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F1 Visa Interview Experience – Fall 2019 – Review, Analysis and Lessons Learned

f1 visa interview rejection fall 2018 spring 2019

Here’s an F-1 Visa Interview Fall 2019 – Rejection experience, where you can learn several lessons to help you with your F1 Visa interview and avoid rejection. What’s Included in this article: Student Profile F1 Visa Interview Experience (Rejected) [Video] F1 Visa Interview Analysis Quiz – Guess How Many Mistakes Interview Analysis Lessons Learned Approval Chances…

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This One Piece of Knowledge Will Get Your F1 Visa Approval

f1 visa tips no documents asked

Let’s start with a story. I was coaching a student who had two admits out of 15 applications. His GRE Score is just above the average score of 300. But, universities he applied was way above his target universities. Guess what? He had college admission from one of the best universities in Univerity of California system.…

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How Not to Prepare for F1 Visa Interview and a Mini Story [Video]

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I was reading an F1 Visa interview experience, and it stuck to me that someone applying for Graduate School in the America doesn’t have the skills to answer some basic questions during the Student Visa Interview. As this Visa Officer put’s it nicely – Here’s why Indian students get the 214b rejection. So, I created this…

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