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F1 Visa Interview Experience – Fall 2017 – Review, Analysis and Lessons Learned

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Here’s an F-1 Visa Interview Rejection experience, where you can learn several lessons to help you with your F1 Visa interview and avoid rejection.

What’s Included in this article:

  • Student Profile
  • F1 Visa Interview Experience (Rejected)
  • [Video] F1 Visa Interview Analysis
    • Quiz – Guess How Many Mistakes
    • Interview Analysis
    • Lessons Learned
    • Approval Chances (in future)

F1 Visa Interview: Student Profile

  • Semester: Fall 2017
  • U.S. Consulate: Chennai
  • Attempt: Second Interview
  • Degree: MS in Computer Science
  • University: University of Central Michigan

There are so many mistakes in this interview, I don’t know where to start. And in the end, the students is literally begging the visa officer and asking for reasons for rejections.

Getting an answer from a Visa Officer about reasons for rejection is almost impossible. Even if you can get a single word from them would mean a world of difference in the next interview. But, this time, the Visa Officer actually gave the actual reason for rejection.

When I was reading this experience, I could see the way interview went and it’s not hard to see why the visa was rejected. This interview shows that student is not credible and qualified. But, the questions:

  •  What could have been done differently?
  • What lessons can you learn from this experience?
  • Should this student appear for interview again in future?

F1 Visa Interview Experience – MS Computer Science – Rejected – Fall 2017

I got the same counter and same Visa Officer (VO) who rejected me in my first visa interview. However, I thought I shouldn’t go to the same visa officer again. So I just told the security that I need to some water before attending the interview. By the time I returned, I was able to go to the different counter for the visa interview.

This time the VO was a young man with tattoos all over on his shoulder.

This officer rejected a B1/B2 tourist visa in front of me. I got nervous after seeing that. I could literally see my feel my heart is pumping at the speed of race car.

He (Consular Officer) asked me to come forward!

Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Good morning. Pass me your I20 and passport.
Me: Sure.

VO: Which University?
Me: Central Michigan University

VO: Which major?
Me: Computer Science

VO: What Specialization?
Me: I was little tensed because I did not prepare to answer a particular specialization. So I told all the subjects like Big data, Cyber Security, Mobile computing, etc.

VO: He was little shocked and asked me in all these majors?
VO: Why are you going for MS in the USA?
Me: To get better opportunities when I come back home.

VO: Ok! Who is going to pay for studies in America?
Me: My parents.

VO: What do they do?
Me: We have Business.

VO: What kind of business?
Me: We have a Restaurant and Poultry farms.

VO: Ok. He was typing something and took a Blue slip. I was begging him. Sir last time also my visa got rejected but I met all the requirements to get a F1 student visa. Please tell me the reason, sir.

VO: My decision is final. I can’t change it now. Please leave.
Me: Sir, please. Please, tell me the reason so that I can correct it next time and reapply.

VO: I felt I you are not a credible student.
Me: Feeling sad. Said Thank You.

F1 Visa Interview – Rejection – Analysis

In this video (10 Minutes), you will learn several interview tips. Note: Please share this video page on Facebook before you can watch the video.

  • F1 Visa Interview Analysis
  • Quiz for Your
  • One Example of Invisible Factor
  • What students can have done differently
  • Lessons you can learn from this interview

Next Steps – Prepare for F1 Visa Interview

Don’t take F1 Visa interview for granted. The moment your F1 Visa is rejected, you will realize the seriousness of the interview process.

Plus, don’t get fooled away because you know someone with a similar profile or even low-quality profile was able to get the visa, you don;t have to work as hard.

It’s your interview, your answers and you have to face the F1 Visa Interview challenge head-on. There’s no way around it.

Once you F1 Visa is rejected, it’s really hard to overcome. Negative factors in your profile coupled with previous rejection mean another rejection is highly likely. So, understand the “THE FACTOR” as I described in the video and prepare for US. Student visa interview based on that. Your fist visa interview is Golden Opportunity. Don’t mess it up. Every other

Your fist F1 visa interview is a Golden Opportunity.

Don’t mess it up. Every other attempt and visa interview opportunity after previous rejection is not Golden (it’s more like Silver, Bronze, etc) because they know your weakness.


  1. Don’t worry about visa rejection. Some of those who have got visa approvals are going to sham schools like Campbellsville University and the University of Cumberlands attending classes once a semester.

    Is this even legal? What are these students going to learn by attending 16 hrs of school in one semester? They are just wasting money, time and waiting for disaster to happen.

    Some of these students will never learn even after Tri-Valley, SVU and NPU situations.

  2. Hi, Can any one help me with this visa rejection reason.?

    Place: Chennai
    Date: May 15th
    Time: 10.30

    VO was a guy in his 30s and appeared like a Rock Star.

    VO: Good Morning.
    Me: Good Morning

    VO: Passport & I20 please
    Me: Sure sir. (Given)

    VO: Which University.?
    Me: Binghamton University

    VO: When did you pass out.?
    Me: 2006

    VO: What were you doing since then, Sir.?
    Me: Sir, Currently I have been working with XXX
    and I have overall 10 years of work Exp.

    VO: Can I see your certificate.?
    Me: Yes. (Before pulling out my certificate, he asked other question.)

    VO: Why this university.?
    Me: Sir, I have industry exp in IBM iSeries and have good exposure in DB side.
    I want to focus on distributed system under computer science and not many universitiies
    offers this course as part of their course work. (He glanced my face twice this time.)

    VO: Howmany admits.?
    Me: Currenty I have one admits and waiting for admit from FSU.

    VO: Under section 214-b I cant grant your visa.
    Me: Thank you Sir.

    1. Author

      Join f1 rejection review and we can talk about rejection reasons.

  3. my self mayur butani from Gujarat. I had completed Data Entry Program in 2010 and HSC 12th science in 2009. I work as a technician microbiologist.
    I enrolled in English second language at University of Florida.
    I rejected in my 1st f1 visa in mumbai consulant . It was small duration in interview and i did many mistake. five question asked
    why chose English second language : to further study in Medical assistant
    what do you have qualification : I had completed Data Entry Program in 2010 and HSC 12th science in 2009.
    it’s graduate or undergraduate program : no, it’s certified course
    what is your percentage : 49.9
    sorry i can’t give you visa
    my second appointment in 28 August at Hyderabad
    please guide me

  4. Hi, Can any one help me with this visa rejection reason.?

    Place: Mumbai
    Date: 20th november
    Time: 9 am

    VO seemed to be strict and rude,also he rejected a girl before me

    Me: Good Morning
    VO: No response(which made me nervous)

    VO: Passport please
    Me: Sure sir.

    VO: Which University.?
    Me: california university riverside (it was actually university of California riverside which i

    VO: When did you pass out.?
    Me: 2016

    VO: What were you doing since then, Sir.?
    Me: Sir, Currently I have been working as a marketing executive in company .

    VO: who is going to sponsor you?
    Me: my mother is going to sponsor me.

    VO: What does she do?
    Me:She is a business woman in same company.

    VO:Family business?

    VO: Why this university.?
    Me:This is one of the 10 California university,and only this university offers me 9 month course as PGDM

    VO: Why do you want to go for 9 months of studies in usa?
    Me: This program covers all the subjects in am interested in and I think it is not required to study 2 year MBA which as other subjects.

    VO: Unfortunately you are not eligible for visa ,sorry .
    Me: okay.

  5. Hi, can anyone guide me to avoid been reject a F1 VISA interview….please my interview date is 13 Dec…i’ll be glad to here back from you guys

  6. Hi, can anyone guide me to avoid been rejected a F1 visa interview….please my interview date is 13 Dec…i’ll be glad to here back from you guys

  7. hello. i am from ethiopia.today my sister have an interview and she is rejected, but we don’t know the reasons the officer asks the question and she answer. finally he asks about her sponsor how related with her and she said we are related by adopting my sister. and he say sorry. i have an appointment to December 26, our sponsor is the same. please help me is there any problem with our sponsor?

  8. HI Mayur,

    I have gone through your VISA interview. No clear information about your studies that whether your a bachelor student or Master student. VO asked about your educational qualification that is about degree but u have mentioned about your certification courses. Please give a clarity about your education then your certifications.

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