5 Most Common Ways You Don’t Deserve Any Job

Every job applicant to a position always thinks they are the best candidate for the job.

But, interviewer has different view about the candidate being interviewed.

Unless, employers expectations and several factors about candidate matches, there is no job offer.

In this interesting article why I won’t hire you shows 5 Most Common Ways You Don’t Deserve Any Job and how to win the job interview.

 5 Reasons – No Hire

  1. You send me a stupidly long resume
  2. You can’t tell me why you like your current job
  3. No career plans or vision
  4. No Skills
  5. Answer my questions with conjecture

How to Win the interview

  1. Show me you can get things done.
  2. Show me you are intelligent.
  3. Show me how I fit into your vision.
  4. Be highly skilled.
  5. Be Passionate.

Long  Resume

I can certain throw my experience on this Long Resume topic.  I have looked at resume and let me split them into groups.

  1. Undergrad student applying to USA for higher ed
  2. Software engineers with less than 3 years experience applying for higher ed in USA
  3. Entry level graduates from Masters in USA
  4. Experienced professionals in USA (few)
  5. Experienced professionals from India trying to get to USA

I have highlighted  out of 5 groups.  Majority of those who fall under that group have one thing in common.

Long Resumes. I have seen like 8 pages resume.

Especially those who work for Software Consulting companies like TCS, Wipro, etc. There will be 1 page per client.

When I reply back with my comments, they trim 2 pages. From 8 it would come down to 6 pages.

Snippet from above link

Think about it this way – the resume items communicate to me your past successes in a (supposedly) succinct manner. If you can’t nail it in one sentence, do I really want to look forward to your rambling emails every day? If I can’t read your resume, it doesn’t bode well for your emails, and I get enough of those in my inbox as it is.

If you are applying  for internship, full-time job in USA, make sure you understand what kind of resume would work.

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  1. This is a matter of concern that young generation in the age group above 30 years is not getting suitable job in USA or India as multinational company has adopted the cheap labour policy by engaging pass out fresh candidiates relatively young particularly in IT sectors from different private and govt colleges with intial good pay package. I have seen that after few yers of rigorous service to the company they become mental patient with frustration in life as there is no career progression and one has to work hard and finally at the age of 40 they gradually become burden for the company and has been thrown out providing a table with less important job.
    We should think seriously about the situation and put our suggestion for improvement of economy during recession period in USA and in Asian Countries.

  2. It is excellent & educative blog. The job prospect in USA for Indian is very low for recession in service sector and in economy.Moreover H1visa sponsporship is very difficult excluding exceptional candidates having qualification of MBA in reputed B school or PhD from reputed university.
    Average quality candidate should do not aspire job in USA.

  3. Finding a job become a very complicated process nowadays because of the very very bad economic conjoncture, the entire world is suffering from low productivity, high infation rates, the depression of currency including the dollar and euro. For example france and spain have lost their AAA this week as standard for econmical and investement rate according to the standard and poors report, so the investement opportunities decrease in this case and this leads to this model
    job seekers>>>offered posts.

    Even people who are highly skilled are fired by thousands everyday and become jobless so the problem doesn’t reside in a long or a short resume or in skills that you have because even handicapped people have a higher chance to get a job in the 60 ties or 70 ties more than a normal and highly skilled profile for exactly the same post nowadays. so don’t be choked if you hold 11 certifications of excellency form Microsoft, you’re highly skilled, you are team player, you have excellent communication skills, you speak 16 foreign languages fluently, you have participated in several projects including ones in mars and other in jupiter and you don’t succeed to get a none intersting job in a none intersting software developement entreprise. And don’t be choked to do not find a job anymore because the entire economy may collapse (1929 crach) if thinks continue to proceed like this.
    Tank you

      1. You just imagine your self a skilled person and your skills are certified and you hold the potential that enables you get a JOB or create your own project easily in normal conditions. But you find your self pretty chained you have knowledge and the knowhow but your envirement prevents you from transforming your creative though to a reality because of the actual economical and social conjoncture. This is exactly from what the world is sufferring and people as individuals are suffering nowadays. The distribution of wealth and chances is completely unbalanced. And this exactly what makes people furious and axious. Except one thing is Asia now is rising and may this change the entire economical world face in the medium future, the world needs a new equilibirium.

    1. You have very good assessment of present situation and your comment will motivate the young job seekers to make their efforts in a tiredless manner ,hoping one day which may come and click their effort and lead a peacful life

  4. one of the most boring thing in resumes is the career objective line
    which is almost same for everyone
    and i dont know if employers even read that

  5. Regarding Resumes by applicants for Graduate Studies in USA. Every university has a link to the Career Center on the University website. Here you will find details about Resumes, Interviews, Cover Letter etc. Everything you want to know about applying for jobs. They also have handful tips about resumes for graduate schools. You really don’t need to be a student to have an access to all this data. Anybody can go through it. I highly recommend that people use this while applying for jobs.

    Its weird that although most of us go through University websites very few explore all the resources made available.

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