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5 Common Resume Mistakes Made By Graduates

Guest post by Jamie Rose on Five Common Resume Mistakes Made By Graduates 1. Shoddy presentation One of the most common resume failings by recent graduates is trying to make the document interesting by including lots of different fonts, sizes and graphics. However, this will only succeed in making recruiters annoyed and frustrated as they…

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Before Writing Your Resume, Build Your Brand

Creating perfect resume  is an art. It takes time to master that art. If you plan to create a resume by getting a template from your friends and modifying it will not portray your true brand to the employer. Before you start writing your resume, you have to build a brand for yourself. This article…

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Resumé Format – India vs USA

Students from India, after attending and completing studies at universities in the US, will get the chance to encounter the different resumés and templates of their seniors and friends. Before everything else, you should know that it’s a normal thing that a resumé will evolve over time. A resumé tend to undergo a natural development,…

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6 Mistakes that Can Kill Your Resumé

Here is an interesting list of 6 common mistakes that you should avoid in your resumé. If you don’t, you will likely be spending more time in your job search. Previously, we have discussed about the 28 Question about Entry Level Student Resumé. For this current article (from CIO), you can learn about the 6…

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