option 1: You can graduate with GPA or 4.0 with taking easy courses under professor who gives A’s to 90% of students in the class.
  2. Option 2: You can graduate with GPA of 3.3 with courses where getting “A” grade means pushing yourself beyond your current skill level.

I found the following thread in quora and this answers this specific question:

How come average students from India, end-up getting a job in top companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft in America after their school in USA?

Here’s an answers, that will AMAZE You.

Define Average Student:

First, I implore you to define the term average. If you define someone as average on the basis of their marks and their academic success, you have just called half the most successful innovators of the world average. And that coming from some who considers himself as above average is pathetic.

To be honest, if you are someone with financial problems or has to support a family of six, or has a huge student loan at the age of 23 or something along similar lines, I understand and I even sympathize with you. If so, Do not read any further.

The Education system in USA is different:

Typically, Master’s students have around 6 hours of class a week. In my undergrad in India, I had more than that in a day.

M.S. students are encouraged and even pushed to discover what interests them, something that most Indian colleges do not even try.

Also, unless you’re from a bottom level university in USA, employers do not differentiate.

If you are from a Tier 2 university and have a 4.0, you are considered to be on the same level as a 4.0 from MIT.

Students Outperform:

Second, It is true that most people come from affluent families. (By affluent, I mean more upper high middle class than rich). They come here, work their asses off, outperform everyone else and finish in the top 10 percentile of their respective branches. Sounds much better than just average to me.

But there are those who aren’t all that affluent as well. I know a guy, he joined West Virginia University with a GRE score of around 300, a 7.5 GPA and what you’d consider an average profile. It’s not the best university in USA, but he got in with a 50% scholarship.

The way admissions work in US is that when you get in, you have to show financial proof that you can pay for the first year. His tuition was somewhere near 15 lakh INR (About $24,000), and his parents could sponsor that much, but that much only.

He decided he’d try to make it anyway.

He came here, slogged his first year and got a position as an RA in his second year.

His tuition is waived off and he was getting a stipend of around $2000 USD a month.

So in essence, he made 2000*60*12 =1440000 INR.

He did some part time work and made another 6000 USD. That’s another 360000 INR.

That’s 18 Lakh INR all together. So he essentially made 3 Lakhs while studying.

That’s what hard work and determination can do for you. There is absolutely no point coming to USA and not studying. That would be a collosal waste of time and money.

PS : He got a job at Schlumberger and now makes an insane amount of money a year.

[x_alert type=”success”]Your assumption that guys with average marks in undergrad should not get top jobs because they do not deserve it is as arrogant as it is appalling. You, my friend, are jealous, because someone whom you perceived as beneath you is now making more than you do. Sometimes, people change for the better.[/x_alert]

No one makes it over here because of luck.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

If you consider yourself above average, in your free time whilst browsing through quora, consider looking at scholarships in USA. Believe me, there are quite a few, especially in public universities. If an MS seems out of reach, do a PhD. Almost every PhD student is funded someway or the other.

Education: India vs USA

Thirdly, most job designations are same, but the work they do is different.

People in US do actual research, in India all they do is maintenance.

Even research in India is done at a rudimentary level.

From leading automakers to technology giants, the story is the same. It is unfortunate, but in India we’re not considered to be research oriented.

Since you quoted companies like Microsoft and Amazon, I’m assuming you’re from CS.

If you consider yourself above average, in an atmosphere where CS and IT are all the rage, shouldn’t you be working there?

Now, What Do you Say?

Don’t let your current level of achievement determine what you can achieve after studying abroad.

Expose yourself to various research opportunities. Its your job to create opportunities. But, here’s the thing:

[Tweet “Opportunities exists all around you in college campus. You just have to make an effort. “]

Listen to this podcast show – 7 Benefits of Studying Abroad.

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  1. i am studing b.tech 2nd year,when i complete my b.tech i want to mba but in us b-school fees structure is very high.my parents will spend only 12-15lac?

  2. i am kumaran doing b.tech final year ,i would like to do ph.d in usa .i have 70% marks,one publication ,3 internship,2 ipt ….GRE and TOFEL exam going to write….shall i get any university in USA …..?????

  3. sir i want to persue bachelor from usa but my family can offord only 12 to 15 lac for entire corse is it possible for me to do my bachelor from usa..

  4. thank you for your article sir,
    i am pursuing my b.tech final year and now i am planning to do my ms after 2 with job experience. so, what are your suggestions regarding my plans??

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this!It is motivating the students like me.Please keep sharing such thoughts.

  6. Hi Raghu, I have been following your blog since 2011 & thanks for all the informations that you are giving us. I want to share something with you. I was below average student through out my academics. I scored 58% marks in 10th class CBSE board, 56.8% marks in 12th class CBSE board, 59.44% marks in B.Tech (Electrical and electronics engineering) from UPTU in 2010. Then I got my first job at Balrampur chini Mills Ltd, Power Division as a Graduate Engineer Trainee Electrical. There I realized my worth in the market. And I decided that I want to make insane amount of money. I have decided to go for MS in USA. I did diligent study to score good marks in GRE that too without coaching because I had to save money for my MS. I gave TOEFL in 2011 & scored 66/120. I left job at BCML, came home and started studying English myself. My friends started to see the transformation and one gave me an offer to work at Genpact India while studying for GRE. I gave the interview and got selected with the package of Rs13000 pm. I worked here for 13 months and then got the opportunity to work with American Express India, Gurgaon campus. Here my current package of Rs21000pm. without incentives. I gave GRE on 18 December 2014 scored 307/340 (Q 159, V 148 awa 3.0) & TOEFL on 24/01/2015 & scored 90/120 (R20 L21 W22 S27). I applied to two universities (NJIT, University of Nevada Reno) for Spring 2016. I got admission at UNR for MS in Information systems and still waiting for the response from NJIT. Till now I saved Rs4,00,000 from my jobs. I hope you understand how tough it was for me to save the money apart from the expenses like rent, meals, transportation, GRE, TOEFL and applications fees. I am keen to study MS from USA. Now please advise should I go for MS in Information systems at University of Nevada Reno? Please reply Raghu it will be a great help for me as I have no one to ask for in USA.

  7. thanks for nice information
    i am 44 years old man and working as a physical education teacher in a school in India . i am graduate in physical education can you suggest me for a any course and with some job can you help me about this

  8. Thanks for sharing ur views . It’s true , that talent can get one started in the careers, but its hard work n desire coupled with determination that will decide where one ends up ….

  9. This article made my day. It is by far the most motivating article I’ve ever found on the internet regarding masters in US.
    Thanks a million Raghuram Sukumar for writing it, it really motivates average profile students like me to pursue their higher studies in the states.

    1. Thanks for sharing !
      Its truely inspirational and also gives encouragement for average students like me.

  10. Completed MSPH after dentistry from India. Waiting for dds/DMD admission. Otherwise search for pH.d with stipend.
    I want guidance for dds/DMD admission or for pH d
    If not got admission with stipend than I try for job after master of science in public health
    Please help or give me your number so it will be helpful for me.

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