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This is How I Spent My First 2 Days in America

day 1 in usa

Do you want to know how it spent my first 2 days in America as an International Student?


Before we get into Piyush’s Day 1 in American soil, you need to know his journey to America.  Read the following articles to learn in depth about him

Now, let’s get into his Day 1 in America.

I was supposed to reach my place in the evening on 4th of August.

However, American Airlines flight got cancelled from Chicago to Little Rock, Arkansas.

So, I had to stay in the Chicago Airport overnight.

I was worried about where to stay and how to stay and how much I have to pay for a hotel. Can you imagine venturing out of the Airport on the Day 1 in U.S.A to find a place to stay?

Guess what?

I didn’t have to do anything. American Airlines took care all the logistics – hotel and transportation.

I slept comfortably without the fear of getting robbed like in India.

So, I caught next morning’s first flight out of Chicago to Little Rock and arrived at around 10 am.

I was constantly in touch with IFO (International Friendship Outreach) team, who was going to receive me from the airport.

Even after missing my flight, they again came back in the morning to pick me up. I was mesmerized seeing their courtesy for a new person in their city. So, Jeff came to pick me up and he dropped me to the address I had. We had a very nice conversation and US was all over me.

 Day 2  in America

11.00 AM :

I reached to one of the friend’s apartment. I met him on Facebook. He was there for 2 weeks.

There were two guys in the apartment. They were very helpful and became my good friends within 5 minutes.

Mostly people here hail from Andhra Pradesh. I have seen about 3 or 4 students from North Indian in my whole batch.

We did chitchat and had some food. I got a feeling that when Indians meet you on a foreign land, they will make you feel like your own brother. ( but that’s not the case always)

12.00 PM:

My new friends were leaving for the University for some work or Part-Time on-campus job search but I was too tired for that.

They left me and I just made 2-3 calls over internet to my parents and GF just to let them know that I have reached safely. They were quite happy to hear my voice after 2 days.

1.00 PM:

I got hungry again 🙂

I Cooked my first Maggie.

2.00 PM:

I knew that I shouldn’t sleep to avoid jet leg but I was too tired and slept like a baby.

6.00 PM:

My friends returned with another friend of mine who was in touch with me on Facebook and whatsapp. It was so nice to see new people and make new friends.

7.00 PM:

After chitchatting, my friend cooked some awesome food and it was fun.

I kept on asking them several questions and they were clearing all my doubts about GA, expenditures and stuff.

9.00 PM:

I went to sleep again not knowing that I will wake up after 11 hours. I got up at 8 am the next day.

Raghu Says

That’s Piyush’s first 2 days in America.

Day 1 could have been an adventurous if American Airlines left him hanging in the airport.

From my experience, airlines would pay for hotel, arrange transportation from the airport to hotel and pay you like $15 for a meal.

But, overall, he had a clam and adventure free travel and first 2 days in America.

First days in New Country is something you will remember for rest of your life. I remember mine First Day in USA when I landed in Dallas Airport via Lufthansa.

P.S. : Do you want to share your first days schedule in U.S.A?  You can click here to submit your story.


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