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This is How I Spent My First 2 Days in America

Do you want to know how it spent my first 2 days in America as an International Student?   Before we get into Piyush’s Day 1 in American soil, you need to know his journey to America.  Read the following articles to learn in depth about him An Awe inspiring story of a student’s journey…

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My First 70 Days in USA – Screwed up Midterms GPA

Following Student Life in USA experience is shared by Santhosh. This is a good example of what happens if you  feel overwhelmed by life in USA.   I had been following ever since I thought Masters and I’m here today doing my masters at UCI. It’s almost 70 days since I came to UCI. First few days…

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Outrage Among Students in UTD About illegal Apartment Sharing

There is a huge outrage among Indian students in University of Texas at Dallas after an article was published in their college newspaper. It highlights how students break the rules and share the apartment. Article by ANWESHA BHATTACHARJEE  highlights how students from India share apartments illegally. The story on the inside is a little different,…

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