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This is How Facebook Hires Software Engineers

We already know Facebook pays ton of money for Interns and Software Engineers. When they pay ton of money, then you would expect they hire only top class employees right? Carlos Bueno, engineer shared details on hiring process at Facebook for software engineers and other technical positions. Hiring process followed at Facebook is typical with…

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5 Most Common Ways You Don’t Deserve Any Job

Every job applicant to a position always thinks they are the best candidate for the job. But, interviewer has different view about the candidate being interviewed. Unless, employers expectations and several factors about candidate matches, there is no job offer. In this interesting article why I won’t hire you shows 5 Most Common Ways You…

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Phone Interview Tips for Internship

I have 2 phone interviews for internships scheduled on the same day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon…It would be great if you can give me some tips on handling the phone interview – Srinivas Phone Interview Tips for Internship Congrats on getting telephone interview for internship. Usually, phone interview is the…

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Adi – Biotechnology Interview Experience Part 3

Adi graduated with a master’s degree in biotechnology. I had asked him to write about his job search experience and he generously agreed. Getting a job in the fields of biotechnology and molecular biology in the U.S. is not that easy task. If you are wondering what are the average salaries given in biotechnology jobs,…

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19 Dos and Don’ts After Job Interview

Job Interview is tough, but there are ways to make a positive impression even after the job interview. I have had chance to screen resumes and interview candidates. I have had pleasant experience and have also had not so good experience during job interview process and after the interview process. I’d like to highlight the…

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